What It’s Like To Be a Teenager in Putin’s Russia | NYT Opinion

In March 2017, 60,000 Russians
took to the streets in 80 cities protesting
government corruption. Hundreds of people were
arrested and imprisoned including my dad, Alexei. My name is Daria Navalnaya. I’m 17 years old,
and I’m from Moscow. When I saw people my age going
outside and not being afraid, it made me want to find out
how young people like me in Russia really
feel about politics, our government,
and our futures. So I asked a polling
company to find a selection of kids
my age with a range of different views. Putin’s been in
power longer than I and the people I’ve
interviewed have been alive. It’s a small
survey, but I wanted to share this with the
world because it’s rare that people outside
Russia get to hear from young people like us. Let’s go! This is Kirill. He told me that he
was a big supporter of Putin and his politics. She was even a member
of Putin’s youth group. I was just really excited to
talk to a young person who supports Putin,
but that’s when I discovered that Kirill’s
feelings were much more complicated. Not a single person
I’ve interviewed thought that things are going
to change, at least not soon. One of the problems is
our parents’ generation, who grew up during the
last years of Soviet Union, For them even
Putin’s Russia is better than what they
have experienced before. And that really made me wonder if young
people don’t really have hope for change in Russia, do they dream of leaving and
making a life somewhere else? I guess every teenager dreams of traveling the world
and experiencing new things. But I was also
amazed to hear how conflicted some
of my interviewees felt about their home. And, unlike our parents, who
lived through the Soviet Union, we’re more outward looking. We see the world
outside of Russia. We care about democracy. We want the same opportunities
as young people in other countries. When the next
election comes, it won’t be easy to make
me and other people my age to vote for
Putin’s system again. We will change it, I think. At least, I hope.

  1. I dont understand this video at all. I prefer those really fantastic videos where Putin walks in such a stunning nature, with mountains, lakes, and meeting animals. Do I need to say that i find Vladimir very handsome and attractive as well?
    / Evelynn from Sweden

  2. I would like to do what It's like to be a teenager in Erdoğan's Turkey as a 18 years Turkish girl

  3. As a girl with Belarusian parents this they all loved Putin .. it’s very much a patriarchal point of view where things will be as they will be and they don’t fight the upper hand That feeds them and love Russia

  4. "So we can have more parties… to compete against one another". Russian elections typically have at least four main parties competing with each other, unlike in countries such as the USA where there are only two…so?? Also noticed some inaccurate translations from this video.

  5. Это комедия. Малявки говорят об коррупции. Youngster talking about the corruption. Classic comedy right here ladies and gentlemen.

  6. I'm Low-German and I grew up in Russia, my family lived in Russia for several generations. so our conclusion about Russia/Russians,
    corruption, jealousy, racist, hatred, stealing, and of course, vodka is part of the Russian soul. it's as if they can not live without it.
    Russian is a very pretty language if you understand it, but living in Russia, no thanks! we will never trust them again. and neither should you.
    under Putin it was a reasonably stable country. but what is next? Navalny? you must be joking.
    I See only one salvation for the Russian people, the people themselves have to change and not the government, everything else will follow.
    the west is trying to bring democracy into a country where the people that live there can't do anything with it.

    really I hope the younger generation will change for the better. and don't sell out to the west. like Navalny!

  7. Talking about puppets… She is the real american puppet. Move to America or europe if you are seeking this life. Do not destroy our great Russia.

  8. Its all a matter of opinion, this is the opinion of an opponents daughter. Younger people are always interested in alternatives and rebellion. They are controlled by emotions instead of being in control of their emotions. Maybe they should visit a country like South Africa they will learn to appreciate what they have. They should stop looking at the west and be proud of their heritage and their ways. Does the opposition really have what it takes to lead Russia ?

  9. I am Russian, i don't like Putin, but this girl is a terrible interviewer. I don't like the way she reacts to these kids answers and they way she asks questions.

  10. вы все, включая ведущую, детки непростых родителей. у вас жизнь устроена. вся эта показушная борьба для вас игра. уровень ваших проблем – недостаток комфорта, блевать от вас тянет…

  11. Im not blindfolding and accept everything Putin says or did. There is for sure corruption happening as it does in nearly every country on this planet.
    But this fearmongering is uncalled for. Its just medias trying to convince you with subtle methods that russians live in a difficult society with a leader that is somehow bad.
    They use children for their cause, because that always works for convincing purposes.
    Fact is: Its not the Russians that stand at american borders. Instead its the americans that stand at russian borders.
    Fearmongering of the bad bad russians is laughable at best.

  12. Putin the G.O.A.T, much love and respect from Mexico City. NYT and most mainstream news media are the engine of the US Gov. propaganda machine.

  13. Your live in Russia is better than Middle East & the king of "criminal war" USA. You must be grateful with your president. Respect from Indonesia for Russia.

