Why Labour Needs to Back a General Election, Now! | Grace Blakeley

Labour made a massive mistake in my opinion
by not calling for an election a month ago. We could have had the election by now
and to be honest we could have won it. The longer that we leave
Johnson in power, the longer that he’s able to do
all his shenanigans. It’s going to be harder and harder
the longer that he’s able to, just reinforce his narrative he’s pushed
back against Parliament, and he’s the one who’s really working in
the interest of working people. The party that sets the terms of the election
is the party that wins the election. If Johnson makes it about
people Vs Parliament, and we’re Parliament
we’re not gonna win. Labour can only really
win the next election, if it makes it about more than Brexit. If we are just the party of remain we won’t
be playing the election on our terms. We have to make this election
about something bigger. And for me this is the last election
potentially we’ll have, to solve the climate crisis. We have 10 years and if we lose 5 of
those to another Tory government, that isn’t going to do anything to
decarbonise our economy by 2030, then there’s a chance we will
never make that target. This election is important
for so, so many reasons, because there’s so much suffering in society, and because we really need to change
the way our economy works. If Labour can deliver that narrative
and actually bring people together, around something much,
much bigger than Brexit, then that’s the only way
we’ll stand a chance. We need to focus on class
and on class politics, because the current mainstream
economic order that we have, is basically just class war from above. It’s a tiny bunch of people
at the top saying: we’re going to implement all these policies,
cut taxes, deregulate, It’s gonna make all the rest of you better off
over the long term, just trust us. Actually all it ends up doing is sucking up
power and wealth to the very top. As long as Labour is centring
class politics in the analysis, centring that distinction between
the many and the few. What I call between people who live off
work and people who live off wealth. Then that is going to cut through. Actually saying no, we are the Labour Party
we are accountable to organised labour, to a social movement, to working
people throughout this country, and we have their interests not the
interests of the 1% at heart. That’s the only way we’re gonna resonate
with the vast majority of people. I do think that the party
recently has gotten, bogged down in parliamentary procedure, and talking about subsection B Clause D
of some withdrawal agreement, that just doesn’t resonate with
the vast majority of people. We need to be strategising we need
to be doing stuff in Parliament, but when the Labour Party
is speaking to people, it needs to be delivering a strong
message, not defend democracy, like we’ve been seeing recently
but actually build democracy. it just isn’t going to make sense
to most people to say, you have all these brilliant
wonderful freedoms, and Boris Johnson is threatening
to take them away, most people don’t feel like
they have those freedoms, they don’t feel like they
have those rights. We need to say we know that you feel
alienated from the political process, you feel like you don’t have any power
in your workplace in your community. We are here to push back against that, and to build a system in which
you do have control. The longer that we have all these MPs
working in Parliament, and trying to subvert Johnson’s plans
through parliamentary procedure, the more difficult it is to realise quite how
much disdain most people have, for parliamentary procedure
and actually a lot of MPs. MPs have a big reputational issue and
Parliament has a big reputation issue, if we’re doing all our fighting on those
planes we’re not going to win. So we need an election we need to
reinvigorate our narrative, by just recentering those class dynamics
and talking once again, about the things that matter. About the division between
the many and the few, how our economy isn’t working, about how our environment
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  1. Honestly I wish this would work but I am very worried that the press has already sunk Corbyn and the party cannot win with him as leader.
    His favourability ratings are the worst of any leader in history. 28% vs 58% negative. That's brutal.

    I really get the thrust of the approach proposed in the video. It's very much a Bernie Sanders "facing down the rich corrupt elite" proposition which I agree is right.
    But Jeremy Corbyn has none of the charisma or warmth of Bernie. Instead he has an evasive and sometimes supercilious manner and a very toxic history of policy positions and political allegiances which are miles outside of even the Labour mainstream.

    Even many Labour voters only vote for him through gritted teeth. Think what you expecting of the wider electorate.

    The video is absolutely right. We can't afford another Tory government if we are to stop the climate crisis.
    That means we can't afford to try Corbyn on the electorate again. It's simply irresponsible to go on with our heads in the sand about this.

  2. This would be a winning election campaign. We need to get the message out loud & clear in a format that everyone understands and that is straight forward. Use the tactics of the right with their constant buzz words and phrases.

