What If Religion Didn’t Exist?

What If There Was No Religion? John Lennon famously implored us to imagine
there’s no heaven, and no religion too….he paints a utopia of people living life in peace. But would that be the case? When it comes to beliefs, does the good outweigh
the bad or vice versa. Do we NEED something to believe in? Hello and welcome back to life’s biggest
questions, I am Rebecca Felgate and today we’re tackling a biggie…..we’re asking
What if There Was No Religion. From the beginning of time, humans appear
to have always believed in something – the Mesoamerican Olmec people from 14 hundred
BC believed in a Jaguar god, the Vikings believed that solar eclipses happened when a wolf god
ate the sun. People seek validation and comfort through
common understanding, and up until the Age of Enlightenment, religion was pretty much
the only way people could understand life, death, and the space beyond our planet. For the masses, religion provided an easy
answer to very complicated questions, so they never much pushed the boundaries of possibility. However, an unquestioning acceptance of what
you have always been told can be dangerous. Religion stops a lot of people from thinking
outside of the box, and WITHOUT thinking outside of that box, without asking whether the answers
we have been given are still the best fit for questions we have, progression would never
have been made. Many scientists have been historically persecuted
because religious leaders saw their work as threatening to what was written in a book
they based all their beliefs on. Galileo, for example, was punished in the
1600s for suggesting the earth rotates around the sun. Without religion holding scientists back for
millennia, who knows where we could be now. I mentioned that religion provides easy answers
to people, but it also brings a sense of inner peace and acceptance, which is a good thing…in
the short term. For example, if a loved one dies, it is easier
for a religious person to make their peace with it ….yes little Jimmy died at 3 years
old, but God or Allah had a plan so …you know…don’t worry…he’s in heaven…… OF COURSE that line of thought is a lot easier
to stomach than, you know what, he died because sometimes people die, and its shit, but that’s
the way it is and the sooner we accept it the sooner we can try and pick up the pieces
of our life. Religion is comforting…but is it conducive? I would say anything that gives people a sense
of hope and purpose is a beautiful thing, but many others do find purpose, and even
community, without believing in a god. The big argument for the usefulness of religion
is that many claim it teaches morals. Most religions teach people to be peaceful,
kind and charitable and many would argue that our societies are founded on the principles
of historic religions. That being said, many of us are kind and compassionate
because mainly that is our nature, not because we want to please a higher power. I don’t know about you, but the reasons
I don’t steal or murder aren’t because I am afraid of hell, or even jail, but because
my own moral compass tells me those things aren’t cool or productive. Maybe if we trusted ourselves to be guided
by our own sense of ethics we would be better off than simply being good because a God requires
it. That’s fine for now, but if there was no
religion ever, shaping us to become what we are now, would be immoral hooligan? Well no, there are credible studies to show
that moral behaviour is a production of evolution. For example, if there were no religions, would
there still be charities – well yes, I’d like to think so. Religion is pretty divisive. It allows people to separate them self from
others with a strange sense of divine entitlement leading a person to unwaveringly believe that
they are right and others are wrong. That…is dangerous. While not every body feels this way, religion
can cause huge tensions and even invoke hatred towards those who do not share the same beliefs. Historically, religion has been used as justification
to treat people differently, for example women and homosexuals. People use religion as a justification for
hate and oppression, but of course it is not the religions fault in itself….it is the
people that abuse it. Without the justification from religion, people
would probably still find a way to divide themselves; human nature is to be afraid of
the other. However, if we maybe spent time addressing
this without concern for religion, we might be able to get to the bottom of the psychological
reason as to why. Without religion, many of our historical atrocities
would never of happened; the crusades, the Salem Witch trials, the Holocaust, the Jonestown
Massacre, Palestine and Israeli conflict, the issues between Pakistan and India, 9/11,
the War on Terror… but am I saying that without religion there would be no ISIS and
no war? Probably not. Some people are evil and depraved, others
are greedy…wars would still be waged, people would still be murdered…but at least nobody
could pretend it was all in the name of god. What if there was no religion today? Well it may encourage people to think for
themselves, which may initially be stressful to the simple minded, but in the long run
can only be a good thing. Questions to ask ourselves….does religion
bring people together as much as it divides them? Does the good in religion negate the bad? Without religion, would it be easy to oppress
groups of people? Who has the most to gain from a lack of religion? Religion has played an important role in history
up until now… but do we still need it? Well, this is such a vast topic, that perhaps
that last question alone would make for a great follow up episode of Life’s Biggest
Questions. Despite what John Lennon says, imagining a
lack of religion isn’t so easy if you try. Let me know what you think the world would
be like without it in the comments section below. For now, stay curious, stay alert, and…despite
what some people may tell you….never ever stop questioning.

