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Political leaders around the world have the
power to change the lives of millions of people with the stroke of a pen. This year, world leaders from Syria to South
Sudan have made decision that have resulted in war, famine and political oppression that
will be recording in history for years. And this got us thinking, which world leaders
should we keep an eye on in 2018? First on our list is North Korean dictator
Kim Jong-Un. In his early thirties, Kim is one of the youngest
leaders in the world and has made a name for himself as one of the most volatile leaders
in the last few years. Oh yeah, not to mention he also controls a
massive nuclear weapons arsenal and the fourth largest army in the world. When he gained power in 2011, many experts
thought Kim wouldn’t be able to hold onto power because of his inexperience. But years later, he’s proven himself as
a ruthless leader who’s willing to execute high ranking officials and even family members
who have questioned his authority. Under his leadership, North Korea has entered
into a new era in its nuclear weapons ambitions — with at least 89 confirmed missiles tests
since his rule began. That’s more tests than his father, Kim Jong-Il,
and grandfather, Kim-il Sung, combined. 2017 was undoubtedly a huge year for the North
Korean leader, having tested over 20 missiles, including its very first ICBM, or Intercontinental
Ballistic Missile, which it claims can reach the mainland United States. Earlier in that year, he was also accused
of ordering the murder of his defecting half-brother with a chemical agent in an attack straight
out a spy novel. Kim Jong-Un has undoubtedly proven himself
as an unpredictable and brutal leader in 2017, and is definitely someone you should pay attention
to in 2018. Next on our list is a man who hasn’t even
gained full power yet, but has surely made power moves that have had severe domestic
and regional implications. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi
Arabia escalated in power, becoming the next heir to the Saudi Monarchy, in only June 2017. His drastic promotion was an unexpected move
by the King who ousted the former heir to the crown, Salman’s cousin, Mohammed bin
Nayef. The 32-year-old Crown Prince is also the nation’s
Deputy Prime Minister and defence minister. During his time as defence minister, the nation
has seen an uptick in military actions. He is responsible for the largest military
conflict in all of Saudi Arabian history, its brutal and often indiscriminate bombing
campaign and blockade of Yemen, its poor neighbor to the south. The Prince is also seen as central figure
in the series of shocking arrests of other princes and prominent figures in the country
in November 2017. The Crown Prince claims the arrests were in
a part of his supposed “anti-corruption” campaign in the kingdom, but some see the
move as the latest example of him consolidating power. The young prince is also seen by some as a
force for modernization in the historically conservative country. He is seen as the mastermind behind the kingdom’s
ambitious Vision 2030 plan that hopes to diversify its economy, shifting it away from so dependent
on oil-exportations. The prince’s desire for modernizing his
economy, seems to be at the center of his recent social reforms, like the reversal of
the ban on women driving, its plan to issue tourist visas for the first time in 2018,
and even allowing cinemas to reopen for the the first time since the 1970s. If the 2017 is any indication of what we should
expect from Mohammad bin Salam, he is certainly a leader you should keep an eye on in 2018. And last, but certainly not least on our list
is Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin has always been a rather controversial
figure, but over the past few years he’s escalated conflict in the region, cracked
down on political opposition, and has even been accused of directing the hacking of the
2016 US presidential elections. Most notable of his actions, has been the
2014 annexation of Crimea from Ukraine. IT fueled a war between russian-backed separatist
and the Ukrainian government in the nation’s east. Tensions don’t seem to be subsiding anytime
soon either. Fighting in eastern Ukraine has killed over
10,000 since it started in 2014 and has recently seen an uptick in clashes throughout the region. And while this might all sound like old news,
it’s important to remember the actions by Putin as we look as his goals for 2018 — becoming
president again. Although he hesitated to announce his candidacy
down to the last minute, no one ever questioned Putin’s intentions of whether he wanted
to stay in power for another 6 years. With the election being held on the anniversary
of the annexation of Crimea, the lack of legitimate opposition candidates, and his popularity
in Russia, it projected that Putin will almost certainly win the Presidency again come March
— a move that will keep him in power till 2024. As you can tell from this video, one of the
most dangerous ways world leaders tend to wield their influence is by entering into
conflict and wars. But what were some of the most devastating,
significant, and underreported conflicts of 2017? Find out in this video right here! Thanks for checking out NowThis World! And as always, don’t forget to like and
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  1. I love how non-Russians think they know Russian politics, what Russian people think and so on to sound as there's no way Putin could win the election without fraud and as if there are no elections in Russia

  2. Of course Putin is popular he owns the media.just like the demacrats do in America. They also almost managed to completely rig the 2016 presidential election.we nearly got ourselves a joe Stalin for president in Hilary Clinton.

