White House clashes with Dems in growing subpoena showdown

  1. we are in a constitutional crisis , thing is we numb to his crazy antis now ,, 2 more years,i know we can do better as a country then a TV host that has lost billions in 10 years

  2. Adam Schiff is a political Liar! He lied, mislead and deceived America on the Mueller Investigation… He had evidence that Mueller didn't have? Lie. He had information about Russia that Mueller didn't have? Lie… This is a crime and he should be fired or even indicted for misleading America causing a lot or Stress and costing Taxpayers a ton of money…

  3. Isn't it about time the swamp dwellers are arrested, tried and sent to jail, that might stop all the trash they come up with and the President can get on with running the country instead of fighting with fools and their ridiculous and false claims.

  4. That's what Adams chiffon says, What do the people say? Adam has been lying about the President endlessly . He's like a gossip housewife who has no better thing to do but gossiping .

  5. Schiff has never cared about this country from the start. He and Pelosi are suppose to be helping make laws for this country. What kind of laws, have they done? At this point, nothing.

  6. I like Schumer and Pelosi even less than Trump. Nevertheless, let's put democracy first, and personality second. Trump should conform to Congressional law. Political antagonism is rampant. Tit for tat won't solve either side's justification.The Democratic Party may be small and petty, but law should be the determiner of whether Trump can be subpoenaed or not. We are a nation of laws and not of men.

  7. The congress representatives are spending money and time seeking their own personal interest through these non sense subpoenas. I want to see them working with the president to make America great again!! !!!

  8. In this time when knowledge is increased and runs to and fro, the burden of sharing our knowledge with the world is immeasurably increased. We must not only share what we know to be true, but we must present it in such a way that it is received without question or pause in the ears of those to whom we speak.

    Everyone of us, each individual adding his or her voice to the public discourse, must strive to continue the journey of free speech with impeccable decorum and honesty, unless we give the way of truth to the assailing voices of destruction.

  9. America sees a smoking hot economy, and an invasion of our southern border that the Dems refuse to address. And Adam Schiff is completely insane. Just like the rest of the Dems……

  10. The DEMS are dumb, putting Meuller before the Senate will only help the republicans. They haven't been able to question him before. Be careful what you wish for, you dummys, he may have to answer some pretty tricky questions that will expose the DEMS further.

  11. Adam Schiff has a very negative attitude and needs to go over to the White House and ask President Trump, " what do we need to do to today to help our People"?

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