Who Are Trump’s Republican Challengers?

“The lights are on
in the White House, but no one’s at home.” “This guy is destroying
the country.” “Put the Twitter away.” President Trump is facing
Republican challengers to his re-election campaign. Joe Walsh, Bill Weld
and Mark Sanford. They don’t have much
of a chance at securing their party’s nomination, but primary challenges
can lead to problems for the incumbent. So who’s trying
to take Trump on? First up: Joe Walsh. “These are not
conventional times. These are urgent times. Let’s be real: These are scary times.” A one-term
Tea Party congressman who represented a Chicago
suburb from 2011 to 2013. “Pisses me off!” His style? It’s aggressive. Even with his
constituents. “Quiet for a minute! Or I’m going to
ask you to leave.” He is also known for
his offensive tweets. “I wouldn’t call
myself a racist, but I would say, John,
I’ve said racist things on Twitter.” He’s shared his
far-right views on his nationally
syndicated radio show. “When he was elected
to Congress, he showed up in Washington
and refused to play by their rules.” In a recent program, he slammed President Trump
for his handling of immigration. “Donald Trump has royally
screwed this thing up.” His show is going off
the air due to FCC rules on airtime rights for
presidential candidates. So why is he running? “All Trump cares
about is himself.” “He’s a horrible human being.” “He’s nuts, he’s erratic, he’s incompetent!” Critics have said the
same about him. Next: Bill Weld. He was the first
to announce his run against President Trump. “I would be
ashamed of myself if I didn’t raise
my hand and run.” Weld is a lawyer and former
Justice Department official. He was the governor of
Massachusetts during the ’90s, and has switched party
loyalties a few times, endorsing Barack Obama
for president in 2008 over John McCain,
and then supporting Mitt Romney in 2012. He ran as a libertarian
vice presidential candidate in 2016. “I hope to see the Republican
Party assume once again the mantle of being
the party of Lincoln.” Weld is a
fiscal conservative, but socially liberal. He supports abortion rights,
same-sex marriage and legalizing marijuana. He’s been campaigning in
New Hampshire and Iowa, hoping to best Trump in
those early primary contests. “I think we’re in something
of an inflection point.” And the former
governor of South Carolina, Mark Sanford, is also running. “We need a change in
spending, debt and deficits, and we need it now.” He’s a vocal critic
of President Trump, and served a total
of six terms in the House of
Representatives. Ultimately, he lost his seat
after a primary challenge by a Trump-backed candidate. His second term as South Carolina
governor was stained by a scandal involving
an extramarital affair. Trump referenced this scandal
in a tweet mocking all three Republican candidates
running against him. So what are their
chances at winning? Not good. As of now, Trump’s
approval rating is very high
among Republicans. However, primary challengers
in recent decades have shown that they can leave the incumbent wounded
in the general election.

  1. All I know is you people said airplanes took aim and caused 9/11. Never forget 9/11 and never forget NYT is a shameless news organization. Subhuman

  2. Those Republican options aren't good! Even Weld is half-democrat, who is half satanist and half traitor in policy! I was so hoping that Trump had a major contender, because he's a bigot and people of color are most likely the ones with their heads on the chopping block! When an uncompromising bigot is the lesser of two evils, you are in a bad place and need more parties to be grassrooted!

  3. I'm disappointed no female nominees? There's hardly any media coverage of the Republican nominees also. All you hear about are the Democrats.

  4. If you’re watching this in September 2019, Business Insider is live streaming an unofficial GOP debate on September 24th. Bill Weld and Joe Walsh are confirmed to attend.

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  6. These 3 are a big joke , total fools . Watch for their book deal , or some sort of money grab to come out of this nonsense . Trump 2020 !!!! 100 %

  7. It is so funny to watch these OLD white men fight each other. It was all good to go after Obama with DUMP at the helm. But now they cannot control the monster that they created. Obama said their hatred for him created DUMP.

  8. I can't find it anywhere but on the actual ballot for all the Republicans running there is someone named chocolate pancakes anyone know who this is I'm curious Trump under a pseudonym

  9. The problem..is that Muslim..practice..ALTAQUIYA…look for Dr.Ben Carson…he exposed…Islam'ALTAQUIYA..why is..so..dangerous..for THE FREE WORLD…….for NOBODY'S can trust..them…why?…..😁😁😁

  10. Right wing media created the "deplorables" over the past two decades, and in 2016, the GOP lost control over them. It's time to dump Trump, before he leads us (America) off a cliff in 2020.

  11. Big Don big Don big bad Don they all line up to take him on one by one he knocks them down big Don you can't stump the Trump will win in 2020 why fix it if it ain't broken

  12. I’ll vote for trump if I don’t like other republican candidates by the time of the election unless there’s a reasonable democrat that’s not just pandering

  13. Joe Walsh: "I'm not a racist, although I say racist things on Twitter."
    Stalin: "I'm not opposed to free speech, although I arrest any opposition party."
    Bin Laden: "I'm not a terrorist, although I do blow up buildings"

    Do you see why that's a bit of a problematic defense Walsh? If people wanted to vote for a crazy, incendiary at times conspiracy pusher they already have their candidate, Donald Trump.

  14. This explains Bill Weld . Multiple switching between parties endorsing both Obama and Mitt Romney. He is the deep state Manchurian candidate .

  15. Trump is at 94% from republican party approval. Who are these guys? Stop wasting time Vote in dem primaries and by the Ted Kennedy was better than JFK and RFK. Edward Kennedy had simple and clear politics and my whole family adored him

  16. Too funny… the more big media and establishment doesn't like President Trump… the more I love my President! Go baby go!

  17. If I wanna find out the "worst" features of candidates, I look at the opposing media's interpretation. But if I really wanna find a candidate, I just wanna see what they've actually gotten done. But with the US gov, nothing gets done.

  18. I'm not going to vote for an actual racists like joe I can't morally vote for someone who advocates for abortion and I won't vote for a gun grabbing Dem so ig Trump is my only option

  19. As a Warren Democrat I could stomach a Bill Weld presidency. I’ll obviously continue to support Warren but if I had to vote for a Republican it’d be him.

  20. I'll stay with Trump thank you very much, and I never want to see things turn back to what it was with Obama! Someone needs to keep the dummycrats in line wether they do their jobs or not and hopefully in Trump's next term we will see them drop like flies out of their offices they currently hold!

  21. Another year I won't be voting they are all the same to me they don't care about our country it's a pay check for them I'm voting for myself Charles for president

  22. @0:28 These are not conventional times , these are urgent times. Soo urgent that you want us to elect you the maniac and fraud.

  23. These challengers will only bleed off votes–which may be fine by the NYT. Some bold moves would resuscitate the GOP and alter its image. Beyond the Wall.

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