WATCH: Courtney Kube’s Son Wanders On Set During Live Reporting | MSNBC

  1. You've seen the little guy? that's exactly the same way Trump reacts when National security officials talk with him about kurds, Syria, samd…i say let's switch them, it will make evrybody better !

  2. Best part this is official video from the network. So yeah, MSNBC owns up to the bloopers as well.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Occasionally it happens, child care lets you down and have no option but take children to work with you. Mom did it once with me and my older brother. No doubt this was a very embarrassing moment for this woman

  4. No disrespect for these kind of people. Was that a girl or LBDTQ plus? Parenting must be hard cause he is about the age to declare his independence and discover
    what it will be on the communist socialist scale. I did see light skin, so I am guessing Nazi or Fascist

  5. Oh, I'd be showing that clip to every friend and girlfriend that comes to the house for the rest of his life. Hey, hey…remember that time you showed up on set…

  6. Kube is that ho who gave up access to her poosee for a story involving classified info.

    The honeypot gave up her honeypot – and she's not even foreign!

  7. Awwwwwwww how awesome ! I wish that she had picked the child up and gave them a kiss and said "yes dear" 🙂

  8. awwww how super cute !!! 🙂 Now this is what makes journalism and the news more down-to-earth! One of MSNBC's finest moments!

  9. Totally staged moment. No one was watching the kid? What about the people around the sound stage? Didn't they see the kid coming into camera range?

    If you want to see a non-staged kid-interrupt-parent-at-work moment then watch this instead:

  10. I'm sorry it happened to her, but it does make me feel better about my own kids inserting themselves into whatever I'm trying to get done at the moment. 😆 Well handled, by everyone involved.

  11. MSNBC 's lack of professionalism has bled all the way over from their silly daily trump stories to the studio. total joke of a news source.

  12. This POS was caught in aspyring today and now they are trying to gain her sympathy by using her child as a human shield (This is what MSNBCoverUp news does and YOU all are in DEEEP trouble!)

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