Wednesday 8/28/19 Revelation 10:1 – 10:11

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Shepherd’s Chapel Network family Bible study hour
with Pastor Arnold Murray. Wisdom is understanding
God’s Word. Pastor Murray’s unique
teaching approach brings God’s Word
alive with meaning as he takes you on a
chapter-by-chapter, verse-by-verse study of God’s
letter to you, the Bible. (soft music) And now, here is
Pastor Arnold Murray. – Good day to you. God bless you. Say, welcome to the
Shepherd’s Chapel. Welcome to this
Bible study hour. Ready to get back in
our Father’s Word? Now that we’ve got
the masters behind us, well get on to
better business here. Thank goodness for chapter nine in this great book
of Revelation, where the information
is given you exactly how Satan
comes as antichrist, what his name is, both
in the Hebrew tongue and the Greek tongue, exactly how long he’s going to
be here, a five-month period, forewarning you of all things. And as our Father has stated, “I will always foretell
my prophets what’s
going to happen.” The thing is, have
you read the prophets? That’s the way you tell, and that’s why we cover
this book of Revelation. Regardless of what language
you wanna say it in, revelation means the
uncovering, the unveiling, or to make a thing known, even down to the point that
a child could understand. If you’ll kind of kick out
all the traditions of men, and listen to the Word of God, chapter by chapter,
verse by verse. So, having said, let’s get
right into the 10th chapter, then, as we’re about to
come to that seventh trump. Actually, what the 10th chapter
is, it’s kind of an insert, it’s kind of our Father’s way of kind of testing
you a little bit, because this is one time He’s
going to give you a situation that you have to utilize
His method of analogy or you’re never
gonna understand it, but when you understand the
method that He has set forth, such as in the beginning, He said the churches
are the candlesticks. That analogy is that a
candlestick gives off light, a church is supposed
to give off light. Light of what? The Word of God. So bear that in mind
as we begin here. Chapter 10, verse one, that
word of wisdom from our Father, and it reads, “And I saw another mighty
angel come down from heaven, “clothed with a cloud: “and a rainbow
was upon his head, “and his face was as
if it were the sun, “and his feet as
pillars of fire.” This is always the
angel of the Lord, okay. Let no one ever mislead
you in that respect. I want you to
remember the fact that his face is as the sun, when we get to the vials,
the fourth one especially. You’ll have a little better
understanding of this, and any time the
rainbow is there, that’s the prism of light,
which is the Shekinah glory that is always around
the presence of God so that you know and
understand who we have here, the angel of God, which is
to say, the presence of God. Verse two, “And he had in
his hand a little book open.” He had what? A little book open. “and he set his right
foot upon the sea, “and his left foot
upon the earth. This means dominion, control. Don’t you ever doubt for a
moment, our Father is in charge. Our Father is in control. He only allows certain
things that people allow, and He crushes those that,
when the time is right, that they should be crushed. Now, this little book,
this isn’t the first time this little book
has come into play. You know, the book of Ezekiel
has more about the Millennium, that is to say, the
day that John was taken to give us this revelation, than any other
book in the Bible. From chapter 40 all
the way to the end is about the Millennium,
but then, in the beginning, at Chebar, in the
book of Ezekiel, Father even brought His
altar to that presence, spoke to Ezekiel, and I
think we should recover just a little bit of that. You’re not gonna have it. Ezekiel chapter two, make
a mental note, make a note, Ezekiel chapter
two, verse seven. “And thou shalt speak
my words unto them.” Not some quack’s,
not some man’s, but God’s speaking my words, “whether they will hear or
whether they will forebear, “for they are most rebellious.” Nothing more, nothing less,
and nothing different. “I want it to be the words
out of my mouth,” God says, and if you ever expect
to be a blessed teacher, you’ll remember that verse. Verse eight. “But thou, son of man,
hear what I say unto thee. “Be not thou rebellious
like that rebellious house. “Open thy mouth and
eat that I give thee.” Eat what? That means to absorb. Nine, “And when I looked
and behold, and Han,” this is the same Han,
“and Han was sent unto me “and lo, a roll of
a book was therein.” Little book. 10, “And he spread it
before me and it was written “within and without,” complete. “And there was written
therein lamentations “and mournings and woe.” All that abundance of
truth and wonderment of events that will transpire. God gives us that book. You’re holding it. It’s His Word, and you should
teach nothing but that Word. Chapter three, verse one,
continuing in Ezekiel. “Moreover, he said
unto me, son of man, “eat that thou
findest, eat this roll “and go speak unto
