Why Australia’s gun laws wouldn’t work in the US | Did You Know?

Back in 1977, Australia was generally pretty relaxed about guns. “Do you notice anything unusual or different about me?” “You’re looking very nice today, you’ve had a haircut?” Fast forward 19 years, and it’s a different
story. It was, and still is, the worst mass shooting in Australian history. Less than two weeks after the Port Arthur
massacre, the prime minister at the time rallied the eight states and territories together to push through strict gun laws and a gun buyback scheme. Public opinion was mixed. But the number of deaths and mass shootings has dropped dramatically since then, and the country’s strict gun policy is often quoted as a success story for how to implement gun regulation. So if it has been so effective, why haven’t
more countries adopted a similar approach? A lot has to do with a country’s gun culture, and whether gun ownership is seen as a “You know, a big problem with the US is they have this cultural and legal concept that it’s okay for people to have guns for self-defense, and that in other industrialized countries is not really part of the legal or social
context.” Rebecca Peters is one of the world’s leading gun control experts, and she helped lead the national campaign to reform Australia’s gun laws after Port Arthur. “The thing you have to try to keep in mind is what’s going to have the greatest impact in terms of reducing the number of people injured and killed by guns.” There are an estimated 857 million civilian-held firearms in the world. It’s hard to know for sure what the exact number is, but it’s an increase of more than 200 million firearms compared to a decade before that. And the majority of those guns are in the United States. When you adjust for population size, it also has the most guns per capita. It’s a stark difference compared to other
developed countries. And the US also has a lot more firearm violence. The thing is, while we mainly hear about mass shootings, when you start categorising gun deaths, the vast number of them are actually suicides. “Whether it’s an attack on another person
or it’s an attack you know an attempt against your own life, the thing about a gun is it’s
very not negotiable. So does more guns mean more deaths? Studies have found a correlation between gun
ownership and gun violence. But you have to look a bit deeper than that. Take Finland for example. Rates of gun ownership in the country are high, but the rate of gun homicide is relatively quite low. Why is that? “The big, big difference between Finland
and the US is that in Finland people own shotguns for hunting because Finland is a big hunting country, and they do have a lot of shotguns, but they do not have a lot of handguns.” It’s not only about the number of guns,
but the types of guns as well. In the UK, semi-automatics were banned and registration was mandatory for shotguns after the 1987 Hungerford massacre. But it took it a step further after the Dunblane massacre in 1996, banning the private ownership of handguns. If you look at Australia, the number of guns now is actually around the same number as what there was around the time the gun buyback took place. But the rate of gun violence is also much
lower. “That’s because the types of guns that
are available, semi-automatics are not available, and also because the new rules have changed the distribution of who owns guns.” Depending on where you live, it could take a few months or just a few hours. In Australia, you need both a licence and a permit. To get the licence you need to, among other things, give a “genuine reason” for having a firearm — and no, “personal protection” won’t cut it. You also need to apply for a permit for every firearm, and to register it. A key part of the laws is the waiting period. Even after you’ve done all the paperwork, you need to wait at least 28 days before you can do anything more. New Zealand also requires you to apply for a licence, which involves a long vetting process. An interesting element of their laws is that, as part of the process, authorities will get in touch with someone close to you. “And that’s especially important when you think about domestic violence because the people who are perhaps best placed to say something about whether it’s a good idea for that person to have a gun or not is often the people who have been their wife, their girlfriend or their partner.” Both Britain and Canada have similar laws, where again you must provide a reason for owning a firearm and character references, as well as go through a background check. One country with very little gun violence is Japan. They still have guns around, about 380,000 of them in fact. It’s just really hard to get one. First, you: Look, you get the point. It’s hard to argue with the results. From 2010 to 2014, in a country of more than 125 million people, there were less than 40 gun homicides. That’s about the same number the US had
every 30 hours in 2014. And that could be because the country has the loosest gun laws in the developed world. In general, you just have to pass a basic background check, though some states do have stricter laws. One of the reasons gun laws in the US have remained the way they have is because of a uniquely American factor — And it’s not that people aren’t in support
of stricter gun laws. In fact, many gun owners in the US support stronger bans and universal background checks. The problem is, because voting isn’t compulsory, these opinions don’t mean anything unless you can rally people to vote. The NRA are a powerful voice when it comes to voting, providing guides which grade and endorse certain political candidates. Which means candidates find themselves trying to please the powerful gun lobby, sometimes going to weird lengths. No, seriously. It’s one part of the US’s distinct legal environment. The country acknowledges the legal right to own a gun, through the Second Amendment. And just passing a stronger nationwide gun law through Congress is hard. For a bill to become federal law, you have
to go through their bicameral system. This is similar to a lot of other countries. It gets more complicated though – in the US, you also need the President to sign off on it. Basically this means that, without majority support, there are plenty of points in the process for the bill to be defeated. Whereas in New Zealand, their parliamentary system is unicameral. This means the government of the day controls the agenda with little obstruction, so it’s a lot easier for laws to be created. At the end of the day, while the restrictions and buyback in Australia pulled most firearms out of circulation, it hasn’t eliminated all gun violence. And the experience of countries like Britain and Japan wouldn’t necessarily work in a country such as the USA, because of cultural and political differences. But the stats are pretty clear that stronger gun reforms — no matter how strict — can make a difference. “There are bad people who decide to
do bad things, but the thing is to design laws that make it much more difficult for
the criminals to follow through with that plan.”

