Yanis Varoufakis on Julian Assange and the Political Economy & future of Europe

  1. There is bit of an elephant in the room here which nobody seems to ask: HOW exactly CAN America prosecute Assange given the fact the the law in question (the American Espionage Act from IIRC the 19th century(!)) by definition is NOT applicable outside the US and to a non-US citizen? Last time I checked USA was not the entire planet. So how is this answered? Why is it that some country chaffing has ANY meaning outside it?

  2. It is so weird that the CIA has not rendered Assange to Gitmo by now. That's how they've dealt with things since 2001, isn't it?

  3. I fear that Bibi/Trump are the Hitler/Mussolini of WW3. US Empire v. the world. US Empire has invaded and destroyed far more than the Nazi Empire could have dreamed of. Will Europe continue their support of the US Empire? Or will they join the rest of the world into stopping the US Empire?

  4. Yanis Varoufakis overstretched his area of expertise. Considering how he handled the Greek crisis and walked away from it, he has little or not credibility. There is not rise of fascism in Europe, simply put the center and left betrayed the masses leaving the capitalism to become a voracious monster. The so called fascist movements are an attempt to restore some dignity and justice in this world of crony capitalism. Yanis Varoufakis should know that free and uncontrolled migrations are meant to put further pressure on the wages and drain the welfare. I learned he started his new political movement, we will see.
    Europe needs to go back to its origin, put the person at the center of political life.

  5. Assange is a hero but he's not even an American citizen! So WTF gives America the right to arrest and prosecute him? Answer: He has exposed and embarrassed "leader" criminals and their corruption.

  6. Don't fucking believe a word this Wanker Say's !!!
    The Cunt is a Fucking Sell out , beat the shit out of him for being a Traitor , all talk and no balls

  7. ofc that idiot would support assange… what the fuck i was expecting… also for you, ignorant people, assange aint fucking snowden… assange is actually a fucking piece of shit, and you can google him for more information…

  8. A remain as in place or a said so called Justice by a press as media in technology to a witch hunt of a person for America.

  9. VarMachoKis is quick to point the finger at the right and call them facists–meanwhile continuing to pretend like being a leftist while supporting the neoliberal facists that are creating all the problems to begin with.
    What a phony.

  10. #Varoufakis was planning with the Canadian Mint to print Drachmas, after the referendum on EU was a resounding "NO" , this would have given Varoufakis the OK to issue the Drachma, but when Schulz and Soros found out his plans they called tsipras to can Varoufakis, and thats what happened, had Varoufakis completed his plan Greece would have stopped the profits of EU financial speculators and Greece would have been much better financial shape today!

  11. God bless Trump! @ the fascist supporter of the tyrant un-elected dictators of Brussels is next, Mme Lepin will finish him like @ ! , Bavaria, Orban, kurz, Salvini Bolsonaro and Pres. Trump have by their election shown that the propaganda of the "political correctness and identity politics"is FINISHED! The people have realized that they have been played by this left wing Clinton-soros-rothchild kabal to destroy the ethnic make up of Europe, they have damaged not only Germany but all of EU, Greece, Italy, Spain have been invaded by the muslim hordes! They want us to adhere and allow sharia law, as Salvini says an organization that promotes a legal system of its own is not a religion and does not have the rights of religious freedom! koran and mosques must be banned in EU! If they want sharia WTF did they come here for???? God bless Pres. Trump, he will not let USA become the shithole EU has become!.

  12. All governments he is mentioning are about to destroy the euro zones are democratically elected by ordinary people's whom were fed up with the leftist and liberal politicians . I am not the biggest fun of the current government in Hungary and I can't say that they are doing so well everything they do but thanks God the socialist liberals are not in power any longer in Hungary …They had their chances and they nearly crushed the economy now We have Orban and his government 2/3 support in the parliament…Like it or not he saved the country from ending up like the Greek economy .I think generally across in Europe the problem is that parties including conservative liberal and socialist etc… governments are stopped serving the people's in the past 20+ years and they abused their powers meanwhile betrayed all their promises! All they were care was themselves only. Of course there were radical results on elections in Italy Poland Austria Hungary …

  13. It's great to see Yanis speaking out about Julian's position. I wish more people had the guts to do it but they're either afraid of the consequences to themselves or have been taken in by the neo-liberal propaganda of partisanship. He's such a solid chap, mad respect.

