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we are tracking this townhall this is the first Republican lawmaker to call for Donald Trump's and peace when you're looking at the questioning he's get is the answers Justin Amash there in Michigan it'll be interesting to see if the questioners asked about some of these topics of the day meanwhile Donald Trump back in the United States after literally it sounds bad but it's just the news literally using a dictators words to attack a domestic political rival we also have new reporting on how Donald Trump's Twitter habit is actually increasing you may have heard about that but also some measures that people are responding less to him but we begin with as mentioned this picture right here something you don't see every day in American Life a member of the president's political party Justin Amash having his first public appearance since he basically endorsed impeaching or at least holding impeachment hearings for the president and his party this is Grand Rapids Michigan today he tweeted that bar has so far successfully used his position to sell the president's false narrative to the American people this will continue this will continue if those who have read the report do not start pushing back on his misrepresentations and share the truth Amash is alone among Republicans in Congress at this point but there are and we've been counting now 38 Democrats open to beginning impeachment proceedings why do you think you can't convince a majority of House Democrats that it's time to impeach them no I think it is moving towards that it's gonna demand it it already is impeachment is a political act but I'm one of those who believes that we will inevitably have an impeachment proceeding inevitable is a strong word activists meanwhile are ramping up pressure on Democrats in Congress as a progressive group with 2.4 million members that is launching a new bid to push Democrats in Congress to begin the impeachment hearings this is what speaker Pelosi has said is not necessary yet Senate Republicans vowing to quickly quash any impeachment charges were they to receive them senator Graham saying it would be quickly disposed of Republican senator Cornyn says it would be defeated or take a look at senator Tillis who calls all of this a quote purely political exercise in a moment I'll be joined by a former Republican lawmaker who disagrees with his party and is also saying it's time to address what he calls an illegitimate presidency but I with New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg and Sean Eldridge founder and president of stand-up America the group advocating impeachment good to have you both here thank you thanks for having why are you doing this look the President of the United States broke the law right if you read the Moller report he not only welcomed an attack on our country on our elections by a hostile foreign power he then broke the law to obstruct justice and hide the truth about his ties to the Kremlin his team's criminal conduct and the Mulder report is very clear that it is up to Congress to hold a corrupt president accountable you know you may have seen that over 900 former federal prosecutors said that if Donald Trump were not the president the United States he would be charged with the crime of obstruction of justice and I don't believe that anyone in our country is above the law I think you may proceed you make that case I think a lot of people listening would say you make it clearly what does it say about the state of the Democratic Party that it takes you a former congressional candidate a self-described activist but it takes you to lead this charge why is this not coming from the Democrats and their leaders who have many of them have law degrees many who study these issues and they're not yet where you are apparently well I think if you mentioned we're seeing a change we're seeing more and more members of Congress speak up in support of impeach winning freeze you know I think we all need to sort of take a deep breath and take a step back from the day-to-day political chatter and think about what's at stake I know we're gonna talk about the political consequences of impeachment and I know there's a lot of fear around that decision but at the end of the day if we don't act we are telling Donald Trump that it is okay to break the law we're telling future presidents that it's okay to abuse their power you know when I think about impeachment I honestly I don't think about Nancy Pelosi I don't think about Mitch McConnell I think about my one and a half year old son who doesn't know who Donald Trump is who's gonna go to school and learn about this man who was our president who broke the law he's gonna learn about the Moller report and then he's gonna learn about how our country responded I want my son and future generations to learn that the American people and Congress stood up and said this is a not okay before I bring in Michelle who's written a lot about this just on the activism you're pushing will there be any consequence for Democrats who don't do what you say is the right thing I think that there are huge consequences of inaction not just embolden and Ahnold Trump but I run aggressive organization with over 2 million community members across the country these are the folks who knocked on doors who made phone calls who volunteered who donated to get this Congress elected last year and there's a lot of fear and concern about how Donald Trump's base is gonna respond to an impeachment inquiry I think that we should also be concerned about how progressives want these elected officials to do their job they don't want to elect people who are gonna govern by fear they want elect people who are going to govern by principles and protect the rule of law yeah I mean to me the kind of one of the biggest problems with impeach with their refusal to impeach and one of the dangers in democrats refusing to impeach is that it's so disingenuous and everybody can see it's disingenuous it is so obviously driven by fear of backlash right nobody out there I think believes that the majority of Democrats in Congress actually don't believe that Trump merits impeachment or that he's committed crimes or impeachable offenses right they kind of know that it's a purely political there's actually nothing more purely political than the refusal to leave you're you're arguing that the members of Congress are who are holding back are full of it I think that well look i think that worrying about embolden a Donald Trump is a legitimate thing to worry about and so I think that they you know are kind of concerned about the future of this country just like everyone else is but I think that their calculation is sort of transparently political right so it's almost like sitting we're sitting here at a table in New York and you almost feel like wow that's interesting what if we had a