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identity politics gets a bad rap we often fall into the trap of believing that we are somehow less sophisticated if we use points of shared experience or identity is part of our decision-making process that's exactly what happened in 2016 study after study shows that feelings of racial and gender hostility as well as Xenophon drove voters to supporting Trump in fact it's the main predictor among party switchers for the roughly six to nine million people that voted for Barack Obama then switched to trump these feelings of hostility are far more predictive and feelings of economic distress we saw the candidates over and over again try to show their identity now those identities are not just their racial or ethnic identity me llamo Hyun Castro yes toi Castellano Presidente de los Estados Unidos for the last 21 years I've been raising a black son in America I just want to say there's three women up here that have fought pretty hard for a woman's right to choose I would like to speak one of the challenges that is facing all of these candidates is whether or not they can prove that they are someone who understands the lived experience of people who are very different from them senator Harris delivered what will probably be the most memorable line of both debates there was a little girl in California who was part of the second class to integrate her public schools and she was bused to school every day and that little girl was me what are the tensions that we've really seen at the heart of the debates is whether or not the activist and progressive and newer members of the Democratic Party are going to be the ones who lead us forward or if it's going to be the establishment the trust is the tried the true wing of the party from preparations to every candidate on the stage raising their hand and saying that undocumented immigrants deserve health care coverage those are value propositions that are being made by this party right now that is radically different than probably even a few and certainly different than the conversations that are happening on the right at a time when our sitting president brands one and has governed with cultural supremacy of the central organizing principle showing up fully and proudly and valuing morality has never mattered more the conversations that we're having about politics a lot of them have been led by young people whether it's racial justice gun violence environmental and climate policies there's never been a more important time for young people to be active stay a part of the conversation follow along with the news that is being presented but also continue to be out front continue to lead and do that by organizing the town your school your clique all of that is so important

  1. “Undocumented immigrants (ILLEGALS) deserve health care coverage”. How. HOW do you people not see your own stupidity? If people don’t have papers, how do we keep track of how many times they use public health services. VETERANS DONT EVEN GET FREE HEALTH CARE. THERE ARE PRAGMATIC SYSTEMS AND THERE ARE FREE EVERYTHING SYSTEMS, we have tried the free everything system for the last century and now we’re 22 TRILLION DOLLARS in debt talking about GIVING AWAY EVEN MORE ECONOMIC VALUE TO OUTSIDERS. You people obvious hate yourselves, hate your country, hate veterans, you hate your culture, it is just deep seeded self loathing as some kind of excuse for existential laziness, but that laziness is causing the self loathing, everything about your mind is circular. One day you will wake up, or you die in a haze, or you go crazy with spiritual blindness.

  2. I’m watching this video to understand the appeal of identity politics and let me say wow. Very revealing.

  3. I love this. Keep it up, and be surprised (again) at the result. Identity politics is tearing the Left apart. It's interesting to watch.

  4. Having an individual identity is a necessity for healthy peoples. Identity politics creates racism, divisions, oppression and bigotry. The Left is hellbent on creating all these realities driving divisions in America that will inevitably destroy our Country. A house divided against itself is sure to fall. Creating victims also creates villains. It’s a mentally SICK ideology.

    By the way, America is a sovereign Nation of laws, Individual Liberty, freedoms and rights. There is NOTHING moral about protecting foreign criminals living in America who the vast majority sustain their stay by STEALING FROM AMERICAN CITIZENS! This is institutionalized sedition and theft from citizens redistributed to criminals. It goes against EVERYTHING holding together the moral fibers of our social contract between citizens. The Left loves criminals and criminals love the Left. The only “moral” solutions regarding the illegal alien population is deportation of EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. The only “moral concerns” that should be addressed is the thousands of American citizens who are killed by illegal aliens ANNUALLY! The thought y’all can justify enslaving American citizens by stealing OUR FRUITS OF LABOR to support criminal illegal aliens is offensive. The utter hypocrisy and insanity of the Left never ceases to amaze me!

  5. Nowthis is the biggest trash ever.. worst then buzzfeed and washington post.. indentity politics is just victim mentality

  6. you know I feel like every time Bill de Blasio opens his mouth he's going to talk about how he has a mixed-race black family it's so stupid.

  7. As an American from 100% Latino decent im sick and disgusted by identity politics i left democratic party after voting democrat my entire life im done the democrats are playing you for a chump! not my words Malcolm X

  8. Identity politics, a kinder, gentler racism? It is only shaping the freakshow on the left. Most of us aren't falling for it.

