WOW! Crisis in California, Kylie Jenner’s Record Poached By Egg, & Government Shutdown Consequences

What’s up you beautiful bastards! I hope you’re having a fantastic Monday. Welcome back to the Phillip De Franco show and let’s jump into it. The first thing we’re going to talk about today is the internet is weird, dumb, and fantastic news and that’s because we’re starting off by talking about egg. And specifically, we’re talking about “World Record Egg”. Who as of the recording of this video has 3.7 Million followers on Instagram Although by the time this video is up, it is probably going to be much, much more. And that is because, this instagram account with just one photo of egg, now holds in the instagram record for most liked Instagram post in history. The photo which was posted just ten days ago, reads, “Let’s set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram”. Beating the current world record held by Kylie Jenner of 18 Million. We got this! And unlike the other countless World Instagram Record accounts… They did get it! Just flying past the previous winner which was Kylie Jenner’s Stormi Webster photo whose comments now are being spammed with egg emojis. Kylie Jenner appears rightly unbothered by this, posting a simple meme video of her breaking an egg. Which, just after 15 hours was viewed over 20 Million times And judging by the World Record Egg’s Instagram account it, appears that they will be selling merch soon. Which I applaud. Congratulations on winning the social media lottery. Now make that money. Egg, is now also “verified”, which, uh, I imagine makes uh a few of my YouTuber friends not too happy… cause they still don’t have their blue checkmark and that’s it, that’s the story. It’s stupid, it’s adorable and none of it matters But sometimes I need a little of that. But, a question I did want to pass off with this story. Why, do you think this, and things like this happen? Like based on the number of likes, there is a pretty decent chance that those of watching right now you hit that like button as well. Was it just like, ha this is ridiculous, be part of the meme Is it like a super deep commentary about how we as a society value ourselves based off of things that get likes and we honor those that are able to get the most likes But then by putting an egg as the number one like getter maybe we realize that life is dumb and a lot of us value things that really have no meaning maybe we realize that life is dumb and a lot of us value things that really have provide no value in our lives We seek the attention and love from strangers without really getting to to know ourselves first

  1. oh hi. how's your Monday going? let's talk.
    Egg vs Kylie Jenner (00:06), California Teacher Strike (1:58), Mass Opioid Overdose (3:16), TIA (5:54), Govt Shutdown (6:45)

  2. The issues with death from fentanyl are extremely bad in Vancouver. Most people who grew up here know at LEAST one person who has died from it. Be careful!! It has been cut into so many other products and you need so little to overdose.

  3. this government shutdown is really sounding like a two year old saying they're gonna hold their breath till they get their way

  4. American democracy is a disgrace. It would be tough to design a more broken system that still qualifies as a democracy.

  5. I think its ridiculous that this man pushes so hard for something that will screw us over in the long run. And even now he's getting a head start on the screwing part. Damn I hate politics, and Trump is a constant reminder of why I do.

  6. I'd like to take a moment and praise the Chico PD speaker (Chief?) for being able to read a prepared speech, but still keep it somber and not let it get robotic. Really helped get his message across without making it impersonal.

  7. As far as the shutdown is concerned, I think Trump is throwing a tantrum and he will continue this until he gets what he wants. I've tried my hardest to support the president and see passed any poor choice he's made, purely because I think in the end of it all, he has the potential to do some good for America, but this is one of those moments where his rich boy and narcissistic side shows way too much. He's made himself look like a fool and all he's going to do in the end is ensure that he doesn't get a second term.

  8. Instagram is a part of the internet. Memes and trolls control the internet, not the Kardashians. That's why you pressed the like on that egg. An anonymous account with an anonymous pic is what the internet should be all about.

  9. liking eggs is like voting a kitten into congress, everyone likes them and there is no dirt to dig up. as a result everyone likes "liking" them.
    as for the Gov. shutdown….. those who voted in "wrecking ball Trump" really REALLY need to realize that "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is". every independent review knew his "plans" were a scam from the beginning. he has no intention to make solutions to anything, only to invent talking points to "fight for".

  10. Other unions tried to stand with the teachers but I know, at least for special needs aids that they were told that if they didn't come into work they would be fired. LAUSD is going out of their way to play dirty and smear teachers.