the house of Israel.” Verse two, “So I opened my mouth “and he caused me
to eat that roll.” He said, “Take it.” Little work on your part, but you have to reach
out and take it, and you have to absorb it. He’s not going to
spoon-feed you. You have to do a little work
on your own to absorb it. It’s always sweet to the mind. Verse three, “And he
said unto me, son of man, “cause thy belly to eat and
fill thy bowels with this roll “that I give thee. “Then did I eat it, “and it was in my mouth
as honey for sweetness.” The Word of God is always
so clear, so sweet, so understandable, that
when you start teaching it, guess what happens? Verse four, “And he said
unto men, son of man, “go, and get thee into
the house of Israel “and speak my words.” Underline that in your mind,
my words, God’s speaking. “Unto them,” verse five,
“for thou art not sent “to a people of strange
speech and of a hard language, “but to the house of Israel.” They are the same
language you are. They will understand, should
understand what you say. You see, God knows and
I know and you know that you gotta have ears
to hear and eyes to see, or it’s meaningless, usually. Verse six, “Not too many
people of a strange speech “and of a hard language, “whose words thou
canest not understand. “Surely, had I
sent thee to them, “they would have
hearkened unto thee.” They would have grasped
part of the truth. “But the house of Israel
will not hearken unto thee, “for they will not
hearken unto me.” They won’t listen to God. “For all the house of Israel “are imprudent
and hard-hearted.” And so it is. And He has made
their faces hard. But there, you see, that little
book has popped up again. There’s always a second
witness to revelation. The thing is, you
need to dig it out and you need to find it, for there’s nothing
new under the sun, and God is the same
yesterday as He is today, as He will be forever. The thing I probably would want
you to grasp most from that is when you teach,
don’t teach gullible, silly traditions of men. Teach God’s Word. You see, here makes
the difference. You teach the traditions of men, and God will withdraw
His blessings. You teach the Word of God,
and your cup will run over. God will bless you. That is so simple and
so easily understood, so there is that little
book with God standing with His foot on the sea,
which, the sea is the people, as you’ll find in
Revelation chapter 17. You don’t understand? Put it on the shelf. We’ll get there. With dominion, He’s in charge, and if you’re under Him, you’ve
got nothing to worry about. He’s in control. Verse three. “And cried with a loud voice,
as when a lion roareth.” Like the lion of
the tribe of Judah. “And when he had cried, “seven thunders
uttered their voices.” Whoa! Now, we’ve got seven seals,
seven trumps, seven vials, and now we got seven thunders. Oh, what possibly
could that mean? Verse four. “And when the seven thunders
had uttered their voices, “I was about to write: and
I heard a voice from heaven “saying unto me, “Seal up those things which
the seven thunders uttered, “and write them not.” You’re just not to release them. Verse five, “And the angel,
which I saw stand upon the sea “and upon the earth, lifted
up his hand to heaven,” verse six, “and swear by Him
that liveth forever and ever, “who created heaven and the
things that are therein, “that therein are, “and the earth, and the
things that therein are, “and the sea, and the
things that are therein, “that there should be
time no longer,” why? The seventh trump’s
about to sound. We’ve got six, and when the
seventh sounds, that’s it. That’s the end of this
dispensation of time. Now, He’s not going to tell
you what the thunders uttered. You’re supposed to
know from the analogy of the thing mentioned,
how to understand it. Now, listen carefully. What is thunder? Well, thunder’s
just a loud noise. No, no, no. I want a definition. What causes thunder? Thunder is causing by
lightning striking the earth. The thunder is an after-effect. In other words, after
the lightning happens, the thunder, it’s according
to how close you are to it, because it takes about a
second for it to travel a mile. So you’re not to… What he’s saying here is when
you understand the thunder, when you hear the thunder
and see it come to pass, know that the lightning
has already struck. Well, pray tell me what
is he talking about? Well, have you never read
Luke chapter 10, verse 18? What does it say there,
pertaining to the ninth chapter and everything we’ve written, read in this book of
Revelations up to this point. What did Jesus say in
Luke chapter 10, verse 18? He said, “I beheld Satan as
lightning come to this earth.” Satan hitting this earth strikes
it and causes the thunder or the repercussions of the
events foresaid in chapter nine. You will see it come to pass. You don’t have to have the
thunders related to you. You’ve already been instructed. It’s each of the thunders, it’s each of the trumpets,
each of the seals, as they come to
pass, after the fact. After antichrist hits the earth, then you’ll know the thunders