  14. He's brilliant but doesn't have a firm grasp of macroeconomic monetary systems beyond the disastrous Euro. The Euro was designed to fail and mandate austerity and privatization.

  15. yanis is on the side of the angels, about assange. i am much less impressed with his decision to leave greece in the clutches of eu management. you can't know much about democracy, if you don't understand the value of community solidarity. the greek people, with his leadership, might have been able to say 'no' to germany and its bankers, and extracted a better deal. china and russia could have been enlisted in development projects such as the piraeus port, with some profits staying in greece. but he went on to the grand stage, just another stateless individual who confuses 'democracy ' with rule by well-meaning intellectuals such as himself.

  16. He starts off by repeating exactly what Steve Bannon has asserted about oligarchs, wall street and Davos. But, when he starts labeling movements, "fascists", that is when Yanis should be ignored. I am amazed that people who are FOR democracy, are against "Populism". Yanis' "progressivism" is no different than the Davos crowd.

    US citizen

  17. The purpose of the European Army is to do the same thing the US did with its army after WWII: Build up a military industrial complex on a European federal scale to act as a funding target for a state capitalist system, with the same predictable consequences down the line of a European neo-imperialism because hey, we'll need something for those troops to do so that we can excuse increasing their funding.

  18. Just another Politician who claims to know what the people want and need, nothing more.

    I'm really shocked he always picks on capitalism but never mentioned our current deformed credit money system. He mentions debts once or twice, but never mentions that capitalism combined with our current monetary system leads to uncontrolled extremes on every side, while giving the riches the opportunity to take the inflation to their advantage, while the already small wealth the small man builds up is getting eaten up by crazy credit politics and inflation.
    Capitalism is like Socialism, Liberalism and any other Ideology part of the human and totally normal. We have the need to own something in private, we have the need to help and be social but we also want to be free. All this is getting killed by our credit money system and he doesnt even mention it. Credit is like paper for the fire of greed.
    Also I'm shocked that it is obviously completely ok for him, that big data is collected, while talking about Assange. Even better, he says all this data collecting should be taxed so the society has something from it, but the society will always be the loser as long as their data is collected because it makes them vulnerable for manipulation.

    I won't listen to this man, he is not telling the truth, he is telling his opinion, nothing more.

  19. *
    YK  is the most knowledgeable, most inspiring commenter on the international scene today.  It is  always a joy to listen to what we MUST hear and heed.

  20. "Economics is boring, but it is the language with which politics are negociated and done and each one of us needs to understands the necessary basics so that our participation in the political struggle can be effective" Yanis Varoufakis… Mark my words, this is going to become a famous quote. The profundity of it is simply staggering. What an insightful man!

  21. Varoufakis was right about one thing right at the beginning(crash, socialism for the rich,party of davos) and the rest of his talk just devolved into utter gibberish. It's sad really to see intelligent people be consumed by leftist ideology.

  22. Varoufakis makes so much sense but he over simplifies things when he says this crises is nothing to do with immigration, he alienates so many people, does he really think the sudden rise of the AFT had nothing to do with the 2015 migrant crises ?

  23. Despite the common and popular sentiment that the only good Greek is a dead one, this man is certainly an exception. Thankfully we still have people like this to oppose the wrongs made by governments supposedly in the name of the people.

  24. Well said Yanis. Mind you as darling of the Guardian i don't think they'd be amused by your support of 'Julia; see this folks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGdl03jihe8&t=110s

  25. Thank you for covering Julian Assange. As Yanis said; first they will come for Julian, then they will come for you. And when USUK finally gets him in their bloody hands, he will be GONE….disappeared and held incommunicado. Then it will be too late, for him and for us. More please.

  26. This is NOT about freedom of the press. There is no such thing as freedom of the press because there aren't any regulations that ensure such a thing (which would entail a severe restriction or total elimination of secret services and political behind-the-scenes transactions). That's pretty much the same as the neoliberalism BS, transposed to the press sector. Julien Assange (like JFK and Caesar) turned against the Empire. The Empire wants him "dead" because otherwise other people will follow in his footsteps and end the Empire. Same thing happened in Lybia. They couldn't remove Gaddafi, so they had to destroy the entire country in order to prevent it as an independence example for the rest of the resource-rich 3rd world.

