What's Behind the Global Rise in Populism?

everyone is listening to you now you came by the tens of millions to become part of a historic movement the likes of which the world has never seen before US President Donald Trump's victory is part of a new wave of populism sweeping through democracies of the world what differentiates populist from mainstream politicians is the claim that they alone represent the will of the people as a whole that allows them to dismiss any opposition to themselves or their policies as an attack on the popular will modern populist often take this approach as they tap into the backlash against immigration in a globalized economy that many voters feel has left them behind here's the situation unlike most isms populism does not lean left or right or even Center from the late radical socialists Hugo Chavez of Venezuela to the far-right nationalist marine lepen in France the uniting factor is how they conduct politics according to one author there are three core requirements for politicians to be considered populist one they make an appeal to the people championing their cause against to despise the lead she will keep our rigged system in place I alone can fix it populist also use crisis or manufacture them to justify the call to revolt and lastly inflammatory language is used to shock the establishment and prove politicians credentials as one of the people there is a lot of Moroccan scum and holla to makes the streets unsafe mr. Obama even worse opinion here's the argument because populist make big promises to shake up society they tend to bump up quickly against democratic checks and balances in particular the courts and media that were designed to limit what governments can do the temptation becomes to declare these institutions part of an elite conspiracy to block the people's will I have a running war with the media they are among the most dishonest human beings on earth there's a reason why populists submerged they promised a correction for democracies that seem to have lost their representative power and they offer a fresh start the challenge remains for mainstream politicians to address widespread economic and cultural fears otherwise the draw of populism is not going away anytime soon anything is possible if enough decent people are prepared to stand up against the establishment thank you very much indeed you

  1. I don’t know maybe unlimited Immigration…crazy capitalism that benefits big corporations…..billionaires like bezos that have 150 billion dollars….corrupt Politics……everything expensive af!
    Cuts for the middle class?


  2. I'm still trying to understand why populism is considered a bad thing. Maybe it is. Maybe I am not getting something. But it seems to me that the anger against populism is based on the presumption that there is some sort of elite ruling class or aristocracy that possesses the right to be in positions of power.

  3. Populism simply means anti-globalism. And who can blame anyone for being against what has happened to Europe? Nothing sinister or racist about a group of people putting themselves first for once.

  4. Erdogan is not a populist. He shuts down the media and people who criticise him. He’s a fascist

  5. The rise of populism is due to the government letting in thousands of undocumented immigrants who have beliefs that heavily contradict the west and these beliefs have been used with force on the native people of the country whether it be terrorism, murder or rape. The people of these countries when they bring this up are called racists and bigots.

  6. What's behind it? It's pretty obvious… incompetent and corrupt politicians. It's what used to be called "democracy"… a government for the people of that country.

  7. According to this video to be a populist you need to:

    1) Champion the people against the despised elite
    2) Use a crisis to motivate people
    3) Speak plainly (shocking language) which is not what a life time politician usually does

    How are any of these things bad? The media is constantly shitting on populism.

  8. Sorry Bloomberg, you "propaganda" video didn't work. The rise in nationalism and popularism is solely because the political elite won't listen to our voices. They no longer serve us, instead they serve the multi-national corporations and major financial institutions who have "bought" our governments. We are forced to endure the dilution and denigration of our Christian culture, and are persecuted by the authorities when we protest against it. We wish to be self-governing individual nations again. We are done with globalism.

  9. this is a different spin on the definition of populism than I grew up with. It is quite different.

  10. Corrupt politicians and elitist media who do not have the best interest of the citizens is why we have Trump…He was the grenade…and he's doing a damn fine job of rooting em out.

  11. This conspiracy stuff I agree is bullshit! But many of these populists really do represent the people! Trump like it or hate it represents the USA otherwise he wouldn’t be president…

  12. Populism is cancer to democracy. Until system is put in place to prevent it, modern western democracy as we know it is doomed to fail.

  13. Donald Trump is a liar and his followers are stupid. you have currently a great healthcare system that accepts patients with pre-existing conditions, unlimited benefit amount, and raised the age where you're no longer covered by your parents from 21 to 26. stupid republicans

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