1. I'm gonna play this video each time a Justice Democrat loses, and when Bernie Sanders once again gets blown out (or ends up in jail over the bank fraud investigation).

  2. Kyle!! Go eat some African babies. You may wanna eat the darkest one. Burnt and Crisp and shit!! Talking about HOLY SHIT!!

  3. Kyle pls cover the story of the Baltimore public housing resident who suffered a concussion after a chunk of the ceiling fell in her head. It's on The Real News channel. And I like this, bitch.

  4. Did Kyle just called me his bitch? Oh My Cyber Pirate Ninja Jeebus Flying Spaghetti Monster!
    I'm so flattergasted that friguratively speaking I'm litterally lactating right now, too bad I also have the weridest boner pretty cool guy and doesn't afraid of anything.

  5. Is this supposed to be funny? If yes, in what way is it funny? Is this American humor? Or just millennial humor? Isn’t Kyle in a way appropriating African-American culture with his exaggerated pronunciation of the word “bitch”?

  6. Watched this at least 10 times now. This is how i spend my time. Gonna watch it a few more times though after writing this and then maybe i'll sort myself the fuck out.

  7. When the kid next to you asks to see your paper for number 7 so you change the answer to something else before you hand it to him and then change it back when he returns it

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