“You’re a Radical Bitch!” Says Republican to Young Woman

it’s sis for this is a wonderful story steve kosch the executive director of the burned me
lo county republican party in new mexico um… i guess he was sitting in the audience
right as the she testified before the county commission in favor of raising the minimum wage this republican party apparatchik call this a a nineteen-year-old woman i don’t know if she comes to tum woman
or girl things i think probably won’t to read a bit nice pat working america chick but damn
you are a radical bitch and then crews went on to his face book page alone erode another working america
chick nice boots i know she makes more than minimum wage and then he added in his own comments
she was hard enough to almost make me registered democrat what a freakin creep apparently occurs did not respond to
huffington post for comments at i wonder why out

  1. Gotta love these cretins who can't help but blurt out the offensive nonsense that pops into into their Neanderthal brains.

    Maybe this guy can get an interview of Chris Matthews' show.

  2. This sort of shit is the reason I can't get behind MRAs, they talk talk the exact same way, they just like having a label so that they can call any women who speaks up a 'radical bitch'. I'm sick of every time I call someone out for attacking a woman on no other merit than her sex, the MRA turns around and starts citing bat-shit insane rad-fems. I could cite a few bat-shit MRAs myself but I prefer to argue my case.

  3. What do you mean Republican? Almost every progressive man feels free to call women bitches any time they want.

  4. Seems like more and more republicans keep forgetting to pick their knuckles up off the ground in public. Look at Mr. Hiking the appalatian trail. Does a press conference with his mistress and his son and is completely oblivious as the poor kid looks like hes going to erupt into tears at any minute. Sad, angry, little men with a huge sense of entitlement.

  5. what in-the-fuck are you talking about? I hope you're trolling, otherwise you just sound stupid and disconnected from reality.

  6. Yes, it's weird that someone in such a public position would do something like that so publicly.

    But all told, this is only shocking to men. The world is crawling with guys who do stuff like this, every chance they get. Seriously, I can think of a half dozen equally creepy things random men have done/said to me off the top of my head.

    Bernalillo County especially, one big rape jamboree. Google "Officer Steve Eiskant"

  7. Is Steve Kush Chelsey Evans just like "Andrew Simon" was Meg Lanker-Simons (the feminazi who committed a hate crime against herself–the latest one)? I guess Chelsey Evans isn't a revolting fat ass. If she didn't want anyone to call her hot, maybe she should have worn something that showed her nipples less.

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  8. Aside from diversity training, the Cons need some tech training, too. Someone needs to let them know that when they tweet, and post on Facebook, that it doesn't just go to there buds. The whole world can read those.

    Well, now that I think about it, let them figure it out on their own, it provides the rest of us such great entertainment.

  9. are you saying it's unfortunate that some progressive men don't approve of using the word bitch? I'm sorry, just want to be clear.

  10. Industrialization 101, make wages so low that people HAVE to come to work to survive even if they end up dying.

  11. The woman is radical. Raising the minimum wage will just hurt the economy even more. The last thing we need is more free loaders feeling they deserve something when they don't. It is people like this woman in why our economy sucks. But hey, when I was 19 I was very liberal as well until I actually worked and had to take on responsibility.

  12. Apparently some of them don't know that when they act like this they are helping their opponents to win,

  13. "worked and had to take on responsibility"
    might be a euphemism for
    "inherited money and became a bully-landlord."

  14. What is being progressive to you? I hear all the time how democrats are progressive but yet instead of wanting great healthcare they want "free" healthcare. Instead of wanting great education they want "free" education. Lets see, under Bush spending in science research went up, It has dropped under Obama. I thing science research is very progressive. Under Obama and a democrat control congress the economy tanked. You don't have any clue what you are talking about.

  15. Companies don't pay more because they simply can't afford it. Raising the min. wage will hurt small business and raise the cost of living. Also, the average household income of a min. wage earner is over $47,000 so it isn't necessary. These people are not poor. All you will do is either have people lose their jobs or have the prices of necessary goods go up. Why do you think the cost of living went up but not wages?

  16. There comes a point in time where we need to stop helping people and force them to help themselves. If you are trying to make a living off of a min. wage job you are beyond help. If you are working 80 hours a week then great, but if you hate it then find a better paying job. You can't expect society to tend to your every needs.

