William Cooper - Political Ideology vs Individual Freedom

now it's been it's been proposed time and again to that big businesses behind things like this and that would president represent a capitalist approach but what you're saying is we're heading toward a socialist approach based on this scenario you have to understand the difference between capitalism socialism communism what all of these things really mean you have to understand that that what the difference is between right wing and left wing people they use these phrases all the time and they don't even know what these things mean and it's just incredible to me to hear a socialist calling someone else a Nazi because Nazi means national socialism so here's a socialist calling a right-wing guy a Nazi when he what he should be calling the right-wing guy is anarchist people on the right want no control they're really anarchists so they would in theory then or in fact be in opposition to this ultimate movement yeah whereas in appearance they would be the ones behind it well if when you have a misunderstanding what the terms mean yes okay right wing on the far right there's total anarchy they don't want anybody controlling anything that they do and they believe that people are responsible enough that the world can exist without government okay are the very minimal government that it would take to on the far left on the other hand they believe that the government should be in total control and should be a supply man with all of his needs well Creek creating a whole society that's dependent right a republic is somewhere in the middle that's governance by laws laws are decided by representatives who are elected by the people and according to the theory the representatives will do what is right whether they get elected or not because it's not really a democracy a democracy is far left people don't understand we don't live in a democracy this country is not a democracy it is a republic a democracy is ruled by the mob the mob always votes themself every kind of benefit that they can vote themselves whatever you do that it means large tremendously overpowering government in control they vote themselves into dependency that's it they vote themselves into a dictatorship is what they do where they lose all of the benefits that they intended to vote themselves into in the first place okay and democracies are extremely dangerous to minorities because if the majority of people don't like you right taking a boat that they kill you and they you know that's it democracies are dangerous democracies are socialists democracies are communism so communism is the definition of communism is everybody doing according to their talents and receiving according to their need and it doesn't work we already know it doesn't work men by his inherent nature is greedy mmm-hmm so those at the top always end up having everything and those at the bottom end up having nothing in communism socialism is different socialism usually ends up in a dictatorship in a very controlling dictatorial government which even owns the people that it governs so that those who live in fear of not having are provided for what they need and in turn they worship this oppressive government socialists are children who went out into the world took a look around and said I can't handle it and went home to Daddy okay daddy protect me daddy feed me daddy loan me your car daddy tuck me in at night socialists are scared little children who are irresponsible can't stand on their own two feet and need daddy to take care of them okay okay now I got what happens when you go home to Daddy and daddy does all these things for you tell me well you never leave the home we have not got no reason to in other words if you're being provided for in that way you're being provided for but what does it mean doesn't it mean that you have to do what daddy tells you to do trail doesn't run you have to be in and daddy tells you to be in doesn't mean that you can't drive the car to the next town if daddy tells you you can't doesn't it mean that if daddy tells you to take out the trash you better take out the trash are you beginning to understand the concept when you ask for favors from daddy you have to give up freedom in return okay so socialism always leads to repression of liberty freedom equality all of those things fly out the window so that you can have free healthcare mm-hmm so that you can have a place to live but you don't have to pay the rent so that you can have food given to you by the state and that's where we're headed right in this country right now we're almost totally socialist and now people are screaming for a national healthcare policy right healthcare insurance now the other aspect once again I'd like to go into is the anarchy or the right wing which we just into that similar anarchists believe that they can be responsible that they won't hurt other people okay that your freedom never ends until it begins to infringe upon someone else's freedom and that no one should have any control over that that there should be no speed limits on the highways mm-hmm the problem is that again just like on the socialist side you have people over here that are human and human condition means that ultimately somebody's not going to be responsible that they're going to drive too fast when they've had too much to drink and they're gonna kill innocent people the answer is a balanced you know the law of the universe says this it's a law of physics really then everybody can understand it for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction there can be no good unless there is evil there can be no man without a woman you understand my concept based on that the theory of a utopia here on earth is corrupt right away absolutely does it goes against the laws of physics it goes against the law of the universe that there must be two opposing forces all the time in every instance because that's what makes the universe work that's what makes everything work what we need to do is stop trying to go whale to here and establish some utopia of freedoms our way over here to establish some repression of freedom so that we make sure that we got something on the table to eat mm-hmm let's strike a balance between the two that works and stop withholding information what makes it difficult for anyone to succeed or live or for us to really come together and have peace in this world are all of these people who think that they are the guardians of the secrets of the ages and have all them have truly mature minds so only them are worthy of knowing the secrets and the real science and the real metaphysics and all of these things so they repress it and they keep it secret so the rest of us move on our lives and we don't know the truth of what life is really all about therefore we're always stumbling over each other and getting in each other's way and doing the things that we profess that we don't want to do mm-hmm simply because we don't have access to the truth if we had access to the truth now I got to tell you this back when these men first begin establishing these societies these mystery schools and suppressing information the common man was uneducated did not have an intellect capable of understanding these secrets they were really beasts of burden for the most part and they lived their whole life and toil right but things are not that way new most people have a good education they have a good mind they're capable of understanding if they're talked and if they're taught correctly and I think it's time to teach people what the truth is and quit hiding it so that we can come together as one humanity and make a balance and live together in a balanced you know evil it's never going to disappear neither is good but we can maintain a balance in life can be instead of swinging back in this tremendous battle between these two opposing radical extreme ends of the scale that's got to stop I've never understood why somebody would join together in this band of people and call himself a Democrat and not vote for anybody else if they're not a Democrat that concept is beyond my understanding and then Republicans and libertarians and populist and communists and socialists and this and that blacks and whites and the Indians and there are so many sects and groups and segments and we're so fragmented that getting together is going to really be difficult but we've got to do it because if we don't wake up and do it ourselves these men who meet in secret and plot the manipulations are going to do it whether we want it or not they're going to do it at the point of beginning mm-hmm and they need to take away everybody's freedom because they don't consider us responsible capable of having that freedom are capable are even of using our intellect so they'll put us in shackles and control us and force us to be peaceful that's what the plan is and that's what the New World Order is all about

  1. I had to pause this video to write down some of what Bill was saying because it was mindblowing. RIP Bill.

  2. @ZeusDeusEx that spent whole his life researching about the stuff you never even heard about

  3. There has never been a socialist or communist country ever; all there ones people think of where really capitialist. If you read Marx, they can only come after capitialism has naturally reached its demise. They cannot come by brutality or force.

  4. How come all the best videos have only a handful of views?!
    This should be played in repetition in times square!

  5. A lot of lefties are liars or stupid. In forums discussions they often insist Hitler was a far right winger. Even with the proof they won't back down.

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