  27. Until we all realize that "money" is another name for "human energy" there will always be some scam that is controlled by a handful of swindlers. See www.crystalcodex.com/social/the real value of money.

  28. Mr. Julian Assange is a human being with all rights denied

    Mr. Julian Assange is a human being with all rights denied

    #Assange #EmbassyCat #WikiLeaks #FreeAssange


    Mr. Julian Assange is a human being with all rights denied #Unity4J

  29. I'm American and absolutely horrified by the fact that literally nobody I know in real life knows who this man, even when still running Greece's economy

  30. That defenders of Assange need to frame the debate in terms of 'journalistic freedom' is telling in that it ignores the blatantly obvious, that Assange acted NOT as a journalist but as a partisan player. The timing of Wikileaks document releases was orchestrated to cause maximum damage to one side of American politics. How and where he sourced these documents also can not be ignored.
    Assange is NOT a journalist, nor is he a hero. If anything he's provided impetus for the state security apparatus to crack down on real whistleblowers, journalists and dissidents as a direct result of his pretence.
    Sure it'd be so nice to ignore the details so as to easily identify pretend cartoon villains and heroes but sadly the truth is much more compelling, and it clearly tells a different tale to that of a would be journalistic hero pure and true. Assange had an agenda much more complicated than upholding the tenets of journalistic integrity. He picked a side.

  31. Yanis Varoufakis should be the permanent Finance Minister of Europe……..Instead of him , we have all these useless overpaid bureaucrats in Brussels and that german enthusiast of austerity Schaeuble that ruined Europe

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  33. Yanis is not being entirely accurate here regarding Assange, if he leaves yes he likely will be arrested, for skipping bail.

    Sweden dropped their charges.

    I find it curious though that if he was worried about being arrested and bundled off to the US, why in hell did he come to the UK? A country that has far stronger ties with US Govt and US security services than Sweden.


  35. Yanis is right about Assange but wrong about Capitalism. Does he think Progressives are going to save us all? On the contrary. Just look at progressives like Hillary Clinton, Theresa May, Soros, and many more wicked, selfish people who want the rest of us to be serfs in our own nations. Votes don't count for Progressives.

  36. paraphrase…'the real struggle is between progressive (everywhere) and fascists (everywhere)…./ The struggle in Europe must start in Germany, the context and power struggle in politics is grounded in economics…and one must understand something about economics to make real change…'

  37. Varoufakis, by his own admission: a mild-mannered economics professor, will become a pivotal name in economics for decades to come.

  38. Julian Assange is not a journalist and the way he released the so called Clinton e-mails was dishonest and propagandist. He became Russian stooge and helped Trump come to power thinking that rigged elections in US would never allow Trump become president as he admitted in an interview.
    Off course he wouldn't dare to treat Putin's government in the same way as he would have got assassinated ten time over. He is a coward and has lost all integrity and semblance of independence.

  39. "We would save them from themselves!" This is at the heart of the problem, men thinking that they can save the people from themselves, i.e absolute control! At the heart of this is evil!

  40. The European Union is just getting going Yanis but maybe not how you envisaged! The Germans lack only one thing that will unite them and that is the strongman! History repeats itself and there is nothing new under the sun.

  41. I love Yanis.

    But it appears now, that wikileaks was working to get Trump elected. Why? Trump publicly asked wikileaks for some incriminating emails. He is an obvious racist and a despot. He also seems completely bought and sold by Russia. I WANT the fbi to prosecute him. ( I was a Bernie supporter)

    Is this true? how do these stories match up? Trump seems like a demon to me. Previously, I was an Obama supporter being in favor of a first black president and because he supported a public option in AHC. After he was elected it seemed the republicans went back to their misinformation and the propaganda became even more intense and rabble rousing.

    We are so inundated with information and stupid tweeting by an orange demon now, that it is hard to keep up.

    Please help me to understand this wikileaks thing. It seemed that it was the new pentagon papers but now what? I seek the truth here so p,ease don’t respond to me in typical insulting vocabulary.

    I will be checking my messages. Thanks

  42. Obviously, a man of his intelligence and above all his honesty could not be allowed to continue to work within the system in the EU. On a side-note; it'll be very interesting watching the EU and the US over the next couple of decades.. the collapse he's foreseeing for Europe, several intellectuals are foreseeing for the US.. the signs are certainly ominous.

