“We’re part of the same musical community”: Mini Mansions on Arctic Monkeys and friends

not all the songs like you know me and Tyler both the songwriters the band so there's songs of his that obviously have nothing to do with my ex well hello your enemy I'm Jordan Bassett well hey in many mansions thanks for having us hey it's a pleasure guy walks into a bar is the name of your than you are what can you tell us about this about this album how does it differ from previous efforts I guess guy walks into bars is could be the kind of could be the first lyric of the record although it's not and so it it kind of leads the way for the rest of the record and how it plays out and it's a record that we wrote and recorded in real time so it it that's something we've never done before and everybody thought to do it we didn't really maybe what do you mean it's like an episode at 24 yeah yeah deeper came by he did a guest vocal he's breaking musician actually he is he actually owns a like a record label our funny our friends band was on his record label yeah yeah cool it kind of a rap like it shows the unraveling of a relationship from the beginning end but was written during the course of that relationship and it was happening well as it was happenin fence and the play on you know guy walks into a bar is really that's the point of that's like the starting point right for a joke but also you know the joke that we call love relationship I mean it it was his mind but uh not all the songs like you know me and Tyler both the songwriters the band so there's songs of his that obviously have nothing to do with my ex but well well that yeah let's could get all crazy but um so you know we chose songs of his like that kind of fit the narrative right okay yeah I love that the received wisdom of the last EP was that that was a little bit more direct and it with the previous things you've been a little bit more like playing with characters and stories and that was a bit more sort of open and direct as that sort of hold true to you I think we've diluted certain things in this I think this is just a little bit more straightforward and emotionally we've always been kind of like stray working with like pieces that don't exist in life but this is a lot more there's like a human quality to it that I think we've always in the past deviated away from yeah yeah in this case we fully embraced and to that start with the last EP is what was that kind of like the starting point for for this change well the EP was actually recorded after oh really yeah that's interesting yeah yeah yeah Suzu around actually totally so that kind of like that's why the EP is like that because there were it was it was we already like in that zone in that space is it more difficult to write like that honest a browser playing around I think this was I mean for me personally this was this was the easiest writing I've ever done because being in this relationship and everything was just kind of flowing out overnight like I really there was no filter um which made it so easy because you literally what was going inside my brain and body was just like I put it on paper and then on to our record so I yeah I I never I always want to write like and I could buy if I came right by him did you know a little bit more exhausting doing that because you know I suppose yeah kill me yeah right yeah um but uh but I think it made for a great record so you've been you've been touring with sparks which I felt like the track look at your name I wanted this that's gay uh I haven't thought of that yeah so it's not sure I guess so yeah we've always been fans of that band and that kind of like super weirdo quirkiness to what they do yeah it's definitely a big influence yeah but I just never thought of that yeah that's great thanks well yeah so how was that turn with bugs I only got to do actually I only got to do one show oh really I think I think we did a cover of their song Sherlock Holmes on our last record as a b-side and our friend John called Congleton was doing the ffs record and and played a form and they they loved it and so they and then they came into the show with us in LA and then we got a call one day and they said you know we want meeting matches to be our band that's our touring band which was we were like yeah I mean it's pretty it's it's pretty insane it was it was an honour but I only got to do one show but Zach and Tyler didn't hear um couple tours it's fine they're brilliant people you ever get any kind of like um I should call it like vertigo when stuff like that happens you know it's like someone that you've been a fan on for a long time and then they reach out to you yeah well it's just strange that it just goes to show you that if you cover a song you've got a lot of bass credit extracurricular activities could you tell us about the other bands that you're in for people on might not be aware Tyler players didn't address this camera that one that one this is the company focuses like slowly enough Tyler plays in Arctic Monkeys I play in Queens of the Stone Age and yeah alright you've got a H give us a tip bit about each of those bands I hope even working on anything relaxing monkey Arctic Monkeys is a the English band but would be been working with them recently so anything goes what a PD is pretty thoroughly no well the tour ended was it a little of a month ago and when it's over when it ended with it quite it so exhausting because that's a long it was a perfect amount of time and you can work with them in the future I'd love to okay but they're nothing nothing same stuff no no tidbits no no okay well I got sure that's a Canadian thing it's Jim Jim Jimmy Hart Hortons you want a little gold nugget a little nugget give me an O get about Queens and stone it you mean nugget nugget oh yeah I got so many Nuggets for you dude I don't even know where I