What Makes A Good Community

a community is a place where people live work and have fun together there are different types of communities do you know what they are there are rural communities suburban communities and urban communities every community is unique but in each one the people care about safety and help each other today Casey is going to take us on a tour of three different communities in Arizona our first stop is his grandparents house out in the country Royal communities like this are in the countryside the towns are smaller many people in rural communities live and work on farms farmers do a lot of work in rural communities they have to take care of all the animals and work the land to grow crops people everywhere depend on rural communities for fresh fruits and vegetables Casey's right things like corn carrots peaches and even potatoes all come from farms like Casey's grandparents there are fewer homes out here so there are fewer people world communities have smaller populations but the people here depends on other communities – people in rural communities rely on larger communities for things they need many smaller rural towns don't have shopping malls or large grocery stores rural residents must visit cities to find those things what kind of community is found in the city an urban community people who live in urban areas love the convenience of having everything being so close living in the city means everything's close by where are you eat where you play where do you shop where you live it's all right here busy streets museums parks apartment buildings buses trains and skyscrapers are found in urban communities I love these doors KC likes to come to the city with this mom they enjoy shopping sightseeing and people watching the city is a busy place lots of people come in and out of the city every day public transportation is an easy way to get around hurry mom we'll miss the train people also get in and out of the city by driving their own cars the streets in the city can get pretty crowded if you're coming to the city you have to remember to be patient KC lives in a suburban neighborhood suburban neighborhoods have the conveniences of the city but the houses are bigger and there's more space than in the city lots of houses with yards can be found in suburban communities the population in the suburbs is less than the city but more than in rural areas like city folks people in suburban areas like to have everything they need pretty close by libraries stores shops and neighborhood parks are also found here another thing that's close in suburban communities is highways many people use highways and interstates to get in and out of the city suburban communities are located close to large cities Chandler Arizona is only about 25 miles from Phoenix but this suburban neighborhood is very different from the big city every community is different but each one has people who work together and make their community a better place a good community is one that meets your likes and needs if you like a lot of space animals and farming then a good community for you is a rural area if you like a neighborhood with lots of houses and yards you might like a suburban neighborhood but if you want to be right in the middle of all the action then an urban community would be perfect for you as for Casey he liked all three communities what do you think makes a good community


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