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I have never casted a vote
in my life as yet. I had a chance in the
last elections but then I couldn’t make my mind up
that who should I vote for? When I asked friends so they used to get
all emotional and take a name of a party. And if I search more, it
came to things we see on TV daily directing
towards the sandal. -Shut up.
-You shut up. -You are a dishonour.
-You’re a dog, you’re a scoundrel. You are a murderer. -Stop it.
-You stop it don’t shout at me. Man how do people watch this,
don’t they get a headache with all this? If you don’t express being a follower
of any party then people get confused. As if a component is missing in the person.
I will vote for PML(N). Change will come, change, change will come.
How can you not vote? Why should we vote? Well I think democracy is a process
it’s not an event it only improves over time. Huh? We should vote because our vote is our
voice I work very proudly in this country and I want to see Pakistan better.
Your vote is the expression of this desire. I’m not going to cast a vote
because I don’t see any person or leader in any party who for
the last five or 10 years. I never even supported my
school’s cricket team all the punks and rascals of
the school were in it. So when I don’t like
what they do so how am I to support them? They’re
not my relatives. But at least we had all the achievements
of these players in front of us. But in the case of politicians
getting to the truth is a hassle. One says he is a robber the other says he
is a robber the third says all are robbers. A list of allegations opens up, sleeves
are rolled up, noses get spoilt. Foreheads get wriggled and
a human becomes a voter. Shahbaz Sharif don’t you
know my grandfathers work? Mianji keep them tight,
Mianji keep them tight. (indistinct dialogue) I haven’t seen a coward like yourself.
You roam about being a man. After not voting I kept seeing
the condition of the country. And I felt very helpless. The fresh system of democracy that
was developing in this country. I’m not a part of it. I kept looking around myself
and shadows started taking over. I wouldn’t want to legitimize this sort of
a system with my vote and participation. So that nobody feel that this
nation has also misunderstood, that their leaders want to work for
them and that they need their support. At this point in time all of our parties in
a very real sense are quite dysfunctional. Shoe thrown towards him. But when former Prime Minister
Nawaz Sharif got here to deliver his speech just then a man threw
a shoe towards him. This man. I mean I believe in democracy. Mr. Gandhi even said that Islam is
a democratic religion. And after waiting for five years I have
decided to vote definitely this time. But for who? Is something I will
have to decide with caution. Lets ask Amaanullah. Amaanullah! -Yes sir.
-Who are you voting for? Sir I will vote for N-League. Okay, won’t you vote for Mr. Khan? Sir he is like a trumpet. Don’t use foul language I’m already
to distressed cause of it. Sir he can’t take care of his wives,
how will he take care of the country? He has gathered all the robbers
and he even calls PSL players useless. I find him to be full of crassness. Okay instead of defaming him
tell me why are you voting for N-League? Sir they have done a lot
of work in my village. What work have they done? They have made roads. Sir roads, tubewells,
hand well pumps, schools, hospitals and sir they
have made a lot of things. Okay and what about the 10 years of prison
for corruption? What do you think about it? Sir everyone robs. Even I do it. -You used to rob?
-Only when I really needed too. -I used to pick up a 100 or 200.
-This is very wrong. Yes, yes, now I don’t do it sir. Okay if not for Mr. Khan why
don’t you vote for PPP? No, sir they are Sindhi. -Yes so what?
-Sir I’m a Punjabi. -Okay so your vote is a racial vote.
-Sir he looks like a trumpet. Okay just leave it I’ll
get back to my research. (indistinct dialogue) Even though there is money
in the pockets but still haven’t given my salary for
the last three months. Even if he sees but still
doesn’t say anything. I didn’t expect to hear anything
understandable from Amaanullah. So I thought I would ask you’ll. I’ve booked a flight back
to Pakistan specially for myself that I may vote for PTI and Mr.
Imran Khan. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. -PTI.
-PTI. PTI. Meaning that you’ll are with PTI. -Imran Khan.
-Imran Khan. -Imran Khan.
-Imran Khan. He isn’t corrupt like Nawaz Sharif. And he’s honest and radical. When the leader isn’t corrupt
then the party isn’t corrupt too. All he deserves is a chance. He’s hot. Change is not coming,
change has already come. He speaks the truth, his faith is true,
his Quran true and his politics is true. I will thrash anyone who says
anything against Imran Khan. Why don’t we weigh the
leaders against each other? Mortal Kombat style. First of all we have from Pakistan Muslim
League (N) meaning Mr. Shahbaz Sharif. His qualities are an extensive resume
in infrastructure development meaning that you’ve seen
that Lahore has changed completely and Punjab
too is slowly changing. Pro-business legislations and policies.
He works with institutions. Mr. Shahbaz Sharif is way ahead in
getting work done. He is a Pro-IT. And as you’ll know I love technology
so for me it’s an amazing thing. We won’t only see their qualities
