What The World Thinks Of The U.S. Election

The 2016 election has proven to be one of
the most unexpected and divided elections in recent history. But outside of the United States, there seems
to be less of a divide over the two candidates, and more of a surprise at the overall state
of affairs in the United States. So we reached out around the world to find
out, what exactly do non-Americans think of the 2016 Election? Well, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
are generally seen as controversial, but for a wide majority of the world, Trump is the
center of their focus. Trump’s popularity has been a bit of a shock,
so much so that for many, the frontrunner, Clinton, is at the back
of their minds.   In the UK, Clinton has also been repeatedly
compared to Margaret Thatcher, who was famously and widely disliked but considered a strong
and decisive leader. Similar comparisons have been made in Germany
as well, which currently has a center-right leaning female leader. An election week poll found that 86% of Germans
would sooner vote for Clinton compared to just 4% for Trump. Notably, the potential election of a female
president has not been seen as ‘groundbreaking’ outside of the US, where female leaders have
become ubiquitous. Nonetheless, in more socially progressive
countries like France, Clinton’s appeal stands out, especially in light of Trump. Across the Pacific, those living in Mexico,
are no less willing to hide their disdain, than Trump has been willing to make inflammatory
comments about their country. One Mexican academic compared the fear of
Latinos in the US to the fear of communism in the 1950s, predicting a “brown panic”
brought on by Trump’s rhetoric. As for Clinton, many in Mexico clearly prefer
her to the alternative, with one law student telling the LA Times, “She’s an intelligent
woman and knows Mexico, and it appears that she supports immigration.” But people from other countries, particularly
in the Middle East, don’t seem altogether excited about a Clinton presidency. A report in June by the Washington Post showed
that Egyptians seem less concerned with who becomes president, and expect the result to
be roughly the same for them: negative. Not far away, Iranians similarly seems guarded,
especially in light of the recent nuclear deal. Interestingly, many Israelis have shown support
for Trump, although the common thread of “anyone who supports Israel” seems more important
than the candidates themselves. Trump, as a Republican, is more likely to
unconditionally support Israel, while there are some fears of Clinton continuing the US’s
allied but critical stance, despite her overall support. The biggest difference between the US and
the rest of the world seems to be the level of shock surrounding Trump’s success. One German academic wrote, “Trump’s unstoppable
rise is seen mostly as a symptom of a distinctly American disease. In no other democracy in the world, it is
said, could voters be so openly motivated by greed, show so little concern for less-privileged
fellow citizens and be so politically ignorant.” Nonetheless, while Clinton is the preferred
choice, she is not without criticism by the rest of the world. If you’re a fan of innovative storytelling,
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  1. Schillery another Margret Thatcher not even on the coldest day in hell. The press bs has sure convinced the rest of the world that Trump hates mexicans if you look up what he says it is all ILLEGAL aliens no I will not call them undocumented because that sounds like they left their papers at home no the broke the law thus illegal.

  2. Giving me individual accounts of what people say doesn't really tell me what the world thinks. We need global stats.

  3. Uh, Germans think we're stupid. Lol, Muslim migrants aren't raping our women in broad daylight. Think about it schizkhoff.

  4. You guys didn't talk about Canada we all think it's stupid that either one of them were that close to winning, but Hillary would still have won in a landslide if it was Canadians voting

  5. Americans voted for Trump for one reason. He was outside the system. We want change in this country and the world. Hillary is in the pockets of big business and will sway issues to support her financial supporters.
    Trump, on the other hand, is big business. He can not be bought by anyone.
    Although many of us have reservations about Trump we would rather have a President who stands on his own two feet than have a pawn to big business.

  6. Maybe if you wanted to make a political video on the election, don't do it 2 days before the election, you dumb shit. Then maybe you won't get this bad of feedback.

  7. i dont agree with any of them but i would rather prefer hillary because at least we can make some new allies and not get involved with fucking world war 3 if it's ever going to happen

  8. I billion Indians – Trump
    Japan – Trump
    South Korea – Trump
    France – Trump
    Italy – Trump
    Russia – Clinton
    China – Clinton
    Iran – Clinton
    North Korea – Clinton !

  9. Who gives a dam what the rest of this world thinks it's long past time we stopped bailing them out of trouble they got themselves doing so has cost us trillions and lives unless they pay up front we shouldn't do anything for them I sat Isolation for a while let them try it without us

  10. why do we have to care about America's election?
    why do they not focus so much on the rest of the worlds' elections?

