When Can Progressives Take Over the Democratic Party?

Let’s go next to our caller from the six zero
nine area code. Who’s calling today from six zero nine. Hey, David, this is Boaz from New Jersey. Hey Boaz, what’s up? Uh, so I just wanted to, uh, ask you a question. How long do you think it’s going to take and,
or what is it going to take to completely flip the democratic party to be a better representative
or a middle working class people? Um, we elected AOC, um, representative Ilhan
Omar. Um, and let’s say we elected Bernie Sanders. Um, and let’s say this are two terms. Um, which would be great. What is it going to take to create a progressive
party and make that the democratic party? What do you think? Well, what you have to understand is that
if it were just a matter of the country being more progressive, we would have had a far
more progressive democratic party years ago. And that’s where you have to integrate into
the analysis, the effect of money in politics and the disproportionate outsized influence
of big corporations and money in politics. Because the population has been well to the
left of the democratic party for a long time. When you poll people about healthcare, when
you pull people about, uh, abortion, gay marriage, the war on drugs, drug legalization, even
on money in politics itself, the American public is well to the left of where our elected
officials are. And so what you have to then understand is
that even though the democratic party is certainly to the left of the Republican party, because
the same corporate influences are affecting both parties to similar degrees, that is really
what is holding back the democratic party is simply moving to the left. There. There’s a whole bunch of different reforms. There’s no doubt that if Bernie were to have
eight years and the house continues moving more to the left and democratic senators are
replaced with more progressive democratic senators, of course that’s going to move the
democratic party to the left. But to really break the status quo, you’ve
got to fix campaign finance. You’ve got to potentially put in place term
limits, which are also a factor, uh, that that prevents, um, our elected officials from
just doing what the people want rather than figuring out, well, what are corporate interests
going to do when I’m up for reelection if I do this or I do that. So there’s a whole bunch of systemic change
that needs to happen in addition to continuing to elect people that are further to the left. Okay. Thank you very much. All right, Boaz from New Jersey. Great to hear from you.

  1. There's still a substantial portion of the Democratic Party that is not progressive. Not sure if that transformation is likely anytime soon. On the other hand, the progressives making their own party is quite feasible at this point.

  2. Enough is enough I want my country back no more rumpstilkkken and the rethuglikkkan party and their cultist enough said 🤗 ✌🏼

  3. I'm so sick of explaining this. The Democratic party is a big tent. We do not want anyone taking over. That way is how the GOP became what it is now.

    If there is only one acceptable view on everything then most people will be unwelcome. Some will just leave and stop being involved in politics but we are, IMO, close to a tipping point where a new right of center party will either emerge, causing or caused by the collapse of the Republicans, or will spring up as a third party drawing in those people who cannot stomach Trump or guys like Jim Jordan while also finding AOC insufferable and stupid. If the Democrat party has driven out everyone who doesn't identify as "progressive" and who doesn't toe the line on every single policy issue that new party, or reformed Republican Party, will be electorally dominant for generations. Just examine the period between 1860 and 1932. How many Democratic Presidents in that period? Which party was the big tent at the time with both conservative pro business type and progressives? Not the Democrats.

  4. Maybe you've already talked about this… But what I really want to know is, how do we get more centrist democrats on our side? I'm a senior at a rich, predominantly white private school in Dallas, TX. I have friends and family who are voting for Biden or Buttigieg solely because they think those two can bridge the gap, and they can't even begin to fathom how Bernie is better built to do so. What do we say to arguments like that?

  5. Why does one party have to be controlled by an ideological group? If everything is about being inclusive, which is what both major parties purport to be about, then they have to be willing to not only allow and at least tolerate those who don’t meet some purity test but also be willing to share control. That is what being inclusive is about.

  6. old school liberals will be kicking the regressives out soon and then those outcasts will take over the Green Party

  7. I can’t wait for you people to understand the American public AT LARGE does not have an appetite for these socialist spending programs.

  8. Never gonna happen especially if Bernie Sanders runs against Trump, Trump will destroy him and nobody will have faith in progressives ever again.

  9. hmmm…I keep wondering if term limits would really lessen corporate influence in politics. Wouldn't it make politicians think even more about the upcoming private sector job they want to land after their term expires and depend more on that future money?
    You'd think that long-term incumbents, who don't need that much campaign money anymore, could–at least in theory–be more independent of corporate money.

  10. You have to first go to the Democratic Party headquarters, go deep down into the catacombs, past the traps and water lizards, through the maze, and into a chamber. Inside the chamber is the Great Neo liberal Queen spider who sits on a pile of cash. Slay the spider and sing Ding Dong the Witch is Dead in Latin backwards and the party shall be yours. Or you can just elect a majority of the caucus progressives.

