What’s at stake in the U.S. midterm elections?

The U.S. midterm elections don’t usually get a whole lot of attention outside of the country. But this year is different because whatever happens in November will be seen as a referendum on Donald Trump. Right now, Republicans have the majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. But control of Congress is up for grabs. If nothing changes it means Americans like what they have now and they want more of it. But if Democrats take control of either house there could be some major changes. For starters pretty much any Republican legislation would be dead on arrival and expect more investigations into allegations of corruption Russia and Trump’s businesses. So how do the midterms work? Let’s start with the House. Members serve a two-year term, so every seat is up for grabs. Right now Republicans have 236 out of 435 seats. Democrats have 193 and six are vacant. One reason Democrats are optimistic: more than 40 Republicans aren’t running again, including House Speaker Paul Ryan. Flipping the house is rare. In fact in the last 25 years, it’s only happened three times. In 1994 back when Bill Clinton was president Democrats lost the house. In 2006, it flipped back, partly because of anger with then-President George W Bush. In 2010, the Tea Party wave handed control back to the Republicans, and they have kept it ever since. What do those three flips have in common? Each favoured the party not in The White House. The Senate works differently. There are 100 senators, two for each state. Republicans have control of the Senate by a paper-thin margin. But it’s pretty likely they’ll still have control come November. Each senator serves a six-year term and elections are staggered – they happen every two years. So about a third of the Senate is up for re-election. This year, 35 seats are in play. 26 are held by Democrats or left-leaning independents. 9 are held by Republicans. So the basic math favours Republicans and 10 of those Democrats are running in states that Trump won and is still popular. So the Senate changing hands could be a long shot. But it’s not just Congress that could change. There are 36 governorships up for grabs and more than 6,000 members of state legislatures will be elected. A record number of women are running for office, most of them Democrats. So the results could be historic. Another thing to watch for in all of this is turnout. Traditionally more Republicans show up to vote for the midterms than Democrats. Opposition to Donald Trump could change that or not and then there are concerns about Russia interfering in the election. All of this while the tone is already nasty on both sides and the country is increasingly divided.

  1. This was a bias report. They advertised candidates for the democrats but not the republicans and only brought up negative examples of trump. I’m not in favour of manipulation.

  2. Not mentioned was the corrupt jerrmandering and rolling back of the voting rights act. democracy is constantly under assualt. those who have power always wish to hold it at all costs. do not take your “freedom” and “liberty” for granted

  3. Wow only 19k views & 205 comments, none of the comments seem like a part of healthy discourse of a democracy loving people!
    We were delusional, to have thought, the cold war was over.

  4. I went to Texas a few weeks back and it’s a hot mess right now. Senate seats are possibly up for grasp for the democrats and people are freaking out.

  5. American's freedom, Amrican's democracy, everything we stand for is at stake. Put America above party and put people in power that will keep an eye on Trump. I ask for nothing more. It's so important for Democrats to win, to at least to keep our freedom as s democracy. That's how important voting this Nov is. One of the most important votes you'll ever make. Not only should you not ut be a voice.

  6. why is no one talking about the fact that the USA, Russia and Israel interfered in Argentina's last election, all three nations favored Macri and helped him win the last presidential election.

  7. Just FYI the House is essentially irrelevant. It is only the Senate that mattes in USA politics due to the fact they only the Senate has real power. The Senate controls which Presidential appointments move forward. It has the power to approve or block appointments.

    The House has no independent power at all. There is nothing they can do on their own. Even of they pass a Bill it requires 60 votes in the Senate to move forward.

    Losing the House would not matter at all but losing the Senate would hurt Trump and his agenda.

  8. Countrymen: Let's make sure that NO Democrats will win in the Midterms and we all vote for Republicans so we can continue to enjoy the progress we are having right now!

  9. David Vega … That's a very good question. I definitely would pick out a Senator or a Congressman that is not Trump's puppet. As a conservative Independent voter, I vote both ways. So a lot has to do where you live and what your self needs are. Most people are NOT for universal health care and you would think I would feel the same way. I pay aporvx. 1,600 dollars a month in health care for my wife and I. YET I am for universal healthcare because I know it helps poor. I am not forgiven more tax breaks to the mega rich. Today, the middle class pays more in taxes. The rich pay less than the year 2000 and the poor pay nothing. I am going to vote for the Democrat Govn here in Ga. simply because Kemp says nothing for health care. Now where you live, your needs might be different.. Our democracy I feel is in danger so again I would not be for a person who supports Trump> Trump said today no one can beat him in 2020. Trust me that's simply bull. .

  10. David Vega  Just make sure and not divide the state, that's on the ballet. I like most democrats there and I like some of there republicans too. Do a little research and find what best suits you but NOT vote to divide that state delegates up. Peace Brother !