but will have to see their drawbacks too. and Mr. Shahbaz Sharif’s
drawbacks are the following. Provincial mentality meaning
provincial mentality. He is concerned about
Punjab but for the whole country yes the Punjabi’s
wouldn’t mind that at all but me a Punjabi who lives in Sindh
in that way it has an effect on me as well. His environmental policy is off. Meaning that a lot of trees were
cut down and not much grown. Number three we have seen that he has
shown diplomacy towards extremist forces. That’s wrong. The second player comes to us
from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf meaning that our victorious captain
Mr. Imran Khan. His first quality is that
his record is clean. No corruption. He professionalized the KPK police,
made a very successful charity hospital. He won the World Cup for Pakistan
grew a lot of trees as well in KPK. Meaning that his environmental
policy is on. Now since no human is perfect so we’ll have
to see his drawbacks too. Sorry Mr. Khan. Number one Mr. Khan wanted to
have dialogue with terrorists until they attacked
Army Public school. Mr. Khan seems to be opposing CPEC from
which development is coming to Pakistan. But why? This thing doesn’t effect me at all
but people give this a lot of weight. There are a lot of
ups and downs in Mr. Khan’s personal life. Nothing is related to the other. On the third side comes to us
from Pakistan Peoples Party a new candidate from the
Bhutto family Bilawal Bhutto. Among the qualities of this new candidate
comes a clean record, there is none. This player before going to war
has mentioned all his assets. Forthright declaration of assets. His party in its previous term has been
promoting art, culture and civilization. Sindh Festival things like these
make a big difference to me. Pro-culture, Sindhi pride in
comparison to other parties at least the viewpoint
of this party is clear. Foreign policy is good, progressive
and if we see this players drawbacks. So his party couldn’t perform
the last time they were in power. Should have made the roads only buddy. Lion, bat and arrow are there
and the players are making their moves right now we’re
pretty close to the final match. And the bat has given
the Lion quite a thrashing. In the court of law has been
charged with 10 years imprisonment and Mariam Nawaz for seven years. In todays decision they have not mentioned,
that what crime I’ve committed. In the NAB case. My name is Muhammad Jibran Nasir
I’m being beaten and dragged, my clothes torn and taken into
custody by the protocol of a judge, only because they squeezed
my car towards the footpath and when I stopped them so
they hit me with the chamber. One caught me from here the other
came and slapped me, tore my clothes. They picked me up like this from here
and I was thrown in the police mobile. Pulled my hair anyhow in
front of everyone and if there is a CCTV camera
there all can be seen. (indistinct dialogue) For me it’s like my footage is with the
police and they aren’t revealing it. Because all the cameras there have
been installed by the CCP office so they’re sitting on it they’re
not releasing it to me at least. So I’m now filing a petition in the Supreme
Court. Just using this issue to highlight. What goes wrong from our tax money?
What training and sensitization? That you load your gun
and you point it to me and then you come out and you
thrash me and you throw me in the police mobile and under what
authority can you arrest me when your on security
protocol not on patrol? I will vote for Jibran Nasir
because he is the only one who connects with the
mindsets of the youngsters. But you have to vote for
a positioned candidate. And in my district that
was NA-126 and now is NA-130. From PTI’s side
comes Shafqat Mehmood. I was a Senator, I was a MNA, I was a Federal
Minister, I was a Provincial Minister. Seems like an intelligent uncle. From PML(N) comes the loser I mean… …coming second is Khawaja Ahmad Hassan. The quantity is increased
when your lenght increases. Or if you can lessen
your transit time. He’s good, all the other candidates are
useless no need to talk about them. I’m obviously voting for Dr. Moazzam 85 percent of civilians have
been deprived of their rights. From water and solar energy
they have increased petrol. I was also trying this
since the last 10 years. From solar energy they
have increased petrol. All are two in one, we will give it
free, we will give it free, free. It’s obvious why we
should all vote for him. All are two in– I’m not related to any political
party and this not even a sponsored video so I will vote for Shafqat
Mehmood who is PTI’s candidate. This is my opinion and if your against it
please do express it below in the comments. And if these candidates don’t perform
then next time I won’t vote for them. Give proof of being a
responsible citizen and vote. Mooroo out. Your voice is basically
what registers and matters. Our vote is our voice. You vote for someone they don’t
do well you throw them out. I won’t vote for anyone as I’m a kid. I will be supporting
Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz group. Voting for N-League. When do you get a chance to let them know?
That your not happy with how things are. Or your happy with
how things are. It’s a duty you should do
it anybody who doesn’t is stupid. You don’t have
no right to complain. Mooroo I’m an Indian so I will vote for
Congress because Modi is a big robber. But Imran Khan seems right.

