Why is Kim Kardashian tweeting about Syria? #BBCtrending – BBC News

When you think of Kim Kardashian, you probably
think of this… or even this… Kim Kardashian isn’t known for politics but
recently she took to Twitter to comment on the crisis in Syria. She tweeted about an attack on a town called
Kessab in the northwest of the country. It’s a former Assad stronghold. And reports say
it was taken over by rebels. The reason it caught Kim’s attention is because it has a
large Armenian population. That’s where the Kardashian family are originally from. We are very pleased that Kym Kardashian was
able to help our campaign to get #SaveKessab trending. Kessab is the last indigenous Armenian
population on the territory of the former Ottoman empire where Armenians once numbered
in the millions. This is about protecting a population who are now being driven from
their homes.>#SaveKessab has been tweeted over a hundred
thousand times. Unsurprisingly, its been most popular in the US and Russia — the places
with the largest Armenian diaspora. But while the Kardashians have been keeping up with
Armenians in Syria, Syrians themselves have had a mixed reaction online It has generated a lot of sarcastic comments
on her attempt to show that she understands the complexity of the Syrian conflict. We’ve
seen cartoons even belittling her Questions have also been raised on social
media about the authenticity of the reports of violence from Kessab. Some of the images
shared online have been exposed as fake and critics say it discredits the campaign.

  1. Why make a video on this? A nobody talking about a country she's perhaps never even been to? Don't waste our taxes on this shit!

  2. I wonder if she will donate anything to help out? Or maybe she thinks tweets are enough…. She's a busy lady after all, with perfume to sell….

  3. Make a tweet, save the world. "ewwww, i support your tweet", "ewww me too now lets put our dogs in a handbag and go to the mall"

    And yet again BBC calls alqeada terrorists, "rebels". If they are "rebels" whats the problem???? hmmmm??? Theyre the good guys!! right BBC???

  4. BBC…please stop reporting about this person. Instead focus on the goodwill of actual celebrities who are giving back to the world.

  5. I'm really looking forward to hearing what Paris Hilton has to say next.  Might just stem the tides of war :s

  6. I heard,
    "Hey look at me, I'm a lier! Discredit me!!"
    I don't know about the rest of the story. huh.
    What a shame to have a public broadcast company not telling truth, not that I am saying its any different in my country.

  7. Kardashian has proved how freaking ignorant she is. Hundreds of thousands people who have been killed in last three years have not deserved to be spoken of?

  8. Kim Kardashian never really offended me but what an fake arrogant retarded bitch! she was probably on so many drugs when she did the tweet.

  9. She is willing to dump 50 million dollars to try and get her early acting video off store shelves and stored in her own personal vault for (personal viewing) she could maybe slide a few of those millions over to help out the people she now says she want to support. Besides her getting all the copies of her vacuuming tape, really isn't going to make a difference, someone needs to tell her about this thing called the internet and her funds could do a lot more good in Syria.

  10. isn´t  she  muslim?   i  wonder  if  her  dad  had  her  did  her  hootchie  multilated?

  11. Where was she the last three years were hundred of thousand of civilians have been slaughterd..? Who cares about what she says, she is just a FAT BUTT nothing more nothing less

  12. People wandering why they report this? Well it's obvious because US and UK support the terrorists in Syria who executed this attack. So instead of condemning war-crimes however severe they are (over 2000 Armenians have been forced out of their homes in Kessab) they rather report on Kim Kardashian, after all the big bosses don't allow to criticize their own transgressions. If this would have been done by Russia we wouldn't have heard the end of it. Kessab, conveniently they ignored until people such as Kim and others made it a trending topic, and even now they don't focus on the message, but rather on the messengers. Long live "democracy". 

  13. stop Lie BBC ARABIC never show the truth hah ….  and the final Twit was from Plastin '-' ! 

    you should watch anther channel 

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