  11. "When Can Progressives Take Over The Democratic Party?" – Never soon enough.
    THIS: 00:55 It is the same problem the British Labour Party just experienced, Australia had in May 2019 and in Western "democracies" everywhere else. The world right now, is predominantly conservative, aided and abetted by a far-right, mainstream media. Particularly where Murdoch has infected the political discourse. Progressive and left of centre parties are finding it almost impossible to break through with a message of equality and civility. The present political climate is conflict and belligerence.

  12. When people start voting for their interest and not for the estanlishments who serves the Rich Elites like Pelosi, Schumer, Shiffs and many others who has been voting for Military spending.

  13. I honestly think the Democrats should be entirely replaced by a new Progressive party in general.otherwise the Democrats will just keep fighting amongst themselves and the Republicans will keep winning elections. Yes some progressives have taken over in the previous selection, but it's not going to last if Democrats keep constantly fighting amongst themselves.

    Much like how Republicans replace the Whig party and at least at the time did great things but unfortunately they've clearly lost their way. As long as there is a Democrat party there's going to be establishment liberal politics and that just isn't enough. Replace the Democrat party with a true Progressive party and great changes will happen.

  14. Electing Bernie , even if that were possible which I highly doubt it is, isn’t going to change anything. The Left is culturally terrible at organizing movements, favoring an “organic” coalescence of disparate groups on the left around an issue or a candidate. Think Obama in 2008 which turned out to be a bust for many far left voters. The left has to get serious about real grassroots organizing . Stop trying to inject a candidate into the presidency and thinking that’s going to solve everything. Take a note from groups like the Tea Party, they organized a full on push of dozens of candidates to run and win seats in Congress and that’s what the left needs to do to start real change. I’m sorry but, “ the squad” is not enough. We need a platoon or even a battalion of progressives running and winning seats in Congress before we can even think of changing this system.

  15. It's going to take a generation to replace all the establishment Democrats with progressives. But, every journey begins with the first step.

  16. I hate to be a pessimistic wet blanket but I think we severely overestimate the popularity of our ideas and platforms. I think it's infinitely more likely that we end up with a single party conservative pseudo-dictatorship than a progressive takeover of the Dems, and especially if Trump gets a second term and likely gets two more judges, that's curtains for liberal/leftists in America possibly for good. Remember we're still dominated by Cold War Boomers who think anyone left of Ayn Rand is an evil commie

  17. Big corporate money in politics has not only pushed the Democratic party to the right, its pushed the Republican party so far right that a Republican from 25-30 years ago would basically be a moderate Democrat today. The fundamental problem is greed and corporate influence in our politics and media. That's where the paradigm has shifted.

  18. We just need better progressives. Bernie is a pussy and AOC is stupid. Find a progressive that's smart like Bernie with AOC's aggressiveness and we've got a chance.

  19. Trump thinks he will "Make America Great Again" by bringing back industry with his tax cuts and deregulation of our environmental laws. I don't feel that will ever happen, we here in the U.S. need a living wage to survive, not slave wages. There is no way factory workers can make it on what is paid to workers in third world countries. So Trump supporters are wasting their time and energy backing this guy, hoping for our country to be what the U.S. used to be. Progressive means to move forward, not backward.

  20. All the progressives did that was great is:
    1. Show us how to take corporate money out of politics
    2. Show us what a coup within the DNC looks like

    There needs to be a new left. Something that addresses the automation age. A left that would keep the border closed due to automation and the lack of jobs. A green left that could work with the progressive reenactment troupe. A left with strong interests in small business vs free college. A left that doesn't write any race bills, and is willing to eliminate affirmative action. A left that can work with reRoosevelts on Alex Vitale inspired policing. A left that does not fear billionaires, and recognizes the value of the inspiration that they provide to youth. A science and technology based left. A left that wants to teach the gifted children. A left that can see the future. History repeats itself because ppl look to history for policy for the future.
    There should be a Justice Republicans to break up them, and provide infighting. It's the infighting that makes progressives provide a path.

  21. I say David is absolutely wrong on term limits. So let me get this straight the way to make the politicians more receptive to the voters needs is to take the power out of Voters hands? How does that work?

  22. All under 50 voters need to vote. It will be their country. The old white men (and women) are dying off or will become less engaged.

  23. 0:59 I think the country actually has been pretty "progressive", until about the time TYT showed up with their nemesis Infowars. Suddenly there was a line drawn in the sand. Populism in the 70's, 80's, and 90's really wasn't that bad. Public control over politics didn't exist. By 2005ish, there was new hope, and more setbacks. Now radicalism of all types, both sides, right and left, is at a height. We really reeled backwards.