  1. Dissapointed in my voting decision?

    Dont be my opinion is not there to mirror yours. Vote for the candidate you like the most. To believe in democracy is to be tolerant of everyones opinion.

    Think about it.

    I’m aware of all the updates and I still have the same opinion.

  2. I can see You Publish This Video on 10th July & Elections Held on 25th July. How You Say That Shafqat Mahmood Jeet Gaye.. or Ahsan Iqbal (PMLN) key Haar gaye….?
    and Secondly In Which Colony You Live in…? because I also From NA 130 & I am From ICHRA you are also in NA 130.

  3. 7:17
    Bhai Taimur cepac connects pakistan and China which means China can come and trade in pakistan.Un the past years China has built a lot of infrastructure in pakistan which is not good for us.IF U REMEMBER EIC.and what happened

  4. I have just saw this video from YouTube and I like it😀 I’m supporting PTI (Pakistan-E-Tehkreef-Insaf), the reason why I am supporting Imran Khan is because he is an honest man who works so hard for the last 22 years and he is not Nawaz Sharif who stole billions of Rupees. Alhamdullilah Imran Khan have won the election 2018 where he got the most votes. If you listen to his nation speech after 1 day later from Election Day, Parliaments speech from 2 weeks ago and a speech from after oath-taking, he does mean to it to say that because he is very confidence to change the Pakistan InshAllah. IK have the best team and they will work harder than PMLN & PPP. Imran Khan does not want a day off until his Naya Pakistan dream come true. He rejected luxurious life E.g 33 cars? PM house? Plane and others too. He want to live as a simple life. Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz deserves to be jailed for a very long time because they are thieves and haven’t done anything at all. Asif Ali Zardari and many more corruptions people are going to be next to be jailed InshAllah. All the money will be return to make Naya Pakistan. For the first 100 days, if Imran Khan works harder and change Pakistan slowly and did the good work the some of voters from PMLN & PPP may change their mind and decide to vote for PTI for the next elections! Imran Khan want to work like Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Zia-Ul-Haq who had more struggles than IM. Imran Khan is not next Muhammad Ali Jinnah because he is Imran Khan! May Allah give him a lot of support and strengthening from his teams. Let’s go Imran Khan❤️🇵🇰

  5. تیمور بھائ۔
    یے غلط بات کہی کہ پنجابی سندھی کو ووٹ نہیں ڈالے گا۔ صرف اسلئیے کہ وہ سندھی ہے۔پنجابی ایسی نییچ زہنیت نہیں رکھتے۔

  6. mooroo bhai imran khan nay sahiwal kay mamlay per to kuch kia ni bhai wo chotay bachay apany ma or bap ko apni ankho kay samnay marta dektay hay or kay imran khan ki tabdili kya yaiii ha?

  7. I'm different from all Vote for TLP
    LOG kahtyy hain k khadim rizvi gali deta ha jo ye kahta ha usyy pahlyy ye dekhna chahiyee k us ny zindagi ma kbi gali ni di?? OR morro b to video ma galiyann deta ha ab kya ham morro ko dekhna chor dain

  8. Yar kya bakwas ha morroo pti ?????
    Khair 140usd ap ky tu cam bhe mangy ho gay hon ga smart phone bhe par ap ko kya farq parta ha metro peshawer hospital ky naam par zakat chori ?

  9. han mere jaan mooro aur do tabdeeli ko vote .tabdeeli ne tumm or hm sab ke bund maar de hai.Nawaz ke daur main dollao 88 tk aik baar gays or 90s main stable raha shaukat khanam main loogon se poocho jaa kar

  10. world cup jitna or mmulk chalana aik kaam nahee hai jo captaan kko dede.aise phir sarfaraz ko bhee PM bana dena agar woh party main ajai usne bhee CT ka final jitwaya hai

  11. Suggestion: Mooro You are Doing a great Job and creating original content editing ki aor aap ki mehnat ki to koi baat hi nai me bus ye kehna chahtaa hun k aap apne kuch vlogs ghareeb awaam per banaye aor kuch aise log hain jo k hamare muashre k liye motivation ka sabab ban sakte hain. I just love your Vlogs.

  12. Or kro pti ko vote mulk ka haal dekho ab kya ho gya hai
    Now lets measure the destroyed economy by worst leader IK
    Cars= 1.7M(2017) 2.7M(2019)
    Goods= 200/500pkr(2017) 500/800(2019)
    Vegetables= 20pkr(2017) 100(2019)
    Electronics=2000(2017) 7000(2019)
    Mobiles=50K(2017) 80K(2019)
    Bikes=50K(2017) 75K(2019)
    Others=100(2017) 500(2019)
    Pichly leaders ny jo kuch bhi kiya lekin awaam ko to sukoon mai rakha wa tha and economy bhi set rakhi wi thi even though dollar rates are hiked up by rupees 67 in just 1 year…!
    Even the last years PMLN has done more than 50 projects such as metro.
    When pakistan was made, dollar was only 1 rupee and now…..😕😧😳

  13. Dear Mooro
    i am big fan of yours , and i watched all of your v log , it good and valuable for me .
    mooro last year you voted for PTI , now after one year your review is required for one year PTI's Performance.

  14. mooroo bhai i am your big fan but you said answer in comment now you are seeing the result what pti is doing with poor people pti is the bad team

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