don't even know where to start I've been that man since I was 21 years old so it's been 13 years of my life so like I have too many stories that shouldn't be told you what about the future that find this or anything he has a giant ass the future's bright the future's bright yeah the future's so bright you gotta wear shades obviously yeah we know we'll make another record but right now mini mansions is yeah sure okay well speaking of carburetors Alex turned out of course was on let's go mention Betsy over there must be my brain and which is a very sort of tranquillity base types on on what I think he's quite a tranquillity base type album of course precedes tranquility base Hotel and Casino so my question is do you take credit no for that record I think maybe it'll say but only on time I'll take credit for anything anymore man you see one coming fun with that though like this is that sort of like Spacey yes–that sake I kind of loungy sound I think that I think that we were all friends and we're all kind of part of the same musical community so I think that we hopefully like rub off on each other anjaii I mean you know all of us so I'm not I mean I get I get what you're saying but I don't know I don't think that like yeah I don't think it had anything to do with what how Alex wrote that record okay all right and you could ask a little oh yeah oh yeah well I'll get back to the what speaking of the musical community like obviously what you do is very collaborative and you know you have all your different sort of projects going on and what what is the benefit of working in that way as opposed to being like a really self-contained unit oh well we are very self-contained but we do bring other sailors on board the is is that what you're saying is we said we have a feature band you go into groups you know oh I see well we're pretty insular as a band I think about as many men's yeah yeah yeah and when we bring only certain songs on this record – hey love her like that was designed to be from first you know first and foremost a duet but it was never we once we're ready – once the song feels it's at a good point only then do we think about right okay other characters and in the Shakespeare play whatever there yeah we don't do a lot of like co-writing and all that stuff it's just it's it it has to come from us well when you're working in that sort of self-contained place or the group just the three of you you quite protective of the material before it then goes out to be heard by producer or by a collaborator oh I I mean now yes I think what oh no I mean well for me I don't know I'm just I mean you know I'm so I'm so OCD about like every little thing that we do on the record like every sound every I mean mmm yeah yeah I got I got problems I met that you nearly spun we did yeah before you made that call what's the story I mean that's that's it yeah we always we we were just like well I mean it's really a product of like we're you know making this record was like different because we were always gone and so when we finished the record we had like you know there was a point where we were like should we released this and go our separate ways or should we you know and in a lot of ways once we did the EP which was after the record that kind of like brought us got us back into the because you can get in your head and even if you don't see you know your brothers for a long time you start just developing this other what do you call it story around like what needs to happen but what's funny is we just jump in the pool you know realize that oh yeah that's right we like to be in the pool yeah it's like sometimes like you know like it's like texts get lost you know things get lost in translation protec sometimes you need to get face to face with someone yeah and talk it out I think that was like kind of part of the problem like all of us being on tour in different parts of the world and just not like physically like connecting like yeah yeah what was an issue and so yeah doing the EP like he said brought it all back home I remember what I remember it was it was actually it was sparks because we were all touring separately in the sparks gig that we did in Glasgow it was kind of it was kind of where it all went down Bobby yeah and that lobby yeah Lobby call yeah Lobby thien's we kind of talked it out and finally worked together in like play actually playing and someone else is banding together but like and we're like ok this let's go record these songs yes so we have spots to paint I think sports for a lot of things they thought thanks for Russell kimonos we thought about you been a good collaborating with people who generally dream collaborations who you want to work with and fans living all dad I yeah I like to Elliott Smith I'd like to work at lights man I could say that all right well I threatened at the start of this that I was gonna ask you for your best guy walks into a bar joke to finish what we go you got one that too you know it's funny I love jokes but I can't remember yes I know always joked uh we wait but you know that one huh this is pretty PG for you kids that's alright that's that's good then I want to a bar so hard that he's just like got knocked out but needs a little work but I never deliver well I'm not now I was a pizza boy though that's real aw that's all folks you can watch other than me every many mansions thanks for joining us

  1. It’s great to hear someone else thinking that Mini Mansions inspired Tranquility Base. When I first heard it I immediately thought of the first Mini Mansions album.

  2. I've seen the twice in Portland, and both times they were amazing. I love them and will be seeing them again soon hopefully!

  3. Great band, seen them a couple months ago at a tiny venue and they are so tight. Would 100% recommend them.

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