We Need To Talk About Jair Bolsonaro and The Brazil Election…

Sup, you beautiful bastards. Hope you having a fantastic Sunday, a great weekend, a moderately Okay a month, a not horrible year. Today You’re getting an extra bonus in news video because I wanted to just before we get into the regular week of shows I wanted to Look back to last week and talk about something that’s incredibly important and it’s a story coming out of Brazil about Jair Bolsonaro Which if you didn’t see Jair Bolsonaro was declared the winner of Brazil’s presidential election on Sunday October 28 and his win signals a massive and radical political shift for Latin America’s biggest nation and the world’s fourth largest Democracy. Bolsonaro is a far-right conservative who was part of the social Liberal Party and he defeated his opponent Workers Party candidate Fernando Haddad with 55% of the vote Although it’s been noted that a record number of people Abstained from this year’s vote and in Brazil, the left-wing Workers Party had been in power since the early 2000 But when the country’s latest economic struggles government scandals and crime issues. The public was really hungry for a drastic shift And so there we have Bolsonaro, who is now the latest in a string of far-right populist leaders who have come into power around the world. So who is he’s a 63 year old former Army captain began his career in the Armed Forces During a time when Brazil was ruled by a military regime. Bolsonaro entered the political sphere in the late 1980s as a far-right conservative in the early years of brazil’s newly formed democracy, eventually became a congressman for rio de janeiro was known for His extreme ideology during his presidential campaign He positioned himself as the unlikely outsider and capitalize on the widespread anger toward the country’s current state in leadership and that strategy Immensely helped him shoot to the top of the polls but of course that wasn’t without pushback from opponents who believed that his leadership was dangerous and destructive and there’s also been a lot of controversy around Bolsonaro and his word in fact You often see people compare him to US president Donald Trump and the president of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte And it’s because along with the strategy of tapping into the deep resentment towards traditional leadership His past is just loaded with a long history of sexist, homophobic and racist rhetoric. And in fact some of his comments were so offensive that Brazil’s Attorney General charged him with inciting hatred towards women as well as black Gay and indigenous people earlier this year and here are some of the examples of comments. He’s made throughout his career and he has called allegations of racism against him baseless and once responded by saying Also one of his most memorable Remarks came from a 2011 interview with Playboy where he said that he would quote not be able to love a homosexual son would rather Have his son died in a car accident than be gay in that same interview He also said if a gay couple came to live in my building my property will lose value if they walk around holding hands kissing It will lose value No one says that out of fear of being pinned as a homophobe in the 2013 BBC documentary out there He made similar comments to actor Stephen Fry. He also made remarks talking about addressing homosexuality with violence. also a video interview for Vice Ellen Page was openly gay, asked Bolsonaro if he thinks that she should have been beaten as a child? in response to his public statements, to which he responded to Page, Also in 2015 He told a Brazilian newspaper that men and women should not receive the same salaries because women get pregnant saying quote because women get more Labor rights than men meaning they get maternity leave the employer prefers to hire men I would not employ a woman with the same salary of a man But there are many women who are competent in a public speech in April 2017 He said I’ve got five kids but on the fifth I had a moment of weakness and it came out a woman also Probably one of the most viral clips of him shows him arguing with a congresswoman after she called him a rapist He also repeated those comments to a newspaper adding that he was not a rapist but if he were would not rape the congresswoman because she is ugly and not his type. He even ended up being ordered by a Brazilian judge to pay a $2,500 fine because of this incident, but it’s not just those kinds of things He’s also been met with criticism because of his long-held affinity for Brazil’s past dictatorship and military tactics. In 1993 delivered a speech before the lower house of Congress calling for its closure saying I am in favor of a dictatorship and adding we Will never resolve serious national problems with this irresponsible Democracy. And in fact some of his comments suggest that he actually believes the dictatorship didn’t kill enough, and he even went on to say that the mistake of the Dictatorship was to torture and not kill and so we saw Bolsonaro’s comments and ideology sparking outrage in brazil with protests against one opposition Movement largely supported by women, used the slogan “Ele Não” – or, “Not him” Also in September Bolsonaro was even stabbed in the stomach during a campaign rally He was sitting on a supporter shoulders and waving to the crowd when a man suddenly plunged a knife into his abdomen But after that Bolsonaro continued campaigning during his three-week stay in the hospital connecting with voters via Facebook, Twitter and whatsapp and people have pointed out that the attack may have actually in some ways helped him because It allowed him to continue to dodge debates ahead of the vote And so the question becomes given all of that other than the him getting stabbed part, given the rest of it, Why did he win? We have to look at the data well according to a 2017 Gallup report just 17% of Brazilians and confidence in the national government and this isn’t one of those situations where they’re always Hated that was down from 51% a