Young Progressive Joins Ocasio-Cortez and Pressley

more and more representatives are finding themselves on the end of a primary challenge and today we have a new one this is a richard neal of the first District of Massachusetts now finds out coming to this week but he'll be facing a primary as well and joining us now is Amanda be challenging him Alex Morris welcome to the ant report thanks for having me on John glad to have you on so look we're gonna we're gonna talk about Richard Neil but I want to start off with you and your political history which is actually quite interesting so tell us about the the path that got you to this primary challenge great well thanks again I was born and raised here in Holyoke Massachusetts I went to the public schools was fortunate enough to be the first of my family to go on to college and at 21 while a senior at brown I announced my candidacy for mayor against the Democratic incumbent mayor who had been involved in politics for many years so I know a couple things about being counted out and being told to wait my turn that our work our campaign is impossible and you know Holyoke we were the the paper capital of the world and just a lot of people had given up on the city and resigned themselves to the fact that our best days are behind us and you know just as a young person that was a product of my community I refuse to accept the notion that we couldn't be the city that I thought we could so over the last eight years we've really moved the needle on all sorts of issues and you know now that we are in this moment in our country post 2016 and seeing and reflecting on the victories of 2018 I've just been personally inspired to run for Congress this in 2020 and start now and build the grassroots campaign over the next 15 months to represent the people here in western Massachusetts so we've seen over the past few years the way that someone launching a primary challenge against almost any sitting Democrat but especially Richard Neal is is a particularly powerful one a chair of the House Ways and Means Committee so you're probably going to be attacked as a result of this you might already be experiencing that you sort of invade in advance of those attacks though how would you describe yourself and your political philosophy there's this battle going on in the Democratic Party where would you place yourself in that ongoing struggle to – I guess define the identity the part today yeah I think people here in Western massive and really around the country have lost space that government can be an incredibly powerful tool to improve their quality of life and you have politicians that are more concerned about garnering years of service and power than actually delivering results and moving the needle on a whole host of issues and so whether it's the opioid epidemic health care here in Western Mass the climate crisis you know if I felt like we had a member of Congress that was a progressive champion on the national level partnering with mayor's and local leaders and constituents that we represent then I wouldn't be doing this but I believe that government should really drive the conversation and I've been inspired by a whole class of young progressive Democrats that are really moving the party and moving the country so yes he has power but again power for who and you know I tend to think that if power for the wealthy and the well-connected and those that invest in his campaign but what good is power if you're not using it to actually improve people's lives and advance policies that will make a difference and communities like mine well you mentioned that young class of a congresswoman and one actually ina Presley her successful primary challenge was not quite that far away from where you're gonna be challenging a representative neil so let's turn now to neil in your your initial advertising of this primary challenge you describe him as absent unaccountable and unavailable and you also point out the lack of urgency he seems to feel in his position what would you say are some examples of him showing a lack of urgency in pushing for what his constituents would want him to do yeah I think again when I am in Congress I think it's important to be in community in partnership with people here and that means having town halls and being accessible being transparent when I am on recess not spending that time in DC or Boston gluing wealthy donors but spending it with my constituents and the people that live here in western Massachusetts and when I talk about the urgency of this time we can't pretend to continue acting like this as business as usual I mean we have a president that has changed every norm our democracy is dying before our eyes we have a member of Congress that is more concerned about preserving his personal relationship with the president than holding him accountable and so I want to go to Congress to uphold the Constitution begin impeachment to make sure that American people and people here in western mass actually have an opportunity to to know the truth to actually seize the tax returns that legislators in New York State have worked to make available over the last several months and so when I'm there I want to make sure to hold this president accountable and just stand up for my value that's not enough to take the right vote at the end of the day if he does that it's we need a progressive champion and a fighter in Washington to really change how Washington works hi so you talked earlier about power and the wealthy and I had a question I spent a lot of my childhood growing up in Northampton Massachusetts John is from Connecticut so we know Massachusetts formerly known as tax atchoo sits and I think Massachusetts has done a lot to kind of get away from that reputation but what are your thoughts on Trump and other really rich Americans not paying their fair share of taxes in taxes and what do we do about that yeah I think it's an absolute shame oftentimes were asked how we pay for policies like Medicare for all or make sure that folks who want to go to college can get free public college or enough resources resources to actually address the opioid epidemic but we don't ask how we can afford to give billions of dollars away to the wealthiest Americans and corporations I mean the fact that corporations like Amazon aren't paying any federal taxes that people here in Holyoke and across Western Mass are paying a higher tax rate than some of the wealthiest people in this country is an absolute shame and we need members of Congress that are less concerned about labels and left versus right but really sort of the wealthy and well-connected and everyone else so we've seen the impacts of the way government works here in Western Mass you know as a mayor for eight years we've made progress on education economic development infrastructure but we can really only do so much in the system in which we operate in that government isn't prioritizing people at the core of their policy so I'm really excited to bring the perspective of a local official that has move the needle and have acted in a progressive way on the local level but but really needing leadership in Washington that recognizes the struggles and challenges of the people here and places like this well of course if our viewers would like to get a little bit of an idea of what you might accomplish think they can certainly look at your record as for term mayor of Holyoke but in terms of your campaign right now where can people go to find out more information about you and what your what you're running on great and I would just remind folks we're not taking a single dime from corporate PACs and we want to send a message loud and clear we want to get more grassroots donations today the Congress has been seen over the last decade and so people can go to Alex Morris for sign up for updates and invest in this people-powered campaign Alex Morse thank you so much for joining us thank you here on the damage report we talked a 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  1. Notice how the Magas on here can only come up with personal insults. No policy discussion. No idea of how these young people could really help THEM. It's sad.