  11. This is a good reason to not rely on the government. It shouldn't have this affect on the people and far too many people are dependent on it. We as a people should look into cutting our government down. We don't need a full time military. We don't need federal parks. Privatization of essential services already happens because the government subcontracts so much. Cut out the middle man. Reduce the federal government. Being a politician shouldn't be a full time job for anyone.

  12. My kids elementary school only has a nurse on Fridays. When things happen 911 has to be called & an ambulance goes to the school. I had to go pick up my daughter for a (very mild) allergic reaction cause they couldn't do anything about it & were freaking out.

  13. Everyone bitching about federal employees getting free food and not one tear shed for those who’ve had their lives destroyed by illegal immigration

  14. I can not imagine how one could justify a supposed leader putting thousands of American's incomes at stake just because they didn't get what they want. Its a glorified tantrum! The process, ironically, puts the country more at a security risk than no wall at all. How can either side justify members of the Coast Guard being unable to provide for their families? I'd LOVE to see a supporter look them and their families in the eyes and tell them their $0 paychecks for serving our country is justified.

    Our "president" is digging himself a grave, and if it manages to get any more ridiculous, something big will absolutely go wrong. And it'll be on his head. It won't be his fault though, of course, as always.

  15. I kept forgetting to comment on this, but I finally remembered! I’m currently attending California State University, Chico, and it doesn’t surprise me to hear about the opioid overdose. I’m still relatively new to the area, currently a first year student, but it’s not that hard to find people that are dealers or people who know someone that can get you opioids. However, Chico doesn’t just have an opioid problem, the availability of other drugs such as cocaine, acid, molly, and others is crazy. It’s really easy to meet someone that can get you “x” drug and/or of “y” amount. That’s all I really have to say though. Thank you for all your work Phil and Rogue Rocket team!! <3 love the content!

  16. This is the 2nd or 3rd Philly D show where immediately after he says midrolls, like less than half a second after the word come sout of his mouth, an advertisment plays. Either Phil is a secret savage with his ad placements or its just a very big coincidence lmao. Still love you Phil.

  17. I remember a part in the constitution that all emergency and transportation positions will be paid during any govt shut down….

  18. Trump doesn't care about the little ppl that are suffering because of this government shutdown because it does not effect him or any one in his close circle. He doesn't have to worry about food or a roof over his head he just is so hard on for this fucking wall if he wants the fucking wall so badly then why not go fund it him self. Than he can call the TRUMP wall.

  19. "As far as in LA I don't know how we can be taxed the way that we are and this is even an issue."
    Gee… couldn't have anything to do with the completely Democratic leadership in LA (and Cali as a whole) funneling millions of dollars into illegal aliens and other bullshit instead of focusing on it's citizens and their needs.

  20. My sister is a teacher with six years of higher education in Oregon but, our salaries are equal and, I don't agree with it.(lpn in philly). Ridiculous!

  21. Trump offered to bring the Government back for 30 days if Democrats were willing to work with him on a real deal that included funding for the wall in some capacity. The Democrats refused. They've refused to even sit down with the man like adults. They're acting like petulant children and people are trying to put this shut down on Trump and the Republicans. While 800,000 government workers are going without pay these Democratic schmucks are jetting off to vacations and still collecting their paychecks. People really need to wake the fuck up.

  22. regarding the mass-overdoses…. just stop wasting medical resources on them and the problem will fix itself.

  23. Private indeviduals and companies paying for things during a government shutdown? See if people want something, they will voluntarily pay for it. No need to steal their money through taxation.

  24. As long as we can get a wall on both the southern AND northern border then I'm fine with it. I preferably would also like the west amd east coast to have a wall. MAXIMUM SECURITY.

  25. How I see the teacher demands:
    Smaller class sizes – I want less responsibility and work.
    Reduction in standardized testing – Stop checking my work and effectiveness.
    6.5% raise plus 2% bonus – Pay me more for my reduced productivity and effectiveness.
    Increased support staff – What do you MEAN I have to get my own coffee!? (I actually agree with the support staff thing, but I say all the increased investment in schools should be solely for this support staff.)

  26. The fact that 10% of groceries bought is through snap just shows how much corruption and abuse that program gets. Not saying their aren’t people who need it but it certainly can’t be 10% of grocery buyers?!

  27. My dad is 80 years old and he lives off of a tiny amount of retirement and Social Security. Guess who didn't get his Monthly check.