sitting member of Congress right here to respond to you well so I was you know I went to a okay well let me ask I'm breaking the fourth wall because he's been patiently waiting and I went out to introduce you for further response to Michelle this is former Congressman Steve Israel from New York he is now the director of the Cornell University Institute of Politics and global affairs and basically knows a lot about what your caucus is up to I'm gonna give Michelle the chance to finish but I'm bringing you in earlier than planned because it's it's very important what you're saying what would you say to the Democratic caucus here when you say that it's transparent it's too right so I was it was asking I asked congressman Hakeem Jeffries this last week you know he's one of Nancy Pelosi's kind of you know chief lieutenants and I said you know how can you how do you tell the American people that Trump is you know illegitimate that he has clearly committed crimes and impeachable offenses that he's obviously obstructed justice but that you're not going to impede but that the time is not yet right how do you think that people respond to that or make sense that he did what he said to me was basically you know we didn't campaign into 2018 on impeachment we didn't campaign on obstruction of justice you know we campaigned on lowering prescription drug prices which to me that may be true although I actually think that one reason all those women turned out in 2018 was because less because of these kind of quote-unquote kitchen table issues and more because of the existential threat of this presidency but again he's basically saying that this isn't a politically viable course of action not that it's not warranted congressman well look let's fast-forward you know politics is about standing up on principle but you can't be effective on principle if you lose elections so let's fast-forward let's say that the Democratic caucus agrees that they're going to impeach Donald Trump and let's say that they go through this impeachment process we know one thing that is clear we can disagree on the political fallout but we do know that the Republican Senate will not remove Donald Trump from office which in my view gives him license to triple down on how he acted on the model report remember the molar report all he did is he said I've been exonerated no collusion no obstruction I did nothing imagine how what Donald Trump will do if he is acquitted in impeachment I think what he does is he goes into Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and states that Democrats need to steal away from him say I was innocent they divided this country reelect me I that is that is that to Michelle's point a political rationale yes it is okay there were two political battle we appreciate your honesty new political but let's hear how do you go there and say as someone who's served in this Congress and and you know speaker Pelosi and I believe you hold in high regard yes I do how do you say you take an oath to uphold the Constitution and then you have a political exception to it we should let the facts go where they may which is why you have these multiple investigations and if in fact these investigations reveal there is number-one impeachable conduct and number two a consensus it doesn't have to be a majority of Republican senators but maybe there'll be several more than Justin Amash by himself if there is that consensus then maybe impeachment is an option I just wore you know to Shawn's point about is one and a half year old baby look I don't want to set the press and I get the precedent Shawn but what I worry about is I don't want your one and a half year old child to have four more years of Donald Trump which I believe let me finish not only four more years of Donald Trump but a Republican rubber stamp majority in the House and the Senate that gives us a very different icon you want to tell us and you don't have to do you want to tell us your child's name but you know and I don't want David to be just a side note in a news debate I don't want that for David it's a joke I think that we there are a lot of assumptions there's a lot of people saying we know how an impeachment inquiry is going to impact the 20/20 election – exactly what's up with the cars what I said wait wait wait the congressman makes a specific assumption that many viewers I think would understand that's why there's a hard debate even if you are concerned about what in the molar report the congressman says the Senate would acquit do you disagree with that so I think there are two important points here one we need to set a historical marker down and say this behavior is not acceptable I mean it I mean even though even if you grant his point and they would acquit you still believe that yes and I don't know why we're so afraid of an election in which we might have one party sign election that one party says that no one in the United States of America is above the law and the other party says actually we believe in cronyism we believe in corruption we think the president is above the law I'm not afraid of that debate of course we have to talk about health care of course we have to talk about you know working wages and growing our economy but let's not be afraid of okay so I would say I also have small children but who are old enough to know is and who are genuinely scared of him and it breaks my heart that he's their image of what a president is there's nothing that fills me with greater horror than the idea of reelect and Donald Trump but I just don't understand why people are so sure that having months-long dramatic congressional looking ahead having months of dramatic congressional testimony and hearings then you know you're gonna have this kind of show trial in the Senate that they're gonna dispose it very quickly I understand that they're not going to remove him but I don't understand why anybody thinks that these months of televised dramatic hearings where the country is going to be riveted is going to help Donald Trump and as it is now he's completely emboldened by the refusal to impeach so imagine if we don't impeach and then he's reelected and then kind of Democrats have to face you know the humiliation of their own cowardice we should ask the 40 Democratic members of a House Democratic majority what they think because they're the ones who are doing the town hall meetings they're the ones doing the supermarket Saturday's and I talk to them frequently you know what they tell me in those 40 districts which were flipped from Republicans their constituents are talking about impeachment they're talking about Medicare they're talking about prescription drug prices they're talking about Trump's behavior if in those districts if the narrative is dominated by impeachment you lose a motley majority I believe and one more one more point in terms of the presidential election look this