and what they stand for. You know he’s coming
with deception. Christ would even give
you a better warning yet in Matthew chapter
24, when He would say it’s gonna be just like it
was in the days of Noah. They’re gonna be giving and
taking in marriage again with fallen angels,
and so it will be when Satan and his mighty
strike this earth as lightning, as recorded in that
great book, if you would, of Luke chapter 10, verse 19. Our Father never, ever,
ever leaves us wanting. He’s always there for
us, and so, again, why do we not need the
thunders explained to us? Because all you have to do
to understand the thunder is watch where the
lightning hits. Well, pray tell me, where
does the lightning hit? 2 Thessalonians chapter two,
“He’ll stand in Jerusalem “on the temple of God,
claiming to be God.” That’s where the
lightning will strike, and when you see that
happens, when it transpires, that’s the first
thunder, and so forth, as it comes through to that time that each of God’s elect
witness against him, come against him. That’s why it’s revealed
to you before the fact. That’s why you’re to take the
little book and absorb it. Have the seals in your forehead. That simply means having God’s
truth impressed in your mind whereby nobody can deceive you, and never forget, what
was written in verse four of that ninth chapter of that
great book of Revelation. Satan, you can go down there and you can bother those that
do not have the seal of God, but those that have the seal
of God, you keep hands off. Don’t touch mine anointed,
and Satan has his orders, and that’s exactly
what he will do. All those that are unlearned,
that have not the seal, when that lightning
strikes, that is to say, when Satan comes,
pretending to be Jesus, the untrained will
follow him at that time, thinking he is. They don’t know any better. They’ve never been taught. “Well, I went to
church all my life.” You were never taught
the Word of God. It is God’s Word that you
must bring from your mouth if you intend to teach God’s
Word, otherwise you’re a fake, you’re a phony. “Well, we have these little
tracts and we have quarterlies.” Is it God’s Word? I mean, don’t beat
around the bush. You either are real
or you’re a fake, and that deceives
people, misleads them, and brings much
trouble into the world. This time will come. That last verse we
covered, verse six. Time will be no more. It’s gonna run out. You tip that hourglass, the last grain of sand
will ultimately fall. The thing is, will
you be ready for it? If you have the seal of
God in your forehead, you’ll be more than ready. You’ll be a part of it. Verse seven, back in chapter 10, this great book of Revelation. “And in the days of the
voice of the seventh angel, “when he shall begin to sound.” That’s the seventh trump. “The mystery of God
should be finished, “and has he hath declared to
his servants the prophets.” What does it say in Amos
chapter three and verse seven? Don’t ever forget it. Amos chapter three
and verse seven. It’s something you
should always remember. It is God’s promise to you. “I shall never do anything “that I have not
forewarned my prophets.” Question, have you read it? That’s what’s important, is
if you know and understand. Well, what is this mystery? We’re supposed to
understand the mystery? We’ve covered it over
and over and guess what? We’re gonna cover it again. Matthew chapter 13. We’re going to pick
it up with verse 35, concerning the tares, that’s to say, the
Kenites, the wicked ones. Satan’s own offspring. Well, how could
you document that? By reading the
secret, the mystery. It is no secret any longer. If you have read
the Word of God, if you have understood
the Word of God, you must understand what
the great mystery is. Verse 35, Matthew chapter 13. “That it might be fulfilled
which was spoken by the prophets “saying, I will open
my mouth in parables, “I will utter things which
have been kept secret “from the foundation
of the world.” The great mystery. Well, what is He gonna say? “Then Jesus sent the multitude
away and went into the house “and the disciples
came unto Him, saying, “Declare unto us the parable
of the tares of the field.” I mean, He said, hey,
here was the field, and somebody came
along, a wicked one, and planted those wicked seeds, after God had planted His seed. You couldn’t tell ’em
apart by lookin’ at ’em. But when they matured,
the real wheat was golden, and the tares were black,
bitter, and poisonous, the grain was, and so it is. Jesus is explaining
exactly what that meant. Not even the
disciples understood. And when He sent ’em
away, they wanted to know, “Well, tell us. “Explain it clearly so
even we can understand it.” So here He’s explaining
that parable. Verse 37. This is the great mystery. This is the secret. “He answered and said unto them, “He that soweth the good
seed is the Son of Man.” In other words, Almighty
God Himself through the Son, brought man into this word,
created in the perfect image. Satan took a shortcut and
brought hybrids in, got it? Verse 38, “The
field is the world.” Big deal. See, God is interpreting that
