What is the Green New Deal?

You’ve probably heard a lot of talk about
something called the green new deal from some Democrats in the US,
the Labour party in the UK and school strikers around the world. But what exactly is it
and why does it matter? In the simplest terms, in America,
the green new deal is a proposed plan by some Democrats that sets out many
of the steps the US needs to take to avoid climate catastrophe. In the UK, the green new deal,
also known as – a green industrial revolution, is a similar plan, but refers to a collection
of thoughts and policy ideas that have been proposed by environmental
activists and economists to tackle climate breakdown. Ideas that have now made their way
into politics. At it’s heart the green new deal is a term
that encapsulates thinking on how we tackle climate breakdown
and make our society fairer. It’s a programme to try and decarbonise
the economy at pace. But to try and do it in a way that raises
living standards, creates thousands and thousands of jobs,
and tries to change the economy. And the thing that’s really
powerful about is is that the environmental crisis and the economic crisis that we’re facing
are often seen as two separate things. But they’re fundamentally related because
they come back to an economy that isn’t working for people,
that isn’t working for the environment. Governments all over the world are failing
on the climate crisis. For example, the UK government has been
giving subsidies to fossil fuel companies for years. Meanwhile, income inequality is at its worst
for decades. And on top of that, how the economy works
is bad for our environment. We’re consuming more, we’re producing
more – one and a half times – our ability to regenerate;
the earth can only sustain so much. Although we’ve been hearing a lot
about it recently, the green new deal has been around for over a decade. As the financial crisis hit, a group of
environmentalists and economists, drawing inspiration from Roosevelt’s New Deal,
came up with an initial plan to transform the economy in a way that
would deal with climate breakdown. It’s a mix of policies across sectors,
some transformative and others, though needed, might seem
a little less exciting. For example, one plan is simply to make
our homes and buildings more energy efficient by installing insulation and double glazing. But one of the major ideas is massive investment
in renewables, so we stop using fossil fuels in our day to day lives, including in how
we generate our electricity. Transport is another area supporters
of the green new deal say they want to reshape, calling for green,
cheaper or even free public transport way less car use and levies
for frequent flyers to discourage excess air travel. Green new deal supporters say this will mean
thousands or even millions of decent, rewarding jobs being created,
offsetting the ones lost to declining fossil fuel industries. The green new deal is also about how
to make these changes in the best, fairest way possible. This is what people call
a ‘just transition’. People’s jobs will have to change and
the way they work will have to change, and it’s including them in the conversation and also, recognising that they are
the best people to listen to and who will have a better understanding
of how we can make that change, because they’re the ones impacted by it. It also gives us an opportunity to have
a conversation with people who are often left behind and are usually the victims of policy change. And saying, ‘No, you don’t have to be
the victims of policy change. You can help create the policy that creates
a better life for you, but also helps us solve this existential crisis that we’re facing’. And crucially, a ‘just transition’ means
listening to people globally, including some of those least responsible
for the climate crisis but who are being impacted the most. For example, some say the UK green new deal
shouldn’t continue the destructive extraction of minerals abroad. The UK has a historic responsibility
for decarbonising really quickly because this is the nation that birthed the
industrial revolution and colonised large parts of the world
and used its resources to build the modern society that we live in right now. However, there’s still one big question;
can we afford it? We can afford to do it, it’s a question of
political choices and political will. There’s money out there that we’re already
using and we’re just using it poorly. Some economists say it could be financed
through shifting where subsidies currently go, borrowing to invest, a windfall tax on
oil and gas companies and new jobs, which will create more income
and tax revenues. But there’s an even bigger question here;
can we afford not to do it? If you think about the logical conclusion
of climate change, you think about the chaos in the system, extreme weather conditions,
hurricanes, floods, and the human, but also the financial costs
of responding to that. So for me, it’s not can we afford it?
It’s a choice. We either are sensible now and we make
decisions now and say ‘this is the cost of trying to
manage this thing’, or we sleepwalk into the crisis that the science tells us is coming. The green new deal would mean major change,
on a scale that can be hard to imagine. But climate breakdown is already happening,
and the scale of the problem is huge. However, we have all of these ideas
in the green new deal that would mean a real chance to do something about it,
and do something about it in a fair and just way. Thank you for watching this video. One of the most interesting things I found
while doing the research for it was that some of the thinking around
the green new deal has been around for quite a while. So we know some of the solutions,
it just take the political will to implement them. If you like these videos,
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  1. by 2100 the human population needs to lose 95% if we are to survive our own global mistakes …. thats reality if u like it or not 🙁

    EDIT : at current levels of consumption .. we could manage it if we all eat fried bugs and tofu … no more roasts , burgers or anything that takes more water to produce than its weight ………. WATER IS THE PROBLEM

  2. I believe there's a balance. Humans are causing climate crisis, the climate crisis will kill humans. Fewer humans = less climate crisis.

