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Have you ever paid for something with all
the loose change in your wallet? What if you wanted to pay for some milk and bread with $10 worth of 50-cent coins? Doesn’t sound too bad, right? Well, you could be refused service. It’s happened before and it turns out it’s completely legal. There’s an obscure section in the Australian Currency Act 1965. It says coins aren’t legal tender if they
exceed: 20 cents where 1-cent and/or 2-cent coins are offered — and these can still be used. $5, if any combination of 5-cent, 10-cent,
20-cent and/or 50-cent coins are offered, or 10 times the face value of the coin if $1 or $2 coins are offered. But all of this is up to the merchant — if
they’re happy to accept the coins, then no problem. Back to the milk and bread – so if you did want to use those 50-cent coins, the maximum amount you could go up to would be $5, before someone could refuse to accept. So what if you’re trying to pay for that
$3.50 cup of coffee with a $100 note? Well, the Reserve Bank of Australia says: Only two coins — the holey dollar and dump coin — have had their legal tender status removed. So technically you could use pennies and shillings and other pre-decimal coins if you wanted, although they’re probably worth more as
collector items. There are plenty of other obscure laws in Australia, which you’ve probably never heard of but are 100% legit. In 2017, Victoria introduced specific legislation banning “mooning”, aka exposing your bare rear end. First-time offenders face up to two months in jail… Victoria also says you can’t fly a kite
to the “annoyance of any person” in a public place. We all know about noise restrictions in residential areas, but Victoria’s pretty specific about it. It’s an offence to make unreasonable noise with a vacuum cleaner, amongst other items, after 10pm or before 7am on weekdays, and 9am on weekends. And you can’t drive a dog or goat harnessed or attached to a vehicle in a public place. Just in case you were considering doing that. Up until a couple of years ago, it was illegal to have more than 50kg of potatoes in Western Australia. Also in the west, you could spend a year in jail if you try and clean up seabird or bat poo without a licence. And don’t even think about challenging someone to a duel in WA or Tasmania. That could cost you $6,000, or two years behind bars. While many of these laws seem ridiculous now, it’s just not possible for governments to comb through every single offence that exists. And reviewing them often isn’t high on the priority list, with punishments unlikely. There are plenty of other lesser known rules that are actively enforced today. Drivers in New South Wales can be fined up to $2,200 for not taking enough care to avoid splashing mud on public bus passengers. Nationwide, you can’t take your dog for a
walk or run while riding a bike. And using offensive language in a public place is a criminal offence. That can go for slogans too. A couple years ago a Brisbane man was fined for moving a fridge on a train. It’s not the only over-sized item Queenslanders have tried to move on public transport, and anything that doesn’t fit on luggage
racks or under seats is a no-no. And ever heard of squatter’s rights? Well, it’s an actual thing. You can apply for ownership of a property
if you can prove you’ve lived there for 12 to 15 years, depending on the state, without the permission of the owner. A few months ago, the New South Wales Supreme Court granted ownership of a house in Sydney’s inner west to a property developer. Twenty years earlier, he found the empty home and has been renting it out ever since. But don’t believe everything you read on
the internet. There are some popular, but unverifiable claims that it’s illegal to wear hot pink pants after midday on Sunday in Victoria. And that you can’t dress up as Batman or Robin in Australia… Thanks for watching, please like, share and subscribe, and let us know about any weird or wacky laws that you’ve heard of.

  1. Fake check out. What the FUQ frequently unanswered questions we can take the country back but were to brainwashed

  2. Ita not weird at all the coin one though. Anyone who has worked in customer service knows that people try to pay in small change and hold lines of waiting customers who get angry. Ofc it makes sense to refuse counting them…

  3. I don’t think there needs to be a law
    I’m pretty sure it’s common sense
    Like I ain’t gonna count $50 in 50c coins

  4. I like to thank the lady that let me buy chips with my many 5 cents 😂 I had no idea that they could refuse.

  5. Every country has looked at us as the tuff outback people. I must say our government have completely destroyed that for us

  6. Swearing was found by the High Court as no lomger offensive, except for out side school and in front of minors, as it is so widely used In conversation.

  7. I heard it was legal for a male to urinate on the rear curb side wheel of a vehicle in Queensland.
    The man must cry pain three times.
    This is to give ladies fair warning that a man is about to expose himself so they have a chance to look away.

  8. I think one of the ways we could encourage economic growth in countries while at the same time safeguarding stability worldwide asset the average person isn't going to be involved in commodities trading I guess still invest in there stocks, gold, silver, etc, but gdp trade should be percentage based and balanced by commodity, that should with just laws allow for safe world travel, all work some most just want to eat clean food

  9. Effed up law: you whatsoever can’t hurt a house burglar even though your life may or may not be at risk <- seriously Australia what gives?!… the intruder then takes your stuff or vandalize your house and you feel helpless because you’re not allowed to stop or hurt that intruder? Wtf!

  10. Right.. because this is what we should really be focusing on! Thanks ABC. Meanwhile the Government has recently released anti-encryption (spying) laws, deregulated GM techniques for commercial release in our food chain and has used the welfare distribution system as a means of manipulation to make vaccines mandatory for welfare recipients. But wow I'm so glad to know that it's illegal to dress up as batman. Thanks ABC, my number one source for trusted news. I guess you guys have nothing better to do seeing as your the governments bitch.

  11. Do you think LAW IS something that can be thrown away at will or invented by a Banker politician? Bench in latin = banca i.e bank. Maritime law of seas.

    CASE LAW….JURY Verdicts…
    Legislations refer to statues n code i.e LEGAL….LEGAL VS LAWFULL. 1 BUISNESS I.E PRIVATE & 1 PUBLIC….

