"What it means to be Ideologically possessed" Jordan Peterson

now I want to show you some things I haven't done this before but we'll see how it goes I'm going to show you something that happened recently some of you may be aware of this and some of you not so this is a video about there was a there was a town meeting that a number of people spoke at including one shopkeeper from New York and after the meeting he was interviewed by the the press the TV and one of the attendees at the meeting was upset about the fact that the press was concentrating on him instead of concentrating on what she regarded as the issues at hand so I'm going to play this for you to begin with now what I'm trying to show you I want to show you what it means for someone to be ideologically possessed and so you can tell when you're talking to someone like that because this is something I learned from reading Solzhenitsyn is because you can predict absolutely everything they're going to say once you know the algorithmic sub structure of their political ideology which is usually predicated on about five or six axioms you can use the axioms to automatically generate speech content you don't even have to hear the person you can just predict what they're going to say and so that alleviates any responsibility whatsoever they have for thinking and it also allows them to believe that they have full control and full knowledge over the not only full controlling for all knowledge about the entire world but also the capacity to distinguish without a moment's thought between those who are on the side of the good and those who are not and that's where the danger really comes so anyways we'll take a look at this and so right now the news is interviewing a person whose daughter or the heroin addict I think is what I said in the comments and he probed Anka he's protocol and so he's the one getting interviewed and they're like a million people who have spoken about how they've been these kind of cops that they're not being a damping strategy only the person who's program code is also a buzzin cousin so they got their pension and that's the one that they you see and I no idea we'll find out yeah yeah sure longer okay humongous law Humongousaur you bugger humongous lock your muggers humongous log you bugger one humongous huh that's what it is humongous wrong is that sexual harass night or two longer then why'd you say that to me whether what humans are flawed you buggers were humongous wall is that sexual harassment is that what you just did when you said that to me what you might why would you say that to me yes but my name why would you say that to me why would I say it why would you say that to me would you ask me my name walk humongous one humongous one humongous lot she wondered what this her friend respected just just worked me ineffective harassing way I did yeah he did he say he said do you know what my name is Isaac you mother well yes yeah this hard you sexually harassed me yes yeah that's right she wonders why she moats and now you're today you're actually pointing to yourself you're actually pointing to your body part and you're actually pointing to your body part and saying that you're humongous you're actually doing that and this is the person you just interviewed as a parrot bunker person of color as if you are good you represent us yeah and don't you think you're the token and then you speak me in a sexually harassing manner how dare you how dare you what you're fucking disgusting you have y'all came to money do I can please did y'all can see are you pouring him did you just make you happy what what is your neighbors what is your name what is your name is Karen what is your name ma'am what is your name you work for the city we are here in a public place you need to tell me your real name is my name is to know yeah and I'm not war security permit you know water city okay you want to get away from that means I don't have to tell you why in your voice at me what does anymore write your name like in our building rules here what is your name what is your name what is your name party honey what is your name no you haven't what is your full name what is your full name and what company do you want so what are you talking about protection my name is Janelle Stephanus I am okay are you questioning her and will you ask a question and the wrong person on each operation he was short security company where this not as amazing so you who are you just a person is that you trust me universal protection security that merger Tommy didn't get the cockpit notice how they should get a cop here today they just saw some more progress yeah so why did you do nothing about the person who sexually harassed me I made it very clear he's especially asked me why did you not go after him I tell her to stop why did you do that why did you do that why could you not do you deal with the gentleman the gentleman is gone already you want why are you here why are you still here we because we're being really loud and we're disrupting I wouldn't be allowed a time it is my dog my job no no no baby laughs or Excel I understand that dad no you don't you don't have said anything yeah so they've got a lot of attention online that's just so you know and so then she responded because she was quite intensely criticized so here's her response now I want you to listen to how she speaks my name is Anna and I'm doing this video because we need to talk it's become clear to me that a great deal of us suffer from the illness of patriarchy and it's not just the men who suffer women can be patriarchal to women really but why would they be patriarchal towards who other women that's a stupid so many things in our system today come from hi Jackie including racism colonialism capitalism classism and of course sexist Wow oh she thinks she knows everything guess all these experts with their degrees can just go home one thing to remember though it's hard to see something when we're really close to it you have to step back sometimes look at a system critically to see what others might be seeing I wonder if she's done I'm a woman of color so I'm going to talk about my experience with many other marginalized people such as indigenous people and queer and transgender people and gender non-conforming people will have their own thoughts on this offer indigenous who and and what the hell is gender non-conforming what are all these labels what is she even talking about why does this woman think she can speak for everyone I mean who the hell is she anyways what a drama queen the challenge is that it is very hard for those who are marginalized such as women of color express how they feel without being called the angry brown woman or the angry black woman or the nagging woman or crazy my god she just won't stop talking but sometimes I do wonder what women of color are thinking when I make a cross racial or sexual joke in front of them and then I say just kidding and then afterwards why they always turn me down when I asked them to dinner it's