What Do Democrats Believe?

Before the twentieth century, Democrats advocated
for a free, unregulated market and they were even pro-slavery. But today, Democrats are
seen as the party of social support and justice. So, what exactly do Democrats believe? Well, the modern Democratic Party traces it
roots to progressive president Franklin D. Roosevelt. At the height of the Great Depression,
Roosevelt created Social Security and other big government programs meant to protect the
unemployed and working poor. Through government sponsored public works projects, he created
jobs and opportunities for those suffering from the stock-market crash. Today, Democrats still believe in the power
of government to provide a just and equal society. Democrats advocate stricter government
regulation on big business, and larger participation in the the social safety net. In March 2010,
President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law, thereby increasing access to
healthcare via government subsidies, and decreasing the power of private insurers. He has also
increased government subsidies for low income families, and even rolled out a program providing
free internet. The party also champions the middle class,
and has generally supported labor movements and unions. They do this by promoting progressive
tax plans in which wealthier members of society pay a higher percentage on their income than
the poor and middle class. However, this isn’t always the case. President Obama recently
signed the Trans-Pacific Partnership into law, which Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders
has said will likely undercut US workers. On social issues, Democrats are seen as being
open to societal change, often helping those who face discrimination and poverty. Although
they generally oppose undocumented immigration, they believe that the government should help
those who want to immigrate while focusing on deporting dangerous criminals. The Democratic
Party considers itself an ally for LGBT causes, citing the President’s support for same-sex
marriage. In addition, they believe in a proper separation of church and state, along with
stricter gun-control laws. And while both Republicans and Democrats have
advocated for a strong military, Democrats in particular prefer diplomatic cooperation
and collaboration over military force. The party platform emphasizes restoring America’s
image by restoring a relationship with its allies. There are a wide variety of views within the
Democratic Party—just look at the differences between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.
But generally, Democrats tend to take a left-leaning position, advocating equal opportunity through
government regulation and oversight. Speaking of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders,
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  1. Whole lot of government knows bet in this video. Ask yourself, the last time you were in a government run situation, do you think they had your best interest in mind? I.e. traffic stop, courtroom, tax season, obama care etc… More Government=Less Freedom

  2. Democrats seem to focus a lot on what they are AGAINST (conservatives), but they don't go into that much on what exactly they are FOR. I think Democrats and Republicans are like yin and yang, one is more feminine, the other is more masculine.

  3. The Democrats for Two-Face you every time that's why they want people to beg for help that use Sadness and Sorrow to try to control you they let the bad guys do what they want without punishing them and punishing the good people and family type people when they tried to protect themselves Democrats are nothing but to face backstabbers and they will always be that but not for the health of this country therefore their pocketbooks they get rich off of people sadness and get people to hate color against color and kill their unborn children they think it's okay they will do anything to win they always change their mind to make you like them they well force their attitudes on to you or they will try to hurt you that's not freedom that's control freedom is beautiful healthy families and the freedom to be somebody you want to be by working for it and working your way up Democrats and liberals want to keep you down they want you to be Beggars and a slave to their ways taking your rights away allowing the bad guys to have more strength has anybody ever seen drugs go away they're against the law and they want to take the good people's rights away they want you to give up your gun rights and everything else so they can control this country better and tell you what to do or else they want you to be controlled like Hitler X give up your rights that's why they want everybody to flood into our country instead of going after the bad guys in other countries to free those people to give their country back and the rights everywhere gun rights and rights have been taken away has been chaos and the bad guys do what they want the Democrats want you to hate your brothers and sisters your family members color against color

  4. This Democratic party is not your grandfather party when FDR raised the standard of living for working Americans. Rather this Democratic party is in the firm clutches of corporate America. There are powerful forces inside this party to keep it this way. Bill Clinton betrayed the working class, left them behind, with NATO and the approving the Repeal of Glass Seagall which let Wall Street run wild. When Bill Clinton came into office, it was then a wholesale shift in the Democratic party occurred. This made it the party for corporations first and the American people second. Twenty-four years later we saw it again when Hillary got into bed with Wall Street.

    Now after the blue wave let the Democrats take over the House, there is a struggle for the position of Speaker of the House. Nancy Pelosi REPRESENTS the old guard for corporate America. If we look at the history of our country, it has been failing the American people for the last thirty years.  Do we want the same old performance from Pelosi all over again? To be balanced, she is very savvy, highly talented.