    Theres a huge difference between a SIGNITURE & AUTONOMOUS GRAPH I.E AUTOGRAPH…
    Also reason your name IS IN NOM DE GUERRE 🤔.

    research Dead n lost at sea far beyond the seas….lol…
    Who speaks legalese? Learn it..
    Is it lawfull or is it legal? Theres a Reason there not both called LAW….

  12. If someone refused to accept the money offered then you can have the merchandise for no charge because you have offered to pay for it and it has been refused.

  13. Japan also has laws about coins. I think you can only use a maximum of 20 coins for one transaction. I learned this as my housemate gave me a huge bag of coins. :p

  14. In WA, you can get a fine from the city council for excessive noise if your neighbours complain about your baby crying.
    Also, you're not allowed to use any power operated machines/appliances for longer than 2 hours a day. (2 hrs max altogether, not per machine)

    Also, not allowed to play excessive loud music at any time of the day/night or any loud musical instrument practice.

  15. Yeah well the servo refused to take $50 worth of $2 coins I had in my car as my bank card shit itself,I said fine I’ll just drive off then they wanted me to leave my drivers license and come back with notes! Lol I threw my coins over the counter and presto! Wasn’t so hard now was it!!😂

  16. Some of the noise laws they mentioned are legit a required thing. Vaccums maybe not but for the residential construction and maintenance stuff it very much needs to be there. Try getting a small kid to sleep with that stuff happening near by.

  17. Totally wrong gold and silver coins are the only legal tender in Australia. The bank notes are fraud and not legal tender read our true constitution 1900. Government cannot make any legal tender other then gold and silver.

  18. Most small businesses need to make a profit and are happy to take coins.
    If I had an employee that turned away a paying customers , I would sack them on the spot.

  19. Happened to me at Woolies. Tried to buy a packet of smokes (before I had quit) with loose change. Was refused. When I asked why they quoted this law. Looked it up and it checked out.

  20. In Hong Kong, the $1000 is refused by many places. Also governments can remove these laws, but they are too busy avoiding working.

  21. The coin law make sense..imagine some jerk deciding to pay for his groceries with $100 worth of 5 cent coins.

  22. I've payed $60 petrol with 5c 10c 20c a few 50c $1ns and $2s and I Don't care how I see it is its money don't take it what's the outcome jail time? 😋😋😋😋😋😋

  23. I was splashed with cold water on my way to uni… and sit in a room with air conditioning for 2 hours… I was almost killed by hypothermia… That driver should be fined LOL

  24. It is illegal to be naughty in Australia, risking having your bottom spanked by the Prime Minister if found guilty

  25. the weirdest law in Australia is that some plants that grow naturally in the nature is illegal (cannabis)

  26. What about the vagrancy act?Still legal after all these years.One can get a $660 fine for being visibly homeless-and it's enforceable.

  27. Wait a minute been living here for over 20 years paying rent…. would that mean i should own it by now 😮🤣🤣🤣

  28. Wouldn't be surprised if it's an offence in Australia to have an independent thought
    Australia is the true nanny state

  29. You can marry your first cousin, niece, nephew, aunt or uncle in Australia… hahahahaha keeping the bloodline strong since ages ago…

  30. Australia is rapidly becoming the most over lawed country in the world.. road laws , medicine laws, internet laws and just dumb laws everywhere you look .. we use to be the envy of the world… not any more…

  31. Big mother is listening: Section 18C makes any conduct which offends, humiliates, intimidates, insults or ridicules another person" on the basis of attributes including race, sexual orientation, religion, gender identity and disability.
    Except if you're White (Occidental) Christian, heteronormative, traditionally/biologically (man) masculine or lady (feminine) or fit and healthy (mentally morally spiritual and physically)

  32. What about in Victoria where you can't change a light bulb unless you're a licensed electrician?

  33. I recently said at a cop shop , I feel like killing myself because someone smashed everything I own !! They put me in a room to calm me and secretly rang ambulance, the law says I had to go to the loony bin to get assessed? 3 hrs later psychologists said what the F are you doing here ? 2 months later cops have only just contacted me and still haven’t investigated, go figure

  34. The reason they won’t let you use coins is because coins are the real currency of the commonwealth of Australia.

    Ever wonder why the $5 note the queen has no crown, but she does on every single coin?

    Don’t believe me? Have a look. Then look at what fiat currency is, and fractional reserve banking.

    Inflation and fiat currency maybe legal in Australia, but it is unlawful.

    Legal = corporate law

    Australia is meant to fall under e flush common law. Coins = steel and hold value. Plastic notes = Ponzi scheme by the world bank.

  35. Its also illegal to uphold common sense, or try to reason with a rapist in a uniform, while they are inforcing anti raping laws, whilst they assult you……

  36. it's not illegal to dress up like batman or Robbin but I dare say watch where you go you probably get beaten up

  37. These rules in my country/island isn't werid or obscured they are suppose to make us safe and not cause any trouble also everyone stop talking shit about Austraila we are even better then most of your countrys! Look at USA they have a president that is locking up kids in cages for no reasons in Austraila we don't care what religion you are we just make each other safe and also if we swear it is a common thing it isnt bad or rude it is COMMON in Austraila Okay shitty Americans.

  38. Those laws are there bc there are actual humans that do that shit.
    The whole not being allowed to dress up like Batman and robin is utterly ridiculous though….What if you ARE Batman and Robin for real? Not cool.

  39. Most shops I know will gladly accept your coins because the banks charges them, to obtain bags of coins as part of there cash float for tills

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