decade ago And because the Workers Party had won the last four presidential elections most citizens blame them for the country’s biggest failures And so this allowed Bolsonaro who presented himself as anti-establishment to rise and on that note I think it’s important to look at some of the major issues that were on voters Minds during this election. For starters Brazil is recovering from the worst recession in their history with millions of people still unemployed But along with that the crime rates are at a record high In fact 63 thousand eight hundred eighty people were murdered across the country in 2017 alone that’s a three percent increase from 2016 and just to give you a comparison the US which is over 100 million more people in its population had only 17,000 284 murders that same year additionally Brazil is also still reeling from its biggest corruption scandal in its history it was an investigation known as Operation car wash and it uncovered a money-laundering scheme that funneled money into the pockets of high-level politicians and business leaders and the investigation of The scandal itself is just complex its massive it’s still actually ongoing but also to help you understand the scale of this corruption the operation included over a thousand warrants for searches and Seizures prosecutors have already charged well over 100 people with crimes and the number of misappropriated funds is said to be in the billions and so the scandal was a major blow to the workers party’s reputation and that’s because the party was founded on the idea that it Was different from all the others more interested in helping the poor and less involved in corruption that had plagued the country Also as a part of this the scandal even eliminated one of Bolsonaro’s biggest competitor. Is that being former President Luiz? inácio de Silva or Lula as he is popularly known when I came to Lula he had a ton of Public support because he presided over Brazil during a period of prosperity during his presidency social programs Expanded and he’s often described as a politician who did more for the poor than anyone else but he too was found to be involved in the scheme and is serving a 12-year sentence for corruption charges and with that he was Eventually banned from running in the election while in prison and forced a bow out Now here it is important to know that Lula and several of his supporters deny, the allegations Against him and they argue that the imprisonment is just an attempt to prevent his presidency again in addition to those people There are also those who believe that he was involved but argue that he was less corrupt than the others when I say that Lula Was banned after he was put in prison that that’s an important distinction because before he was banned even while he was in prison He was still polling above other candidates and so many people believe he would have won had he not been forced down. Then on top Of all of that the Workers Party had to deal with the impeachment of Lula’s successor Zuma who sefie which made it even harder for the party to transfer support over to the party’s new candidate Fernando Haddad and once Lula was out of the race, Bolsonaro, just took over the polls. He won 46% of the vote in the first round of the election narrowly. Just missing an outright win You have to have 50% of the vote to avoid a runoff But I mean, he was well ahead the closest behind him in the first round was Haddad with 29 percent of the vote also according to reports Bolsonaro benefited from an intense wave of fake news driven largely by users on the messaging app whatsapp and in fact Around this there was a Brazilian news outlet that released a report last month and it was alleged that local marketing firms have been buying Bundles of phone numbers and then using them to send voters anti Workers Party propaganda on whatsapp That’s a pretty big deal considering how prominent the app is in Brazil according to a 2016 study 95 percent of Internet users in Brazil use whatsapp with Facebook close behind that eighty seven percent and on this no we reach Down to Benjamin young an expert living in Brazil about the role. What’s that played in the election? this is the election that in large part was determined by social media specifically in by whatsapp So Facebook and whatsapp were both very important Every Brazilian family home that I know has its own whatsapp group and it’s there that opinion formation has happened in the last several weeks and unfortunately The difference between whatsapp and Facebook is that Facebook is a little bit more public So if I see, you know one of my friends friends has Posted something that I know is fake news on either side of the political spectrum I could at least chime in and say, you know post my comment and say wait that you know I could post a link to clarify it but with whatsapp. You can’t do that unless you’re a member of the group And that has allowed an incredible disturbing amount of fake news to transmit and circulate for example as late as Saturday I don’t know if you’ve heard about this, but there was image a videos circulating that suggested that Fernando Haddad wanted to promote a gay kit, kitchen gay throughout Brazil that would basically Promote homosexuality In the classroom as a good idea Which is utterly ridiculous such a kit never existed. It was a Fabrication. Well, obviously the faith news plays a big role there and we’ve talked about all the bad stuff regarding everyone else It’s also important to know what Bolsonaro has talked about that has resulted in him getting a massive amount of support as we’ve seen in other situations involving an Unexpected rise to power it’s because you have someone that’s deviating from traditional political conventions people saying they like that He says what he’s thinking that he’s promising to quote break the system and to stop the lying media, He say’s he is in favor of small government lower taxes strict immigration policies privatizing companies. He’s also suggested merging the agriculture Environment Ministry, saying that