  17. I am not a bitch to the rich. I do my own thing and I am working towards a career that I am going to enjoy and make a decent living off of.

  18. A lot of businesses that pay min. wage give out necessary needs like a grocery store or a restaurant. They pay their workers low wages so they can give out a cheap product. Forcing them to pay workers more forces those companies to raise their prices. Also, min. wage workers are workers who work low skill jobs that are flexible hours. As a result they don't get paid much.

  19. Sorry. Take on more responsibility, get another job, work harder or ask for help from friends or family. Do that instead of ruining the economy, small businesses and other people's live just because you feel entitled to something or messed up your own life.

  20. Employers would love to pay their employees more but they can't afford to. When taxes and regulations to up then they give their employees less. Also, the market determines how much you are worth. A cook at McDonalds is very expendable and isn't worth much. A manger at McDonalds is worth more so they get paid more, in a lot of cases a living wage.

  21. Food stamps is something that hinders the economy. We are giving money to people who produce nothing. While I can see it as an aid to help people move up you have to realize that when money is just given out then the value of it goes down and that raises prices.

  22. I believe if you consistently watch the top comments on this channel, you will see that very many of them contain a progressive man calling a woman a bitch.

    Don't believe me? Look at the comments on this video. My comment "Bitch is the N word for women" got thumbed down so many times it can't be seen, because a lot of progressive men plan to continue using it. Most of them. @brandnutopian

    Hopefully you will begin pushing back against the casual misogynists, I get lonely.


  23. So why is it OK to disrespect all members of one minority group (women) when you are angry with any individual, but not members of other minority groups?

    I agree, we shouldn't do it to blacks, Hispanics, or any other group. Just curious why women don't enjoy that same guideline. Almost as if we're a premanent underclass.

  24. No more difficult? Hmm. I'd contend that managing an establishment is a little trickier than working a cash register or putting a burger into a box, but hey what do I know. 🙂

  25. I appreciate your taking that position. I hope you will be vocal about it with the many progressive men who strongly disagree with you.

    For example, Brandnutopian told me a few days ago that feminists are the actual problem, because we're dividing people by gender.

  26. well, hmm, perhaps trickier isn't a good word. More responsibility, perhaps, is what I was looking for.

  27. It doesn't? Typically the more tasks and responsibilities you have at a workplace, the more compensation you deserve – unless I have it wrong?

    I agree, that all of the employees should receive a livable wage; however the definition of 'decent' can get quite murky. The ability to survive and exist, sure, but McDonald's jobs are low paying for a reason. They aren't generally meant to be careers, but jobs to help you survive until you push yourself to get a better one.

  28. Ahh, I spotted a progressive! Sorry, I only believe in negative and not positive rights. 🙁 Agree to disagree.

  29. Oh no, I don't believe that at all! that's such a reductive way to look at libertarians. : I'm quite socially liberal, I'm just fiscally conservative. America has always been a tough country to make it in and I think that is what separates it from the rest of the world. One could go to England and live on the dole, or come here with no guarantee of making any money – but every opportunity to make a lot of money.

    Is it the "right" system? Who knows. But, hey, that's America for you.

  30. No, you're right, no one has the privilege of obtaining higher education, but everyone has the opportunity to do so. Every family can, with painstaking effort, work themselves out of poverty. There are community colleges, trade schools, and plenty of ways to delve into careers other than retail or food service. Is it easy? Hell no! Is it doable with enough perseverance? Absolutely.

  31. I love this nonsense Republican myth of "only kids are Liberal then they grow up and vote Republican" they tell themselves to comfort them into thinking there will still be a Far Right RepubliCON Neo-conservative Party in 20 years time.

    Yeah, because looking at the demographic data and the last 2 Presdiential elections really supports that noting.

    Once Gen Y hits 40-60 the version we have now of the GOP will be so different than todays it will blow Gen X's minds.

  32. The "American Dream" is a complete lie.

    I have Dual Citizenship, half American (mom) and half English (Dad) and spent my time living in both countries equally.

    England, well the whole of Britiain, is an amazing Country and I'm so proud of my English roots. They have better healthcare, they don't spend all their money on Defense & their Education is by far superior.