  5. Woodrow Wilson was the first progressive democrat. Under this clowns administration we Instituted the IRS, the Federal Reserve Bank, and got involved in World War 1 because the bankers wanted us in it. All FOR did was add more government bureaucracy and more socialism. The Democrats are diabolical. They've always been that way since Andrew Jackson started that party. They simply went from enslaving blacks to enslaving a whole nation. They haven't achieved that yet but they are working behind the scenes to seize total power and turn this country into a socialist then a communist globalist state. This has been the main goal of the Democrat one world hierarchy for some time now. And anyone stands in their way without adequate protection will get murdered. They do kill and eat their own if necessary. Lincoln, JFK, are two of the most famous ones. Ronald Reagan they almost killed but didn't. Yet it had the intended affect. He backed down on most of his agenda after that. You can dress the democrats all you want. Make them appear caring, for the poor and needy, but when they can't hide their hatred for Christians and the Church and applaud the slaughter of 59 million unborn human babies they show themselves for what they really are. Bloodthirsty witches who crave power and more power and wealth for themselves and their families alone. They are the epitome of evil and they don't fool many of us. If you can't see them for what they really are than your a part of their coven and will be dealt with one of these days.

  6. Stupid people, continuously voting for their own oppression and subversion. Just how stupid are they?
    A: Left is too stupid to even understand why, the answer to that question, is rationally applicable to them.

  7. Democrats now hate the American people and now I can never vote for them again. They are the true racists as they hate all Americans, brown, black, all of us.

  8. Lmao I like how the comments (at least the top ones) on the republican video are pretty civil, and the top ones on here are complete trash

  9. Democrats believe media celebrities emotional triggers (ist, isms) and/or somebodies "feelings" should rule the nation. Republicans believe the Constitution (limited government) will supply maximum individual freedom and reasonable justice. That's all anyone needs to know.

  10. I used to enjoy politics, but they destroy and separate are country so much that I don’t even like them. I’ve lost a couple of friends over politics.

  11. Kill babies, Stay Rasict, No guns, No speech & Fake News. Top of head. Impeach all Democrats. Rascist Fascist Terrorist.

  12. As a Democrat I can answer this. I’m pro science unless it’s gender or a baby. I believe everything should be free and the minimum wage should be high enough to make everyone rich. If you want a smaller government then you are a racist. As a Democrat I lean on my feelings rather than facts

  13. Being an x democrat for most of my life I no longer want anything to do with them ! I no longer agree with there agendas ! They are now run by minorities that are racist towards whites and see whites as there enemy ! Also they have become Communist reds ! I encourage all whites who belong to get out as fast as you can ! It's a party of hate and racist minorities who are calling for the extinction of the white race.

  14. Democrats split the nation in half when they declared war on America in the 1860's. They embraced slavery & killed a million Americans in an effort to destroy the USA. Democrats also authored & carried out the Trail of Tears while stripping Native Americans of their land & human rights. Democrats put the Japanese Americans in internment camps further solidifying the anti-human rights platform they stand for. Democrats continue to use welfare as a form of minority control to buy votes & strip Americans of their rights to happiness. If you vote democrat, you are a very poor quality human.

  15. Democrats just want to ruin our country. All the want is as much money as you can get and make everyone equal, as in take more of ur taxes and give them to the poor. That's your hard worked for money why should it be given to other people who are slacking or who didnt get full education which is there fault. Democrats want open borders which will increase the crime rate and will just destroy our country. Democrats/liberals are so f***ing stupid

  16. Democrats believe in hate, Taking people rights away, Killing babies, DESTROYING American, Hating on God and his word. They hate the Bill of rights and the construction.

  17. Not all republicans are bad, and not all democrats are bad, both parties are extremely opinionated. Can't we have a debate where were actually civilized.

  18. I'd never be a democrat, when dems attempted to use their minions to smear myself, very evident party not for myself. dems who talk about identity politics seem to ignore my identity for their politics. Or attempt to project the type of trauma they want myself to have thinking that will keep myself in the margins. dems are stupid.
    Why Im running for President as an Independent. Not jewpendent.
    dems are weak and dems what myself to be weak because of colorism.

  19. It's sad that the modern Democrats are just terrible but remember Abraham Lincoln and John f Kennedy, 2 of the best president's ever

  20. "While democrats generally oppose illegal immigration…" ..Amazing how much has changed in the 4 years since this video was made.

  21. "Democrats believed in free markets with little regulations"

    Slavery…. Is…. Not…. A…. Product…. Of…. Capitalism

  22. I'm a Democrat but I'm not a radical leftist, I think the extreme ideologies on both sides are dangerous. Where did all the moderates go?