  1. Japan is half the population of U.S but has an insignificant amount of mass/ gun shootings in compare to U.S. On the other hand, Japan has one of the most strict gun laws in the world. Do you see a correlation there? Those are real facts! Stop getting out of the topic and discuss real facts!

  2. Honestly? Nobody except of officers and the military needs a gun. Nobody. It's incredible that you can simply walk into a store in the US and buy a real gun there like you can buy alcohol and jewelry if you pass the so called "background" check (which obviously doesn't change anything at all though). I mean what the hell? I never ever felt the need to own a gun in my entire life and I would freak out by knowing that literally everyone around me had the right to own one. Sure, there are always insane people. You can't change that. BUT giving them the opportunity to buy a gun is more insane. 

    "In the United States, mass murders committed with guns are so frequent that the vast majority of them are not even mentioned in mainstream media outlets." (Britannica.com) says it all. Shooting are such a common thing over there that they happen literally on a daily basis and people are not even surprised anymore. We had two shootings in a school in the last 20 years in my country and the whole population was freaking out because it was such a big deal. Simply can't understand why anyone would need a gun. No matter if insane or not.

  3. I love how they say that she is one of the leading gun control experts right after showing a clip of her saying that Americans think it's okay to own guns for self-defense.

    That is true for most countries. The unique cultural and legal concept of American gun ownership is to keep a tyrannical government in check.

    Leading gun control expert my ass.

  4. Dumb ass people!! This will stop nothing it will in fact increase gun crimes! Before we had guns or steal knives, or bullets people used spears
    And rocks tied to sticks as a stone club, and they killed animals and other people! Hell Goliath brought down a freaking giant with a dam rock
    A string and a piece of cloth !! And when will the inbred morons quit calling a simi automatic gun a military weapon!! It’s NOT military weapons are full auto !! They say they banned ALL simi auto rifles NOT civilian owned so I guess the copswont have simi autos either 😂 yea wright

  5. I see people saying it doesn't matter the laws because it's only the mentally ill who do these things and how oh another bad thing also happened with a LEFAL weapon ban that now too I don't know why they're saying this I thought less guns is a good because there's less deaths but I think a few thousand people dieing in shootings and suicide is a good trade for some flexing too my friends
    Also sorry if this was really badly written and there and there are a lot of grammar mistakes and words missing I'm a kid (12) and sometimes when I speak fast or type fast I skip words and don't know politics and I'm not American so maybe guns are cool and it's worth those few thousand people dieing from shootings and suicides to flex?