  2. Thanks The Damage Report.😊 The body odor of redneck lapdogs is strong in this Seg's Comments? Won't you help us find a home for this mired caravan of pathetic losers?😁

  3. pretty soon OMAR will take over the FRAUD SQUAD and AOC will be left in the dust setting up friction with the Muslims ????

  4. The ideas are not the problem. It's the corporate gloss presentation and age of the messengers that reeks of scam – Obama progressive Trojan horse. The friendly minority trick.

  5. If Alex Morse wants support, it would be a really good idea if he got himself a website: for example, one that says Alex Morse 2020 or ju7st Alex Morse. And the Alex would do himself a favor if he signs up with Act Blue.

  6. Roundup says I do better without him

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    The universe doesnt understand the word if so I cant use that add it yourself does the universe understand in case

    I am thinking about killing him as a in case maybe thing but not ready to I know he made my next life worse or maybe did

    I am wondering maybe he can prevent it but I dont know

    It might be a sometimes thing

  7. And Shit like this will make goddamn sure that it's Trump 2020 with a red super majority You people may love progressive socialist policies but about 90% of the country doesn't

  8. You would think for a Channel that ❤️s AOC so much they would put up more flattering pictures of her on the thumbnails of the videos instead of making her look like a horse face lunatic..

    #Horseface 🙂

  9. Awesome !!!!!! The progressive movement has the ability to end american terrorism around the globe , the result of corporate political lowlifes on BOTH sides of the aisle . Imagine the job creation of a Trillion dollars a year being spent on infrastructure, education, healthcare and after school programs (ex: Iceland) to end the crippling of youth due to drugs and alcohol .

  10. YES ! Get rid of the do-nothing turds that are scared of their own shadows ! Nice that Morse does have some government experience as mayor, and the confidence from winning that office when he was not supposed to .

  11. Scrolling down reading Duffus comments from haters. AOC is about facts which is why Trump followers hate her they’re not about factual research. Millennials are not cry babies and nor needy people old folks should get that in their heads.

  12. I’m still laughing today with President Trump trolling the Four morons of the Apocalypse. The only thing lower than the Squads combined IQ is their approval ratings 🤣

  13. How dare he primary the incumbent and want to be in The Squad!

    But something tells me that he won't receive the same "he hates America" crap that the others have gotten. (I wonder why that is? …. hmmm …)

    "Send him back!" [to Holyoke – lol]

  14. Let’s be honest…. no one cares what young progressives think or say…. they are ignorant millennials with zero knowledge of how the real world operates! They can cry and bitch all they want…

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