  3. OK, but aren't you making a small contradiction? If, "the party who calls the election, wins the election", then Labour is doing exactly the right thing. Clearly, Johnson is playing the election card by complaining that Labour is afraid of an election. Labour should agree to an election exactly when conditions are favorable for Labour and not when the Tories want one. With so much Media blarney about Johnson being the man to get Brexit done, and a general public suffering from OCD/ADD, NOW is not the time.

  4. I'm sorry but this argument misses the Elephant in the Room – Brexit. There's no point in ignoring that when Brexit will ensure that there is even less money to deal with climate change, and worse pay and conditions for working people. Sometimes doing the right thing will not be popular. I've just listened to an American documentary on the evolution of the Arctic Monkeys, and they've been criticised for trying to evolve with every new album, which alienates old fans but, brings new fans to the table. It's all very well to say we're tired of Brexit but, this is an attempt to take control of the British Economy by financial interests subverting down the political process. As for being tired of Brexit, we have spent less time and effort on Brexit than we ever did on the decimalisation of Sterling, and less time than we did fighting the Second World War. We spent longer trying to pacify Northern Ireland through the use of force. You have to ask yourself is the price of doing the right thing too high? Right now, No, I don't think so. Estimated deaths from Austerity is in the thousands, and the people who caused that need to be seen as unelectable, and beyond the pale. Right now, that is still not the case. So morally, and strategically, I must respectfully disagree.

  5. Totally agree Labour have to draw new battlelines other than Brexit but whoever draws up Labours strategy has to push home why "leave" voters voted that way, what they hope could change with a Brexit under the Tories and how will they and their childrens future be better after a Tory brexit and push home Tories only ever benefit the rich and powerfull .
    MSM have indoctrinated voters to believe that nothing is as important as the "leave" or "remain" vote in 2016 due to only talking Brexit for 3 years but in truth it is policies adopted by the next government "in" or "out" of E.U that will decide how U.K deals with massive issues facing the country such as Climate Change and A.I.and Automation replacing workers /N.H.S waiting times / rising Crime levels /Tax avoidence /Social Care and Schools and Public Services being under funded for years…etc etc
    Labour do well on these issues and Tories record on these issues is abysmal and very rarely reported on these days by MSM. Labours position with 2nd referendum is another own goal for me, surely "remain" V Bojo's self proclaimed good deal is the way to go.Why muddy the waters with a Labour negotiated deal that will probably have closer ties to Europe up against "remain" it just doesn't make sense and has no effective "leave" option that would satisfy electorate. Also most elections Labour spends far too much time speaking for the poorest in society, low and middle earners are the ones that can win Labour the next election and a positive message towards that block is crucial…..make helping the poorest in society something Labour try to achieve when they are in power…..similar to Tories never go into elections with a promise to double and treble wealth of the ruchest 1% its just what they do when they achieve power .

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  7. I disagree look at the published withdrawal agreement – no deal brexit I think labour are right to hold tight til no deal is not possible

  8. Have you seen the recent polls? Tories 16 points ahead of Labour, Corbyn's approval rating -60 (worst for an opposition leader ever). The brain dead far-right sloganising of Johnson and Cummings unfortunately evidently works, given our rotten tabloid press and poor quality general education (that has failed to inculcate basic critical thinking in a large proportion of voters). An effective opposition would be 20 points ahead of the Worst Government Ever (but Corbyn is no Saunders or AOC) – why hasn't Labour tried chucking their inane slogans back at them (e.g. 'Johnson's Surrender Deal', 'the will of the people has changed', 'the only way to "just get Brexit done" is to just cancel Brexit'…)

  9. The problem Labour have is that Corbyn has kind of missed the boat. Stopping Brexit should have been his no1 priority. But it was always a general election they were never likely to win that Corbyn wanted. But when his chance came it was at the wrong moment & he bottled it. That's not the actions of someone who thinks they will win a majority. Labour's failure to stop Brexit will be their downfall. Stopping Brexit would have taken the wind out of both the Lib Dems & Brexit party. A general election could then have been fought on policies. That is exactly what Boris does not ever want, to be properly scrutinised. This whole election before a peoples vote is backwards thinking as one needs to first win the election. Without a win there will never be a peoples vote. & if Boris wins a majority he'll push through as hard a Brexit as he possibly can & millions will love him for it. I want Boris out asap. I just think Corbyn's strategy is going to eventually fail.

  10. Pfff, she says that Labour should have called for an election a month ago and that we could have had the election by now. No, the concern was that Johnson would have been able to call the election on a date when he wanted and he would be able to let the 31st October deadline for Article 50 run out. Also, remember that election campaigns can run short or long, so certain that we might have had an election out of the way by now. It could easily have been a 6 week campaign.

