Will McAvoy From 'The Newsroom' Is Back And Mad As Hell

remember this rant from the newsroom there is absolutely no evidence to support the statement that were the greatest country in the world we're 7th and literacy 27th and math 22nd in science 49th and life expectancy 178th in infant mortality Jeff Daniels reprised his role as anchorman will McAvoy on Bloomberg rant included there's absolutely no evidence to support the statement the Trump is the best case scenario for Hillary Clinton 38% of the people gave her a favorable rating 30% of the people say that she's honest and trustworthy Daniel / McAvoy commented on whether Hillary Clinton was a good match up for Donald Trump and the recreation was rich there was a producer feeding her anchor lines muted moderators and we think this girl may have been cast to fill the shoes of stunned sorority girl thanks for keeping it real mr. McAvoy I'm not the easiest guy to work with but where the hell is I am well it helps you drunk most of the time for news II I'm Kody Lacroix

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