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In the last year or so we’ve done quite a
few videos about the war being waged on journalists, hackers and whistleblowers in the US. We’ve seen Barrett Brown, Jeremy Hammond,
Chelsea Manning, James Risen and more being jailed or facing time. There was also the time the US government
seized the Associated Press’s phone records, which they said would put the confidentiality
of their sources at risk. And then obviously the massive intrusion into
private communications committed by the National Security Agency with programmes like PRISM,
XKEYSCORE, DISHFIRE and all the rest, revealed by Glenn Greenwald after documents were leaked
to him by Edward Snowden. All of this led the US to dropping 13 places
in the rankings in a report into press freedom by Reporters Without Borders. So now the US is positioned in a lowly 46th
in the global table. To be fair, the UK, has also failed to cover
itself in glory, arresting Glenn Greenwald’s partner David Miranda on terrorism charges,
the government putting what the report calls “disgraceful pressure” on the Guardian to
stop reporting the story and conducting its very own mass-surveillance programmes like
GCHQ’s TEMPORA. Us lot sit down in 33rd, which isn’t exactly something to be proud of. So how’s the press index actually worked out?
Well, it covers 180 countries and looks into things like the number of defamation cases
brought for large amounts of money, national security restrictions and whether or not there
are Freedom of Information Acts, as well as things like violence against journalists. The UK and US were below countries you might
expect them to be rising above, like Ghana, Namibia, Costa Rica, Belize, Jamaica, Suriname
and Lithuania. Australia and Canada, two other countries
highly involved in the intelligence scandal came it at 28th and 18th respectively. Well, let’s start with the ten places where
it’s frankly brilliant to be a journalist with some images that conform to some lazy
national stereotypes. At ten, you’ve got Sweden Number nine is New Zealand. Coming in at eight is Iceland, which since
the pots and pans revolution and the implementation of direct democracy, isn’t actually that surprising. At seven there’s Denmark. At six, there’s Liechtenstein. Number five is a tiny little place in the
Pyrenees… Andorra Then at four it’s Luxembourg. Third is Norway. Number two is the Netherlands. And rounding off a great performance for Scandinavia,
with all four countries appearing in the top ten is F-f-f-f-f-Finland. And now how about the worst ten? Well there’s Laos and then there’s Sudan,
and then it drops down to the Islamic Republic of Iran, where President Rouhani has so far
failed to implement the changes he promised. Below them come Vietnam, closely followed
by China, with it’s rampant censorship of the internet and state control of many media
outlets. The next two are also pretty unsurprising
– you’ve got the failed state of Somalia, followed by Syria, where working as a journalist
means the threat of bombs
and kidnappings. The bottom three, which the report describes
as places where “freedom of information is non-existent and despite occasional turbulence
in the past year, the countries continue to be news and information black holes and living
hells for the journalists who inhabit them.” And they are Turkmenistan. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
– or North Korea – and then propping up the pile is Eritrea. I did mention earlier on the large number
of videos that we’ve done on the war on whistleblowers, journalists and hackers in the States. If
you want to find out more about what’s been going on over there, there are a load of videos
in the playlist over there. Until next time!

  1. I believe the short clip representing Sweden is actually from Finland, and the clip representing Norway is from Denmark or at least a Danish boat.

  2. The freedom of the press in UK consists entirely in reporting such of their right-wing owners prejudices as will not scare the advertisers, and pointing cameras up tarts skirts ! Its a national embarrassment !

  3. Instead of bitching about the states, why dont you do a video of what's going on in the UK right now ie with the weather floodings and a slow response from our government

  4. Hey, you put the sauna bathing clip on sweden but not on Finland? You mixed stuff up. Didnt know its that good to be a journalist in Finland tho 😀

  5. Why the fuck is the same 30 second and at the beginning of every video. Every dam time. Its like they don't want you watching this

  6. hmm, I am from Vietnam and over there it seem the journalist is quite free to talk. 
    We got sh*t load of crap stuff come from the "journalist" (some dont even pass the high school, but they call them self journalist anyway) with a lot of crappy story (For example, "A prisoner had no food for a week" yet somehow the truth is he gain 2kg during that week). And some use journalist cover to doing disgrace act (against a certain religion, past away people …), yet they till free (at least for the time being). The Gov. is trying to put a law against misleading/scam information (ie: "dont drink ABC's tomato juice, it lead to CANCER" or "text abc1234 to xxxxxx to have a free million", see a lot now a day on social media). But that seem to failed!
    But well, it still communist country so most of the "big" media (ie BBC, CNN) deem that "there is no freedom in Vietnam".

