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if you say that if percentage should go to digital versus traditional that doesn't mean that you have to trash your traditional work we don't we just don't think about it as a magical percentage how do you reach the right person with the right message at the right time my earliest memory of Wendy's advertising of courses where's the beef from 1984 and you lookin Dave Thomas with his short sleeves and tie and glasses that he was the original hipster mind you what's happened is as the environment has changed as the user base ages we didn't quite catch up there is many many people in the United States at no Wendy's so the awareness problem is not there but the relevancy and the consideration is when I first started the spend was less than 5% in digital channels so it was nothing essentially for a brand of our scale if you think about especially our Millennial audience they grew up thinking about screens as agnostics we were looking to acquire some younger customers and have those customers have some affinity for the brand it's not like you're taking a technology brand when bringing them into the digital age people expect that but how do you bring old-fashioned hamburgers into the digital age we had a story about our salads that not many people knew of how our salads get from the field to the Winnie's restaurant we experienced a tree call change of 64% which is almost a precedent for us we saw keyword search terms around ourselves increased by 140% huge changes in perception on the salads so such a short time to see a huge effect and I think that's some place where Google preferred is played a huge role for us the category that that makes the most sense for with Wendy's are usually things around entertainment and sometimes sports and gaming so really passion points that resonate with our consumers and then finding the people out on YouTube who are the creators who are making the most popular content that aligns with what our consumers are engaging with on a day to day basis it lets us scale fast reach the right people but also gut-check along the way to make sure that things are going the right direction really a lot of the success is getting exposure to our message so we have a lot more opportunity from a digital perspective and continue to build our budgets in that area and that's what you see right now and our advertising is this realignment to who we really are and what what to expect when you go into a Wendy's we've kind of reestablished our voice so more people love Wendy's this is Adi intership though it's nuance to it but we are in a much better position than we have ever been and I think hey I'm Sal Masekela and I'm about to take you behind the scenes for a conversation right here with Emily Anderson amazing what about content creation industry is

  1. Muito legal neste caso, eu trabalhei com Adwords por 5 anos e estou feliz com a notícia, porque eu vi este caso. Falando sobre isso aqui anúncios #YouTube obter YouTube extensões de localização do Google disse que os anúncios na plataforma agora pode culminar em detalhes como horas locais de loja, direções e produtos em estoque. Quando questionado sobre como instruções e horas de loja acrescentou visitas às lojas reais para Wendy, Dischler recuou e disse que esses números foram gerados por Wendy usando dados do Google. "Do ponto de vista [Wendy], este é um resultado muito emocionante", disse ele. O serviço provavelmente irá fazer mais sentido com os concessionários de automóveis e retalhistas que vendem produtos eletrônicos, disse Dischler.

    Muito legal este case, trabalho com Adwords há 5 anos e fico feliz com as novidades porque vi este case. Falando disto aqui

    Os anúncios do #YouTube obtêm extensões de localização
    O YouTube do Google afirmou que os anúncios na plataforma agora podem culminar em detalhes, como horas da loja local, direções e produtos em estoque.
    Quando perguntado como as instruções e as horas da loja somaram visitas de loja reais a Wendy, Dischler retrocedeu e disse que aqueles números foram gerados por Wendy usando dados de Google. "Da perspectiva de [Wendy], este é um resultado muito emocionante", disse ele.
    O serviço provavelmente fará mais sentido com concessionárias de automóveis e varejistas que vendem produtos eletrônicos, Dischler disse.

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