  43. I knew or try to figure out what orthodox means and almost did get it , not only from a religious dogmatic prospective, bot now I understand why was baptised as a Greek Orthodox , and this time noting on religion , must be purely spiritual mathematics of the inner politics of spatial geometry in syncronised timing ! This Greek Minister would do us right as a president in romania ! No joke,.,.?!?,., no…

  44. NATO sits on top of the Euro. The Euro sits on top of the ailing banking system of the EU. Prophecy shows a banking system meltdown in the EU costs the Euro, which falls into the abyss. Famine appears in the EU, and war appears between the EU and Russia. Ezekiel 7: 19-22. That is why this prophecy for our days shows people throwing their worthless euros into the streets, at a time of famine and war in Europe.
    Imagine 25 countries and small municipalities all bankrupting at one time. NATO will need a begging bowl. The Russian Federation assumes control of the EU, and further prophecies about this time are found in Scripture.
    These catastrophies are parallel to war also appearing between the US, allies and Iran. That is why conflagrations of missiles deployments occur in the EU; in the Middle East Matthew 24: 15-22 and in Iran Daniel 8: 20, 23-25 Jeremiah 49: 35- 38.
    In fact, the whole world gets to be embroiled in wrath and war; and this doesn't mean the violence means sense. Jeremiah 25: 17-26; Revelation 11: 18, [15]
    This is the war and violence that is like a wracking ball through the fiat currency system. The banking systems crisis in the EU leads to the collapse of the Euro; and this is an opportunity that Russia will take advantage of.
    This is not a 'correction', a 'recession' or a 'reset'. This is the conclusion of the present system, which is explained in prophecy. That is why we are told in Isaiah 2: 18-20 that the silver and gold are thrown away with 'loathing'; because the extinction of the present financial system is total.
    That is why the true God Jehovah explains to us what He is doing about it; and the plan for rescue goes back into history; into the days when the world was expecting the appearance of Christ Jesus, the Messiah. In our days, in Matthew 24: 30 Christ arrives in power and glory, and this is recognised by people in grief due to the outbreak of violence and missiles and wrath. Rev 11: 18
    God's Kingdom under Christ the King is the provision of the true God for mankind, to rescue those having faith, and bring to an end the wickedness that threatens the lives of all of us. John 3: 16 Revelation 7: 9, 14 Revelation 11: 18, 15. Psalms 37: 10
    That is why the time arrives in prophecy in Revelation 19: 11, 19-21 when Christ Jesus takes the political system, and throws them into a symbolic 'lake of fire', because their time of rule ends.
    The 'Great tribulation' with violence, pestilence and famine Matthew 24: 21, 22 Revelation 6: 8 is the result of events now in motion that we can see. Christ ends the wickedness; He comes with a rescue. Romans 10: 13-15.
    This article showing the distress in EU banks, lead to the complete loss of the Euro, and war with Russia. The outbreak of the Great tribulation arrives with these events.

  45. Assange is NOT a journalist. He works for Russia as a propagandist. If Julian Assange was a real journalist he would’ve released GOP data along with the DNC’s.

    He would be publishing information against China and Russia. Why does he never go against Russia? China? Only the US…….hmmmmmm……I wonder why. No one ever asks this question.

  46. in Malta, journalists like daphne Caruana galizia get BLOWN UP-they take the easy way out, just like so many countries, including the UK, who use/abuse the UK Rule of Law where a maltese man, an imposter, posed as the UK's Government Head of Legal Department! can you explain how the Rule of Law is supposed to operate when I have evidence that corruption within my ongoing 16 court claims, where I also received 2 threatening letters from Holborn family court staff, London UK dictating that I am not allowed to apply for may due financial remedy-'this is clear evidence that corruption is rampant and it's all about how much profit these corrupt staff, lawyers/judges can profit from Victims-surely my abused 16 court claims can be used as a benchmark of systematic corruption, which has been repeatedly reported to the police, the minister of justice, my local MP's, MI5/MI6/SFO/NCA/INTERPOL-'I get stalked, my emails are hacked, my computers are hacked, I have all financial transactions illegally monitored, I 've had my home stolen by a fake power of attorney, I've had my savings stolen, my jewellery, and there is no end to their abuses, as proven on the 4th December infront of judge tolson who illegally presided on my court hearing which had no legal obligations followed by him, also on 15th October 2018, infront of deputy district judge Hudd, -this is why claimants are not allowed to film these court hearings, which prove corruption