is a quintile election 35 percent of the of the electorate locked in for him 45 percent locked him against him locked in against him this is going to be the 20 percent that haven't made it 20 percent matters you're saying some of what matters is what your colleagues and again you're here you did this job and you're in this in this caucus you know these people you think it's what they're hearing at the town halls I'm being told my producer we told folks at the top of the broadcast we would bring anything interesting out of the Justin Amash town hall which is happening right now and we have it this is of course a Republican Congressmen although considered sometimes libertarian and critical of his party here he was discussing these very issues just now new sound and listen to the response he got I think it's really important that we do our job as a Congress that we not allow misconduct to go undeterred that we not just say someone can violate the public trust and that there are no consequences to it we can't let conduct like that go unchecked Congress has a duty to keep the president in check been listening to brand-new sound from Republican Justin Amash the only member of the caucus to openly supported Pietschmann hearings for President Trump my panel stays and I want to bring in as we advance the conversation another former congressman Republican Tom Coleman who just wrote a piece saying the Donald Trump and pence are effectively illegitimate and should be impeached good evening thanks for coming on the beat ir thank you it was entertaining to listen to your guests there I almost felt like they needed a referee referee well maybe they had enough time to talk and I was the only refereeing part of it they're still here as is your former colleague here what drew you to reach this conclusion at what responses if any do you have to what we heard from congressman omok and the panel you've been listening to well I would have to associate myself with Sean and Michelle's comments I think they're spot-on in fact they would be the same comments I would make if you condone wrongdoing which is what Donald Trump is all about then you're going to encourage it and if you encourage it you're going to lose the rule of law and possibly risk our democracy I don't have a one and a half year old but I have three granddaughters and that's good enough for me I mean David isn't a cases David David Eldridge or David David Eldridge you got David Eldridge is the is definitely the extra booking we didn't know we had tonight the congressman you're speaking about the generations that follow us which which is what was brought up you are known to many who follow Congress as I think it's fair to say extremely conservative fair know I would consider myself a middle of the rotor I had a Democrat a democratic district that I as a Republican I had to you know get reelected in so is your could have been too conservative or what was your the NRA ended up defeating me because I voted for the Brady Bill but didn't you have a rating no absolutely okay well I look at an operating you had enough so I think so it was D or F because they they spent in today's dollars probably a half million dollars against me in 92 to defeat me so well well follow the evidence and and credit you for all of that so so not extremely conservative you describe yourself as a constitutional centrist you you tell me yeah that's interest I was not a bomb thrower I was not of the Gingrich group you know I got things done because I worked with Democrats so you know compromise is not a dirty word to me but I really think and I'm I'm so glad to hear the discussion here today about the reasons why when we should go forward on impeachment and I don't need think you need to put out a big bulletin board and say impeachments beginning have these hearings have and mr. Muller has to come up he has to have a complete testimony in public he may not want to do it he may not like doing it but I do believe he owes it to the country and future generations to put a face on this report and answer questions from the members of Congress you know it's 430 pages and nobody's going to go through it unless you're in Congress or perhaps in the news media all of it but there's enough in there for impeachment it's abuse of power it's the it's the obstruction of justice it's the collusion you know he says there's collusion in there it's coordination cooperation when your campaign manager sits down with a Russian intelligence asset in New York and gives them the polling of your campaign and a strategic document on how to win the Midwest states and that's exactly what they do you've got some collusion going on and it's wrong and Congress needs to step in and have these hearings and if it becomes evident that he should be impeached then pursue that well I think he raises an extremely important point which is most Americans have not read the Mulla report I don't think most members of Congress have read the Mulla report that's part of why these impeachment hearings are so important we need to air the evidence for the American people they need to hear for their own I see with and and hear themselves Trump's criminal conduct the reality is if anyone else in our country did what Donald Trump did they'd be heading to jail they'd be indicted and so we need to lay out that criminal conduct for the American people but yeah I mean I just I think that the point of impeachment hearings is not that we think we're going to remove Donald Trump before the 2020 election the point of impeachment is to have these hearings to have this kind of systematic laying out of the evidence not just of his obstruction and I agree collusion it with regards to Russia and the cover-up with the Moller probe but you know the monuments abuse of power you know all sorts of there's the corruption that we all talk about kind of how to talk about because it's so sprawling that it's you know difficult for even people who follow it full-time to get your head around right you need to have months of that being laid out systematically for the American gotta get I gotta get congressman is reeling because it has been three on one your closing hour and I lived to tell the tale look Adam Schiff Elijah Cummings Jerry Nadler other members of Congress doing these investigations I think I agree with my former colleague you don't need to put impeachment on the table that doesn't mean suspending these investigations investigate subpoena do your due diligence exercise your constitutional oversight responsibilities and if facts emerge that lead to the people offenses or at least allegations that are credible and there's analytical consensus go for it hey I'm already Melbourne from MSNBC you can see more of our videos right here or better yet subscribe to our YouTube channel below you could have been anywhere in the world that you're here with us and we appreciate that

