Why Politicians Cannot Care About You

Imagine you have just adopted a 10-year-old
kid. Your goal of course, is to care for him and
keep him happy. You can do that by buying him whatever he
wants, spoil him with candy, praising everything he does and so on.. Or making him earn what he wants, making him
eat healthy food and show him some tough love from time to time. It’s pretty obvious what’s going to be
better for him in the long run, right? Well, what if he only has 4 more years to
live, however? Isn’t that going to completely change how
you treat him? Because, that’s what you are to a politician,
a person he needs to keep happy for a couple of years with no concern for your future. So let’s say that there is a politician
who wants to help poor people. He has two choices, one is to promise them
more welfare and higher minimum wage. That means printing money to hand out and
leaving the consequences of higher inflation to his successor. And when higher minimum wage causes higher
unemployment he can just blame businesses for being greedy. The other choice is to get rid of welfare
and minimum wage that only makes poor people poorer and less likely to get a job in the
long term. Of course, that will cause poor people that
are dependent on welfare to be very unhappy and will see the politician as somebody who’s
trying to take their money. Also, the fact that this change will make
life harder for them before it gets better means that they will very likely stop supporting
him in favour of a different lawmaker. So you can see that even if the state wanted
to help people, people probably wouldn’t allow it. Try to think about that next time a politician
tries to promise you something for free. He is just trying to get power, not make your
life easier.


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