for you, through the Son. The field that the tares were
planted in is this world. This world age. “The good seed are the
children of the Kingdom, “but the tares are the
children of the wicked one.” Well, now let me
see, wicked one. Who could that be? This is the great mystery. Don’t let it be
a mystery to you. Read the Word of God
and listen to it. “The enemy,” verse 39, “The enemy that sowed
them is the devil.” No ifs, no ands, no maybes. The devil. “The harvest is the
end of the world “and the reapers are the
angels, and therefore, “the tares are gathered
and burned in the fire. “So shall it be at the
end of this world.” Do you wanna know
how it’s gonna be at the end of this world? That’s exactly how it is. That’s how the
mystery goes down. The tares, as long as
they wish to remain tares, shall be, they will be
going into the lake of fire, but even God’s
all-encompassing love, even if one of those tares decides they love the
Lord Jesus Christ, that they love our
Father, and they repent, genuinely, no put-on,
genuinely from the heart, then they are no longer
children of the devil, but they can even themselves
become children of God. That is the ultimate
challenge of a teacher. Have you ever
converted a Kenite? If you have, then you probably are teaching the right message. If you haven’t, well then, the blowing the smoke,
fire, and brimstone that we covered in
the last lecture, somebody’s blowing
smoke for you, okay. You must know the truth. The truth will always, I do
mean always set you free. So that’s the mystery that
John is talking about here, mystery that was kept, that
the evil one is coming. You can put it down,
chapter nine declared it, giving you exactly how many
months he would be here, what his flight plan is,
I mean the whole thing, tied up for you in a nice
ribbon, all for the taking, that is to say, the
understanding of God’s Word. How precious it is that
our Father leads us, that He guides us
and directs us, and keeps us
straight in His Word. You know, it’s real easy to
listen to sensational seekers that like to make up
their own stories. If it isn’t written
in God’s Word, you’d better be very careful, because it probably is just
a bunch of traditions of men that make void the Word of God. The simplicity in which
Christ taught is so simple that the simplicity of it
throws some people off, because, “I thought it
should be real complicated.” Well, it isn’t. If you just listen
totally to God’s Word and cast aside, throw
out the traditions of man and listen to the Word of God. What were the
instructions again, after you partook
of that little book? You had to take it. It’s not given to you. You have to take it,
and you have to eat it. He’s not going to
eat it for you. Takes a little bit of
doing on your part, and at that time,
you learn that Word, and it is that Word that
should come from your mouth, not the traditions that
make void the Word of God. What an exciting
time that we live in, especially in Amos chapter
three, verse seven. I won’t do anything, but what? I have already
warned my prophets. You know, that is
a beautiful thing that God makes these promises and that’s what He wants
you to remind Him of when He would say, when He would say in Isaiah
chapter 43, verse 26. Hey, remind me of the
promises I’ve made. Well, He remembers. He wants to know if you know. And let’s talk about ’em,
so that I can justify you, so I can do right by you. You gotta know
what you’re doing. It’s gotta be derived
from God’s Word. Amos chapter three, verse seven. Well, just how does that read? “Surely, the Lord
God will do nothing “but He revealeth His secret “unto His servants
the prophets.” That secret is there
for the taking. There’s nothing
mysterious about it. Satan’s ill works
will be uncovered. They’re already made
known, we recognize them, we can observe them. You see the good figs,
you see the bad figs, and you see them working
and you understand and you know what
your obligations are, for you partake of that Word, and, oh, it is so sweet (snaps
fingers) to hear that truth. But when you start teaching it, you’re gonna be persecuted,
because Christ was persecuted. Well, I wanna be
just like Jesus. You wanna be careful
what you ask for. They crucified
Him, they beat Him, and they will
browbeat you today. They will say bad
things about you if you teach the real truth, but you should not
care what man says. What is important
is what God says. Well, how can I be sure
that God is pleased? If He blesses you. If He blesses what you’re doing. Your cup will run over. So who cares about the
little ants out there that all you wanna do
is stomp on ’em anyway. Well, let the cup run
over on ’em, okay. Until they have eyes to
see and ears to hear, don’t let ’em get in your way. Don’t let their little ratchet
join both you one iota. You’re far better than they are. Well, some of the
atheists put up signs. They’re funny, they’re comical. Laugh at ’em. Just like we had the atheist
wanting for, I don’t know, a certain amount of money to
take care of Christians’ pets when they rapture, when