  7. Good story Adam. Thanks for the vid everyone.

    It's things like this that attract me to the Scandinavian countries. When I make my millions with Crypto's, they're high on my list of places to move to.
    Staying in the UK is a no no with the idiotic wannabe Americans 'running' things (into the ground) here.

  8. Once again, who made the list and why is it the ultimate source of unbiased truth? I can make this kind of rankings all day long.

  9. Having not state owned media outlets isn't really a sign of "media freedom" since non-state owned media outlets tend to talk out their arse and are propagandized to hell and back by their owners. 
    The ABC and SBS here in Australia does an amazing job. 
    PBS in the US does an amazing job
    BBC in the UK does an amazing job.

    I would suspect that most developed countries state media is incredibly well produced and sourced and non-bias due to charters of independence for the journalists working for them, since state run outlets are under far more scrutiny than private outlets.

    For example, here in Australia, News Corp owns almost all our media with mining interests controlling pretty much the rest of the private media, how in hell is that "freedom of press"? The only reliable news outlets here in Australia are ABC and SBS, both state run.

  10. The same sets of countries are always at the tops and tails of these sorts of lists.
    Scandinavia at the peak, Iran, Saudi Arabia, North Korea et al. bringing up the rear.

  11. Hey truthloader tream, mad probs from Luxembourg! Yeah, you might not know "us" but we sure know you 😉

    Ps: After WWII Luxembourg was involved in the european process from its very beginning. Later on it took part in the creation of literally every important multi-national organisation of the after-war period.

    Considered as a tax haven by many, the biggest american companies have their (european) headquarters in. Luxembourg. It is one of the 3 main sites for the European Community, whose headquarters are in Strasbourg (France), Brussels (Belgium), and Kirchberg (Luxembourg).

    For many europeans, american history is considered common knowledge… Now I would so much like it to be the same the other way round! We could finally engage in some more serious interaction, and get out of the old paradigm where either one considers the other one as "naive"…

    I think it is commonly considered to be effective to follow the money when you're in search for the rabbit in the hole.

    Tax haven with some of world's biggest companie's headquarters + Bank secrecy (trillions of dirty € $ £ laurndered) + richest country in the world in revenu per capita + headquarter for european institutions
    = something TRUTHLOADER or any investigative journalist really should know about… How about some digging there?

    It is crucial to understand american politics and corpocracy wherever you live in the world (because of globalization), but you guys could surely profit from looking more into european policy shaping, for various reasons.

    Luxembourg on the other hand also is a perfect example for successfull integration. Nearly 50% of its residents are foreigners, most people talk at least 4 languages (chlidren from 8 on learn minimum 3 languages), and it is considered to be a very safe place to live, unless you are susceptible for suicide.

    It would for example be very interesting to see how the richest country also is the one with the highest suicide rate and the highest consumption of XXX in the world!

    Oh yeah, and I recently heard somewhere the press is really free there too ;).

    I wrote this message because I doubt that, without a serious bombing from your government, you'll ever get to know us…


  12. Ehem.. That's not the Eritrea flag. But you can also include Ethiopia in that list as it has an atrocious record of jailing journalists that report anything contrary to its state ran media.

  13. Scandinavia is definitely the best part of the world to be in right now. In pretty much all areas of social development, Scandinavia consistently bests the rest of the world. They make the U.K (where I live) look like a joke. Plus, they make some bloody good craft ale. I recommend Einstök. (:

  14. How disappointing. You have not shared the link of the report. One cannot just blurt information of such strong nature without giving credible and due references. I mean, c'mon, the whole video was about this report only!

  15. the worst place is México because even the people don´t know , that the government pay to the newspapers owners for being nice with  their political party.
    and they hide all the violence that is happening on the country.

  16. New Zealand maybe #9, but the quality of the journalists here is very low and the news organizations usually have one bias or another.

  17. I just lost alot of respect of Truthloader after wathcing this video…. Sauna is big in Finland not sweden, When you come to Norway you show us a viking boat with a danish flag on it and last when you say Eritrea you show us a Ethiopian flag…. how can we trust you to give us the right information when you cant even get small details like this???