  11. You American's are stupid xD Trump is trying to fix things in you country like emigration because in europe muslims destroy our culture Trump want's to save your American culture . We people that aren't american wanted Hilary to win because Trump would be more focust to America then NATO if i was an American i would support Trump for a better life in USA . But vote Hilary plez 😉

  12. Americans don't fear Mexicans they just Want them to come here legally If women want equal rights because they claim to be equal then a woman president will be no different than a man president. So why push for a woman president would make no difference

  13. Obviously they only interviewed liberals, and people from majority liberal countries. Of course not all Mexicans think Trump is bad, because this one supports him.

  14. These are European countries saying they want Clinton…They only hear mainstream media AND they of course are counting on her to keep Obama's promise of taking the Muslims off their hands.

  15. This video is so funny. I like the quote from the German academia at the end of the clip. Hits it right on the nose about the US and its voters – STUPID

  16. The main difference between Trump and Clinton:
    Trump: gonna start a good ol' war
    Clinton: peace and freedom (in reality I'm gonna bomb all of 'em)
    So, yea Trump says he will do wars and so Clinton doesn't say it but does it

  17. Hillary = no fly zone, doesn't likes the 2nd amendment, says she's peaceful nov 9 2016 Hillary Clinton supporters causing a riot and destroying public property. That sounds like a success.
    Trump= no more illegal immigration, safe border like turkey let's be honest you can get into the U.S. For free that's wrong.most likely will open up more job opportunities because he is very successful in the business world/owns high income business.

  18. This is exactly what trump is talking about when he says fake new, though I think the term misleading news would be a better word. The media tries to make people who support trump feel alienated. As in this episode, they give only testimonies of people stating that Trump is an evil person. They say they think that the world is no longer as safe with Trump in office. The one testimony saying that Trump supporters are evil and don’t care about the well being of anyone use that is underprivileged. This is clearly an attempt to alienate trump supporters and deter them from supporting the candidates that they really support. I don’t agree with all of Trump’s policies and I don’t think he will make the best president ever but I do agree with him that the media reports unfairly about him.

  19. Lol, they fail to find anyone who supports trump outside of random idiots in the US, and everyone accuses them of being 'biased'. Ever consider that the fact that sane people wouldn't vote for him? Personally, I didn't vote, because I didn't want to be responsible for either coming to power. The 2016 election was just a big sickening joke.

  20. MAGA BABY. I am so glad that Killary lost so we can finally be friends with Russia for a change. I voted for Trump because I did not want more anti-Russian war and no more stupid globalist agenda. You either voted for the globalists or Russian shills, but Russia will always be better than globalist agenda.

  21. I have Canadian relatives who came to visit us a bit before the 2016 election, and when we asked them who the prefer, they said that from the Canadian point of view, it is interesting to see who will fail the country more

  22. People know who the corrupt are. They are the globalist George soros group. Oboma . clinton. Trudeau. Merkel. Australia. McCain. McConnell. Mueller. Comey. Susan rice. Sessions. Many more. Both sides full of paid globalist

  23. These last few decades will go down as some of the worst in US history due to money hungry twats that only have self interest in mind and not the people’s. It’s blatantly obvious..

  24. I like how all of these academics are making Trump out to be a poor-hating criminal thief. The guy has different views, it doesn’t make him a monster.


  26. Let the world burn. If it's a crime for america to promote america's interests then we need to cut off foreign aid to any and all countries against us, be they 'ally' or enemy.

  27. Anyone can migrate to any country for temporary jobs. But the country remains part of its citizens. Immigrants should understand that. For example, even after Trump's election none of the big celebrities moved out of USA like they said

  28. Change the title to 'Our channel's confirmation bias showing how the SJWs in some European countries are also triggered by Trump's victory'.

  29. "In no other democracy in the World could voters be so openly motivated by greed, show so little concern for less privileged fellow citizens and be so politically ignorant" OUTCH!

  30. First of all, America isn't a "democracy"… it's a REPUBLIC which the rest of the world will never understand… and for that reason they would have voted for Hillary and then America wouldn't be America anymore. America is ONE nation, one president and has one flag… we are not GLOBALISTS which sets AMERCIA apart from the rest of the world… we do not live according to the opinions of our neighbors. Thank God for President Donald J. Trump… who's MAGA!!!

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