Why healthcare is a big US 2020 election issue | Rana Report

Yeah, OK. Healthcare is the number one
voting issue for the 2020 presidential elections. And we’ve seen Elizabeth Warren
come out recently and propose something rather European. A Medicare-for-all programme,
which would essentially mimic a European-style, nationalised
healthcare programme in the US. This may be a step
too far for US voters. But, economically, it
makes a lot of sense. America has the highest
healthcare costs and yet lower outcomes
than many European nations, or even OECD
nations, as a whole. It’s clear that we
need healthcare reform. But Americans have always
thought about healthcare in a way that’s very
individualistic. I had some personal experience
with that when I was travelling between London and New York a
few years back and had my first child. I had a slightly
higher than average risk of certain kinds
of foetal abnormalities. In the US, my GYN
recommended that I do lots and lots of expensive
tests for a very, very tiny result of
negative externalities. In the UK, my British
midwife told me, hey, you have a 99.8 per cent chance
of having a healthy baby. I’d play those odds. This really gets to the heart
of the existential difference in healthcare between
Europe and the US. In Europe, healthcare
is a right. It is a collective
responsibility. And the idea of not
providing a basic safety net would be pretty unthinkable. In the US, healthcare has always
been perceived as a privilege. So you have some of the highest
levels of concierge care. You have high levels of
healthcare innovation. At the very low end
of the spectrum, you can get universal
coverage through Medicaid. But, in the middle,
there are a lot of people that aren’t covered. And that leads to healthcare
being the number one cause of personal bankruptcy
in the US, one of the key reasons that people cycle
in and out of poverty, and, some believe, a drag
on our overall GDP growth. Look for this to be
a key issue in 2020.

  1. GOP on abortion rights: “EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO LIFE!!”

    GOP on everything else: “You’re on your own. Get yourself a gun.”

  2. It’s a Bernie Sander’s proposal. Warren is an opportunist, playing with Medicare for All to court the progressive vote and her proposals make very little sense at all.

  3. In America Health care is a Subject of Market influences and Capitalistic. In UK it Social Right and Government Responsibilities.
    Obama care a step towards Reform with Government Responsibilities.

  4. Health care should be entirely private, because not everyone takes care of his body equally. There should be an emergency fund for cases like cancer and hereditary diseases. But public health care is unfair and immoral.

  5. Warren has only just started going on about Medicare, we know who has always been for it.
    The average American is not concerned about gdp growth, they are about their health

  6. drive around your city. look at all the cars parked at the medical center and all the empty malls. THE HOSPITAL is the New Mall, folks. retail disease care is the only thriving industry we've got – and it's a $3.5 TRILLION PER YEAR INDUSTRY. of course dim candidates will focus on paying for your retail disease care – it's where mainstream voters are all hanging out!

  7. Why explain this with warren when bernie wrote the damn bill and has been campaigning for M4A since warren was a republican?

  8. No. This makes zero sense. Capitalism is key. Allow the companies to compete so that the consumer is in total control of their choice of healthcare instead of creating a dependent society believing in a cradle-to-grave plan. It’s ridiculous. Also, our Nation, as a whole, MUST become their own healthcare advocate. Doctors are fired (ahem…”released from their contractorial obligations”) for suggesting their patients investigate a LCHF or Ketogenic Diet. The evidence is out there if only people would understand. Keto is not a “fad diet”. It is truly a healthful way of eating, irrespective of people’s belief systems, and limited only by their allergies to dairy and some iron-rich meats. I was late-stage IDC with metatases and I had Type 2 diabetes. I put both in full remission for the past three years with Keto (albeit I did have four of six prescribed rounds of chemotherapy, but had developed Stage 2 Neuropathy after the fourth round). Keto healed me FAST and starved my cancer cells. If anyone has any doubt, investigate how a PET (Positron Emission Tomograpy) scan for cancer cell location is performed. The proof is there. Here is a great article published in the United States National Library of Medicine supporting this way of eating:


    As for healthcare being a “right”, that is utter nonsense. No one has a right to a service that provides care for another person simply due to their need. A doctor should not feel he has to be forced to give care to someone as it is their “right” that he do so. That is slavery. Ayn Rand put it best: “Your need is not a demand on my wallet.” If you cannot afford healthcare, get a job, obtain a skill, educate yourself and purchase a plan to do so. If not, there is already a welfare plan in place, paid entirely by taxpayer dollars. I learned just last night at a Medicare seminar that Washington State just passed a law advising those individuals needing medical care longer than 90 days will now be shared amongst all of Washington State taxpayers. This is why we’re contemplating leaving this State.

  9. Each State should have its own Federal HMO. That is the only solution that will work by way of the Congress. The Health Maintenance Organization Act of 1973 can be ratified with Senator Sanders proposed Bill. Didn’t he write the bill anyways? Health Savings Accounts anyone?

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