  1. if religion never existed
    then the girl that got beaten to death by her father that claims god told him to discipline his daughter a few years ago would still be alive today

  2. You're one of my favorites and I like the other two you guys keep up the good work I'm glad I found another Channel with you on it top 10 is the best

  3. ok a few things. you fristly qote an egotiscal singer. not a scintist. not a pholspher just a singer. seconly the only possable way that humans would develop religon is if they never made stuff like aqra-culture. in other wrods we would be futher behind not the other way. allso i do agree with the athisum being moral and stuff but what was with the rant that riligion cases wars. allso hitler hated reilogion.

  4. I think a world without religion would be just as troubled or even more troubled than it is with religion. Many parts of society are more or less governed,led by religious rooted morals. There would still be problems with regards to who has the correct altruistic world view. People fighting over who has and has not the right ideas/actions in mind. An answer to the problem might be to make for a global type of movement meant to guide mankind in the correct direction. And that in of itself would be a religion again. As devotion to living and spreading the said beneficial cause would make it a religion. Work towards keeping your selves clean from the filthy ways in the world. Work towards not spreading such filth. Keep in mind that it’s not uncommon for good things to be taught as wrong and wrong things to be taught as correct. For example racism.

  5. Religion has caused several extremely negative outcomes in history but does not contribute anything that would be a major positive contribution.

  6. There's something in this video I agree on but the rest the division between the religion is not always true because at the end of the day some people view past that just to have a relationship with the other

  7. There cant be a possibility were there is no religion because it comes from reasoning and acceptance and also with an answers to the question "what is the meaning if life?"

  8. If religion never existed we couldn't give a accurate theory because we see how Humans act even when they don't believe in anything!!

  9. if all people just believe in religion and trust in Christ instead of evolution the world would be a better place because evolution bullshit and most people don't realize that. its a sad and mess up world we live in today. The whole world needs Jesus and needs to trust in him so God can be with man forever and ever in his kingdom.

  10. cut religion and the worlds oil reserve and all war will stop immediately, because there is no way anyone would fund such wars for any other reasons.

    There still will be conflicts and battles but only locally and probably short lived!

    so cut those two reasons and even nuclear weapons might be not useful at all…..but then the US economy would plummet and end up from their beginning!

  11. Nothing would change, people would still kill each other, because people are depraved. Studies show that murder rates in prehistoric times were higher than people suspected, and the human population bottle necked, with about 17 women to 1 man. The idea that religion has corrupted us and caused us to kill each other isn't backed by data.

  12. If only it would have been like this… We must realise that religion is one of the major causes of all the bad things that have happened so far, including the death of so many innocent people. And plus, it's something we'll never be certain of. With more than 1 religions it's impossible to tell if there's only one real one, if all are real or if none are real… Btw, don't attack me for my opinion.

  13. "God" means ruler. rulers tend to say that they have power beyond anyone's wildest dreams – and now they actually do.

  14. All religion is a form of sun worship. I hate religion and I am sick of these looney big Christians that go to church and want to condemn people.

  15. With religion existing. How can I as a Catholic speak logically and peacefully with a Isis combatant and coexist? That is one small example of thousands of years of divide. We’re all wrong

  16. People only believe in something when they have not enough proof to prove it. maybe there is a god or creator or other kind of intelligence power but im sure all religions made by some people to control the others .

  17. We wouldn't advance. Technology wouldn't have advanced if it weren't for religion. Great empires wouldn't have risen. All for the sake of a dream that would never happen.

  18. If there is no religion, then everyone has a free reign. Morals will be just a matter of preference and no one condemned good or evil objectively.

  19. 9/11, WW2… Millions of people died for no reason, religions only push people back to the past, I'm so glad for not follow one of those shits…

    the Twin Towers would be still there 😭😭

  20. How else did the Romans get advanced?
    They got advanced because they didn't use religion 🙂

  21. Wouldn’t the renaissance never happen without religion? Without religion to inspire art, the world would be less beautiful IMO.

  22. Just gonna sit here and G-mod dance to country roads while the comment section turns into a spiral of flames.

  23. Yes,,,If any one know Islam very well then u all will understand Islam is completely different then we thought….
    Really it is a religion of peace…

  24. 1. We would be 1000 years technologically advanced today.
    2. We would be mostly unified.
    3. Everyone would respect each other.
    4. There wouldn't be terrorism.
    5. There wouldn't be hatred.
    6. Etc..

