What Iran Did Not Want You To See | NYT Opinion

It’s really shocking. You see the security
forces who are just shooting. The protests
were triggered by a massive rise
in the fuel price. And within hours
of the protests starting, the
authorities resorted to the use of firearms
to crush down these voices. The Iranian authorities
shut down the internet. It happened extremely quickly.
Between 24 hours people were no longer online
and seeing our messages. However, many
people courageously sent these videos. And as the internet has
been restored slowly Amnesty International
has been able to look in to dozens of videos that
have emerged. The Iranian authorities have a history
of using excessive force against peaceful protesters. What we’ve seen this time
though is an unprecedented use of lethal force against
unarmed protesters. Now I can show you
some of the footage that the Iranian
authorities clearly did not want the world to see. This is a video from
Tehran that emerged on 17th November onwards. It is this moment,
especially that shows security
forces shooting directly at the people at the
end of the street. This is what shows us
that the authorities have been unlawfully
using firearms against unarmed protesters. This sign on the
building indicates that this building belongs
to the Department of Justice. The people
on the rooftop who are shooting into crowds of
people are wearing uniforms which indicates that they are
from security forces. Based on our research, the majority of the deaths
have resulted almost entirely from the use of firearms. If I pause here, you can
see a man who holds a gun and is shooting
at the protesters he’s not wearing a
uniform and people who are not familiar
may mistakenly think that he’s a protester.
But he is a plain clothes official. And you can
gather this information because as you can
see, all the security forces are standing on
this side of the street. So in general, it doesn’t
seem that the authorities want to hide the
identities of these people. And that adds an additional
layer of illegality to the situation. This is the footage
from the city of Shiraz in Fars Province. You clearly hear
people chanting slogans against the current
supreme leader. While the protests were triggered by the sudden
rise in fuel prices, they have expanded
to include grievances against political
repression and political authoritarianism. Many protesters have certainly
suffered from injuries caused by beatings. People
who have been injured are not going to the hospitals because they are
afraid that they will be arrested by the authorities. There is at least one
report that the intelligence authorities have forced the
management of a hospital to submit to them the list
of newly admitted patients. There are also some
horrific reports that we are still
investigating that the authorities are
forcing the families to pay in order to receive the
bodies of their loved one. In some cases, families have
been told that they need to pay for the price of
the bullet that was used to kill their loved one. If these reports are true, this is an additional
layer of cruelty against families who’ve
already suffered unspeakably. On 20th November the forced
confessions of one woman who had been reportedly arrested
was aired on state T.V. We can expect that in
the coming days or weeks there will be a wave of
televised confessions that have been extracted
under torture and other ill treatment. This pattern of
unlawful killing will continue unless the
Iranian authorities are held to account. And for that to happen, it’s essential that
international experts from the U.N. are allowed to
enter their country, interview the families of those killed, visit detention centers and
hospitals and cemeteries and build a fair picture
of the horrific events that took place in the country.

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  5. Israeli GOVERNMENT does this every day can you show that footage? 90% of AMERICA drone strikes KILLS THE WRONG PEOPLE can we see that footage? AMERICA killed THOUSANDS IN IRAQ AND TORTURED People can we see that FOOTAGE?CIA works well with this newspaper PROPAGANDA machine working hard to destabilize Iran and USING the MEDIA swamp only uninformed people believe the media that LIED US INTO WAR FOR DECADES.

  6. Hey NYT, did you do a story about that helicopter shooting Reuter journalists, civilians and first responders? Oh, you didn't, was it because it was the "good" guys doing it? Oh, at least you support your colleagues that released that video and constantly fight for them….oh, wait..
    Sick and tired of today's press. Do you guys honestly have any journalistic integrity left in you? Do you write about saudi arabia beheading people for witchcraft, no, you write about saudi arabia opening its doors to tourism and allowing the first women to drive. Do you write about the buddhists that commit genocide against muslims in myanmar? Do you write about the US' involvement in every single instability in latin america? Opinion media, you're no different than what we used to have in eastern europe under comunism, kindly barking whatever your masters in the government give you. The only difference between you and communist media is that people actually knew that was propaganda, while you today are taking advantage of people less fortunate intellectually and pushing them/usti constantly fight each other. Dispicable warmongers

  7. You can always count on NYT for the "Israel is just the victim defending itself" narrative.
    Iran did nothing wrong. Leave them alone.

