When lesbian activists invaded BBC TV news broadcast – BBC Stories

The Six O’Clock News from the BBC, with Sue Lawley and Nicholas Witchell (Oh #@*%~

  1. Booan Temple, you have represented our community so well. Thank you for being so courageous and paving the way for LGBT+ rights to be recognised.

  2. People are right to love anything they want, that is human right, although I’m not gay, but I totally agree with them.

  3. Trying to normalize a perversion…great just great…How interesting that so many gay and lesbian people act
    so superior and smug, calling heterosexual people intolerant when their lifestyle is degenerate and perverted.
    The only people who really support and defend them are left wing kooks who believe in selective, conditional

  4. How come the BBC can treat women like that. Yet the way the Greenpeace protester was teeated was slagged off by tge BBC

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