Why The Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work For Most People

(upbeat music) – Now it’s interesting. There’s something we have in common, we both have a common friend,
called Joe Vitale, right? – Yes. – Which is in, “The Secret”.
– Yes. Now, you’ve watched The Secret. First of all, when you watch it, what did you think of it, first of all. – I didn’t believe in anything at all. (laughing) – [Dan] I mean, what is “The Secret”? – Yeah, well what is it? And then when I found out, I
read it, I was almost angry because I knew it didn’t work. So, I started to do all these things that it tells you, just to prove it wrong. – Yes, yes. (laughing) Example such as visualization, Right? Affirmation, and different things? – Correct. – Yes. – Again, you could just sit there and imagine things, and they will happen. Of course, I didn’t believe it. – And I think that’s a
very interesting point. Because I think a lot of people, when they watch, “The
Secret,” or they first learn of the Law of Attraction, And at the time, “The
Secret” was so popular. – Yeah. – Like millions, and millions,
and millions of people watched it the movie or read the book. But I think most of them
misunderstood what it is. About the Laws of Success. Where, yes, you could attract the things that you want, and I think both you and I. we attract, we manifest what we want, but it’s not like, oh, just sit there, and you visualize, and you chant, and something comes falling on your lap. It’s not like that at all, right? – Absolutely not. – What do you think is
missing for most people when they understand
the Law of Attraction? But they don’t fully
apply it in their life? Why is it most people will not be able to manifest what they want? Even if they understand the Law of Attraction? – Well, at first, two things really, is what I think, and what I don’t think. I have seen it with my
eyes what people can do. And, first of all, is to
have limiting beliefs. They don’t believe that they will get it. And don’t have, they don’t
feel strong enough for it, and the other thing, is action. Which is “The Secret”,
unfortunately misses a lot. But you can’t just sit on a chair and it’s gonna happen to you. You need to take massive action. If you want a certain
item, go and look at it. And then go and talk to
people who already has it. Or if you want a certain promotion, find someone that already doing it. I mean, do you need to
take massive action? And that’s when everything starts to fall into place? But action is the key to any success. – And in your whole journey, while you’re building your company, what are some of the struggles, you were experiencing? Maybe even some big
mistakes that you made? That you wish you could avoid? – Well, my first company I ever founded, it went bankrupt after– – Oh, wow.
– After one and 1/2 year. and I started to invest. It went good the first one and 1/2 year. But when I started to
accumulate income and funds, I started to invest them
in the wrong things. – Such as? – The wrong location and offices. Wrong staff that couldn’t do the job. Or I was just picking someone, because I needed someone quick, you know? – Which is the worst time to hire someone is when you need someone quick, right. – Exactly. Yeah. – We know that. – We just did the first one. Yeah, so, that was one of my more biggest business failures, I guess. But it also taught me how not to do it. And now you have a staff of over 200. – Yes, correct. – 200 somewhat people. So, first from there to now, how do you manage your organization? What’s your management philosophy? What’s your leadership style? Just curious. – I’ve been studying so many
leaders through my career, and what I understood that they, to be a great leader,
there is two ways to lead. You can lead with fear, or
you can with inspiration. A lot of, we all think about that horrible boss we once had, we all had that kind of manager– – Especially in Asia, even in Thailand, Malaysia, or China, it’s
always top to bottom. It’s always more like, he’s just a boss. And everybody, what’s your style? – I see that in many organizations, and usually managers or bosses, they think that they’re better
and above everyone else. I like to be among everyone, but also lead with inspiration, instead. If you lead with inspiration, people will tend to stay with
you for a very long time. But if you lead with
fear, sooner or later, they cannot handle it anymore, and then you lose great people. You lose great managers
within the organization. I wouldn’t say the company
is all behind me now. I mean, I have fantastic managers, and executives that are
leading the departments they have to do, and without them, we wouldn’t be having the
success we have today. So, it’s very important to culture, make these managers into great people that leads with inspiration, as well. – And with your company,
do you structure where, how do you structure? Do you have an executive team where, then different projects, you have one lead, that’s managing, saying, this property? How do you do that? – Well, everything is
broke up into departments. Where I have sales department,
marketing department, H.R. department, finance, accounting. And all these departments to break into different departments that are led by certain executives, where a manager that is
controlling it right? – Okay, okay. – And then it’s all connected up. So, yeah. – Okay. Okay. And then from there, you say
to lead with inspiration. How do you, example, how
do you empower your team to be able to grow, and also empower them with responsibility, right? When they are, we’re talking anytime doing a big development like this, there’s a lot of capital involved. – Sure. – There’s a lot of risk involved, too. – Of course. – And there’s no way, because you are a serial entrepreneur, you’re managing so many things. You can’t be micromanaging, and then trying to get
your hands in everything. What do you do? – Well, it’s the same thing. You need to have good trust in the people that are work under you. So they need to do their duties and tasks that you tell them to do. But you need have clear
system how they could do it. And of course, whenever I hire someone, I also show them, as a good leader, how to do it. And I just not tell people what to do, because if you do it
that as a good leader, and show them the way first,
and how you execute that, a perfect do your job, they
tend to like you a lot more, and give you trust and respect for you. – I think I saw one of the quotes, on social media, they talk about, “Spend more time with your people.” – Of course.
– As a leader, right? – Yes.
– Are you talking about coaching them,
and then mentoring them? – All this is important. We even go on holidays together. We have been to different
countries together. With the staff and managers. We jump out of planes together. And we skydiving together. – Try to convince me
to jump out of a plane. Like let me think about that. (laughing) – But I’m still here. It should be okay. – Yeah, I’ve done bungee jumping, but not like from a plane.
– It’s a bit higher. – It’s something I want
on my bucket list, though. – Well, I do it because you kill fears. – Well, I do it because you kill fears. And why do we do it? It’s a psychological
aspect where you jump. But I mean can you ever think about something more
scary to do in your life? – Yes. – Probably not, so you if you can do that, nothing else gonna scare you. And usually fear is
something that stops you from achieving certain
things, so it keeps you back. So why not just attack them, get it done. – That’s right, that’s right.