  6. kind of funny when so-called gun-control people aren't worried about the biggest Mass murderers which is the government and their military. One must look at the person not the item in order to understand things. The items do not move on their own without human intervention. Other than that all you going to do is just create more chaos with just different items. Just look at history is all you have to do. It is people control not item control. And it is not the laws that stop people it is the people themselves. Or else you would not need to have any courts or prisons. if everybody had a gun and nobody committed a crime with it would there still be a need for so-called gun control? That would be a no. And if you don't want to repeat history you going to have to learn to listen or continue to repeat history and wondering why

  7. Ask a gun to kill some one and ill give you a gazillion dollars if it picks it self up and harm some one. People guns are not the problem global bankruptcy is, how about you tackle that topic how citizens live check by check…

  8. Must suck not being free…. Thankfully we have a given right that allowed us to own whatever we want. Shall not infringe. Yep. The founding fathers came up with that right after a war against their government where kids(Youngest noted 8 years old) were even participating in retaliating against the British, shooting and killing them in order to secure their freedom.

  9. In Australia you can’t have your swimming pool too close to your fence because a theft may jump the fence and drown in the pool. They care more about bad guys than you.

  10. Why wasn't Mexico used as an example in the video??? Very strict gun laws and only one gun store in the entire country!…. I mean I'm just saying…

  11. A criminal don't get a gun don't buy a gun in a criminal can get a gun from the black market or not going to stop the criminals from getting the guns what you going to do is stop good people from getting their guns like me

  12. Difference from Australia and America is we would go to war over our guns can't believe Australia just bowed down like cowards.

  13. I moved in USA as a student, i love this country, i applied per permanent citizenship and i am on the waiting list, the first think when i get my citizenship i am buying a bunch of guys, hopefully they are not banning all the guns, i am a Republican, even if ii cant vote for now ,when people call me stupid and stuff because i am a emigrant, and by their logic i am suppose to be a Democrat/liberal i i tell them that i am not brainwashe enough ,i am here legally,good bless America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  14. I would feel safer without so many guns in people's hands, that's just me. I think there should be more screening and regulations to keep people from getting a gun.

  15. It didn't work here you idiots. The rate of deaths fell the same amount after the gun but back as the 5 years before. Fake news

  16. Blood Orange is so dumb that he will fall for the fake arguments that the 2nd Amendment explicitly and unequivocally mandates all Americans to commit mass slaughter using mass death machines.

  17. This could never happen here. There would literally be a civil war in the United States if they attempted this here. We would literally overthrow the government and hang our politicians from trees if they really tried this in earnest. Deadly serious. There would be blood.

  18. Don't even think about taking away any real American's guns. You will get the muzzle and some lead skittles first.

  19. The best reason for owning guns used to kill dictators and tyrants when they arise.

    Free people always carry guns.
    Slaves do not.
    Which one are you?

  20. So many of you anti-gun zealots are saying that the 2nd Amendment is a dangerous freedom to have??? Then again I rather have my dangerous freedom, than be a submissive slave to corrupt politicians and tyrants.

  21. After guns were banned gun violence went down. amazing, If you banned cars then you would probably have less car accidents too. Homicides didn't go down, suicide rates didn't change, they just no longer used guns. I appreciate the licencing and background checks of our current system but the appearance laws and vague wording only hurts law abiding licensed firearm owners.

  22. Australia must be one of the most uneducated Countries in the World. Only Fools and Idiots would give their Fire Arms and their right to possess them back to their Government. This is what we in America have to say about that. Just the Cold Hard Facts.

  23. The reason America has more firearms in the Public's hands is because we're afraid of somebody attacking our country and we're afraid of the gangs that have guns so we arm ourselves to protect ourselves idiots

  24. Buts what’s the (violent) crime rates in these countries? Crime against another is the same regardless of the tool used.
    More people in America die from a thorough ass whoopin than with rifles.<- legit news.
    Oh, how about mass stabbings? Some make America’s mass shootings look like amateur hour. You can sit and spin on your gun law ideas and instead consider there’s no law that alters human nature, no matter how dark or depraved, it’s real. Or maybe that’s why they want us to be a Ritalin Nation. Everyone that gets excited has a handful of “simmer down” shoved in their face.

  25. It might help if we debunk the myth that Australia has NO guns because of gun laws. Australia might be seen as a decent case study for others then.

  26. Why do they only compare American gun policies to other countries? Since we are so much better, why compare? The answer is always stricter gun control. Will that really work?