  23. I'm really glad to be part of this Democratic party. The Democrats stand up for disabled people's rights and protecting the environment and to ensure it's safety. They also stand up for strict gun regulations and LGBT rights. And of course separation of Church and state. But one thing that's really a heated debate and that is abortions. Should a mother necessary give up own new born child by killing it? I don't think so. My mom says that Republicans can also support disabled people. I sure hope so.

  24. I think you guys should do another pair of videos for both parties to share on social media, people have twisted things so much on both sides over the past three years.

  25. This may sound a bit stupid, but I'm assuming there is a party for where you believe in both the ideals of Republicans and Democrats correct?

  26. They only "take" money from other people so we can actually support those in need a living human being os more important than your "hard earned dollars

  27. The Democratic Party stays in power by using bribery without delivering on their promises. Black Americans have been waiting for years, for the Dems to deliver. The Democratic Party will always use enslavement, death, hate, racism, deception, confusion, and anarchy, to stay in power.

  28. He has no clue about what he's saying. He's repeating the same garbage speeches with consideration for there policy and actual actions. They want socialism, total government control, guns banned and free speech banned. Anyone who pays attention over the last few years can easily see this. They claim to care about black folks but don't show clips of black on black crime. They don't care about all the shootings and gangs nor do they want to stop black on black crime. The only show white on black because it creates a divide. And when we're divided in chaos they sneak in and take our rights. Assault rifles, hate speech are the first steps. Once exceptions are made then they alter policy and take all guns and arrest you for speech that opposses there view. The Democrats are funded by the elites who run most of the worldwide companies. They don't care about the u.s.a. They care about money. They are void of morals and would sell out there families for more money.

  29. inequality is human nature
    Freedom is already here
    We already have health care
    The Dims have nothing ??
    The Dims are slavery ???
    Continually investigating the DON is a waste of time cause mueller couldn't link anything except Crooked "H" ????

  30. The internet is the demise of the Democratic party! People by the millions are learning hand over fist of their true colors!!! PS. Trey Gowdy for 2014 🇺🇸

  31. 2019 trump is president. I don't believe in having a democratic society because this society is to diverse, and having everything equal is not possible in this present day. In another two thousand years it will be possible. No wonder society is f

  32. I vote repblican. The goverment needs to be decreased! My tax dallors dont need to go to your groshrie bill, they need to go to the military!!! I belive my calture needs to stick deep to its roots

  33. The people that vote these Democrat in, are actually dumber than the politicians. They cannot make it on their own so they vote in anyone that offers them something for nothing. How has that worked out? You were poor when you voted them in and poorer after they got in. If your a democrat, you think government is your savior, therefore it becomes your god. Your god has not done anything for you! Just keep hating Trump and your life will improve. LOL.

  34. Democrats where actually the party the perpetuated slavery, was anti the civil rights movements, such as 1964 and women’s right to vote. So yea not exactly justice.
    And the Democrat party destroys the middle class. Nothing destroys the middle class like high taxes. With lower taxes, more people have more money to spend.
    Almost any gun control is unconstitutional.
    And democrats don’t want equal opportunity. They want equal outcome. We all have equal opportunities, as in equal access to rights.

  35. Basically democrats want to take ur money and give it to the poor, which is good for them. Except for the fact that most just go spend it on weed and coke. Money should go to the government, not helping some lazy ppl smoke.

  36. The peoples who votes for the Democrats are low IQ peoples …..period.Even Hilary said once and I quote" Democrats are the dumbers people in American.Why? Because they believe in everything you tell them even if they know it's false.There is no cure for them.Their losers."

  37. This division is about Stupidity or not
    The Dims cling to Killing babies
    and coddling enemy combatants ?
    Thats stupid and its very obvious ?
    Your being gas lighted and you dont get it ???

  38. The Democrats couldn't even exist without Conservatives. There would be no capital or country left if the Democrats had their way. Are countrie needs to be ran like a household. Stop giving the money to are poor neighbors and fix our homes foundation first.

  39. I like how he says the Democrats are liberal by American standards suggesting that to the rest of the world, Democrats are conservative.

  40. I watched the other video and both parties have good and bad sides. Basically its a lose-lose situation for the american voters. Also why are there only 2 thats really not good.

  41. I FEEL like they BELIEVE in the RULE of goverment to do its JOB… Because thats WHY we PAY our TAX , for the GOVERMENT to do what we the PEOPLE voted for… what is WRONG with trying to "HELP" the poor FINANACIALLY!? did'nt god say HELP your BROTHER when he is DOWN…

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