Will Immigration Tear The Republican Party Apart?

you know steve King he likes a bill that
border wall in it’s all he cares about and doesn’t do
immigration reform otherwise so he’s decided that he’s gonna go and
give a warning to John Green a perceived but as a pup a little bit eases job in urs been stronger throughout this
partial shutdown in the debt ceiling the most everybody thought he would be
he did serve to unify the conference better than I thought like I in other words I hate that guy
he’s soft he’s a rhino I’m the real right-winger but whatever I
guess he got a serviceable job he did shut down the government which was
totally utterly pointless by the way according to latest a
non-partisan SMS cost the American economy to $2.6 billion dollars
so he did a nice job being almost as stupid
as I am a but not quite in let me do it now
little warning to ’em but immigration is what steve King says we’ll have to see other future issues
play out for example the immigration comes before the house it would be the most divisive thing they
could be brought up by the republicans in the house then I would have a different answer
that question way all know steve King like again would you like say that john
bainer is not as much of a lunatic is you also please go to know and so on you understand what’s
happening here the senate passes immigration reform goes the house now the house can pass anything they
like and then they would bring the two together this evening come up with an
agreement what the CP things in the world are
saying is no no moss ironic a and say we don’t what any agreement so
we know what the house the past any law even was like the greatest long
the world even if it says you know the fence will be electrifying
no be a moat with alligators is a by the waitress just as a problem that had in
the past but and you know and we make sure that
anyone who has any kind o brown skin as bush you say but will be kept other countries are we
still don’t want that we don’t do anything because God forbid we would have to go
and talk to the same tried to reach an agreement so he’s threatening
job in her don’t you dare do s single thing on this so you thought that the you know the disease that the
republicans the right-wingers a tea party has in the
house is over because they learned a lesson during a shutdown Marion learn any lesson at all so steve King let you know they’re just a
stupid today as they were yesterday

  1. Lessons? The GOP don't believe in fancy high-faluting learnin'. Tides come in. Tides go out. It's one of life's great mysteries. They are putting up another abortion bill as we speak, They are blocking presidential appointments. The Teatards still are trying to drive from the backseat with the emergency brake on. Lessons aren't their strong suit.

  2. This (unofficial) group or party within a party is definitely a clear evidence that Republican Party has already been torn apart. Democrats have kept such extremists at bay and not any such Tea Party (within a party) form in their ranks. For that single reason of showing the united front and face, Democrats are going to take the House in 2014 and yes, one-party RULE will come to USA unabated until Republicans can show some maturity and fire such Tea Party representatives from their party. Let them contest the Elections as Independents, but NEVER ever as Republicans. Hopefully some "sane" Republican leader will replace the current one and restore Party to its former galore, above and beyond any Tea or Coffee Parties.

  3. Steve King and Bonerless are BOTH Sarah Palin's DICKLESS and BALLESS BITCHES and PUSSIES! Palin PWNS BOTH of these ass-clowns in every single way! When Palin becomes POTUS, she will EXPOSE BOTH of these RINO's PUSSIES for the whole world to see!

  4. Republicans aren't stopping the largest wave of immigrants from Asia from coming here legally. There are more Asians coming to the US now than Mexicans. Why aren't they complaining about that?

    This assumption that their opposition to illegal aliens is based on race is baseless. It's a matter of respect, if you respect the United States then you abide by it's laws. I'm an extremely far left progressive but I don't support breaking the law and rewarding people with citizenship for doing so. No civilized nation in the world would do that. That's insanity. 

    If they want to come here legally, by all means you're totally welcome here. We're a very welcoming country as long as you respect our nation enough to respect the law.

  5. These have to be some of the dumbest people ever.  The republican party has been for open borders and even said a fence is racist for it's entire existence.  In countries that care about borders (a very basic attribute of being a country)  like China and Korea they mine their borders and shoot immigrants.

  6. Since some Republicans are promoting Kids-First try fixing the immigration laws so my grandkids father can come back to this country to help their mother support them.  He was brought over here as a child – he had no choice as to where he was located.  Bring him back to reduce dependency on welfare costs not to mention keeping families together.  Republicans are losing my vote since they can't get the basics right.  Thanks for the opportunity to give you my opinion.

  7. Texas, New Mexico and California was part of Mexico The fucking U.S. Army  stole it from the Mexican People. And trade deals that the American  used to shut down the small farms in Mexico left the poor farmers without a way to make a living. So yes they cross the border trying to find a way to feed their families.

  8. TYTs should disclose they work for the democrat party to make up stories about conservatives and christians

  9. Steve King is a card caring NAZI MEMBER! Someone should really LOOK INTO THIS, PLEASE!!! THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR LISTENING.

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