  27. Eh what's the referendum equivalent in America, I feel if it's in a battle versus the value of human life versus upholding the key notions of the second amendment, a referendum would be the best course of action. There's too much hypotheticals involved with statements such as X gun laws won't work in X place. What I do believe is that without dangerous guns everywhere on the street not having to live with a bit of fear in the back of your mind feels a lot more free than if it were the other way round, but as an Australian I can't truly know what it's like for the average person in America.

    So in other words let the people of America decide how they want their society to be like going into the future.

  28. NOTHING will take away our second amendment rights here in the US . Any attempts to do so in this present day will result in a second US civil war . That’s a warning to all the liberal communists !!! We DIE for our freedom . ONLY DEATH can take away our rights .

  29. It's everyone's right to own a gun, it's also everyone's obligation to get training and act responsible with what ever they own, and NOT use anything for criminal purposes. Just like owing a vehicle, lessons & test, and drive, but don't drive like a crazy or drink and drive. Guns and cars should be the same. If you act like a fool, then you pay the price, so If you wanna play then you have to pay. END OF! If you act in a car like a criminal, drunk or a fool, or use guns for criminal purposes, then it's years in the hole. That would be my law. Cars and guns kill no one,, it's the selfish greedy thoughtless fools who use them that kill people. (Common law is the best;) cause no lose or harm to anyone, after this you can almost do as you like!

  30. Hell yes, guns for self defense. What other purpose does a gun have besides hunting? That kind of thing is obvious. This kind of nonsense will not fly here. That is the point of and exact purpose of our Second Amendment. To keep the government from overthrowing the people. Get it? We the People rule this land. And most of us either own or live with someone who owns firearms.
    In a place like Miami, after big storms like Andrew and Wilma we had a very orderly and safe aftermath because we are mostly armed.
    It is a citizen's duty to uphold the lawful authority of the state. And an indisputable right for a person to defend their lives, property, and rights. With arms if necessary. One time a King tried to disarm us. So we wrote the Second Amendment of our Bill of Rights to prevent the new government we created from infringing on our Rights. And we most certainly aim to see that it stays that way. We don't have to ask permission. We own the place.

  31. Wright St Bikie murders

    Monash University shooting

    Singh family murders

    Poulson family murders

    Oakhampton Heights Shooting

    2011 Hectorville siege

    Hunt family murders

    Wedderburn shooting

    2014 Sydney hostage crisis

    Port Lincoln murders

    2017 brighton siege

    Osmington shooting

    Melbourne triple shooting

    June 2019 Darwin Shooting

    Melbourne nightclub shooting

  32. Yanks and Aussies are cousins. We share common cultural heritage and we definitely have our similarities. But an Australian-style buyback program wouldn't get passed in your average US state, let alone the whole country.

  33. Rebecca Peters ….. anti- gun advocate that I believe was convicted or accused of Heroin dealing …. if true , go figure!

  34. Does it make sense to make legislation based on someone loosing there mind and committing violent act??? People are the factor you cant control everyone. 🙄 let's talk about something that kills way more people than mass shooters

  35. I can’t wait until the libtards attempt to take our weapons. I’m unmarried and have no children. I have nothing to lose except my 8,000 rounds of ammunition. Come get em, let’s see if it’s as easy as you think it will be.

  36. The quoted statistics are highly misleading. The downward trend in gun deaths in Australia started 10 years before 1996. When the full period is considered the 1996 gun laws had no impact. More significantly, since 1996, have Australian Politicians treated the Australian People with more or less respect? The Second Amendment isn’t about duck shooting…

  37. Because here in America we have a beautiful thing called the constitution that I raised my right hand and swore to uphold protect and defend at all cost and I will not wither my duty to do so

  38. 1987 to 1996 was just a statistical anomaly and people think that gun violence actually decreased after 1996. That is completely wrong because there was a similar result before 1987 compared to after 1996.

  39. Australia's population is mostly near the coast, inner region is sparse and still wild. The rural people need guns for defense but Australia instituted a confiscation plan, Democrats , IDARE you to try to repeal the 2A, there would be war.

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