because of a phenomenon called white fragility and male fragility why liberals and men in general have been told over and over again but if they just never use the n-word and they never talk about race and they're never physically molest anyone then they're not racist or sexist so when I point out that actually the system of how we live it ensures that all white people are racist and all men effective because they profit from a system that marginalizes people of color and non male there just as they've attacked women of color for centuries to retain their power oh she's the sexist one she's the racist for what why does she hate me yeah so I make more money because I'm a man and I have a lot of privilege and my voice matters at every sphere of life but I didn't ask for that that doesn't make me racist or sexist talks as if men don't have any problems I haven't had a raise in three years I mean yeah I haven't spoken up for women or done anything constructive to help women or people of color and I take my privileges without question and I live happily in my own little bubble but that doesn't mean that I profit from their suffering it's not my fault they're marginalized I didn't marginalize them so why should I do anything to help them just because I make more money and have access to all the education and resources and housing and jobs recently I was sexually harassed by man in public on camera and the news stations posted the video without my permission with the question do you consider this sexual harassment this led to a lot of people attacking me and going after me all over social media this is what patriarchy does it causes everyone to attack the victim the one who is most vulnerable this protects the system of power which is male sexual dominance how do we even know she's telling the truth about sexual harassment I saw that video in the online reactions from all the men and yeah they were threatening rape and violence and death all while accusing her of overreacting but just because she's putting her physical safety on the line to talk about this doesn't mean she's right the main complaint that I raised my voice they questioned my vanity because I spoke up a patriarchal society once women to shop office okay so now the next thing that happened was she started a funding campaign to to help her out and get her to spread her message so okay so that that was interesting and then what happened was this guy here decided that he was going to start a funding campaign for humongous and so he started a camp a funding campaign on a website devoted to funding such project and they shut him down so then he started another funding campaign and he raised a hundred and forty thousand dollars and so this is his interview with humongous let me turn up my mic Rudy and let's see if that helps you is this better okay is that better oh yeah that's better so you said you were you were working this morning blowing leaves yes I was a bounty on balgan Seattle following what uh what a salt-of-the-earth man just got pledged a hundred and thirty thousand dollars and he's out there blowing some fucking leaves y'all can learn something from your boy humongous here god damn you know we got a new president but just doesn't mean that the leaves don't need to be still picked up Rudy how you feeling right now dude I I feel loved I am really truly grateful and I we left last weekend I don't try great broke down ready for your addiction I'm looking out at the sky and I'm diggin I think I'm kind of screwed today No so I took myself down to a church and I went trade and when did confession look like the question didn't meet the criteria at the church so I swear to God what does that mean he the father stepped out in the confession room find Oh know if you said just excuse me that we're going to have to maybe do this after math and you walk you to the door and I said is there a certain way to confess my sins maybe I can get a lot of help from somebody god I mean I'm just asking God for help and the dudes like not not here we don't want your ass here I've never heard it such a thing that's really funny one of those say to make you call me a ninny well I went out the front door and I waited till I got off the church property and I said watch it a policeman so I went up so do be a humungous I'm thinking a hungry but I see Taco Bell yeah go over and I've got 75 cents and I'm thinking I wonder if I could oh I'm a little short on that one and I'm going I think I'm going to try another Church halfway between the Mexican restaurant Carson Smith Korea the church artist going to I get a call from you wow are you serious where to God I am NOT I am not kidding that single death they're like incredible I go hello hey I remember you said when I called you you didn't know it was me and you're like I swear to god I'm about that I'm having a midlife crisis and then you like like as if you were speaking to yourself and then you said hey who is this do you remember that I remember that yeah and I was in hey I thought you were somebody else okay and I thought you said I'm packed off because that lady is getting funded and I'm going to find you because it's not fair how she was degraded you and I'm going you know I'm going to keep going to that church apparently I'm God's messenger was that in my control the whole time God God but Papa bless I'll do that okay you're actually ascending to heaven right now it looks like I think God is trying to tell us something right now because the Sun there's a stairway to heaven coming out right from the top web side oh there's a light there's a light God finally answered your prayers I really sure how to Ethan you have and those across America and around the world I really want to I can't I can't really put it into words other than I I realized that what I've learned from others I'm carrying that message of downward dog up with hope I feel like if there was a Bible written today I almost feel like that story would be in there Humongousaur left the church and despair walked to Taco Bell was 75 cents in his pocket and as he realized he didn't have enough for a taco he got a ring up not from Ethan but from the spirit of Papa John who worked through him in mysterious ways and yeah you know what I'm going to do is no miracles around $300 off to the to that churches a show in sports program just because XQ – a opportunity to help pull people up and not their mail no gates like date ha ha ha I want to make it clear that the people that supported me in this effort fiscally I will not abuse this I'm not going to come in to turn into some raging drunk that you're going to be on friggin sidelines yeah yeah oh my god that's that's honestly our worst nightmare we're all going to be like horrified what do we do I've already done that stuff when I was in my 2052 like there's no way ready there's be like come well will we find you on facebook now ok we'll be watching the humongous journey and God bless you all from this country and around the world I mean I'm just absolutely great