    Standard of living and social mobility is much better in Europe.

    We need to be learning from them and Europe, not trashing them!

  33. Its by biggest pet-peeve when American's make assumptions about other Countries, Societies that they have absolutely no knowledge or experience of and just make assumptions.

    From living my life in the Uk and the US, you have a mych better chance of escaping poverty and realising the "American Dream" in the UK (or anywhere in Europe actually) than here in the US.

    America's biggest problem is that we pat ourselves on the back yelling "USA!" "USA!" "Were number 1!" not realising itsa load of BS!

  34. My biggest pet-peeve is when people compare one country to another. You can't do that. To me the US is the best. It has provided me with a ton of opportunity to succeed and I am. If the US isn't the best for you then don't live here, simple. The US isn't really better or worse, it is just different and should stay that way.

  35. I know where to draw the line with the powerful as well. You want to know something about the rich? They are a lot more responsible, smarter, and work harder than you and have a way bigger ego than you and me. You attack them they will attack back harder to the point you will lose badly. Remember OWS? Why do you think that failed? It was a bunch of lazy idiots against people who know what they are doing and won't quit. I don't like the rich, I just know how to work with them.

  36. How am I a sociopath? Because I want to progress our country to great success? The big problem of the US healthcare is the cost. And look what happens when we have more government involvement, it made it worse. The quality is great but the cost is high. We need to work at developing a system that is the best, problem is that too many liberals just want to give healthcare away.

  37. Social darwinist? I feel like that's a bit pejorative, at least in connotation. I'd like to think of myself as a realist, really. Or, maybe a fundamentalist in the American sense. Whatever you want to call it, I believe that, like it or not, risk is an inherent element of society. Many people have unfortunate circumstances, and I feel for them, but I don't see it as my social responsibility to elevate them – they need to do that themselves. 🙁 Sorry.

  38. better healthcare? Quality wise? Hah. I'm not even going to go there, really I'm not. And our education sucks, yes – but the amount of money you spend on education is not corollary to the quality of your education. And no, I don't think we have anything to learn from Europe given the state they are in – I think we all, country's and individuals, need to learn from our own failures – actually LEARN, and adapt so they don't happen again.

  39. No I don't think that all Americans do that, and I know you're referring to me. I don't do that, for sure. However, I do recognize aspects of my country that are FUNDAMENTALLY different than European countries. I chose to embrace those differences and not wish that my country were someone elses. America is America and was not designed to be similar to continental Europe. In fact, it was designed to be fundamentally different!

  40. I'm not sure what his point is. If she makes more than minimum wage she can't agrue in favor of raising the minimum wage?

  41. Is it a bad idea to copy the current best healthcare system? We have great examples of well done healthcare in Scandinavian countries.

  42. Just because it works in one country doesn't mean it will work in another. Too many variables involved. And why can't we be different? Why can't we develop a system that is the best?

  43. It is true that it may not work, but we are not even trying to change the current situation because people make money off of it. Until we take money out of politics, nothing will change.

  44. Why is it bad that people make money off if it. That develops a flow of money in the hands of people who are actually smart and invest it. That is good for the economy. When you hinder competition then the price goes up. That is what is happening now, not much competition.

  45. Sorry, I didn't mean to say it is bad to turn a profit. It is bad that the profit makers can be chief donators to political campaigns allowing them to buy votes which gives them an unfair advantage over their competitors.
    One of the places the free market does not play is Emergency Room visits. When you are experiencing a life threatening event, you are not price shopping and the ambulance driver does not inform you of the inexpensive hospital vs the price gouger.

  46. I work for Working America. They are a good group of people trying to help the middle class, fuck that guy

  47. The current makeup of many state legislatures begs to differ. I love how people want to marginalize others in the wake of ample empirical evidence. Stop with the hatred, and start trying to understand others!

  48. I think they were talking about America as a whole. Compared to the rest of the voting population, Libertarians make up a tiny minority. There shouldn't be any reason to "argue" about this. It's a plain fact and only "debatable" if you were to change the definition of "Libertarian" to make the number seem bigger. It's not an insult, don't get upset. My views (Green/Social Democrat) are also a small minority in the U.S., but I don't try to deny it.

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