  28. If the shutdown is so bad then just agree to the wall. We built a barrier for nearly all of obamas presidency lets finish it.

  29. Government shutdown consequences should be re-labeled to excessive reliance on government consequences if things are really as bad as its being reported.

  30. My aunt has been a teacher in the LA area in CA for 20+ years and has degree to teach math but is also qualified to teach phys ed; she has gym classes of almost 50 kids, and she has had to teach 100 kids before when a teacher was absent, and the school has no indoor gym facilities. This means if the weather is too hot or if there is air quality concerns, she has to squeeze 50 kids into a tiny math classroom that she shares with another teacher since she only teaches one math class now. It’s ridiculous and i support everything those teachers are standing for.

    Ps this is the first time I’ve actually gotten a midroll since you started them 😂

  31. Democrats are working hard to make this shutdown look like it's all Trump's fault and, sadly, the American people are buying into their BS. And as long as they feel like they can drag this out without looking like the bad guys, they will. The second public opinion starts shifting, you'd see that wall get funded post haste. Ultimately, this is just stupid. We DO have a crisis at the border. We just had a caravan of thousands show up, with a number bumrushing the border to try to get across and some attacking BP officers to do it. Does a BP officer have to get killed for people to see this as an issue? And now, we have a second caravan of thousands more building and heading for the border again. If people don't see that as a problem, they are deluded. We need to stop making thing so inviting for people trying to enter the country illegally. That is the reason they keep coming. Then they apply for asylum, just so they can get released into the US where they'll disappear and not actually bother to show up for an asylum hearing. Because they know they have no grounds to get asylum. They just want us to be stupid enough to release them.

    People need to get a clue and stop falling for the emotional manipulation. And I've spoken to enough of them to know that that's what they're doing. They know EXACTLY which buttons to push with the general American public and they will do it as much as they need to to get their way. We need to stop.

  32. And here I thought slavery was abolished in 1865.
    But right now there are again slaves in the US because when ever a shutdown occurs slavery is of course reinstated.
    Actually, these new slaves have it even worse… Slaves didn't get paid, but at least they were fed and housed. I suppose that's a trade off for not getting whipped.
    Yay America, land of the ''''free''''

  33. Damn, ppl are really out there protesting over schools not having a librarian or a nurse, meanwhile Im just glad my high school had enough classrooms and a barely working heating system😂

  34. Support the glorious wall that will keep all people without access to ladders or decent climbing ability out!! We will be a nation without illegal old ladies or cripples stealing our jobs because they won't be able to climb a ladder. Think of all the jobs such a wall will provide as it is built, then upgraded, again and again, until it is marginally effective at keeping people out. We must build this wall for the future of America where only those that own ladders can become illegal immigrants! 'Merica!

  35. well Im a week late but thanks for talking about Chico. The whole county has been messed up with ODs this last week and you hit it on the head. this is a huge problem for anybody.

  36. I wonder if the members of the executive and legislative branch had to rely on the government being up and running to get paid the same way TSA agents do, would the shutdown really have gone on so long

  37. They have plenty of money for the schools they just go and waste it on stupid stuff and it Doesn’t go where it’s deserved also California can use all that money they get from taxes on the education system

  38. Just give trump the 5.6 for the wall problem solve that’s nothing compared to what the government spends on illegals a year or are military or other useless things

  39. I know that his shutdown is horrible and negatively affecting A LOT of Americans, but please don't hurt trees over it :/

  40. Wow, the first strike in 30 years? We have teacher strikes in the UK 3-4 times a year! It depends on the area of course but they are usually nationwide! It seems crazy that y’all never strike! Mind you Britons are the best procrastinators, any excuse for a Snow Day 😂

  41. Crisis on Earth! The "Youths for Climate" marches that has taken place in Belgium all year every Thursday are for spreading awareness that we are on a ticking bom, and it has taken off but no one has noticed it yet! Students want to change the world, and here they are actually doing it!
    Please cover this story, you would find it incredibly interesting!

  42. all this because a useless and overpriced wall 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    „best country in the world“

    sure, seems to all work like a charm

    professional politicians at their best

  43. If one asks for an increase in wages then proceeds to ask for an increase in services, one creates a paradox. You get one or the other, money doesn’t grow on trees.

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