  11. For example that scripted portirican one i just watched / all scripted leftist propaganda – do not fall for it /ps the libs printed those just for the piece.

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  14. Everything is at sake, lets put it this way, if dems don't win, learn how to speak Russia…….and Trump just started separating families again, YES, true but he will let them stay together 20 days then choose. It's obvious he simply doesn't want anyone to come here even if their life is in danger. Plus they are using extreme voting laws to hold down the votes. Women of all people need to get out and vote PLUS young people. Your democracy is at state, this is truly the most important election in my life time and I'm 61, I am an Independent voter but I'm hoping Democrats can preserve our democracy. as we know it.

  15. Dems can't win a battle when they're the only side fighting. Midterms they're TOAST…
    A Red Wave is a Coming. 😍 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 💝

  16. America better be Praying like never before Florida,Texas etc…. don't turn DEMOCRAT cause IF they do Trump being Reelected is over for 2020 😒 😠 🚨 just keep that in mind for the polls this November !!!!!

  17. 2:47
    Damn you're still up with this Russia thing, even though there is 0 proofs to back it up ?
    Well i guess when the facts are inconvenient, you just need to push the lies long enough .

  18. Republicans and independents can’t stay home. SHUT OUT these bums on the Shumer Pelosi side who don’t have a brain of their own. They MUST follow like lapdogs. DRAIN IT. NOV 6. SHUT OUT !!!

  19. Are the downvotes from conservatives who think CBC is a left leaning station, or are they from liberals who think CBC is a right leaning station?

    And what is so wrong about the content of the video that deserves downvotes? Is it not factually correct? Or are people just downvoting CBC regardless of the content?

    What if CBC is broadcasting news about world peace, and people downvote that? Does that mean they don't like world peace?

  20. The only Hate is from the left! As a left leaner myself I have been disgusted with the actions of not only the people but the Democrats. I’m ashamed to be a democratic voter, that’s why I will be voting red

  21. As i research and learn more and more about politics "still along way to go " but one thing is easy to ser and always has been for me Democrats disgust me to my core which is rare because im usually a nice ,cool,and easy going man.But these people are absolutely ridiculous there isn't an ounce of future thinking or common sense among the entire lot.LOVE ME SOME TRUMP MAKE SURE YOU GO VOTE BROTHERS AND SISTERS i say that because when the war breaks of we'll be shoulder to shoulder im down to fight if need be and you all should be too.

  22. I hope Trump and the GOP win. I mean really how else is Putin gonna destroy the U.S.? Vlad is counting on them for their help. So far so good.

  23. Trump is without a doubt, the Voice of reason, not treason.
    I was a non-partisan, became a Rep after the abuses committed to Justice Kavanaugh. I had to distance myself from a party that would go to those lengths, & destroy a man and his family. Then the caravan, I believe the Dem's are behind both, It's Simple:

    If you want to live in a country that will protect your constitutional rights, vote Rep! I've already.voted

  24. Seems like to me that CBC News is just another socialist Democratic mouthpiece. Not really reporting the truth, but their biased opinions. President Trump was elected by the majority, and the Democrats, and their minions like CNN, CBC, and other news agencies continue to fight the results of that election. Paul Ryan won't be missed because he is the most Democratic party aligned Republican I have ever known. The Democratic party has done more to divide our country than any other party since the Civil War. They are only interested in themselves and what they can get out of their office for themselves. The Democratic party, to me is a socialist, if not communistic, party and Americans should be very afraid of them. They press for open borders, and would welcome all of the migrant caravan into our country, give them our hard earned tax dollars. Remember, socialism only works until the other person's money runs out, I believe Benjamin Franklin said that, but I am not sure, but it is a true statement. I used to vote independent, but since Obama's run for second term, and seeing what he and the Democratic Party did to our country, I changed to straight Republican. No candidate could be as bad and a Democratic candidate!


  26. Republicans and democrats are both skull and bones freemason satanist illuminati technocrat new world order banksters. Trump is Gods hedge between sanity and insanity. Trump is the only hope. He has some good Christian morals. Don't be blinded by the demonic media. Trump is the good guy in the story.


  28. Oh wow i wonder if anyone in the comments have opposing views but all think they know better than everyone else commenting oh wow…

  29. Don’t worry Trump will take a leaf out of Obama’s book, he will use Executive Powers, and Republicans Control the Senate, trying getting a bill Passed.

  30. trump lost house because of the early premature defections by scared repubs. trump should sic the irs on these cowards

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  32. Now here we are a Democrats had a Blue Wave, Dems flipped the House Gained 40+ seats and holding on to Senate seats in States Trump won in 2016! Democrats also flipped many governor races and made Republicans have a run for there money and other key races despite upsets! Democrats did really well and now we have a Democratic Controlled House and Republicans Controlled Senate, 2020 should be good night for Democrats to if Trump dose not get his act together!

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