  8. If these media companies cared so much about humanity they would focus on the crimes being committed against Palestinians by Israel

  9. Rebel! All world governments are corrupt and oppressing, it's time to rise up and rebuild, the world government has failed us, we must take it all back and purge the ignorant rich politicians who have forced us into a dark age

  10. i wonder if amnesty International or NYT were in bagdad when US forces started the bombing of that country? why so many double standards, if a human's life is a humans life, what does it matter what that human looks like, and by whom the life has been taken. award yourself whit what ever award you want, even showing these footage have no effect , what has been accomplished here? nothing absolutely nothing, but the important point in NYT makes good videos. humanity is at it's lowest point and is going downwards.

  11. NYT no longer practices journalism but the opinionation of the news . Stop the intellectually insulting trope that there is a separation between the editorial/opinion page and the straight news reporting. That explanation work pre-watergate but post watergate, with activistic and agenda news reporting, and now during this social media era of ratings and clicks, that trope no longer holds true .

    Americans are not stupid west of the Hudson River. You are to blame for the creation (in the 1990s) and power of the conservative media today because you never listen to complaints about your bias reporting .

    You also lack and still do, diversity in news room that includes ethnic, religious, economic/income class, regional and most importantly your reliance on graduates from elitists journalism programs at top universities mostly in urban markets.

  12. At least eight individuals with ties to the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) were arrested in Iran during protests over a fuel price hike, the country’s official state news agency IRNA reported.
    Those detained “had received CIA-funded training in various countries under the cover of becoming citizen-journalists,” Iran’s Intelligence Ministry said, as cited by the outlet.

    Six were reportedly arrested attending street riots while “carrying out CIA orders,” while two others were apprehended as they were trying to “send information abroad.” They had all received orders to attend protests and prepare reports, "especially videos," the intelligence agency said.Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei earlier blamed the protests on a “grave, extensive and very dangerous conspiracy” by the US to sow discord in Iran.

    Khamenei released a statement Wednesday thanking the Iranian people for quashing the chaos, after pro-government demonstrations popped up to counter the protests over the fuel price rise.

    Western politicians and media attempted to seize on the news of demonstrations, hoping that there may be a "revolution" in the works, but the situation has largely calmed down over the past days. While the demonstrations were mostly peaceful, some mobs of rioters torched banks and stores, attacked police stations and even killed security officials. The number of protesters killed in clashes with law enforcement was not released, though some unconfirmed Western estimates said scores perished.

    The Iranian government has stood by its fuel price hike, however, saying that it intends to use the extra money on cash handouts and subsidies for poor citizens. Iran is facing a budget deficit due to decreased flow of petrodollars after the US unilaterally withdrew from the 2015 nuclear deal and imposed punishing economic sanctions on the country, urging others to follow suit, and even threatening by no compliance. Well done Iran, the world is with you. Don't believe false News, America tried it in Venezuela

  13. And this is why Americans shouldn't give up their right to legally own firearms. I support all the public protests happening in various countries. They need to get back control of the governments. Iran and other middle eastern countries need to understand this is what happens when you let religion control how their country is governed….you lose freedoms, you lose control.

  14. Thanks, but it’s too bad many recordings are vertical videos that make the subjects small and miss at least two-thirds of the scene.

    When recording with phones, NO VERTICAL VIDEOS! Hold the phone horizontally to capture the entire field of view and do not shrink the subjects to a tiny image.


  15. Remember that the Russian and Iranian dictators are allies. Government violence against its citizens is condoned by Dereliction-of-Duty Donny the Desperate Despot Dunce in the US and abroad.