we know from God’s Word, that all the animals
in Isaiah 11, they’re also transfigured
and go with them. So that’s funny, that
this clown would actually start a business with
the ignorance of people to take care of their pets. And he says, “We guarantee that every
one of us is an atheist.” I find that so
hilarious, you know, and when they put up signs
trying to discredit God, laugh at it. It’s funny that somebody
could be that ignorant and certainly, they
are in this world. Let’s go on with the
next verse, if we may. Verse eight. “And the voice which
I heard from heaven.” Where did it come from? Heaven. “Spake unto me again, and said, “Go and take the little
book which is open “in the hand of the angel
which standeth upon the sea “and upon the earth.” I mean, take it. That requires
something on your part. I just wanna be spoon-fed. You’re not gonna be. You have to take the initiative, execute the command, take it. And again, when he that stands
on the sea and the earth both means that’s dominion,
he’s in charge. Verse nine. “And I went unto the
angel, and said unto him, “Give me the little book. “And he said unto me, “Take it, and eat it up; “and it shall make
thy belly bitter, “but it shall be in thy
mouth sweet as honey.” And so it is. The truth is so very sweet,
but when you begin teaching it, bitterness will come forth. Don’t let it bug ya. That’s fine, that’s okay. You know, this is what
stirs the unlearned, and drives them into
the Word of God, and when you drive somebody
into the Word of God to check you out, then
they begin to learn from the little book themselves. Like it or lump it, and many
are converted in that way, and the bitterness
is well worth it to one that has tasted the
honey, the truth of God’s Word, and can follow it accordingly. Verse 10. “And I took the little book
out of the angel’s hand, “and ate it up; and it was
in my mouth sweet as honey.” Truth always is. “And as soon as I had eaten
it, my belly was bitter.” So you can say this. The sweetness and the beauty
and the truth of God’s Word far outweighs any
of the bitterness that might follow thereafter
in ridicule and what have you. Hey, you know something? God, when He said, “Touch
not mine anointed,” when you are dealing
with that little book, and when you’re
executing the commands within that little book, God will see that the
bitterness is paid for. He’ll take care of it Himself. He did not say, “Don’t touch
those that have the seal of God “in their forehead,”
for nothing. He said it because He meant it. “Touch not mine anointed,”
He meant it, and you know, you might say, “Well I wish I
could better understand that.” Well, it’s so simple. You’re His child. Let me ask you something. If one of your children,
if you’re blessed, if one of your
children is there, and somebody hankies with
them, what do you do? You thump their gourd, right? You get their attention. You will not tolerate,
you won’t put up with it. Neither will our Father. So it pays great dividends
to have His blessings. It pays great dividends
to have His truth. It pays great dividends
to have eyes to see and ears to hear the mystery
written within the Word of God in the simplicity that
Christ brought it forth. Verse 11 to complete
the chapter. “And he said unto me, “Thou must prophesy again
before many peoples, “and nations, and
tongues, and kings.” And so it is with God’s elect. We have a whole Millennium
ahead of us from the Lord’s Day where he was taken in
chapter one, verse 10, and many, many people will
be taught the real truth. Do you know why you will
be allowed to teach it? Because you’ve absorbed it, and you have eyes to
see and ears to hear. Quite frankly, in the
Millennium, you won’t have to ask a neighbor if they
know the Word of God. They will. In spiritual bodies, they
have total recall, basically. Whether they obey the
recall or not is up to them. Many will not still yet, but God’s elect do
not have a vacation when the Millennium begins. We’ve got work to do, a
beautiful, beautiful work. A work that has dividends
that are just fantastic. It’s loving your people and
being a real help to them in Father’s name, because you
have absorbed the little book. You know, many might say, “Well, I wish I could
just remember all of it.” Well, you remember the part
you’ve studied it in, eaten in, that God wants to use you for. Just keep at it. You’ll do quite well, and
you’ll do greater yet, in times to come, with the
aid of the Holy Spirit. All right, bless your hearts,
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guide, direct, Father, touch in Yeshua’s precious name. Thank you, Father, Amen. Okay, and question time. We’ve got April from Alabama. “I have a question
that may sound strange. “I know God’s elect have the
seal spiritually in their minds “but I think I heard you
say in the Ezekiel lecture “that God’s mark is a cross. “Do you think God elected…” You’re taking a
one-scripture event that, in a sense, was an analogy, the man with the inkhorn I
think is what you’re saying, and I said probably what
He put on the forehead was a tav, which
