in June 2018 Turkey's president erdogan claimed victory in presidential and parliamentary elections securing five more years in office despite concerns about the economy and a plunging lira Aragon won 53 percent of the vote with over 90 percent of ballot boxes opened his victory driven a change to a powerful presidential system that places unprecedented powers in his hands these powers include complete control of the cabinet and the power to appoint senior judges and officials including unelected vice presidents to the outside world the election was the latest step in Aragon systematic consolidation of power and his bid to transform the one staunchly secular republic in his more religiously minded image but while many commentators in the West resent Aragon for his Islamist leanings the real ideology that underpins his rule is not religion but secular nationalism and custom this is K Javits and in this video we will look into the politics of Aragon Turkey was regarded as an outpost of Western type secularism during much of the 20th century but Islam and Turkish nationalism were always present in the country even if not a strongly displayed as they have been in recent years Kemal atatürk the founder and the first president of the Republic initiated a radical policy of separating religion from politics he created institutions and laws that were modeled after European counterparts and severed ties with the country's Islamic past making Turkey the model country for successful westernization after replacing Islamic law with European civil codes he installed the principles of secularism into the Constitution banned the Muslim call to prayer in Arabic and pushed for the social integration of genders these reforms would radically alter the fabric of the Muslim majority country which only years earlier was the capital of the Ottoman Caliphate but the reach and penetration of these policies beyond the country's urban centers was limited for more than 80% of the population who lived in rural areas these reforms but little for them Islam continued to be the most immediate way in which they identified themselves and arrogance politics are precisely aimed at this conservative audience who wish to see a reverse of the staunch Ataturk style secularism of the 20th century his new nationalism is assertively aimed at Muslims fiercely independent in his political rhetoric distrusting of outsiders and sceptical of other nations and global elites which perceives to hold Turkey back this strategy has worked for a dragon he skillfully satisfies his party supporters who are Turkey's conservative religious lower and middle classes as well as much of the commercial class by fusing nationalism with a dose of religion a Dragon's vision for the country echoes especially well amongst the pious conservative people from the Anatolian Heartland a common theme in arrogance recent election speeches and rallies has been the dark period between the 1920s and early 2000s when the secondarily ruled the country while so-called pious citizens were marginalized what istanbul-based and peeing in the air care party said since the aka party came to power practicing Muslims can enjoy the same rights as other Turkish citizens but despite Islamic speeches over the 16 years that the AKP has been in power it has been mostly pragmatic on the issue of religion and insists the country will remain secular even as the country switches to an executive presidency Turkey may appear more Islamic now than it was a few decades ago but when we look at the fabric of Turkish society the country's politics are still inherently seculars says liberal Islamic theologian Sam in Assiut and Ankara best analyst Salim coral also wrote in the Atlantic that air dogging himself is by all indications a genuine Muslim and an Islamist yet he doesn't seem to govern as one although a considerable number of Turks believe Islam has a central role in their national identity there's also wide support for Turkey to remain secular a report found that there is a component within the ruling party AKP of about 35% who put Islamic messages not in the call once the rest of the party are ok with this religious rhetoric but they also believe that Turkey is a secular state Turkey is a deeply polarized country on the issue of secularism which was a key battleground in the election but Africans victory may potentially keep him in powerful in the 10 years if he wins the next election Aragon has spoken of wanting to raise a pious generation implementing an Islamic curriculum in schools around the country he has led calls to end the ban on head scarves in public institutions and has a giant mosque under construction overlooking Istanbul a pet project of arrogance just as Kemal atatürk shaped the country in his image Aragon has worked to shape it in his own one that looks to the glory days of Turkey and brings the nostalgia of Islamic Ottoman history to the forefront of Turkish politics to take his conservative Muslims or history offers the vision of glory power and victory an identity that confers respect self-esteem and dispels the feelings of inferiority and marginalization it validates Turkey's place in global politics now when the power secured Turks can expect the Islamic Ottoman history to occupy a greater position in public discourse as Eragon will undoubtedly continue his winning strategy of nationalistic politics with the dose of Islam if you enjoyed this video please don't forget to support our crowdfunding campaign on fund me page comm /k David's your forms will help us produce more better quality videos pay for music licenses footage and allow us to make more amazing content you

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  2. I don’t want the ottoman empire to rise again I want Turan to rise
    I”anatolian turk” don’t want to lead an empire based on a religion but based on race/ethnicity TÜRKS

  3. http://www.khilafah.com/crooked-models-of-crippled-regimes-to-mislead-the-muslims-and-distort-islam-from-erdogan-to-isis/

  4. Why Christian don't demand Christian country…?? They also have to demand Christian country and force there law on every one …then only these Islamist will understood…

  5. May Allah give mercy to our lovely brave leader his excellent Mr rajjib dayyib erdogon. I wish our leader our Muslim brother Erdogan longlife and good healthy for rest of his life and paradise him and All pure Muslim Brotherhood. InshaAllah 🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  6. It’s such a shame that the Greeks didn’t reconquer Constantinople when they had a chance.
    Now the world is more peaceful than ever and there’s no chance to get it back 🙁

  7. Erdogan is a great Muslim leader with the wish of ALLAH SUBHANATALA and we want more leader like Erdogan in all Muslim country.

  8. I think erdoğan is turk's sufizm( hoca yesevi: nakşibendi)and ihvan mixture.Some turks dont like the seculer state Tc..This aproacch was replay to seculer turks.It is wining for 26 years in turkey.I think Secularism will get up until 10 years in turkey and return islam' s law.

  9. You are very misinformed. I am Turk and Turkiye is NOT SECULAR – we are an Islamic nation our military police judiciary constitution now is based on Islamic principles don't dare say my country is secular. We are the sons of the Devlet osmanli Halifet. Allah Turku Korosun

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