  47. Well, the problem with Varoufakis is the same problem with all progressives and so called leftists.  When push comes to shove, they ALWAYS end up caving in and echoing the political views of the corrupt establishment.  Rightwing populists, on the other hand, don't do that.  But any time a rightwing populist or nationalist seriously threatens to win an election in Europe, Varoufakis comes out against them.  He is more afraid of populists than he is of the establishment.  Consequently, he will always LOSE against the establishment.  So, he has interesting things to say, but you cannot trust him.  In the final analysis, after criticizing the establishment very harshly, in the end, he will always argue that the corrupt establishment is better than any real challengers…

  48. Time to get the wheels of violent revolution against the Wall St. and London Financial District rolling. Peaceful protest is a proven waste of time.

  49. An intelligent man, only a pitty he’s a communist. Dont forget that communism pure fascism, but legt wing. Don’t forget Hitler was LEFT WING NOT RIGHT WING. It’s not fair and historically incorrect to put right wing parties automatically in the fascist corner. Why the people dont understand the left and the right need each other in a democraty. I respect decent left wing people and decent right wing people. But stop with this fascist bullcrap when after MANY yaers of leftwing rule, there will come a period of right wing rule.

  50. I'm still hopeful that THE PROGRESSIVES will lead the way to a better EU. We will reach the prosperity that we all want and DESERVE (Bottom line, that is what we all want) much faster if we CHANGE the way the EU works… than actually breaking the EU apart. END SOCIALISM TO THE CAPITALIST AND GIVE BACK GLOBALISM TO THE MASSES.

  51. I have enormous respect for Yanis and the ideals of Diem 25. Could someone please explain to how it would be possible to confiscate shares in a European state?
    Many companies are not even registered in Europe.
    How would voters who may have worked hard to buy shares feel about the dilution of their ownership and their loss of capital.
    What would you do with private companies
    Essentially this would be a tax on shareholders income, what would be the effect on investment in Europe.

  52. I love yanis but he is wrong. It’s pretty clear that assange has been working with Putin to undermine America.
    That’s not a journalist, that’s a hostile foreign operative.

  53. divide and conquer – division between the haves and have nots, not just money and finance but info, knowledge, power etc.; and this is a global 'thing' see it happening EVERYWHERE those in control and those under the thumb

  54. 6:16 – Rising fascists, nationalists and xenophobes?? He can f right off! Salvini and Orban and the likes are NOT fascists and xenophobes. They’re the future of Europe, luckily! Nationalism is great and necessary in this day and age of globalist elites pushing the progressive utopia full of multiculturalism. No. Just no!

  55. Couldn't agree more with the idea to divert funds from giant corporations into a basic income. These corporations will soon be largely autonomous, at which point they will be extracting vastly more wealth from society as they will no longer have to pay wages to millions of workers. We need to capture the value that they create for the people. They should be publicly owned in some way.

  56. It's essential we understand how really the world functions if we want to truly solve our problems. Democracies are not real in most of the world, and the true power administering most societies is in the hands of a CABAL of financiers who use DEBT as the tool to apply control over all of us. The bases of this power is with the FRACTIONAL RESERVE BANKING SYSTEM which creates the currencies of the world in DEBT to the CABAL of bankers families who use it to impose their will on our VIEW of the world. The narrative that explains reality to all of us, is a product of the Media and the Education System we absorb daily in society. We are the "animals" in the farm, and the CABAL are the owners of the farm, making sure we are "healthy" enough to produce, but not wise enough to understand how we're being used for the benefit of a few thieve families who live in splendorous wealth by sucking part of the wealth we as a society generate. It is the biggest DICTATOR'S DREAM to live from the efforts of others, while the slaves are not even aware they are slaves, therefore will never try to emancipate or attack those who enslave them. Very clever these CROOKS who impose this Debt-Based Monetary System.

  57. I've got a certain respect for YV, but the arguments against immigration are not primarily economic. So it isn't a case of either blaming global capitalism OR blaming uncontrolled migration. Two cheeks of the same ar*e IMO.

  58. Fortunately he is OUT now. Unfortunately he is in prison and threatened by America to being extradited and charged with hacking.




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