Welcome to the Georgetown University Department of Government: Come Join Us!

– The Department of Government
is an open, dynamic, and publicly engaged
community of scholars, and students, and professional
staff, located within one of the world’s most highly
ranked institutions. This is a place where if
you’re interested in the way that power works and the way
that society is structured, then you can explore those things in the deepest possible way
we know how to teach them. – [Woman] One of my favorite things about this department is just how interested in mentoring students
and faculty members are. And they definitely
give a sense of wanting to support and encourage
you throughout this process. – I think It’s a very supportive community in terms of the department itself. I think we’re competitive in terms of wanting to do our best, but we’re not competitive with each other. I think we just push each
other through the best we can. – We have a full range
of academic offerings. From the undergraduate
program that we offer that allows you to go to
a rather advanced level as an undergraduate majoring in either government or political economy, all the way through Master’s programs that focus much more
specialized areas of knowledge that have a policy dimension to them. Moreover, our tie to the
McCourt School of Public Policy and the School of Foreign Services, as well as the Georgetown Law Center, give a very practical
and relevant dimension to many of those programs. If you’re considering a
doctorate in Political Science, the highest level degree that we offer, this is a place that’s going to train you to be the best political
scientist you can be. – We continue to hire new faculty who are really at the top of their fields and this has allowed us
to train our PhD students such that we now place
them in tender track jobs at some of the best universities and colleges in the country. – The real advantage of being
here is the embarrassment of riches that Washington D.C., and a campus in Washington
D.C., allows you to have. – If you are studying politics
this is the place to be. I think there’s incredible opportunity. – It’s been really nice
to be able to go downtown to different think tanks
and different organizations that have speaker series. – There are are going to be practitioners and ambassadors, heads of state, coming to campus to give talks. – One of the the really unique things about our department, I think
is that we have a mission of having really first-rate,
cutting-edge faculty. But at the same time all of our faculty think really hard about
engaging with the real world. And I think that our students benefit tremendously from that combination. – We are interested in
all types of methods and different approaches
to the study of politics. We’re eager to introduce
new ideas in working across disciplines in order to
advance our research. – We believe fundamentally
that you can’t begin to change the world unless
you understand it first. And we’re going to try to
impart a real understanding, while at the same time trying to do something that makes a difference. – Expect to be challenged. – I can’t think of a better place to be a political
scientist than right here.


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