  14. Translation: " My Daddy is one of Russia's leading sh*t stirrers. He loves getting his name on TV and in the media though he doesn't actually have any solid proposals to make for the good of Russia or the good of the Russian people. He makes a living by accepting money from the US for his propagandising against the Russian Govt and here he has organised pimping me out to the NYT … You can be absolutely assured that anything I say will be as reliable as if it had come from the lips of cheating, stealing, lying Mike Pompeo your very own Sec of State ! "

  15. очередная семейка супостатов и якобы они орут типо независимая оппозиция! НА расстрел этих мразей! нашли полтора дебила которые нечего не умеют и не хотят и говорят как жить плохо

  16. The so called "democratic" guys (Gaida, Chubais…and many others) had a long time in the Eltsin's era to show what they can do for their country, and what results came out?

  17. You don't even have the right to boycott a foreign nation (Israel) and you are here talk about Russia????

    Come on…. Why don't you look at your own backyard????

  18. I have never been to Russia nor do I speak the language But what I do know is that Russians are extremely lucky to have Putin.
    Sure there's many issues still to be taken care of and probably a lot of corrupted govt officials, but the country's future is in the hands of the new generation. The separation of the USSR was just a couple of decades ago for God's sake. Without Putin, you'd be way behind where you are now in terms of wealth and development.
    I wish Russia nothing but love n the best from India. 🙂

  19. Young lady dont follow your fathers footsteps, he is a lawyer, Yet,,,, a troublemaker, bad influence to younger gnrs like you.

  20. JewYork times If Hitler hadn't broken the Nazi-soviet non aggression pact Germany would have nuked Newyork with their Amerika bombers

  21. I am a foreigner and I would love to be in Russia because of Putin. Putin is a great leader for Russia.

  22. I worked in Russia for two years , and know Russian ,
    The words are not correctly Translated .
    As an Indian , from a neutral country , agree to Corruption in Russia , but Putin is far better than Yeltsin .

  23. I ASK,DO YOU HONESTLY BELIEVE The New York Times WOULD AIR A FAVOURABLE OUTCOME FOR THE FEDERATION OF RUSSIA? C'mon now, the west dismantled the USSR & now it fears Russia, so it MUST lie to their western citizens about how BAD the Russian are in any way,shape or form

  24. Wouldn’t all these kids, when they get back to Russia be arrested for bringing down ‘stability’?

  25. The young people of Russia should be totally grateful and proud for having president putin as the leader of their country

  26. This is staged, this yang girl is already morally so low, that fabricating some virtual reality for her is justified, because she can sell it to the enemy and make money. Unfortunately, you can find those kind of people everywhere and they are real beasts, always ready to use any situation, any person for they monstrous goals.It is hard to fight them if legal system is to tolerant – no strict law. In US those kind of people are silenced forever.

  27. a 17 yr old oppositions leader's daughter asks a polling company to find out… Where did the money come from?

  28. Typical teenage mindset.. Other countries are better though I never been to one 😁😁.. The well off are ones that go to colleges abroad what the heck are they cribbing?? One dum um has issue with nationalism, must be in some arts course 😂😂..eastern Europe is better?? Yeah right.. Says Government abroad are good, then will be seen in anti trump rallies😁😁.. NYT make better propaganda next time

  29. Без Путин ще го загазите МНОГО яко :))) Ама нали сте същите като нас продажни лайна ….

  30. Very good video.
    I think Putin is best your country has had. Corruption is in every country I hope your generation makes a difference. Good video.

  31. What’s next NYT? Asking American “teen” Chelsea Clinton what it’s like to live in Trump’s America?

  32. How can a teenager who spent their life living in the US represent the views and opinions of real people? I respect the NYT, but this time it was pretty disappointing that you confided in that family. You should have asked real people studying and working in modern Russia without asking a vlogger or whatever they are to interview them.

  33. There is no way I want Western countries to make war to these beautiful young Russian. They all wants Putin to go away. You know Putin will be killed the Second he is not the President. That is Russia style.

  34. I haven’t lived in russia but I’m pretty sure this is all scripted. No kid would say that they would want transparent elections.

  35. Putin is great. If he was a globalist they would have lost their country by now. He loves his country and that's a good thing.

  36. Her fascist father once proclaimed "Russia for Russians" and called other nationalities "cockroaches" before he was suddenly anointed as the darling of liberal media after gaining traction of supporters. Just another trash really who will be used by Western powers for their own agenda.