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  2. 5% on the secret but 95% on great leadership skills. Great management advise and reflects some of the principles that I believe in. Well done Dan Lok.

  3. Wow! What a nice vídeo Dan Lok, team Dan Lok & Andres Pira! Amazing interview 👍 Really powerful and really simple! What can be better than that ?💥
    Execution inspires good leadership ! 👍

    Keep going with the good work 😉

    Diogo Leitão,
    Best regards

  4. The Secret is sooo kindergarten. If you want things to appear out of thin air then study authors like Franz Bardon, Eliphas Levi, Paracelsus, Carl Jung, Dr. Joseph Murphy, Dr. Masaru Emoto, Charles F. Haanel, Wallace D. Wattles, Moses, the apostle John, the apostle Paul, etc.

  5. Dan you know damn well the law of atrractions works both ways. For failure and for succeed. Don't undervalue the universe

  6. I love that you tell it like it is. Law of attraction is also confidence to attract, and self-esteem, which you utilize and advocate as well.

  7. My Wish Is My Command.. LOA : conscious mind is the boss.. Subconscios mind is teh executor..
    Thank you Dan.. I'm from Indonesia 🇮🇩 🇮🇩

  8. I just signed up with Lime Life and I’m seeing what an amazing company it is and amazing training they have. But Corporate company’s don’t give you that kind training and skills.

  9. I have been using it all year!!! But I sold everything I own and burned the rest to move across the country and pursue my dream! I read 90 books last year, wrote 260 pages all while working 70 hours a week to save every penny I can to pursue my dream and make it happen. The law of attraction is very real! BUT SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO GO OUT OF YOUR WAY TO LET FATE INTERVENE!!!! Go get it!!!!!