  3. i believe kim jon un uncle is so powerful that kim jong il does not even bother touching him. I guess in a dictatorship the dictator replacing is much ruthless than the one replaced.

  4. You may deceive many by your clean cut look and your seemingly calm demeanour. However I can see your bias. Your omissions regarding the stance that Putin took against ISIS speaks volumes about your true agenda. Your omissions in this and other videos discredit your innocent Ted Bundy image.

  5. I like this new host. But this channel started to slip up and then it turned into a journalism thing. Journalism is kinda lame. But I like this Judah fellow. I’m watching you seeker. 👀😑

  6. The 8 to 20 warheads North Korea supposedly has is nothing compared to China's 1000 warheads or the US and Russia's 7000 each. So saying North Korea has a huge arsenal is a joke

  7. Kim Jon Un' s MAIN threat is to trigger a war, because China and Russia both have close ties to the "People's Regime" it is very possible that they could join North Korea in a war. China though, for them it will depend. Oh Yeah. . . .
    North Korea also has the world's 4th largest military.

  8. you guys should do a video on what would happen if saddam hussein wasn’t killed or on how chaldeans (catholics from iraq) fleed after he was killed

  9. Crickets chirping on Syria. No mention of Putin’s successful policy in the middle east? This is on the context of Qatar-sponsored Al Jazeera, Amanpour, Fareed Zakaria, Samantha Power and London prophesizing it’s failure back in 2015.

  10. describing his nuclear weapons arsenal as huge is is incorrect at best.  That he should have no nukes is what should be said, but that is also not true.   What we need to see is him taken from power and preferable dead.

  11. TY for telling who I should lookout for… thank goodness that our western leaders aren't even worse than these guys…

  12. seriously you talk about putin with out mentioned he is killing Civilians Syrians a children and women and men what an a blockhead

  13. Every country has its dictator's but USA has a megalomaniac narcissistic mad old dog who rigged election process with help from another dictator.

  14. Sorry, but North Korea "has a huge nuclear stockpile?" They only have like 3. They havd one Uranium mine capable of producing about one nuke every 14 months, most of that goes to testing. And as for thier army it may be the 4th largest but its poorly supplied and archaic.

  15. The only thing I want from Mohammed bin Salman is that he facilitates residence for foreigners in Saudi Arabia

  16. Kim Jong Un surprised all the world walking into south Korean ground looking the denuclearization of the country and to end el Korean war.

  17. Forget the pen ..Hopefully they'll be the ones to have a stroke…I'm 48 yes old and can say these fuckwits that rule you RULE YOU…END OF..GET USED TO IT..NUMNUTS

  18. This was a wonderful and well-informing video! We also had a recent video with global leaders being asked humanity's deepest questions! It might be of great interest!

  19. Wow, a new, fresh face commentator we got here. And his voice is very clear, I can understand what he is saying. Hope he is always do this sensible info. On YouTube. Good for him!

    As for the leader, US President Donald Trump is not yet powerful anymore?

  20. if north Korea be situated beside india they took good Leaton like pakistan. …their country should pices like pakistan

  21. Interesting no African leaders, this is fascinating as if Africa doesn't play a role in Global politics. 👎👎👎

  22. 4th largest army……..wasnt it supposed to be India……..get your facts correct……and yeah according to some Forbes of the 9 countries having nuclear arsenal ,N.Korea has the least….

  23. We need APATHY! I know it sounds weird, but if everyone were relatively apathetic, there'd never have been wars, murders, or violence. I don't mean apathetic in the sense of not even writing letters to the gov't, or voting. But in the sense of always weighing both sides, and not letting emotion takes us away from moderation, toward extremism. We all contributed to the world situation, in varying degrees. And too many chiefs spoil the soup. Politicians know what's going on- they're consulted by experts, and the public, from both 'sides' all the time. All the good that's been done has been by collaboration. The bad, due to the opposite.

  24. Russia is an also ran country. It’s too bad, they were first in Space but CAPITALISM by the Greatest CAPITALIST country Got to the Moon ahead of the Socialist Russians…

  25. Will world leaders EVER stop waiving there swords at each other and start working together for the benefit of mankind.

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