is a Hebrew letter that looks like our modern-day
T, okay, which is a cross. But that is not what God places on the forehead of people, okay? It doesn’t matter
what’s on your forehead, it’s what in it that
counts, the seal of God, the seals that God teaches us. Fay from Georgia. “Will we all be the same
race we are now when we die? “Or will we all
be the same race?” No, we’ll be just the
way God created us. That’s the way He likes us. This is why, you know, a
lot of people would seem that they’re almost
apologize for their race. You better not ever
do it in front of me, because your race is the
exactly the way God wanted you, and at the end of that
sixth day, He looked, and it was good in His eyes. He has a reason and a purpose,
and He’s happy with that. Exactly the same. “The three,” question two, “The three days after the two
witnesses die in the area, “will those three days
be counted in human time “or the Lord’s time?” There are literally
three sun-ups and
three sundowns, okay? Three human days. As a matter of fact, the very next chapter
we’ll be getting into, the next lecture, we
cover that segment. It’s a beautiful
chapter, chapter 11. It lets you know what
happens three days after the two witnesses witness, because you know, in three
days, Christ is gonna return. That seventh trump
is gonna sound. No one’s supposed
to know the instant. Well, when we get
up to that time, the elect are supposed to, the wise are to
understand the season. Daniel chapter 12. Jamie from Wisconsin. “My mother-in-law
is soon to be 90, “has had heart failure,
and in a care facility. “My question, how can
I, as a new Christian, “speak to her about
Jesus our Savior? “She is an atheist. “She’s lived a life in academics “and says people who
believe in God are weak. “She is very bitter and
sensitive when I tried “to mention God to her. “I don’t know how to reach her.” Well, you just keep setting
the sweet example that you are and don’t, if she
absolutely refuses, then just visit with
her, the time of the day, a beautiful day in the
Lord, and so forth. But you see, don’t forget, we
have the Millennium coming, and as it is written, in the
Millennium, in Ezekiel 44, which covers the Millennium,
we have the ability there for someone we haven’t
been able to reach, we’ll be able to
maybe reach them then, because they will be
in spiritual bodies and they’ll know they’re of God, because the Son’s gonna be right
in front of ’em, all right? So just keep being
sweet, make those visits, and act like a Christian that
draws people to you, okay? And don’t antagonize her
or anything of that nature. You’ll do just fine, all right. Martice, I think. I hope I’m saying that right. “Me and my son are
in a disagreement. “I say it says in the
Bible not to eat swine, “but he says, in the new book, “it says that it is
all right to eat swine. “Could you let me
know who is right, “and if it means this age, “and where in the Bible
that it says this?” Well, probably what he’s doing
is taking Acts chapter 10, when Peter was taken upon
a roof and he was told to eat three sheets of unclean
animal, and Peter refused. Even God telling him to. And then God told him, “I wasn’t talking about
you eating unclean things.” I was talking about you
calling Gentiles common. I don’t ever want you to
call ’em common again, holos in the Greek
tongue, all right. But so it didn’t have
nothing to do with food. Now, in 1 Timothy chapter four, it says there, don’t ever let
anyone judge you in marriage. We’ve got a lot of churches
that like to really get into the marriage
bed with people, tell ’em when they should
and shouldn’t, and so forth, and they absolutely know not
what they’re talking about. But then back to food, it
says, at the same time, don’t ever let somebody
judge you about receiving those things, listen
to me, verse three, receiving those things God
created to be received. God did not create
mice to be received. God did not create
rats to be received. God did not create the
swine to be received. It is all written
in Leviticus 11. These flesh bodies
have not changed since the beginning of time. God knows, He sent you
a set of instructions with these flesh bodies, on
how to keep them pretty healthy even in a polluted world, so when you eat what
God tells you to, I mean, after all, He
created these bodies, you’ll do pretty good. You’ll get along just fine. So needless to say, you’re
right, and your son, have him read 1 Timothy
chapter four, verse three, and don’t let him… All animals that God
created are good. You mean, even the scavengers? You bet. They keep the filth
cleaned up off the earth, so you don’t get sick, okay. You don’t… They eat the crud. Like the bottom fish eat the
dead stuff off the bottom so that the healthy
fish can survive, but you don’t eat the garbage. Mabel. That’s just a general
rule of the thumb, do not eat scavengers,
and you’ll be fine, okay. Mabel from Nebraska. Mabel, I can see
you’ve had quite a time and you think that you had
a little talk with Satan. “Once you have walked
away from the Holy Spirit “and sold your soul, can you