  10. Every day i do every thing for my resettlement but it doesn't work for 4 years i am so boaring and gloomy even you ignor me before sent you message i need your helping

  11. Hey Andres, when you say you wanted to prove the LOA didn't work, guess what? It didn't work! …a perfect example that the LOA actually DO work 🙂 who said the LOA was only making good things happen? ooooh I love that🌀😎 Keep going Dan, love your videos💪

  12. Dont chase being successful people, God has a plan for you. You were born for a reason and with a purpose. Find out what purpose God/Jesus has for your life, cause everything else is secondary.

  13. To many people promote the law of attraction , but people are blindly by how much you have to put in the works! It took me a long time to get where I am at with interview!

  14. In my opinion, this is also half true, just like "visualize and wait for it" is half true. If you truly shift your vibration, in the direction of your desire, your actions also shift. For example, if you're a lazy, unmotivated person, you might become highly motivated and will just feel like taking massive action. You won't have to decide to do it, you will just be driven to do it; you can't not do it. You won't know where the heck it's coming from, because what you're now doing is just "not like you". But if you shift your vibration, you actually become someone else, and so, you will do something else.

    So visualizing and taking action are not two separate things that you have to do independently. They are interconnected through a series of cause and effect events, and action is an effect of something higher in the chain of causality.

  15. The law of attraction "the secret" is the foundation of what you need to build success,
    it is not what it only takes to be successful. The secret points you in the right direction and you have to be smart enough to know that action and determination is whats needed also.

  16. You could have just left the title as, "why the law of attraction doesn't work," and it would be more accurate

  17. Good morning friends how are you are you doing in regularly exercises water,food rest create in your body gain energy. It will be helpful life long in your life it is not stuff differ or new itoms it is some newness created it should be avoiod .if you give it more next I will work on you end of my life no payment demand if you honour something I will receive only .that is based on your attitude now demand is not much position enlighten to you I am rtd teacher what I want I know myself .once you give terms and conditions follow in time to time now they are paying 5% of gift value if a persons learn it gradually they will shine in their life then you may released 20% or 30 % again and again you are in due .if you give it50% remain 50% next year or human participate to learn it not take on bases terms in conditions you added them 1% 2% 5% 10% all these created by you. Any percent you have to optbut you think it on due on also in further. Yshk viswanatham MscBed.

  18. I really believe in Law attraction and I always follow almost every day and time. And the result come back to me 100% get from that. And thank you The secret book too.

  19. Some time some one said to me may be I am crazy because I always keep smile and stick many picture what I like and I dream at my office and my house. Now most of that picture became true in my life. Thank you god and universe

  20. My son he is your fan and he always watch you new Video. He is just 17 years old. Thank you DAN FOR YOUR SHARING YOUR EXPERIENCES TO PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD.

  21. I didn’t think I’d be inspired to sky dive by watching this video, but here I am… lol very good point about it being a tool to conquer fear! Interesting way to think about it…

  22. I know I'm very attracted to money and I haven't come across any money that's attracted to me. I would really like to marry a million bucks but the money keeps acting like The Runaway Bride.

  23. Energy goes where the thought flows is where it starts. The magic really begins when we act on those thoughts. You have to do what you think to attract that what you want.

  24. Gurus love to dismiss the law of attraction. It works if you believe and use it correctly.

  25. The Law of Attraction is a perfect recipe for lazy millennial's (and Gen-Xer's) to lead to a lifetime of failure. Ask believe, receive, but you have to get off your ass to make it all happen. Sorry, video-games, pot, identity politics, snowflake liberalism, living in mom's basement will not bring you to your goals.

  26. Visualize but ecstatic emotion and feeling is the key when your heart flutters with excitement and joy then you take action you will get the results

  27. Watch Leeor Alexandra or Aaron Doughty, Law of Attraction DOES work. It is a universal law. Everything is energy, vibration and frequency. I believe action is a part of the human experience. But your energy, universal life force, vibration, thoughts, beliefs and actions need to stay in alignment.

