What These Rumored Mueller Indictments Mean For President Donald Trump | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. Infowars…. stop right there…. he's nuts, racist, stupid , deplorable and everything in between… no need to explain

  2. MSNBC the Russian trolls network doing more damage to America Than any Russian troll with armies of social media Botts could ever hope to achieve

  3. Naxi Mueller is going after democrat political enemies for little lies. Russia Hoax failed biggly and thats why democrats so scared now..

  4. It’s amazing that you are seeing Americans selling out there own country to advance their own agenda and grab for power.

  5. Almost all of you commenting on this video are in for some big surprises with other indictments that are coming…. example… the thousands of pieces of evidence that shows the pedesta bros are pedos!!!! Wake up people!!!!…. I am not a fan of trump but media like this has been brainwashing you for years now. Do your own research!!! You were warned

  6. You attacked President Obama, now it's time for YOU to see what it  feels  like to be attacked by THE FBI and ROBERT MUELLER! You will be  charged  with PERJURY YOU LIAR! You never thought this would happen to  you huh?  You're going to PRISON Jerome Corsi! KARMA is a MF

  7. A great metaphor for the Mueller investigation would be a janitor who was called to investigate a strange smell in your apartment just to find out that your entire house is riddled with mold. Now people are asking what‘s taking him so long while he is making plans to displace and inspect every single piece of furniture, remove every carpet, every piece of ceiling panel, wall panel, and wall paper, just to find out in the end that your Russian neighbor above your appartment has been purposefully spilling contaminated water on his every floor.

  8. yea, my lies have caught up to me.. Hope my man Trump doesn't have to go to Prison with me.. Good thing his son-in-law is helping to get Prison Reform for us, isn?t that right Don and Vlad! my buddies, my pals, right? you will save me, right? just like you did my buddy Manafort? you have my back dont you? dont you?

  9. We are stuck with Trump for a long time. Trump is a reflection of the nation. Just look at how we treat one another. Read the comments. We are divided in so many more ways than ever because we move so much faster than we can gather information to state our own opinions. Tarantado ng mnga tao dito

  10. Breaking : Grumpf orders the USS Ronald Reagan, USS Pennsylvania and 100,000 troops to the eastern seaboard to counter a rumored possible threat of underwater attack Smurfs armed with space-lasers, maybe invading the USA in the next 3 to 6 months.

  11. Seth Rich was the source of the emails released to Wikileaks! He’s dead! FAKE NEWS—ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE! THEY THINK UR STUPID! ASSANGE HAS STATED OVER AND OVER IT WAS NOT RUSSIA OR ANY FOREIGN GOVERNMENT! I can’t believe this fraud investigation continues and they sit there straight faced and report it as REAL! THEY ARE LYING TO YOU! CONTROLLED CORPORATE MEDIA WANTS YOU DUMB AND IN THE DARK! WAKE UP IF YOU BELIEVE THIS NONSENSE! How come they never cover what was discovered in the emails? Does anyone ask that or they not bothered by that? What kind of reporting or journalism is that? I’ll tell you! Controlled! WTFU!

  12. Sound like the Russia Collusion Investigation is still a big nothing burger😂🤣😂. Trump will look great in orange.

  13. 2 more. They will flip for reduced sentences. But sooner or later a judge will drop the gavel.

    You have been found guilty by the jury.

    Sentencing is set for (insert date here).

  14. Republican U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham said on Tuesday he supported a bill that would protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller,
    from any politically motivated firings and would urge Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to allow a vote on it.

  15. Trump et al's obvious response when the Mueller report comes out will be "fake news", "intelligence agencies full of democrats out to get me", and the "deep state" conspiracy. Because they're his and his gaggle of corrupt treasonous clowns only alternatives.
    Mueller's just lining up such overwhelming weight of objective evidence that Trump will look an abject fool trying those responses.

    Sure the MAGA-mullet cultists will excuse any behaviour and bunker down more heavily in their denial of reality. But, they're done. Loud, but flailing now like drunken trailer trash who've lost their meth bag. Their bloviated gawping, fawning idiocy and denial of reality will be held up to the light of day and the majority of Americans will cry, "enough!" Back to your conservative talk radio infowars prepper bunkers to fatten further on crap beer & gas station food. Or, try the meth diet.