    "A man’s character is most evident by how he treats those who are not in a position either to retaliate or reciprocate."
    Paul Eldridge

    "Above all, we should bear in mind that our liberty is not an end in itself; it is a means to win respect for human dignity for all classes of our society." 
    Adm. H.G. Rickover, Father of the US Nuclear Navy

  16. The next President of the United States should follow the footsteps of Ronald Reagan and brand Russia, China, Iran the new axis of evil

  17. 1:52 That one guy was much more eager to fight than the others, but they just let him. I wonder what they were arguing about in the alley just moments before then……

  18. The root cause of all these issues stems from US and Isreal. These countries want to destabilise Iran, the sanctions was one cruel tool. I'm against any human suffering however this situation is extremely complex and there is no factual evidence to back up what is going on. Very easy to point fingers, but the real devil is always hiding out of sight planning and plotting. Check out Kim Iversens analysis on this situation, it's very interesting and based on facts not heresay. Peace

  19. There is another place in Asia which is called Indian Occupied Kashmir where India has turned off the internet and other communication for more than hundred days. This is called hypocrite as you should treat all nations equal in terms of human rights. The internet in Iran was turned off for only five to six days while in Kashmir still internet is unavailable. India also didn’t allowed U.S senators to visit Kashmir. Most of the area are still in lockdown and internet services are unavailable from August 05, 2019.

  20. What about Israeli security forces ?
    The major area of many Arab countries is being occupied by Israeli forces illegally. The people of that area is being tortured by Israeli forces. I know many people can hate my comments but it's absolutely true. We should take any final step for absolute peace in the Middle East Asia. Thus, we can save many common lifes there.

  21. Sadly much worse evidence videos videos from violence in Venezuela are never shown since the NYT has a leftist bias.

  22. Like the NYT really cares about the Iranian people. There isn’t a single regime change war the NYT hasn’t supported.

  23. My heart goes out to families who lost their loved ones and the downtrodden. This will be marked on Persians forever! All they want is their basic right. The government easily suppresses and manipulates them then distorts the truth. don't let this become streamlined. wake up!

  24. If whataboutism is the comment below, it’s clear Iran is guilty of atrocities. Even children know whataboutism points to the guilt of the commenter.

  25. For all Iranian people don’t ever thing western people or they government care for u
    Create a healthy government for every Iranian
    and don’t threaten any Jewish person
    So everyone live in peace

  26. what 'they' really don't want anybody to know is… who paid whom… TO DO IT IN THE FIRST PLACE… Oh how little y'all know about the games that have all-ways been afoot…

  27. I got that. What about this>>>>

    How much, how many EVIL ACTS toward Palestinians….Israel didn’t want the world to see???

    Blocking UN investigations of Israel Atrocity, Genocide, Violation of Human Rights with a help of Trump…./never got media attention. Why NY Times?

  28. What?I am very against the iranian regime but look in us and europe if some one goes to attack a simple cash atm machine the police may shoot him immediately.in iran they burn 180 banks and stole every thing they could and damaged many shops atms and public properties etc…do you think they must watch to burn every things?I fancy of regime change in iran but with mainstream media lies will never work.

  29. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/world/2019/dec/03/iran-state-tv-says-rioters-shot-and-killed-in-last-months-protests
    Its time Iran stopped being complacent to these conditions. Government must not have to use force on civilians. Sanctions r obviously the devastating cause. revenge is due. Enough it stops with the European alternatives but the ones who have already suffered greatly.

  30. I appeal to Iranians that think of coming back to Zoroastrianism which is the way of life!
    Think My brothers! your ancestors were Zoroastrians & forcibly converted to Islam!

  31. The reason why the prices for oil spiked in iran is because of iraq's protest. Protestors in Iraq blocked roads that were transporting oil.

  32. Meanwhile, Federica Mogherini and European Union trying to make economic deals with the Islamic Republic in order to prevent their breakdown. We, Iranian people, will not forget it.

  33. The New York Times wants Iran to turn into another Syria. The Iranian government did the right thing, descent must be crushed with an iron fist.

  34. Why would Iran let UN officials examine their cemeteries and detention centers? That seems like a nonstarter considering what Iran is willing to do to suppress it's own people.

  35. Don't throw out the supreme court case against The Bad Apple's new anti-2nd amendment gun grabbing. Instead, throw out the The Bad Apple Times.

  36. Most of these reports came from the Iranian staff of these agencies which their parents left Iran after the revolution 30 years ago and one thing is obvious that they are either monarchy or even MEK terrorist sided. Just wanted to mention that although I think Internet blackout was a violation of people's right.

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