he intends to boost the economy by increasing mining nuclear power and agricultural activity in the Amazon rainforest That of course despite the massive pushback over environmental concerns. I mean, just earlier this week. We were talking about what’s happening with the Amazon rainforest He’s also admitted that he doesn’t understand economics and that a specialist team led by his future Minister of Economy would help him when he’s in power also some of his most Significant promises hit on the issue citizens care about the most that being crime and corruption Bolsonaro has proposed extreme solutions to crack down on crime like empowering police forces to kill and promising to loosen gun restrictions for self-defense We have to guarantee self-defense for the good citizens If one of us civilian or soldier is assaulted if he shoots the attack at 20 times It serves them right he must be decorated not judged He’s also consistently spoken out against political parties whose members were involved in corruption and he’s been especially vocal about his support for the impeachment of the former president leading protests against her voting in favor of her removal from office when it came down to people actually voting the Individual voter we saw something that’s reminiscent of other places many voters looking for a drastic change And looking at policies and promises and seeing that as a reason to disregard the rest and this is something Benjamin hit on as well Now you might ask how could Brazilian’s, any Brazilian? Possibly vote for a man who speaks in that way Well, one of the and I of course I’ve asked this question to everyone I know including in the working-class communities where I do my research and a typical response is He’s just joking, you know, whatever Brazilians like to joke. So you hear a lot of people saying we shouldn’t take it seriously yes, he said those things those are just the kinds of jokes that anyone would make or they’ll say and I’ve heard this I’ve heard this a lot last week an acknowledgement that it’s deeply problematic the way he talks about gays women’s blacks and northeasterners, but To say weighing that against a guy who will finally resolve political corruption In Brazilian society. It’s worth it even If we’re gonna elect a homophobic sexist racist guy who disrespects the Northeast it’s worth it if he can Bulldoze the political system and bring in something new because only after that happens will Brazil is there any possibility of a better life for Brazilians, now Again, I want to be clear that I’m not defending that perspective I think that’s that’s that’s simply his way of of getting votes and you know And he won so it worked but I don’t at all think that the way he has spoken about Women blacks and gays is a joke, but still for many Brazilians His troubles in rhetoric is less of a focus and the issues he promises to fix so in the eyes of his supporters Bolsona ro is the alternative to a leadership that has failed them in recent years but to those who oppose his win, he’s just a reminder of Brazil’s dark authoritarian past Do it Al Capone pick you lug nuts But with all of that said and everything we’ve covered when it comes to the question of well Why should you care a lot of you watching right now? You don’t live in Brazil experts are calling this the most important election of Brazil’s history. Bolsonaro is taking over Latin America’s biggest Nation, which is home to over 200 million people It’s important to note that Bolsonaro is not alone in since 2010 The region in general has been riding a conservative wave, with countries like Chile, Argentina, Peru Colombia and Paraguay electing leaders were to varying degrees considered to be on the right and This is seen as a reaction to the real and perceived failures of the pink wave Which was a time in the early 2000s when left-leaning governments were the norm in Latin America and Bolsonaro is the most recent but also the furthest right of the bunch And of course, this is just a thing We’re talking about with South American countries Bolsonaro joined several other far-right politicians who ascended to power, right? You have Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister Matteo salvini Priminister Viktor Orbán of Hungry, the Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz, but then looking back to Brazil I mean you’re looking at a country that is riddled with issues, there, There’s a lot of hope and there’s a lot of fear Hope that Bolsonaro can solve the existing problems, But also the fear that he will create new ones that he will hurt international relations environmental progress He will silence the press change Brazil’s democracy but also to be noted that in his victory speech it seemed as though he is extending an olive branch to the community is most offended by but of course words and actions are two different things and so be interesting to see if Bolsonaro Was pandering during campaign season or if his stances do represent his true political goals and These are things that will ultimately become more clear once he takes office on January 1st 2019 for his four-year term But with that said that is where today’s video and of course I with every video every story I put out there want to hear from me What are your thoughts on the situation both locally to this specific election and internationally also? Do you look at this election you look at this story and you feel a little bit like it’s history repeating itself from somewhere else any and all thoughts you have I’d love to know in those comments down below also for the three of you that made it to The end of this video. Thank you If you like getting these extra videos Let me know by hitting that like button also while you’re at it if you want more shows in the future be sure you hit that subscribe button We normally do a Monday through Friday Philip deFranco show and we’ve been trying to add videos on top of that with all of that said of course as always my name’s Philip. Defranco you’ve just been phill’d and I love yo faces and i’ll see you tomorrow