  1. The beginning of this lecture explains the phenomenon of the NPC Meme and how it reflects the tried and true language of leftist media.

  2. Is it me or does it seem often times the most ideologically possessed zealots are women from Indian descent?

  3. I have always thought it was odd how these feminist women, go on and on and on about rape, and make out that men are sexed crazed maniacs. From the point of a man this is bewildering, as personally the thought of raping a woman has never crossed my mind. Interestingly i read an article about how most women fantasize about rape. Though i am sure that they do not want to be genuinely raped but rather a nights worth of being ravaged in bed by a man.

    I think they are subconciously expressing their sexual fantasies. Women also have a need to feel desired by a man and i soppose you could say this is a form if self flattery. I also think that in their nurosis feminists seek negative, rather than positive attention from men.

  4. this…this is why woman used to be muzzled…..haha jk terrible. but seriously. i hope she cant vote. rather have ten thousand fresh felons voting then this lady.

  5. a woman provoking assault from men, who have to exercise restraint. She needs a gag, a straight jacket, and an injection. And a TKT to Pakistan for another perspective.

  6. Russian civil.war was huge world changing event.And Dostoyevsky was right when he called such people as Possesed-Demonic.It unleashes the most destructive behavior imaginable.Im oppressed versus je or she or.they are oppressed

  7. Jordan Peterson perfectly describing NPCs (i.e. "ideologically possessed") at the 0:47 mark LONG BEFORE the NPC meme was even a thing!! Lol

  8. As a male feminist myself I believe women are the cornerstone of our great society. When the walls final cornerstone is added, lets place a time capsule set to open in the year 2666. Inside it place one Hillary Clinton, and one live stream camera on youtube.

  9. LIBTARD feminist pitbull!
    (Closet psycho pocket schizophrenic?)
    Someone gives her a fob comical answer,and its sexual assault=butthurt loon!

  10. She's abusive!!!!

    She's super crazy.

    If she got in my face. And , if one drop of her disgusting spit got on me. I'd knock her out.

    She's scary, just watching her on video.

    I'd feel threatened if she got in my face, and if her disgusting spit got on me.
    I'd give her one good kick, to get her out of my space, so I could feel safe again.

    She's got that crazy person stare in her eyes

  11. She's just angry because nobody wants to sexually abuse her. It's funny how she doesn't even describe herself as Indian but as a "woman of color" because that is a better victim card.

  12. Men have more access to education, really? It's almost like they are pulling statistics from their ass.

  13. Zarna Joshi is the "full name" of the psycho beotch, that lied about being sexually harassed. I would love it if someone would physically teach her a lesson.

  14. I bet that dot between her eyes is where her brain leaked out… plus, hugh mungus seems like a really good and chill dude like somebody ya wouldnt mind being in the same room with without worrying about triggering them and having to listen to their bullshit for the rest of forever God bless HUGH MUNGUS!!!!

  15. I genuinely don't think I've ever hated a human (if you can call her that) so much.
    Like, she's just such a horrendous, selfish person. Literally her insecurities have manifested into attempting to bully people that she doesn't even know! into horrific situations.

  16. Her face's normal expression looks like it is full of pure evil hate.
    Also, who ever exclaimed "WTF?!" after zarna says what happened need to be smacked hard

  17. Zarna is a fucking bitch piece of shit bitch fuckface who has no respect for life so she doesnt deserve life that fucking bitchface fucked up piece of fucking shit Zarna die go die bitch die bitch fuck you bitch die bitch hell shitface bitch she is

  18. Whether or not we want to admit it, science is a religion. No matter however you try to rationalize it, the belief in only science is actually known as scientism.

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