  1. STOP PUSHING IMPEACHMENT. The senate will clear him and he will be emboldened. Stop it please. We want him gone and you are endangering that

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  4. Justin Amash went to congress and became a Democrat!! Obviously he drank the Swamp Water!! SO SORRY I voted for him!
    The Democrats are the ones lying & dividing our country! Wake up Justin!! Thank God we have a president that is actually doing something for the people!

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  6. Democrats are being presumptuous! They should go for the truth and the truth will clear the way for them

  7. if McConnell blocks impeachment, maybe (Kentucky, hello?!) this would be the end of McConnell and them other spineless creatures..

  8. There can't be impeachment proceedings because the president hasn't broken any laws the Mueller report even backs this up. So much so did the report back it up but they had to add and they couldn't determine if any laws were broken. Ladies and gentlemen that is an outright confession of admittance that there was zero laws broken or collusion.

  9. Why is it so difficult to remember that all members of Congress took an oath to uphold the Constitution. This is one of the reasons that politics are such a mess. They have a job, they take an oath, but they refuse to do it because they want to get elected to… still not do their job?

  10. It would be a political exercise if democrats ignored the justice department and went back to work as usual.

  11. They are trying so hard to impeach a President that isn't a Life long politician,and still can't..Goes to show the capabilities of the Democrats,and what they are about..They have no interest in working for the American people and just have personal hate of President Trump cause he's exposing their corruption,and how much they drag out anything that is beneficial to the people,and Trump is doing what he's paid to do,and that's working to make America a better Country..The only time the lifers do anything is when elections are coming up,then you see them move like they should have the whole 4 years..Trump has done so much for the United States and making citizens of other Countries jealous and envies the leader you have..But those that follow the Democrats like they are gods,you all are so used to failing that you don't believe anything else but failing..
    Wise up and take a good long hard look at the Democratic leaders and all they have displayed they are not in there to improve your lives in anyway,but to improve theirs,and line the pockets of the whole party to keep them hiding the corruption,and live like kings and queens off your tax dollars,while you live in poverty or just above that.President Trump is a Business man that knows how to make money at a large scale,and sure it will benefit him someday,but it will also benefit you as well..These people like Polosi,Watters and the ones that have been in their seats for 30+ years know how to take money without you having a clue..Look how many have been found that have hired close friends or family with lucrative bids on jobs and benefited off that..They don't live in mansions off what a public figure really makes..Come on wake up before you are to late