  24. Its going to be extremely hard to get any progressive agendas done with so many progressives saying thing like "its an illegal coop from the globalist elite globalists to impeach trump" or "The Democrats only oppose trump to start world war 3" i hear this from about half of the progressive talk shows as a standard talking point i think dishonesty and authoritarianism from the progressives will stiffle effectiveness i think this has real potential to backfire against progressives i think the half of progressives who oppose reigning in the presidential powers of war because either they want to blame Obama or call any efforts to reduce the executive Mc'Resistance or the half of progressives who called the Womans March the Mcresistence going to have a hard time squaring that with voters during a general election and even more difficult if Sanders wins the election its possible democrats dont want to work with him his approval will tank as soon as Ben Shapiro and Republicans start attacking him instead of promoting him which they have started to do in the last few weeks ots possible that like after Carter the entire democratic party restructures to make it even more difficult for progressives to win

  25. The conclusion of your (wise) words David, is voters do not really count!
    The US democracy is corrupt, flawed.
    The real political and economic power is rooted in some few Americans owing the main parts of the country, to take politics where they want – offshore US jobs and profits, concentrate capital.

    Top 10% households own 93% of all stocks, their power on boards and management is unprecedented.
    Prof Richard Wolff calls it a "systemic crisis".

    If you are right, America is a downright plutocracy!
    All social findings and economic data corroborate this claim. 🤒

  26. pakman is not a progressive. he is a right winger who supports capitalism. you can NOT be on the left and be a capitalist. that's like being a vegan who eats steak

  27. Bernie backed corrupt Joe and bent over backwards against his supporters and did nothing when Clinton criticized him. Then he used an endorsement by Joe Rogan and his braindead followers attacked Joe for the dumbest reasons. Hes not gonna win lol move on and cover Project Veritas and Bernies terrorist field organizers

  28. Why not have Bernie and Socialist Democrats form their own party? Why takeover anything ? Just forge a brand new party. Everybody is happy then


  30. Progressives actually have to do something. If you think that you can sit around while others do what you want to happen, it never will happen. Get involved. Run for office. That’s when progressives will take over the Democratic Party.

  31. This is the conversation we need right now, before Bernie is PRESIDENT. We better understand how the 1%, the wealthy, the Corp Media, the imperialist capitalists have evolved. They never stop learning, and changing tactics and strategys. They fight to win. Even if it means destroying the planet. Let's train ourselves to fight for Bernie, because on TV,in the most important moment of our times, they show little fight.
    Bernie. 2020

  32. My planet’s progressive prime minister got elected after his opponent got pantsed in public, revealing his xarnov to millions.

  33. Sometimes I really, really wish that David occasionally did deep dives into subjects. Like, it's amazing that he can sum up the entirety of the systemic problems with the Democratic party off the top of his head in under 60 seconds, but imagine David settling into this question, he'd pulverize it.

  34. Progressives cannot take over the DNC when loudmouthed alphabet people (platformed by places like TYT) attack Joe Rogan and his listeners for supporting Bernie!

  35. What it's going to take is public revolt. The only way the powers that be will listen to the public is if it is afraid. That's it. That's the only thing they understand.

  36. We (Liberals is the word you’re looking for, progressive is a pussy word) have already taken the party back. How do you think Hillary lost? After witnessing the sham Democratic primaries, real democratics either stayed home or voted Green. Whether we are in the majority or not, or provide the money or not, is immaterial; as the most diehard, vocal, and strategic voting block in the “Democratic” party, we own them f$&kers! Now, we need to start believing it, and acting like it!

  37. The question belies the ignorance of not only the ideology but the cluelessness of the brainwashed that consume this illogical narrative spewed by Pakman et all daily.
    Keep trying though, it's highly entertaining watch the desperate self implosion and eating of your own…

  38. I would like progressives to take over Democratic party because they're not scared of right wing propaganda,but vote blue no matter who for president,house and senate,how much longer we will let people like Josh Duggar and Oliver North to get away?

  39. I agree that getting money out of politics is critical to progress and having a government that more closely represents the will of the people and not just the wealthy elites and corporations.

  40. I never got the appeal of term limits. Imagine if Bernie was term limited. Fix gerrymandering and voter disenfranchisement, and vote them out if they suck.

  41. The Tea Party took over the Republican party using purity tests and primary challenges for anyone who wasn't pure enough. Trump then used what the Tea Party had done to create a party loyal only to him. So now the GOP represents less than half the electorate, but continues to govern because of the electoral college and the Senate. Progressive Dems can do the same (purity tests, primaries) to create a pure progressive party, but they won't have the same advantage to govern without a majority of voters. Big tent is better than purity if you need a majority to govern.

  42. If you dont like the democratic party then don't fucking vote for them and make your own party. But a progressive take over will lead to dems being jeremy corbyned as the party is over taken by a bunch of ill-informed well intentioned extremists pushes vile bullshit

  43. Boaz from New Jersey? You are not what I would think a Boaz from New Jersey would sound like. Not that I know what I think that would sound like

  44. Here's the problem, Democratic Socialist are not Progressives.
    Progressives are historically pragmatic Capitalist who believe in Social Democracy.
    So, showing AOC and Bernie is a false example of a Progressive.

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