  11. Absolutely wonderful – in theory. Unfortunately, I fear the mainstream media has successfully demonised Corbyn to such an extent Labour really don’t stand a chance. Giving “Boris” his election is playing right into his hands.

  12. Thanks Grace. I really appreciate your perspective, and I'm as sick and tired of these shenanigans as anyone. But what if Johnson slipped in his Brexit before the general election. Would we as a nation be in a position to reverse the withdrawal decision upon a Labour victory?

  13. Climate change, dear god this woman is in cloud cuckoo land, this election is about Brexit and parliament ignoring the referendum's result. Labour are going to end up with a rump of around 120 MPs. They have played parliamentry games instead of trying to implement the referendum result that they said they would. You are kidding yourself if you think labour has nay chance of winning.

  14. This girl is trying to deflect the attention from the traitors to the climate. This time we are not going to forget what the traitors have been doing all the time: ignoring the will of the many and putting political games before the interest of the country.

  15. I keep meeting English people on my travels who haven’t got the slightest idea about Brexit. I’m serious. They have no idea whatsoever. The Tories will win and it will business as usual.

  16. This person is incredibly silly. Labour are going to lose the next election because of Corbyn’s stance on the EU. Remainers whether Tory, Labour or Lib identify themselves as Remainers. Boris Johnson is going to attract Brexiters. There is going to be a realignment in politics. The former working class Labourites who shared Tory far right values but voted Labour out of habit are going to shift to Tory. Labour had the opportunity to claim Tory voters who sympathised with Labour values but similarly voted Tory out of fear and habit but that it is not going to happen now. Remainers will not back Corbyn’s Brexit vision. They want the EU and will vote accordingly. The Libs and the SNP are going to squeeze Labour as will the Tories and the Brexit Party.

  17. Labor would have allowed Boris to crash out without a deal if they accepted the general election without amendments that would prevent that during the election. It was a trap to get an election where Boris could portray himself as delivering brexit, and (potentially) win before the effects would tank the Tories attempt to stay in power

  18. "we need to focus on class politics" says a privileged london intelligentsia white girl who went to a ludicrously expensive private high school and a snobby oxbridge uni

  19. Oh God, another idiot who thinks we only have 10 years, to "turn things" around or we'll have irreversible global warming. Morons have been saying this since the 1930's. The UN said the exact same thing in 1989. Here it is, 30 fucking years later, and guess what…. We're still here and NOTHING has changed or happened. The oceans haven't risen a mm, let alone a few feet. I'm so glad the Tories won. Now, she'll find out in 10 years how wrong she was. If course, some other idiot will take her place and say we only have 10 years.

  20. Grace I've only just seen you hahahaha your the new Diane abbot THE KNOBHEAD who keeps on making me watch YouTube so we can laugh At you 😂😱🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 bye gracey

  21. Captain mirror boots if I want 2 insult some bimbo I will keep yer nose out it's not a grammer comp jog on 🤷🏼‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🙋🏼 by gracey

  22. Is this the dead beat and don’t count channel? Ah – yes it is – another strategist (term used very loosely) out of uni – spouts dribble – rolls off the tongue so easy.

  23. Did anyone see this twit on Good Morning Britain the day after the election?…. Lol. Moderate labour members were hammering her over her stupid shit. She actually said that all socialist programs Corbyn wanted is very popular in the country… Lol. Yeah, that why they lost.

  24. Well that worked out well for Labour didn't it? Agree that the the Party that sets the terms for the election wins the election … and what did your Labour Party do? Allowed the Tories to make it a Brexit election and Corbyn said he was "neutral". Tories set the terms of the election and Labour sat on the fence … sitting on the fence is very painful. Class politics is a disaster for Labour – you disparage people who have aspirations. Those of us who have broken out of the class oppression are not class traitors. We are allies in breaking the class privilege of the Eton/Harrow/Oxbridge bunch. But with your middle class/upper class accent and education, you make my working class family sound like we're a bunch of idiots who have no aspirations and need to be put in our place.

  25. She is so retro. Middle class, privately educated Oxford graduate believes class warfare is the way forward. Unsurprising she is such a good fit for Jeremy Corbyn.

  26. i wanted a government that didn't buy into this climate change bollox (and one that delivers Brexit). My prayers were answered, and resoundingly. So stick your left wing c*ap up your jacksie. MBGA. Johnson 2019!!

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