  9. Identity Politics essentially is ''nationalism'' for the minority diaspora which teaches you how to hate White people, straight people, cisgender people and Christians. In hindsight, Identity Politics is the Alt-Right of minorities. Which will fail just like the Alt-Right is.

  10. All of these DIMM candidates are amongst the most privileged people in the UNITED STATES, yet each one has to out do all the others on how they have been marginalized -victimized or somehow discriminated against during their lives in order to gain acceptance from the liberal snowflakes. IDENTITY POLITICS will sink the DIMMS IN 2020 and lead to TRUMP’S re-election. KEEP AMERICA GREAT!

  11. I can understand why one may not care for President Donald Trump, but when will the Democratic Party admit that they ran the worst possible Candidate in the 2016 election and will the Democratic Party understand that a significant number of the population will not support a Socialistic Tyranny. It is ironic that the far left have a distrust of Law Enforcement, but are willing to give power to an elite Leadership that will have to use force to bring about their personal sense of morality. Less government and more Liberty for me!

  12. Identity politics are the bedrock of totalitarianism. Every tyrannical regime rose to power by claiming that inequality is inherent to identity and must be legislatively evened out. 2 presidents in the US who has were cloest to dictator-like power was democrats who got into power through identity politics

  13. The real issue with identity politics is that (usually, but not always) only whites, straights and men are NOT allowed to look out for their own interests.
    Everyone should have a moderate interest in taking care of themselves and their group and also a moderate interest in taking care of all of us. Being super selfish only is bad and also being too generous makes it so that everyone will walk all over you.

    Anyway, white people start taking your own side. Don't feel guilty.

  14. Policy first, identity second. Younger doesn’t mean smarter, minority doesn’t mean connected to minorities. Identity politics can get people easily fooled.

  15. Uhg. Gross. Someone's race, ethnicity or (LOL) "shared experiences" (whatever that's supposed to mean) aren't, I repeat, ARE NOT qualifications for public office or to speak about important issues. "as a black woman" or as "a nongender specific entity" or any other personal identifier meant to give weight to the speaker about to make an argument (otherwise known as an appeal to authority) should necessarily disqualify that person from being taken seriously on a particular topic. Let arguments about policies speak for themselves because when one panders to a specific group they shut out all the others.

  16. I'm glad this is labeled as an opinion piece, because that's what it is. Someone's opinion. The fact is, POLICY IS WHAT MATTERS. Through policy, we are able to problem solve effectively instead of creating further division between demographics.

  17. ken davis blacks make up 12% of the population yet commit:

    52.6% of murders
    29.1 % of rapes
    54.5% of robberies
    33.3% of aggravated assault
    29.1% of burglaries
    27.7% of larceny-theft

    How can I help? I’m here for my chocolate brothers and sisters ⛹️‍♂️

  18. If you elect people based on their race or gender rather than merit, your country is truly doomed.
    *cough* AOC *cough*

  19. Don't let them fool you
    Old white guy is an identity too and nobody plays identity politics better than the right

  20. Disgusting… thank god trump will win again. Lowest unemployement rate in decades. He did it. He made america great.

  21. Thankfully any candidate who has the same opinion and focuses on identity politics will lose, unfortunately that will mean 4 more years of Trump.

  22. "All ideas have to come from somewhere, and their birthplace has no bearing on their merit" – Steven Pinker

  23. "Identity politics" is an alt right buzzphrase designed to discount anti-racism and feminism. Why play into their narrative?

  24. Identity politics may work with the Trump supporters but not with the rest of America! I think most of us care about Health Care the environment fair taxes etc. Hopefully the right politician will have a successful middle of the road! And I hope that is Bernie Sanders!!!

  25. I agree that identity politics is a blanket term used to discredit legitimate discussions that need to be had. That being said, much of the identity politics we saw at the debates was pure shameless pandering. I support reparations being a descendent of slaves myself, but I'm voting for Bernie, the old white guy because he is the strongest candidate with the most ethical character.

  26. This woman is basically arguing against Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream, she is literally saying that people should be judged by the color of their skin and not the content of their character.

    How'd that work out last time? The moment we decide that our values and philosophies are secondary to our physical characteristics, is the moment we should not be taken seriously and the definition of racism. To argue for it, is to argue that all white people should vote for Trump if his opponent is a minority, regardless of his policies or his opponent's and is thus ludicrous.

  27. Identity Politics Shield Garbage Corporate Dems. Only 2 AntiWar Candidates, TULSI is the ONLY AntiWar Minority/Woman. SANDERS/GABBARD 2020. But I forgot, GABBARD doesn't count as a Woman or Minority too Corporate Media. Bernie would be America's FIRST JEWISH President. Does that Count?

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