We built perfect Communist Society - Minecraft

hello hello hello one more time we're gonna talk about Minecraft servers okay it's our crap server okay let me show you around okay I think you're gonna be surprised look you see we are not joking here man we are not joking do you see the sign do you do you think this is a joke man do you do you think you're joking man no you're not this is serial man we are communist here I'm here only to say that communism don't work what do you mean don't work you see these people we are all here because of communism we have chickens and we have communism of this was both in few days that's is sign that communism works we have a holey potato temple you chop potatoes in and it works man it works and this is my house look you see how the peasants can come in because I'm k gb yes peasants cannot come in KGB box alone yeah that's right peasants you cannot come in next we have huge potato we have huge potato sign very nice potato huge potato hola prepare in progress wait what do you mean there are no repairs in common Society everything is perfect what do you mean repairs now now this is wrong we don't repair stuff everything is repaired already okay it's our potato yes exactly oh no birds are attacking but in common a society has an assess everything for you look look communist pool now open you see you have communist pool you can jump in and have a swim yes very nice very nice people are not saying that ignore ignore what he said ignore what he said there's no lag in the server next we have a KGB and talents fun house wait what is this what is this there are no enemies in pomona society no enemies it just pretend you didn't see that did you pray – no idea today exactly did you pray man yes we have cells okay you're not guilty yet subscribe to no idea and now add the animation exactly some one moment it can be get a clean up goddamnit everything is perfect incoming the society okay I'll show you around more that's not it yes we have communist map beautiful free crime shovels what if I like cap capitalism I think you're in the wrong server man you don't we don't do capitalism here three boats you see you only do communism everything is free everything is free here man yeah also we have we have a kind of thing for crisis we have a lot of crisis I don't know why but we have a lot of crisis and what is this this Horace II did not harvest an appetite Oh No why did you why did you provide why did you why did you kill it here's the server being hosted it is it is being hosted somewhere special I'm not gonna tell because because PI's will will read the server you need to be aware of American spies American spies Herman man they just they just freaking steal everything connection throttled yes yes did that that might be true man that might be true there might be some limitations but connection but you need to understand that there's a lot of limited things in common in society you need to wait in lines there there there is lines in common in society next we have a beautiful castle here yes my character does have an S yes let's go beautiful beautiful castle with smokes you see amazing server amazing also we have another beautiful ready here it's a very modern on fire bridge ruin disguised people ruined oh god damn it it's protected this place is protected by KGB yes all the places you can enter their protected house that's that's very beautiful house I like it very very well built I would give it 10 out of 10 next we have a church here that's why we have so many crises we are Christians basically come on as Christians and then you do you donate stop to God very beautiful next we have at this purple house where you come in and stay here with compost yes nice place oh yes the huge potato peels from the last time that they are still here we still have huge potato fields Latvia would be happy man make donation by putting birch wood oh so people you see it's come in a society everything is being friendly they are donating to each other man yes we have a Stalin we even have Papa Stalin in the server I told you Stalin sign everything is in the order Papa Stalin is happy where is the goal of the goal against what was absurd it was the present in the upstair where is the XP farm yeah to get XP farm you need to find Germans there they are Nagy I'm just kidding man I'm just kidding right what is this this is not beautiful it doesn't represent our society it doesn't represent what we believe in destroy destroyed a lot better beautiful beautiful everything looks beautiful on the surface that's all you need man oh no you just pretend you didn't see this everything looks beautiful on this earth everything is free everyone is happy I'm not happy now god damn it ignore what he said I'm gonna kick who's not happy I'm gonna kick you out man we said he was not happy say that again man who is not happy which one said that I'm happy you see everyone is happy everyone is happy everyone I'm happy you see I told you everyone is happy this is a perfect server but there is everyone is happy there are no set people Stalin is a Dalit I'm perfectly happy in our perfect society you see man everything everyone wants to join the server we have everything in order everything is perfect beautiful science beautiful people happy people the most important thing you see they even praying for the Stalin they're saying yes Papa Stalin I love you I love you papa what do you mean there is good luck I'll show you the gulag t this far far away land you go to the Siberia you go here and then you have a gulag it's right here it's beautiful cells very civilized it's it's a very civilized no no the leg ignore the like everything is perfect man use this furnance to cook food yes exactly this is this is for food trust me this is for food okay you see Stalin is happy but lack exactly exactly what leg man these are not religion crosses there are plus it's a like you know plus for society it's how many writings our society have it's like plus one it's like stars basically yes it's basically let stars try to make statue of Stalin or Lenin well maybe not during this dream but I can I can do the next dream it is possible man I'm hungry of course you are it's us s stop it stop it people everything is perfect what what kind of wood oh no what kind of body you need man Stalin is by my side like always we even have beautiful tunnels you see we have beautiful tunnels it is it is perfect wait I didn't show you the best part you see it is it's like Hollywood it's it's just that it's only call me wood yes it's not Hollywood is coming you would instead enjoy this one more time I spend a lot of time building it this time communism only works because you have endless supplies no that's not it it works because people enjoy communism communism is the only true society to live I you see look how everyone is working for one purpose it's beautiful man look at these peasants why is we'll call look so therapy why is will co-pays so therapy is my face therapy is that it oh no I don't have a face I'm just one nothing like it should be in Soviet Union man nice yeah it's it's my ash dingy it's poking out I'm gonna kill someone yes I'm looking at you man Oh No Oh No ha sneak attack fight me bra fight me fight me why are you running man come on fight me fight me why are you running fight me Oh why you got abused your power what do you mean I have no power man yes you look beautiful ah what a beautiful mustache wait Stalin said no fighting we need to listen we need to look at them and I think I'm gonna die no idea I'm safe that from commies because they can swim if they're starving they can swim if they are starving oh no I just wanted to show our Soviet community Soviet society you can end all my god you can't injure defenseless player I see ok time to watch as my peasants fight peasants cannot enter into my house Oh No Oh No they're climbing through the window Oh No oh no what is happening now you definitely cannot enter Oh No well what is what is happening seriously ah the best view just when you wake up and you see the beautiful sign of communism their memories man I think they are revolting yeah this is usual in common in society I'm not surprised man I think I think I'm gonna end because the people are going crazy man ok people thank you for watching the amazing society of communism thank you for being the part of this game and part of the society Stalin will reward you very nicely thank you for watching bye and see you next time

  1. No idea i have an account called soviet leader will you stream again on this server so i can see the ip and join with the account called SovietLeader??

  2. 5 days later:Now everyone is trading with each other and server is capitalist…

    Also we have a democratic club…

  3. I think Minecraft is a lot like communism cause when you hear about it at; first, it sounds good, but once you try it is EVEN BETTER!!! Blockines intensifies

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