  12. If your country's leaders, are more worried about their political careers, than the basic rule of law that holds society together and prevents all out destruction and anarchy, they are not fit to be leaders. It's time for the people to rise up. Those in power are not going to do their jobs. The Senate will not impeach Trump. The congress is worried about their careers. The rule of law is under threat. This is a much more serious than people seem to realize. Only in tyrannical dictatorships can leaders be above the rule of law. China, Russia, North Korea. And now the US wants to be in the same group as countries like those, that are ruled by wealth, power, and military?

    Seriously America…. this is like a little fire that is starting, in a very dry forest…. it starts small, but if you let it get out of control, it will turn into a blazing, unstoppable inferno. The government is going to fail. Now its time for the public to act.

  13. Dear Congressman: Leaders need to lead. You are sworn to defend and promote the Constitution, you are obligated to do that or resign your office. The Constitution matters, if you think it is less importiant than your next fund rasier or election you don't deserve support on either.

  14. Investigations are going on right now into tRUMP's illegal activities . When they are completed impeachment proceedings will be done.

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  16. The primary worry among people is that Donald Trump will encourage Russia's leadership to destroy our democracy ! ****it , we need a country to have health coverage and infrastructure in ! I've read Mueller's report but I agree many citizens will not. We need House investigations and televised hearings, to reach every citizen we can. Impeach ! But hold final trials in the House. The president and the Rep. Senate are corrupt.

  17. This is NOT about fear, Dems , this is about serious plans to win and free the country of Trump et al !

  18. All the assumptions of strategists are questionable. There's nothing to measure how the people will be affected as Impeachment proceeds; The information might affect, assure and assist the people in their deliberations regarding their choice for the future and could come to convince the senate as well. I agree that the democrats and congress should treat Meullers report as a resounding call to action…. inaction only tires the heart. Judge him NOW in the courts of Truth and not just in the "Fake" media. If we are convinced, delay only weakens resolve….. We need to have somesurity in life and this "trumpworld" is just saddening. Go with the results of the midterms, get even more people inspired to run for Senate seats and have faith in your Truth. Otherwise, his momentum and shenanigans will rule our day. Enough!!!

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    Not having principles is EXACTLY why Dems lose elections.

  20. We got one republican to agree with us…Well lets have him on!!! haha
    Can we get the democrats who are against impeachment?
    Its always one sided on these garbage shows.
    It's a process crime and it would go nowhere in court.
    I can't wait till Barr releases the documents that are now not classified
    I wonder if these idiots will want them people in jail

  21. you can throw the impeachment word out there as much as you like, msm. it's not resonating on main street.

  22. The impeachment process can be started but unfortunately will be stopped in the US Senate as the corrupt GOP under Mitch McConnell still controls it. So I can see why Cong Pelosi wants to consolidate backing behind the scenes for a successful fight before forging ahead into a foray into impeachment.

  23. How is Mr. Amash going to send a message if Trump is on the other room putting every body down and saying that Mueller was conflicted, and keeps stating that the report says that there’s no collusion, no obstruction? People who support Trump haven’t read the report and will not do it, now. Perhaps, it would be good if somebody dedicates time to read parts of the report in front of TV cameras so that people get informed.
    I don’t claim to know what will happen in the near future, but the past has taught me what could happen if everything continues the way it has been in the government.
    Can somebody who is going to be impeached be allowed to continue presiding? Like go to war? Sign detrimental bills? Clinton was impeached but for a small thing, I know. He never put the country in danger. This time, I believe that we could be in real danger.

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  25. Admittedly I do not know a whole lot about what makes a true leader(s) however from the best of my…comprehension/understanding I can say that in general at the very least that It should not matter to them how it would effect their careers, it should (ideally at least) only matter that "they" (whomever "they" may be) are elected representatives who work for the people (including themselves;) and that they do whatever it is that they think they need to do.

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