  37. This is nonsense and politically motivated. I lived and worked in Russia for several years, the vast majority of Russian's support Putin and the improvements in Russia, domestic and abroad; the vast majority of non-Russian people I know outside of Russia support Putin. Every single person that I know or have met that lived in Russia during the soviet union speak of that time as wonderful and in many ways better than they have now. Younger people from the soviet period say born in the 70's and 80's can see many improvements in Russia, people born during or after the war ended in 1945 have slightly differing views suggesting it was better during the soviet union. My wife's father was a child during the Leningrad seige as a child, he suffered and was eventually evacuated to safety, sadly he has passed now, but several years ago was given an apartment by the administration of St Petersburg as compensation for his suffering during the war. He never joined the communist party and had higher education as an engineer and always had a job. Russian's today enjoy much cheaper utilities such as water, gas, electric, telephone and internet, fuel, food if local (depends on where you are in the country) there is no GM foods, most if not all local produce is organic, they might live in small soviet style apartments but most have a summer house located outside of the cities and towns, with a large garden and grow many natural products,they live in general healthier lifestyles, the stereotypes of drugs and drink and just that stereotypes and not typical. How many people in the west have that? We are saddled with debt and live to work. Yes, many things could be better in Russia, better salaries for certain market sectors, less corruption etc. but it is getting better all the time. Many employees of bigger companies enjoy good packages, insurances, lunch meal vouchers, cheap public transport, many from Siberia enjoy subsidised holidays the list goes on and on …let's not forget if you have an unauthorized march or protest in many western countries and it becomes disruptive you will get moved or locked up; just to put things in context. Russia is a great place and getting better under Putin's watch. Education is better kids do more for free in schools, whereas in the west anything outside of schools hours costs extra money …which is why the west has been conducting a brain drain of highly educated graduates, scientists and engineers from not just Russia but many east European countries. I could write a book and generally say that these young people do not yet have sufficient life experience to really put everything into context.

  38. How long is Merkel in office again? Same logic, she must be bad right? Or we have two standards, one for Putyin and one for everybody else.

  39. Your dear Father Navalny is a Crook! So stop this American Propaganda I wonder who paid you for the stupid propaganda?? You young ones have no hope to change anything because you can not find a leader better than Vladimir Putin! Countess Ursula Widawska

  40. American propaganda using Russian minors, which should be a crime all over the world. These kids are not mature, how can USA use them for propaganda videos?

  41. Yo, as 19 y.o. guy, who speaks bough Russian and English I 100% APPROVE THAT SUBTITLES ARE CORRECT! All those aholes in the comment section talking sh*t about daughter of Navalny are Russia's troll army. As we call them in Russia "Kremlin Bots".

    I personally agree with not all the things that Navalny has done and suggested, but! He is doing a great job informing younger generation about political situation we live in! This, unlike the others, has balls to oppose Mr. Putin. And also that's why he got poisoned recently. Putin is a former spy, and he never forgot his habits!

    Teens in Russia are either don't know sh*t about politics, cuz they don't care (Until the day they would need to earn money themselves), or just can do nothing to make things better.

    In Russia we all know who is the problem. But, like in Harry Potter, we cannot pronounce his name. Cuz u really can go to jail! Even because of a repost on social netork with any kind of anti-Putin material. Even if its just a MEME!

    So, we are, pretty much, screwed.

  42. Look.! im Russian, those kids have no idea about Political problem. She is a daughter of Navalny' and ones i was following him , but now he becomes a pathetic Puppets , not a hero!! They think they know how to change things in Russia, i guess talking from America and trying to fix it , nothing will change…. Daria Navalnya f"""" grow up and see the reality , u think u r out smart everyone..???

  43. LMAO new york times paid this woman to say something bad to putin. Also the woman doesn't speak to all russian people yo😂😂😂

  44. @The New York Times i think this video + comments is a good example of (im just gonna use the fancy words) the theory of epistemology that the american masses hold. i wrote in a different comment that you do bear (rly? the animal?) the responsibility of (tbh) willing ignorance that americans cannot follow your arguments. you might say "well, that is a much deeper issue with the institution of education", and i agree. so, the more circumspect criticism is still, as journalists (or whatever holy identity you identify with) the profession is still to impart truth to the masses. however damaged the masses are. yes, the masses are ill. but <spiderman quote>.

  45. В любой стране мира 18 летний молодой человек – бунтарь. С его губ ещё не высохло мамино молоко, а он уже рассуждает как должно быть в жизни.

  46. she's never been to a protest, why? team Navalny says nonsense, they believe less than 2% of my country. maybe less

  47. Navalny daughter LMLOL.
    That's what NYT could afford to do their dirty job 👎.
    Waow so desperate to promote their puppet.
    The mask is falling AmerisraHell, your true deceitful self is showing, and it want stop ✋, because DAYTIME IS COMING AND YOU WANT BE ABLE TO WORK YOUR EVIL IN THE DARK ANYMORE.

  48. I know a few Rusaians. Many areas are safer than Europe. NYT demonizing the Russians to make themselves half relevant to write non sense pieces. Mainstream media are in complete opposition to American patriotism

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