What is Political Science? What is the meaning of political science?

hello friends welcome to school of political science today our topic is what is political science political science is the systematic study of the government politics political power human political behavior international relations international law comparative politics public administration essence political science often defined as who gives watch with when and how now question is why we call them physically in essence on what type of sign that we see in this decision human being can be divided into two broad categories one is Natural Science and second is social science while natural friends do with the physical one social fine till treat a human team their collective social life social behavior organizations and activities political science is a social science which is concerned with the political aspect of social man and its subject matter is political institutions political process political activities or it can be areas etc it is related to other super finds such as history economics sociology psychology ethics etc definition according to the oxford consultation area politics political science and study of the state government and quality already in the process of collective choice resolving these agreements and reaching decisions through frustration or gaining discussion and compromise these definitions given by will to luck will politics is through case what when and how according to David Eastham polity is the authoritative allocation of value actually there are lot of mechanisms of political science these are famill ten subject matter of political science these are the subject matter of political signs state and government political theory and political thought comparative quality international relations and law Constitution and law of the state public administration's political dynamic political behavior of individuals and etc later we will make videos for each subject matter significance or political science or while you study political science all human being our political and social animals a bunch of individuals clustering together is a natural phenomenon many testing out of the need for cooperation and collective security but what makes human organizations distinct is the tendency to use collective strength as an instrument to perpetual search of better life they contain the complete processes of countries cooperation and integration within a group and currently the distinct features of evolving cluster of rosters in larger organizations as an umbrella 42 multitude of smaller cluster the importance of political science lies in the fact that all of us ladies in a political system and comedian affected by the changes in the global political economy with the advent of globalization there helps in a convoluted rise in term uterus taken by the people of the world in understanding the political system of other countries in political science we can be able to and reported as they provide the limp through which we can understand the global political economy thank you again for watching this video for more videos please subscribe our Channel

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