  1. I'm from brazil and I got say there are a lot of reasons we have decided to have bolsonaro as president, the principal is the fact that our other option was the political group involved in the biggest corruption plan ever made and just to let everything clear both sides used fake news

  2. even tough he is not the best guy to vote,he didn't make the brazil economy SHIT and didn't steal Money for 12 YEARS ,pt did that,and this year, if it wasn't bolsonaro and trump,brazil was turning into a comunist place

  3. Phil, the amount of bullshit said on this video's comment section are endless as far as left vs right. Both parties has such blind followers that it can get exhausting talk about. Lack to sense in action of most people screams misinformation, bigotry, misogyny and don't even get me started on racism. Common sense ain't that common!

    About the WhatsApp part: if any of you reading this heard about "Cambridge Analytica", well it might connect some dots for you. If you haven't, you should've.

  4. As a brazilian Bolsonaro supporter, I can say this video is very precise and well researched. Congrats! its not easy to make sense of the complex brazilian politics.

  5. Everything is looking good until now here, no sign of authoritarianism, good international reception, competent and (mostly) non corrupt ministers in charge. Who would've though he was not the fascist the left wing was screaming about, WHO WOULD'VE THOUGH.

  6. 60% Oh bolsonaro is god
    30% oH i liKE bOlSOnARo And I'm fROm BrAZIL
    9% his son is being alleged as corrupcy
    0,9% He is not that good…
    0,1% Analfabeth funcional

  7. Extremely biased, you Americans have no ideia the damage PT has done to our country, by stealing, by lying etc. The country obviously needs change, and bolsonaro is that change that we need.

  8. Here is more than clear that only have the hypocrite left side of the story. Nothing else shallow as usual and the same old left trick… Talk fast, make scene and then fail, this just doesn’t work anymore. Get a life mini creation socialism boy. It is more than clear you don’t know what are you talking about. 🤒

  9. He is not the right guy to have now. But from all the options out there he was the second best but the most popular. (Amoedo was the best option, not conservative and free market defender)

    There is a lot of misinformation in your video, but a lot of true.

    He used to be a far right congressman, but now he can be classified as an right to center conservative. He got a good economic team, probably the best economic team in the world right know, from big investment leaders, to IBRD directors and other international economic organization.

    Brazil is passing through the political spring effect, from a far left government (strangely close to France, China, Russia, Cuba and Venezuela) to a right-center government.

    We will have a big issue with religion leaders and very conservative people like him, but at least we can fix our economy and political corruption (I am not sure about fixing corruption) and hope to have a less polemical president in the future with the same economic freedom mind.

    P.s we pay a minimum 60% tax over products in Brazil, 110% medium and sometimes reaching 300%. We also pay 20%+ tax over revenue if you make over than 600 dollars month, minimum wage is close to 300 dollars month.

  10. The amount of fake news in this video is simply unbelievable.
    You understand nothing about Brazil and the problems we face.

    Source: Everyone I know.

  11. I loved the video approach !
    But it gave me the impression that it was made from within a particle accelerator. Hi Hi…Just Joking !
    A bit difficult for foreigners to accompany in.

  12. "Anti socialism" feelings did greatly influence Brazil's election results. Similarly to what happened when you elected Trump. (not saying those feelings were wrong)

  13. As a Brazilian I must say that I approve one thousand percent of this video. Thank u for that, If this vídeo was subtitled in Portuguese I would share it with everyone I know. I love the way u present facts and never confuse it with opinions.

  14. the comment section of this video just proves everything he said. people that are defending mostly on fake news. its sad too see.

  15. Bro I’m Brazilian and Bolsonaro is not like that, we elected him bc the last government gave us crimes, corruption, socialism, poverty, y’all don’t know how it is to go out on the street and be scared every single time of getting robbed or killed.

  16. How could you possibly say that a LIBERAL dude is "Far Right"? Listen, he isn't even conservative, since most of his allegations (that make him famous) happened before the elections, way way before. Bolsonaro is a different man now, a LIBERAL guy (search about his minister Paulo Guedes), and he's NOT and could never be a conservative or nationalist he's actually on the other way. Just another USA's puppet elected in South America to protect the Pentagon's interest on the continent.

    Before you say something dumb, I'm Brazilian.

