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  1. Fake news ABC ..WE don't change PM's their parties get ride of the ones we vote for .then give us people like Turnbul ..it's their climate change rubbish we reject

  2. i predicted a dutton win in australian politics meaning the national back lash to china around the world is a prudent standing up to international communism dictatorships ruling the commodities market by cohersion and the twin towers coming down on the anaversery date of mao ze dongs death ..signifying a chinese economic world monopoly …but the tranquility it brings is addictive hence people are trying to save face especialy religion .. but this is good since its our job as democracy to teach communism to be more humaine …thus the worlds population grows and communism is well poised to rule the masses with cashless society ..faceal recognition computation and the rfid chip implant … morrison knew there was no free lunch and was right up to the mark in assuming modern politics longer has outright winners and hung parliaments are the order of the day with deep political cross currents at play … hawks death was the end of labour 'period'.. why .. because they still believe they can get an outright victory and thats their free lunch .. hawk style ..well it didnt work no matter how close they called it ..they were doomed to loose and death came ..there is no free lunch living in the past …no eye contact ..no result …labour has become class and in australia that spells death to any leader .. skeatesy bubbygoddezz the son of man the one upon the throne 2019

  3. even here in India, we vote for parties, not for the prime minister, but we do know beforehand who will become the PM. As it is expected from the parties to announce the PM candidate.
    Here, PMs can be changed by the ruling parties but it seldom happens here. We also vote for chief ministers for the state and municipal corporations as I live in Navi Mumbai. almost every 2 years we keep on voting.

  4. So for Australia… there's the….
    Liberals (American conservatives)
    Labors (the Leftists)
    And Greens (like Leftists)

    ….guess who's ruining the country by bringing in mass 100,000 illegals from boats? The Greens and Labors……

  5. QUESTION: What if I like a particular Prime Ministerial Candidate and thoroughly detest my local representative of the same Party? I would have to vote for someone I do not want locally in order to get the prime minister I want wouldn't I? Especially bad if our local representative is flat out completing a sentence let alone a promise made at an election.
    The Australian political system is completely flawed, we are voting for the party NOT the Prime Minister. This leaves to system open for manipulation by the elected government. EG. From within the party, Candidate "A" is charismatic and a great spin Doctor. The alternate Candidate is not well liked, has questionable integrity, a reputation of low moral fibre and would break the knee caps of the person next to them if it meant getting the top job. OBVIOUSLY Candidate "A" will be presented for the election. Once Candidate "A" has won the election, they can be quickly overthrown by The alternate Candidate with the support of the elected party. SO NOW the people who voted in a manner to support Candidate "A", IE. voting for an under-performing local representative, now have to tolerate The alternate Candidate AND an under-performing local Representative. THEY DID NOT VOTE FOR THE ALTERNATE CANDIDATE, THEY VOTED FOR CANDIDATE "A". This completely undermines the democratic system and breeds complacency and cynicism in the voting population. At the cost of the Australian tax payer, Australia has had 5 Prime Ministers in 6 Years. To put it another way, Australians are paying for "5" lifetime pensions instead of only 2 and to people that didn't really give a damn about their elected position, or Australia for that matter, just the perks that came with the title "PRIME MINISTER" They are set for life even-though they were Prime Minister for less then 3 years and at a cost to the tax payer of over $200 000pa per pension plus other benefits.
    QUOTE: "In 2007, 86% of voters were satisfied with Australia’s democracy, but that figure dropped to 72% by 2010 (where it plateaued for three years) and then went into freefall from 2013, plummeting from 72% to 41% between 2013 and 2018.It means voter satisfaction with Australian democracy, as it is being practised, has more than halved in 10 years."
    The Guardian. 5th December 2018.

    The catalyst to This collapse in Australia's democracy was effectively Julia Gillard.

    ONE PERSON ONE VOTE. We should be voting for the Prime Minister NOT the party. If the party wants to throw the serving PM out, then that should call for another full election for a new PM not a ballot from with in the party. If you follow preferential voting you will see that it will always leads back to the two major parties. The cycle is to entrenched to dictate otherwise.

  6. So ignorant. No one in Parliamentary system votes for the Prime Minister directly. And Impeachment isn’t removal from office.
    The Electoral College is pure genius. Our fathers wanted nothing like the British System.

  7. Because they are a criminal treasonous illegitimate government! They don't have a right to change leaders without a referendum! They illegally change the rules without a referendum of the people of Australia! They don't care about the common people of Australia, only their corporate and rich masters!

  8. Why does last leaders of some sort look the same: John Howard, Mikhail Gorbachev,etc.

  9. Vote labor mean Chaos , illegal migrants , endless strikes , Mates on roles or jobs that arent capable of performing ,

  10. If you have the head of state that you cannot vote out or in it doesn't matter really who is the PM. On top of that all those PMs come always from the same duopoly establishment.

  11. That dog Howard dearmed Australia after his Government framed Martin Bryant for the Hobart massacre that was the start of our Government bring in Islamic Soldiers once we were un armed but it will backfire as the Real Aussie people wont tolerate this much longer

  12. We don't have to wait and see, I'm a green supporter and I can still see that labor are more United than the coalition, it's been their message for the last few weeks, and it's fair to assess from the last year alone that they have been more United than the coalition, your video even mentions the diverging hard right faction supporting Peter Dutton.

    I know you're afraid of being accused of having a left wing bias, but we do not need to wait and see which one is more United. If you mean to wait till after the election before judging the parties on their actions then your vote will mean nothing, simply picking a random that you hope for.

  13. Whay beacose thay all clowns as usual thay keep liyng and promising and deliver nothing polititians are the same every we’re.

  14. cuz they are just zionist puppets now and the master is testing out its pawns. shame on you oz. thejuicemedia is the only good thing that comes out of oz in recent decade. i'll never visit oz ever again.

  15. They do it so they can make the changes they want for money deals with other nationals, then get out before they can be blaimed..
    Confuse the people who just go to work… makem think there different sides, a right & left.
    Swaps between a gov for middle class to a gov for the upper class.
    All sellouts tho just there for material and monetary gain.

  16. They said that no president has been removed by impeachment and conviction, what about Watergate and Richard Nixon in 1974

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