  25. You don't kill or murder because religion thousands of years ago set that precedent for you how so now in our age its not acceptable but thousand of years ago it was ok in cultures like the Vikings to kill rape and loot.
    You weren't alive when that precedent was set but your ancestors but that into the foundation of the civilization you live in

  26. ”Encourage people to think for themselves simple-minded”. Religious people aren't brainwashed idiots. The leaders of the Enlightenment where still Christian,Isaac Newton was Christian. I hate that there is this sense that religion and science are inherently different that if you don't believe in a God you have some sort of scientific and intellectual superiority. That's bullshit you cannot prove there is a God no but people have spent their entire lives trying to disprove God, and there is no evidence for that either maybe we are just all floating together on a rock in space, or maybe there is a God we just don't know. Some people believe there is a god who created it all. But to say that is stupid, are you kidding me???

  27. Maybe the world would be more peaceful with religion, maybe not. But it doesn’t change the fact that no diety exists.

  28. Religions have kept a lot of people away from doing immoral or bad things so I guess it's fine as long it gives freedom to others to believe in what they want to believe in

  29. We'd be fighting everyday,crime would be the norm people would live in fear,death and murder run a muck

  30. To my belief I don’t want to be neither religious of any kind nor atheist( even they creating their own religion) I just want to be me I want to be a person who believes on my own beliefs as a person. This is my opinion if people want to be religious or not or atheists or anything it’s up to them they can live their life however they want to be…

  31. Religion has been the cause of some wars and crusades and terrorists use it as a way to push their extreme ideology. I'm sure many people use religion as a source of spiritual comfort but i do believe that people would be more open minded if we didn't have organized religion

  32. We are God ffs we take influence to our Surroundings. Not God.
    We Create things Not God
    We set rules Not God
    Religion holds us back.
    Religion divide us
    Idc if you believe in something you cant explain but we should prioritize Humanity and our Nature instead of wasting time arguing which god has the longest D..

  33. Honestly I think the modern world would be much better if religions died out. Or at least lost their influence on society and politics. Not only would more people be accepting of each other's differences, we would also advance with technology and science faster.

    Most religions were created as answers to natural events that ancient humans didn't understand. For example, the first people to experience an earthquake wouldn't have understood seismic activity. Therefore they would come up with a supernatural answer for it, even though it's a natural occurrence.

  34. It's not a bad thing to be religious, but it's not for everyone and you can't force it on people just except it even though you don't believe in a way without it. Let them do them it mite make your life better.

  35. Comments and Answers:

    Atheist: Yeah well,(Insert argument) this is because we will be more peacefull and technollogically advanced

    Theist: No, u dumb*ss

    Atheist: Prove me wrong

    Theist: Autistic Screeching

  36. I feel in a life without religion we would just resort as another animal and we would feast on other humans and other animals with no morals or respect for anyone or anything that’s why there is religion and why it is such a good thing because it makes us so advanced compared to any other animal or anything on this planet

  37. Native Americans would still have their land and discrimination would almost be nonexistent and we wouldn't have flat earthers

  38. What if our life was a matrix and if we die we actually woke up as immortals and we live that way and see people are doing when their in the matrix when their sleeping living a dream until they die and meet them back again

  39. 9/11 probably wouldn't happen
    There would probably be no terrorist attacks
    The holocaust wouldn't happen
    The crusades wouldn't take place

  40. humanity would probably be 1000 times more advanced because when religion became a thing alot of scientists did research experiments on stuff so they can know if its real or not and to be honest religion just makes people dumb like come on people there is no such thing as god and if there was a god people wouldn't be born with mental sickness ect but in my honest opinion there is no god and when you die its just nothing you dont see anything because the nervous system shuts down when you die its just common sense people

  41. I really don't need this video. The world would be a better place. Now, I wanna see how many likes and dislikes this gets

    Edit: Woah I just proved my point. almost every comment I have read says in some way or another we would be better off without religion. And also, notice how this video has 3.1k likes and only 350 dislikes. Almost 10 times more likes. And the religious people probably disagree because math is like science

  42. Let's just say people would find something else to fight over.. But for the most part a whole lot of people would still be alive.

  43. There would still be white power and racism due to the different groups of people around the world. If not culture would still be a way of justifying how people act as it is traditional. So without religion you still have a world filled with bigots and replacing religion with something else wouldn’t that hard for people who encourage violence as a way to achieve peace (in general).

  44. The wars would have happened regardless of religion. War is a forceful means of gaining political and economic control over a piece of land. I am willing to bet that the listed reasons above are of equal if not higher priority then religion in terms of reasons to wage war.

  45. Without religion the world will be more happy and peaceful… #ONLYHUMANITY #Peace #Respect No religion is above Love and Humanity 💖🙏🇮🇳🤘👍✌️💐

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