  18. This clip is superficial and lacking context by relying on a single criteria. The murder of TV and radio hosts, as well as magazine editors in Honduras and Mexico, for example, are frequently connected with a confirmed motive. In Honduras, the murder  of subjects covering several media outlets is a chilling assault on published criticism of the military connected government after the U.S. supported ouster of President Zelaya. Journalists in Mexico are routinely murdered while newspaper offices get sprayed with bullets by intimidation warfare of the drug cartels. These two deserve mention.

  19. Hey everyone, so on this video a lot of you have pointed out the lazy national stereotypes being from the wrong countries… that's kind of the point. They are stereotypes associated with one place but they actually popular all over. So here's a list of where the pictures are actually from:

    Swedish sauna: Finland
    New Zealand sheep: Wales
    Icelandic volcano – that one is actually Iceland
    Danish pigs – England
    Liechtenstein – is actually Liechtenstein
    Andorra ski slope – France (Meribel)
    Norwegian Viking boat – Danish
    Finnish Vodka – Russia

    It was meant to be a joke but quite obviously wasn't funny.

  20. 😀 the boat shown when he's saying norway is number three is a danish boat:) They've censored the clip from Norway…. Outrageous:)

  21. Anybody remember that journalist suddenly died in a car crash? Forgot his name although he was a white American. At the time he was researching what the FBI were getting up and had apparently discovered something really interesting. But, by 'accident', he died in a fiery car crash. The thing I love about it though is the fact that it was the FBI who investigated this guys crash and concluded that it was by pure accident but there may have been drugs in play… Honestly… I know the FBI killing an American journalist sounds a bit too far fetched but I suppose that what they want us to believe, same with 9/11…

  22. never even heard of the country placed at number 1. Do they censor everybody else's media too? Is that why nobody has ever heard of them?

  23. #truthloader  when you guy's were talking about Eritrea, for being the #1 worst place for journalist, you guys had the flag of Ethiopia in the clip, even tho Ethiopia is a bad place for journalist, and should be ranked #1 instead of Eritrea.  

  24. Manipulated or controlled and censored press is as bad as Completely Governmental controlled press, if not completely then to some extent. Both cases people don't exactly know what they should know. Press Freedom is long gone.

  25. Scandinavia is also the most economically leftist region in the developed world.
    The right wingers must be terribly confused.

  26. Report finds Ghana to have freer press than Aus, Us and UK…
    Right… At that point you should really go back to the drawing board with your algorithm because it clearly doesn't work.

  27. Glenn Greenwald unfortunately has the target on his back right now. I feel bad for him as they are going to punish him for Snowden. Does Snowden decide that living in Russia is worse than coming to the USA and dealing with a trial for life in prison? I hope he does come here and the Supreme Court rules in his favor but I think instead that the US will let him face full punishment which is too bad. As a US citizen I am perpetually face palming.

  28. Notice how the worst offenders were either socialist or Islamic Fundamentalist. Which makes you wonder if these lists are politically biased. I mean where's S Arabia, Uzbekistan, Burma, Ethiopia, Equatorial Guinea, Sri Lanka  etc   

  29. id care more if every hippie hipster wasn't all, "whistle blowers this, whilstle blowers that" I mean does anyone really give a shit.   Obviously, some people do but the ratio of how many views videos like this get is disproportioned to the amount that a video will get of some high school kids in a street fight.  Its like what Joaquin Penix said in Hotel Rowanda, people will watch this on the news and keep eating dinner, all it is is a story.  (and a fat paycheck to the sensationalists writing it)  You cant help but wonder if the person reporting this genuinely loves history or if its part of another agenda and how long will it take reporting all the horrible shit in the world to where nothing phases you and this becomes just another job;  delivering the bad news.  At some point you gotta kill the messenger.  Let the sleeping dogs lie. Because what the hell can we really do.  Commit espionage?  Lead a coup? Everyones been fighting for thousands of years for the same gold nugget, earth, and they all want the same thing, to have everyone in the whole world to be exactly like they are.  I wish they'd nuke it already and stop drawing it out.         

  30. 2:50 lol thats a danish flag !

    haha and in in the clip where they mention Denmark, they have pigs :D:D:D soooo funny, but true !

  31. This made me lookup my country Afghanistan and found out that its media has one of the highest freedoms and rights not only in the region but the world. Some journalists get killed by the Taliban but the government tries to protect them.

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