  3. Climate activists Jessica Reznicek and Ruby Montoya are going on trial in federal court beginning on December 2nd for their role in sabotaging the Dakota Access Pipeline in 2017 in southern Iowa after exhausting all other means of halting its construction. They need our support. Please spread the word.

  4. There is NO Carbon crises. Atmospheric co2 is ~300-500ppm, & plants can take in up to 2000ppm+ CO2. It’s just an agenda to make $ & to keep free energy technology off the stage.
    Earth will always self adjust itself back to homeostasis & equilibriums. They just need to stop poking it with their stick

  5. Alot of ppl are listening but when it says all within 10 yrs and immediately taxing the industry that ppl work at , you lose ppl. Ppl need to work and the green jobs would not immediately employ all lost from taxing the industry. 10 years is so tight there would severe consequences for abrupt change
    If they changed the timeline ppl would vote for it. Otherwise it would never ever pass in congress

  6. Earth was frozen before we were here and then it melted 😳😳😳😳 but how did it melt without climate change 🤪🤪🤪

  7. Why is a child talking about climate change when there are scientist that have more facts about the climate than this child has being on earth ???

  8. For every ton of CO2 the UK saves China will produce 4 tonns. China planted 1.000.000 trees because they need the wood for their industries. And those trees will be cut down when they are tall enough. China is importing Austalian coal.

  9. Too late, this green new deal won't happen in the UK, because the brexiteers are voting for tories (voting for the most ridiculous party/pm in british history).

  10. These Democrats are LYING!! THEY will NOT give HUMANS these NEW JOBS- the majority of jobs will go to A.I.- Artifivial Intelligence!! Humans will go jobless, homeless & starve!!! These Democrats want MASS DEPOPULATION!! DON'T BE DECEIVED!!!***Saudi Arabia is ALREADY DOING IT!! RESEARCH HOW SAUDI ARABIA is using A.I. for all their NEW JOBS for their new GREEN CITIES!!

  11. You want a "green new deal"???…then you have to stop mass immigration… because a larger population via mass immigration will inevitably consume greater resources…go figure.

  12. who was the Scottish Mason/Illuminati that said the population will come down by form of a new plague when we reach 8 billion cupcakes I am sure his last tham was Pike was it Albert Pike

  13. Green New Deal = The Left using the very real threat of climate change to impose socialism/state control/higher taxation on workers.

  14. if we truly wanted to to help the environment, we would remove economical factors from the green new deal. it's a trojan horse for those not on the extreme left to take the moral high ground in achieving a socialistic government in saying "don't you care about the environment?" evil.

  15. I can't understand why earth can't be a utopia, peace ,harmony and thinking about something else other than ourselves. Living for tomorrow.

  16. Lol The green new deal is something that apparently even Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t support as she hasn’t given up her fossil fuels yet

  17. tldr; it's a power-grab by economically illiterate socialists who hate capitalism, not one of whom has any relevant qualification in science or economics.

  18. Ignoring that the UK Green party have been calling for this for years… Labour is playing a part but saying that they're leading in this is naïve

  19. @1:37 the graph bottom should be 0%. This is no longer journalism if you use data visualization tricks to misrepresent facts.

  20. I’d love to make my home more energy efficient. But, with Grade 2 listing of our south-facing facade, I’m not allowed to replace my windows with double glazed or put solar panels on my south-facing roof.

  21. this green new deal can benefit oil producing country, since not much would interesting buying fosil fuel any more, so no more war in the name of oil field

  22. Climate change isn't a problem. In the 80s the UN told us we would all be dead by the year 2000. The green new deal is complete idiocy.

  23. Clean new deal is just another way for the rich to consume more while everyone else dose it harder. …
    Dont fall for it ! Its just another con job .
    No organism on this planet is successful by cutting back.
    In a few years technology will progress to a point where all these problems seem trivial.
    200 years ago people were going on like they are today .
    "The worlds coming to an end !…how can we feed the growing populations…ect ect…but technology came into play and saved the sky from falling. Many people today not thinking ahead. Dont get sucked in by the doom dayers as you'll only pay more and get less.

  24. The green new deal in a nutshell; give more power to the elites and tax normal people more .
    They have no solutions

  25. its ironic, these same commentators speaking of climate change and how government should change laws to force the people to live differently, will be the same people angry at lifestyle changes if these laws were put in place. Most do not understand just how far we need to go for it to be worthwhile. We might as well be living in a pre industrial society. I doubt the zoomers can cope.

  26. As you see Bernie's numbers, any candidate AOC supports WILL lose since she is the dumbest women in history and stupid remarks are on tape!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Agenda 21, the plebs rammed into high rise cities, with public transport, while the likes of AOC drive past in a limo, on their way to their Eco mansion, far outside the city limits. thats what the Green New deal is.

  28. The Lib Dems and the greens, policy on air travel is you will pay more in tax if you are a frequent flyer. Translated, If you are wealthy then it's ok to pollute more as you can afford it.

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