ever get back with the Lord? “I love the Lord, just all lost. “Please answer.” No way. Do you know, have you never read Ezekiel
chapter 18, verse four? You sold your soul. You know something, God
would smile at that, because if you were to read
Ezekiel chapter 18, verse four, God makes it very clear. He says, “All souls are mine.” You don’t get around to say, “I think I’m gonna give
my soul to the Lord.” He’s already got it. It’s His to do
with as He pleases. It’s not yours to
tell to somebody. You don’t own it. You’re His child, and
He owns your soul. There is no way on this
earth you could have sold it or given it away. That’s God’s
prerogative, not yours, and He’s still hanging onto you, ’cause He’s knockin’
on your door. Open it up and let Him in. You’re doing good, okay? There’s no such thing as… God will never leave you,
He will never forsake you, and don’t you ever forget
Ezekiel 18:4, okay? Bertha from Florida. “If really there were only
eight people saved in the ark, “where did all the different
nationalities come from? “The Kenites are still here.” Well, if you go back and
read Genesis chapter six, Noah was told besides
the eight Adamic people, to take two of every
flesh aboard the ark, that’s two of every race,
because the races were flesh. Read the third verse
of chapter six. It grieved God that
He had created man and made them flesh also. Take two of every
flesh aboard the ark, but there were only
eight Adamic souls, okay? “And I often ponder after Mary,
after giving birth to Jesus, “and have more sons, “why did Jesus at the Cross
leave Mary in the care of John?” Because John was there, okay? John was there, and he was
the disciple that God loved, and Mary had stayed with him, and he wanted John
to look after her. Nothing wrong with that, okay. Victoria from California. “In the latter days,
can you give me “a scripture or a
reference to where “the antichrist will
sit in the temple “and claim to be the Lord?” 2 Thessalonians chapter
two, verse four. Let me say it again, 2 Thessalonians chapter
two, verse four. Well, what does it say? It says that the antichrist,
the son of perdition, there’s only one, will
sit in the holy place in the temple of God, showing
the world that he is God. It doesn’t get any
clearer than that, okay. Ramona from Oklahoma. Ramona, just pray that
everything happens and through God’s will, and keep watching, I can
see you’re quite a watchman, and no one is
pleased, necessarily, with the government and its
conditions right at this moment and things kind of in an
upheaval with prosperity kinda has been gone out
the window and so forth. The good times are no longer
here, but they’ll be back, and the main thing is, pray
that God’s will be done, and guess what? It will be. God still has one foot on
the earth and one on the sea. Excuse me. And it’ll happen just
like He wants it to. Excuse me, Gary
from North Carolina. “Can you tell me
where I can find where “Noah took two every
one race on the ark.” Well, isn’t that funny. We’ve got two questions
on the same subject today. Genesis chapter six, and I
will say it simply this time. Noah was told to take
two of every flesh, aside from his own
family, which was pure. His was the only family
that was still pure Adamic. That’s what the
generation means. It is posterity, was clean, hadn’t intermixed with
the fallen angels. Through that lineage
could come Christ, okay, but He still told
him in Genesis 6, take two of every flesh aboard. And you know, there
are some people that believe after the
closing of the Garden that people scattered, and that the flood
itself simply covered the part of the world
where the hybrids were and destroyed them. Your own choice, but
the Bible declares two of every flesh
aboard the ark. Jack from Oregon. “I’m 10 years old. “Is it okay for me to ask
for God to help my game “and to get a hit? “I play baseball.” It’s fantastic that you ask Him to give you the eye, the speed,
the time, and what to do. I mean, home run. You just ask Him for it,
and practice, you know. Practice makes perfect,
and you just stay with it, and ask Father to help
you practice, even. And Jack, you’re
gonna do real good. I wanna know when you
make your first home run. You hang tough, all right? If something happens,
you don’t make one, you still made a home run
in my heart, so fantastic. MJ from Utah. “Pastor Murray, what
happens to people who die “without ever
hearing the Gospel?” Well, they unfortunately go on the wrong side of the gulf in
Paradise, awaiting judgment. But God is always fine and
fair, and He will always give them the opportunity in
the Millennium to be taught. That’s why it states, even in the closing
verse of today’s lecture, you’re going to teach hundreds
and thousands of people yet, even after that day,
the seventh trump. In the Millennium is a
time of teaching, and why? Because God’s not gonna
send somebody to hell that never heard the
truth, and quite frankly, this maybe offends some people,
but there are some people that have sat in church
pews all their life and still haven’t
