Whistleblower’s Attorney Refutes Reports That Client Was Involved In Politics | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  2. I said it right from the beginning of this S*** show….the whistle blower will be demonized and dragged though the coals and Trump will walk away smelling like a rose … this is the reason more don't come out with important info… if the roles were reversed and it was about the dems , they would be demonizing the whistle blower and the GOP would be defending him… this country is sooooo F***ed up it's embarrassing …..

  3. this is about tr'mp and his assault on US laws. this is about tr'mp, his a'dmin & the gop's power grab. impeach the billionaire racist & liar. vote the gop out. mystery solved.

  4. Who care what you’re as long as you’re doing the right thing for your country 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  5. When he can't defend, he deflects. Just like his drumptards. If the original whistleblower and another, they'd have to go to wit-sec. His fine white supremacists will find them. I won't read the book. I just want them gone. The entire administration, worthless and corrupt, gone.

  6. Is there any way in the world that Congress can curtail trumps ability to do the things that he's doing (withdrawals, medals awarded to people who should be in jail, shredding the EPA, etc.etc.)?? Just put everything either on hold altogether– he doesn't do real work anyway– or make him get approval for everything from Congress.

    He cannot be allowed to continue with things like he did just today.

  7. The only evidence needed to convict this traitor is B-Roll. We've seen him commit multiple crimes in plain sight, yet the media still bites and chases after these meaningless threads. Roll the 30 seconds of him admitting to firing Comey because of the Russia investigation, asking China to help meddle in the 2020 election, refusal to answer lawful subpoenas and dozens of violations of the emoluments clause.

    This isn't like shooting fish in a barrel. It's not even like looking at barrel. This is as easy as STANDING SOMEWHERE IN THE VICINITY OF A BARREL.

  8. Working permanently in or committed to a particular profession is a career!

    What an interesting way to acheive success! I wish I knew about that trick!

  9. Don't think the the news to talk about The Whistleblower sit and nobody know about the Whistleblower what the his attorney and who he supposed to talk to I hope the Whistleblower is protected because this is somebody daughter father mother sister brother protect the person who's trying to do the right thing

  10. This wreaks of Democrat desperation. Same with "Russia" that was based on a phony dossier. Didn't what's her face, the losing candidate in 2016 say that not willing to accept the outcome of an election was a direct threat to democracy? Now her own party can't accept the outcome of the election 😂😂

  11. I had a dream last night (true story) it was that trump lost the election (6 months after) and wasn’t leaving office. One of the secret service dudes shot him. How good would that be?

  12. It doesn't matter if a whistleblower is a Democrat or Republican. That whole argument is nonsense. The whistleblower didn't write that phone transcript. This is another pathetic deflection by Trump.

    As for the hacked server, didn't the DNC confirm it was sitting in their HQ next to the Watergate file cabinet?

  13. Why are we still talking about the whistleblower? The White House and Trump himself have already confirmed basically everything the whistleblower revealed.

  14. the threat to all these whistleblowers and witnesses like michael cohen and others should worry every american………but americans are stupid and lazy and dont care…only the 1% cares about politics because it benefits them and they run everyhting

  15. God bless our Patriotic whistleblowers trying to speak the truth & expose corruption! Without them imagine what the powers that be would get away with & this is why they are important to any Democracy! There must be checks & balances.

  16. The server you mentioned. Is that the one from crowd strike,, the one the dem party said the Russians hacked, that one? The one that the FBI never investigated,
    that one? I guess they have it now and I bet Mr. Trump is shaking in his socks. I bet the DNC wants it back, considering how much it cost Hillary.

  17. Trumps attempt to assassinante an anonymous whistleblower alone ……should tell EVERY American that their president is a mob style fraud, liar and conman that cannot be believed on ANYTHING.

  18. For someone who keeps saying it was a beautiful call and that he's the most transparent president ever, the MF sure is over the top protesting. Go figure🙄

  19. Two Republican setting at a bar one said, Trump is a traitor to our country. The other said I know. What are we going to do? One said .we are not going to do nothing, like always. Vote in 2020 to get Trump out of office.

  20. WhistleHoaxer scam already investigated and THIS IS WHERE the military steps in if the BS keeps up MSNBCannibals are working for a hostile foreign interest that wants to destabilize the USA !

  21. Here is your monopoly on power, the reason why the masses, the ones who brandish the real power struggle every day to just exist. Yet, they require entertainment for themselves, make me happy, make me sad, cry, laugh, admonish…you have come to believe that your capitalist democracy is to your benefit, by the very people who oppress you, why, because you don’t have the time or temerity to think for yourselves?