  16. Need I confront your LIES? Hillary Clinton started Obama Birther Issue and you're With Her … go figure! If Corsi agreed with Hillary about Obama, you're willing to laugh at Corsi and not at Hillary? Oh how your Mockingbird procedures work in total dishonesty!

  17. Velshi and Ruhle are always fun to watch, especially when they are so obviously enjoying themselves hearing new and unexpected stuff. Such as now.

  18. I was deposed 6 times throughout my career. I was never told that if I ever lied I could simply say it was a perjury trap.

    You swear to tell the truth , the whole truth and nothing but the truth or your version of it or an alternative fact, and if not claim it is a perjury trap , so help you God . The new Fat Donny Chump way to swear in a witness.

  19. You're lying to protect your friends you go to jail you're lying to protect yourself you go to jail so which one should you do tell the truth


  21. It’s incredible how these insider career politicians can’t not stand the fact that an outsider such as President Trump was duly elected by an overwhelming amount of people sick of the same old crap that these liars spew.
    Simply put, he’s not a new world order corporate puppet the left is so accustomed too.

  22. To avoid a perjury trap,

    one should first, close their yap.

    If on this you have failed,

    and don't want to be jailed,

    just tell the truth – it's a snap!

  23. I know you guys are going to get mad but I don't care Rodger stone is the reason why the Jews were persecuted in Germany in the 1930s and 1940s

  24. This is such propaganda!!! Only idiots believe Russia hacked our elections. Bob Mueller is finished now that Whitaker is in there.

  25. Corsi's nervous. Yay! He has been spreading lies for so long that he felt he could do so with impunity. Next up Alex Jones.

  26. * Follow the money ! President Donald John Trump.., the worst President in American history. Indict President Trump and his family, and off to prison.. 🙁

  27. Lol right wingers somehow their brain turns to mush or cant recall anything. And these people are in power.. gosh wonder why .. oh wait the trump base is even more stupid .. long live inbreeding.

  28. Jail Time For Trumpski and his Klan. this includes the corrupt GOP and Fake Fox as well!!!!!!

    American Greed!!! Trumpski and His Klan!!!!

  29. If you're telling the truth you can't perjur yourself it's only when you're lying do you forget a liar needs a good memory.😡🍄🐷💩😡

  30. All Hail King Asshat Trump and the Russian Queen! Remember when the first lady had class and could speak English? Deport her!

  31. Trump created the Mueller investigation to cause chaos and distractions. In the the Mueller will find nothing against because trump planned if that way.

  32. This is just a partisan attempt to get somebody close to Trump and hope he says something bad about Trump. This is not a neutral or fair investigation. If it were, the staff would not consist of all partisan Democrats.

  33. It is very important to continue the investigation because we still have not seen any evidence to start the investigation.

  34. Wrong.
    Corsi said, "I've never met Julian Assange".
    He didn't say "I've never talked to…."
    They really should get things right. It's very sloppy reporting.

  35. Blah blah hate Trump blah blah blah hate Trump. Blah blah blah blah hate Trump. Blah blah blah blah hate Trump blah blah blah hate Trump. So how does all this effect my life not at all. But I'm pretty sure this part of the MSM push on Trump is a play. Who ever controls the medium controls the message. What is the Truth. Who ever wins is always on histories side. Think about it. I hope you all take care of your selves. Thats all that matters.

  36. Stop playing the public we r on to your crap. After all you lied to the Nation about 911 because you were in on it. You are in on the investigation sherade too!

  37. Unless the voting machines were hacked there is no way Russia could have anything to do with voting.This is Liberal clickbait.I'm not liberal or conservative.But I do love all the fake witch hunts.Your stuck with Trump like the rest of us stop the BS.Hillary was a bigger scam artist than any other politician but that is ignored by the left.

  38. Corsi the frog, that's the price you pay to be evil, and for your info Barack Obama was born in the United States, I smell sweet justice, and it sure smells good

  39. I don't understand. We know Trump cannot be indicted while in office but he can be a unnamed co-conspirator in any criminal charges so my confusion lies in, if all the persons indicted conspired with Trump, where is the conspiracy charge tying them all together? At the very least shouldn't there have been at least a RICO charge?

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