heard the truth. That’s what we have
the Millennium for. “What about those who lived
and died before Christ? “Please help.” Well, that’s an easy one. Those that died before
Christ was crucified, paying for the
sins of the world, for those that would
believe upon him, in 2 Peter, I’m sorry, 1
Peter, chapter three, verse 18. You check it out. It will say, even
while in the tomb, He went to the people all the
way back to the time of Noah, that means the beginning,
and gave preach to them, and gave them an
opportunity to receive Him. They were in
Paradise, of course, and if you keep reading on in
the first chapter of 1 Peter, it says there that He freed
a lot of the captives. In other words, there were
many of them, afterwards, that repented, and came to
the good side of the gulf because the price had been paid, that Christ was able and that, you see, this is God’s fairness. Any time something
seems to not be fair, you do not have a
clear understanding, for our Father is always fair. I believe even to
the point that people from the first earth age
are born into a condition that they deserve, but
they have an opportunity to work themselves out of
it and up, upward, okay. It’s just like God’s elect. Well, were they the prettiest? Were they the wisest? No, they were the most loyal. They fought Satan in
the first earth age. They stood against him. They earned the
right to be chosen even before the foundations
of this world age, and I’m quoting here from Ephesians chapter
one, verse four. And that’s a
beautiful thing, why? Because God’s always fair. If God’s election
stood against Satan in the first earth age, I mean
fought him tooth and nail, would not give into
him, would God be fair if he made them just
like anyone else, ignorant of the very truth? No, he used them as teachers, and well, you can read of
it in Romans chapter eight, beginning along
about with verse 26. He said, “You don’t even
know what to pray for, “but I intercede in your life “and make you do the things
I want you to do,” why? Because you were fore-ordained,
meaning predestined, because you overcame
in the first earth age. That is to say,
the first fruits, as it continues on in verse 30. God is always fair. Any time you think He’s not,
something’s wrong, okay? Nancy from Montana. “We would like to
know what would God do “if His kids didn’t want Him
around after they moved out “or on their own, ’cause
that is what ours have done “after everything
we’ve done for them.” Well, this is a mother. You just keep hanging tough and being the Christian
mother that you are, and that will make
’em wanna come home. You’ve raised them right. They’re not gonna get too
far away from the tree, and you just be patient in that, and don’t try to, I mean, be a good mother, and
a good mother never tampers too much into the
lives of the children, where it gets a little
heated and uncomfortable. You simply, by example,
lead the good life, whereby they see the
blessings of God, and are still drawn to it, okay? We’ll be remembering
you in prayer. We got Robert from
South Carolina. “Pastor Murray,
I have a question “about Romans 7:13 through
25, about what Paul had said. “I had read it. “My mind seems to be like
a pea in an eggshell, “rattling around. “I thank you for your preaching
paragraph by paragraph, “and again, thanks. “If you have a chance, “if you have chosen this
question of the Word “of our holy Lord.” Well, what did Paul talk about? He said, in those
particular verses, I always set out wanting
to do what’s right. Sometimes it doesn’t
end out that way. Sometimes when I know I
wanna do what’s right, I just seem like I end
up doing what’s wrong. And then he continues
on and he says, if you’re gonna win the race,
you better exercise properly, train properly,
and do it lawfully, in accordance to God’s law. Do your training, and it’s
not only talking about winning races or anything. It means living a Biblical
life, a life with God, but at the same time,
what Paul was saying, and the real point is, we’re in the flesh
and we’re not perfect. We’ve got good intentions, but sometimes it doesn’t
work out that way. But that’s no sign to
quit or to give up. That’s why we repent. Many times, people think
they are above falling short. Well, Paul was kinda
helping us out on that. And I’m out of time. Hey, you know what? I love you all because you enjoy
studying our Father’s Word, chapter by chapter,
verse by verse. Most of all, God
loves you for it. Hey, you know what? When you study His Word,
the letter He sent to you, His instructions,
it makes His day, and when you make
God’s day, guess what? He’s gonna make
yours, all right. It’s great. We’re brought to you by
your tithes and offerings. If we’ve helped you, you
help us keep coming to you. Won’t you do that? You bless God, guess
what, He will always, I do mean always bless you. Now, most important, though, you listen to me
and you listen good. You stay in His Word. Every day in His Word is a
good day, even with trouble. Do you know why? Because Jesus, Yeshua
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