    Pick a team, (football, politics, volleyball, water polo…anything,) follow a team, be partisan, never budge…they have won, but is there another way that has not been followed, is there something, some method your peers continually admonish to which you have not fully investigated because from the time you were able to communicate it has been drilled into you as the Antichrist of all else?

    Think for yourselves, stop watching the “morphine of the masses,” it is controlled by the oppressors!

  22. Offer the whistle blower full retirement plus benefits of someone in his or her position with rank above theirs for if they worked 25 years so they do not lose any retirement pension. Offer them support of a new Identity if needed with relocation cost and what ever else they need. It's a small price to pay to stop corruption and illegal activities that is aimed at the top American position. Make this happen Congress as America needs their service. They want to help but they want to protect their family and theirselves which is understandable after getting those types of threats.

  23. What are you people smoking?,…Donald is throwing trash talk to the whistle blower and media in attempts to get him/her to surface,…if a lawyer surfaces, the Trump thugs can follow him to the whistle blower,…wake up America!!!

  24. Roy Cohn tactics. Stop treating his tactics as news. Why repeat his statements? Even debunking what he says still gives it air and keeps his narrative rolling.

  25. Trump is a domestic threat to America and a global threat to its allies.

    The whistleblower is a true patriot indeed to stand up to this blatant bloated evil.

  26. Bias in the senate is not a concern because it’s never going to get there bc cocaine Mitch will lock whatever he wants

  27. The whistleblower doesn’t matter anymore. Trump released the call notes which say it all. Trump wants Ukraine to manufacture some kind of proof to substantiate the fake Ukraine election meddling to help HC conspiracy theory. It would undermine the Mueller report/US intelligence and justify Trump relieving sanctions on Russia for the hack and meddling. Trump is using US taxpayer $ to benefit himself and Russia.

  28. No matter what the topic is, you need to be voting by mail. We're going to be hacked. I know some people in deep red states will wonder if even their paper ballot, if blue, will be junked. These states need to be monitored. But get on line, and get your ballot mailed to you. It does also make your life much simpler. Electronic voting is extremely hackable.

  29. I'm a progressive that would love to see lucifer Orange go down in one big orange flame, but none of us are stupid enough to believe that the Ukraine (one of the most corrupt countries on earth) did not meddle in past elections, and that the Biden's are clean. Get a clue, do your research, espouse the truth, please.

  30. What a joke ,,the whistle blower is the clown in chief ..he wants Ukraine,,China etc.to investigate Biden,,for his personal benefit,,Quid Pro Quo..

  31. Let Congress put one or two to jail among Pres.Trump puppets to show detriment to others.Subpoenas anyone subpoens-able if any of those Congress call not want to corporate.

  32. It doesnt matter what the persons political association is. The whistle blower is a American Patriot. What matters is if Trump has betrayed the USA.


  34. Members of Congress who are trying to defend the Constitution must resist Trump's efforts to distract us by making this all about who the whistleblower is. The identity and politics and even the motivation of the whistleblower are irrelevant!! What matters is the factual record Congress uncovers from their testimony, and in the case of Ukraine, Trump's own summary or rough transcript of the call reveals an impeachable offense. And he has committed many more.

  35. They're talking about Nunes and Jordan.
    Nunes in particular we know will go scampering to Trump to report in person as soon as he has that information.

  36. We need to dispose of the Fascists .  If we want this democratic republic to recover and continue . GOP are traitors .

  37. Keep the whistleblower protected. Trump is not to be trusted and will do everything in his power to bring down a true American patriot. Just let Trump and his goons keep digging their own graves.

  38. Saying that the “Whistle Blower” was undercover???
    The Democrats are already accused of spying on djt in the Mueller Investigation!!
    You just said he was a Career official and now a “Spy”??
    Just WoW!
    I want Djt ousted as bad as the next Democrat, however not via admission of a spy 🥺
    Beware the terms you use 🤔

  39. I wouldn't trust any gop member in the House to not out the Whistleblower to nutcase trump, they would fall over each other to be the first to tell trump who that person is. Who in their right mind would trust gaetz or jordan or nunes or meadows or the rest of those poor excuses for human beings? they are so stupid they think they work in a kangaroo court, if you can not respect your role in Congress for checks and balances against a corrupt "president" then get off the committees you are supposed to represent…..trump is getting impeached and rightly so…..Impeach Indict Jail trump! SAVE OUR COUNTRY!

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