  28. Prioritization is critical for succeeding at attracting the resources needed to accomplish financial goals.

  29. Sounds like be the cause & the effect. A lot of success depends upon what people value & prioritize as well as if there are rooted contradictory beliefs. Overriding fear would be a good future video.

  30. So I tried to manifest something small to practice how well I can manifest something before I move on to something bigger.

    I imagined seeing a picture of a dandelion with a golden frame. Now here’s the confusing part, I saw the golden frame I visualised on the window of a store but it didn’t have a picture of a dandelion in it, about 15 mins later my bus drove past a small bunch of dandelions.
    I saw what I imagined but separately so was this the law of attraction or just coincidence?

  31. I'm not saying I 100% believe that you can just sit there and visualize and it just comes to you for every situation, but how do you explain stuff like people manifesting a text from someone? There's been stories where people haven't spoken in years and it seemed so impossible for them to talk again, but they visualize and believe that it will happen and out of absolutely nowhere they get a text from this person. Conveniently immediately after applying law of attraction techniques where they took no real world action and simply visualized. Its not even just a few people, you go to any "manifest a text" video and read the comments and 98% of those comments report success simply through visualizing it happening and believing. And one of the people making these videos even said that while she was filming telling people how to get a text from their ex, she got a text from her ex out of absolutely nowhere.

    This isn't in defence of law of attraction, I'm genuinely asking how that can be logically explained.

  32. I have a manufacture factory where 56mt production every working day. It's manufacturing (chicken+ seafood fillet ) so I'm looking for someone who could join with us as a partnership.
    I'm attracting a wealthy partner and I'm sure someone definitely worth for it. So waiting for that face.

  33. Law of attraction works and visualization too you just have to have something going that you are expecting a miracle from that you visualise about and think and with time you will see your self in that thing.dont think the secret is a joke .people are not joking there 💯

  34. I visualized for 21 days meditated after which I took action I went to the casino and made bets and lost everything my intention was clear my visuals are clear and now im broke and cant eat cant pay rent. I believed in it and it let me down. No joke. Im flat broke. What should i do now.

  35. That's right, law of attraction alone doesn't work for most of people. But for me, because I believe strongly in it, it worked hundreds of time. It's a tool for me. You have to feel it. It begun to work when I was 6yo. For events, it appears like I visualized and like I felt. For results that need actions, it accompanies me. But it has a part of logic. If you want to be a pilot, you have to do things steps by steps and this law or God will accompany you. That's all.

  36. And it’s roots come from luciferian/occultic teachings. Research people, Edge of Wonder did a fabulous job uncovering it, yesterday on their show.

  37. They say take action, but if you desire a substantial amount of money how can you take action when you've been retired? It's not as if you can go out and earn it. Grateful for a sensible response.

  38. No one talks about action! There's many videos on Youtube about visualization, but nothing happens if you just sit on a chair! Visualize your hot body, but also go to gym. Visualize your dream job, but also send job applications. Visualize you've written best selling book, but also start writing it.

  39. i have the dilemma to take right decisions of my career. I cant define this is the right thing that i really want or its just an lust or i fell into some illusion

  40. Biggest problem am facing : I have been suffering from a breakup from my 5 year relationship, then 2 weeks after my brother has been through a motorcycle accident, and being the breadwinner in the family at a very young age, all the burden is on me. I have been through a devastated state for the last month.

  41. I believe otherwise.. If you believe you have to work, then you have to work. I have manifested plenty without changing one thing or putting any action. God does the work for me and brings everything I want to me.

  42. If there is a dream goal in mind,then that need execution by way of taking action.

    For example: take action for muscle gain.

  43. to make law of attraction work for everyone is simple method and powerful first thing mindset you have to set in mind and you will start believe is that you can manifest anything and be grateful for it and behappy that you able to manifest anything keep in mind before start vizualize or affirmation that's it nobody tell this true secret even in youtube

  44. Main takeaway: attack your fear head-on every day (even if it means doing something "impractical" such as bungee jumping or skydiving).

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