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 President Trump attacked three-time ambassador Marie Yovanovitch on Twitter on Friday while she testified before the House Intelligence Committee’s impeachment hearings But as she exited the room, some in attendance gave Yovanovitch a round of applause The ovation followed her all the way to Sunday night, when she arrived at the Blues Alley jazz club in Washington DC  Twitter user Lisa Dickey captured the show of support, writing, “Spontaneous ovation tonight at a DC jazz club for Marie Yovanovitch Grateful for your courage and integrity, Ambassador!” and adding the hashtags #Impeachment and #ImpeachTrump    As the former ambassador waved and smiled to the crowd, some shouted their appreciation and gratitude for Yovanovitch, saying, “Thank you so much!” and “We’re so grateful ”  Yovanovitch, in perhaps the most compelling public impeachment testimony yet, told Congress on Friday that she was “shocked, appalled, devastated” to discover that President Trump had disparaged her on a call with Ukraine’s president, adding, “it sounded like a threat ”  “How could our system fail like this?” Yovanovitch asked of how Trump turned against her “How is it that foreign corrupt interests could manipulate our government?”    Yovanovitch’s appearance before the nation on Friday received almost unanimous praise Even Fox News’ Chris Wallace said, “If you were not moved by the testimony of Marie Yovanovitch today, you don’t have a pulse ” In This Article: Donald Trump, Marie Yovanovitch

  1. Trump had the Right to fire her but does an Employer have the right to Slander the Character of a Career Foreign Servicewomen for no reason. No one is above the Law.

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