  17. I'm not in favor of Bolsonaro by a mile, but this first quote from him are famous to be a manipulatiom of interview he made and is out of context. The rest are pretty much on point though.

  18. Well, one month in the government he has not made any good economic decisions, just hurt brazilian meat business by going against the arabs, wich Brasil is the biggest hallal meat exporter, and arms deal with them as well. The cabinet choices do not inspire much confidence, except for maybe science and technology. The education department is controlled by people that follow a guru that do not believes in heliocentrism. Foreign affairs is controlled by a mad man that also believes in a communist threat that is not real nor has it ever been. The participation in the world economic forum was laughable, and criticized around the world. The president's family seems to be deeply involved with the "milicias", basically a brazilian mafia that originated from the police in Rio de Janeiro, and somehow related to the assassination of elected official last year. The information that I have is that the state administration at lower levels in the capital is completely chaotic, and apparently the vice president is already trying to estabilish himself as a more sane alternative.
    So it wasn't a good change up until now.

  19. man there no difference between you and others so called political influencers… that woman that he said he wouldnt rape were defending on the court a rapist (just exampling what you basically did all video, misproviding truths).

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  21. As always foreign people don't know any shit about Brazil. Guys what you know is only what left influencers told to international media. Extremely biased information.

  22. The guy was elected upon lies and now is breaking the country piece by piece. The whole world will feel for the Amazon Rainforest. Brazilians will be crying over their egos for the next four years and people will still learn nothing from it.
    Brazil became a really bad joke. So bad people are leaving – and I don't blame them.

  23. I'm brazilian. It's a crazy time we are living here. Nice to see there are people around the world trying to show whats's happening. Great video.

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  26. Pay attention on How Bolsonaro's stabing is always overlooked or downplayed. Now imagine if a leftist charismatic politician was stabed during a presidential campaign for his political opinions and almost died. What would be the media's reaction?

  27. Im brazilian and I live in Brazil and guess: Bolsonaro is corrupt to, plus he mis racist, homophobic, sexist, so we are fuc***.

  28. Seriously, you need to know that brazilian people will go aaaalll the way to protect and defend any famous personality they like, I don't think I've seen any people as fanatic by the people they like as brazilians, it's really common to see people attacking and denying others to "preserve" some guy on the internet they appreciate here… we're pretty dumb tho :p

  29. Jair is actually a misogynist and racist piece of shit who only cares about the rich, Im from Brazil and f** him, you guys have no idea what youre talking about, valeu falou

  30. The best way to understand the big shit that is happening in Brazil is talking to Brazilians. My twitter is open for any discussion.

  31. it’s unbelievable how many people are supporting this man… I have an amazing friend who comes from Brazil and he is so unhappy with the political situation there … it’s just scary that in a country were you texting someone „ I am at home“ is like saying „I am still alive“ or a woman can’t even go outside by herself without being scared of getting raped or something someone who is racist, sexist and homophobic makes everything worse… but at least my friend was using his voice when he was voting or going on legal demonstrations against sexism and isn’t just complaining without doing something… I just can’t wait until he finished his medicine study and comes here to germany… I mean here also many things have to be improved but I know he will feel more safe and happy here

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    How much nonsense, from where he took information from BRAZIL and bolsonaro, "from Mars or from the leftist media," can only be.

  34. PS: Bolsonaro is the actual president of Brazil and he is respecting all the civil rights, personal choices and democracy! He is also coming with urgents reformes in social security, Anticrime legislations… he wants to open the brazilian market, privatise inefficient public companies, decrease the burden of taxes and encourage entrepreneurship… all changes that will benefits everyone without restrictions of gender, color, age or ideology.

  35. I probably watched this a little late, but what I see is that you propagate a bunch of fake news from Brazilian's left wich had already been denied when you published this video. The whatsapp "scandal" for example was created by a leftist journalist and it was a completely fake news. The second fake news was that Fernando Addad really promoted the so caled gay kit and that was largely noticiated at ythe time. So, whos the fake news now?

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  38. https://youtu.be/v4nvHgBSzL0?t=109 Jair Bolsonaro já provou que esse vídeo da Preta Gil foi editado, é fake news, ele ja explicou alguns dos outros vídeos 1000 vezes, a esquerda distorceu com fake news para ele perde a eleição, tem que assistir o vídeo original inteiro para intender
    não acreditamos em nada sem pesquisar fatos antes,
    Bolsonaro é honesto patriota é nosso herói, ele livrou nos de um governo que iria levar o Brasil a falência

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