Washington Consumed by Growing Political Divide Over Race, Ideology

before an enthusiastic crowd in North Carolina president Trump unleashed yet another attack on four Democrats in Congress all women of color these left-wing ideologues see our nation as a force of evil the way they speak so badly of our country they want to demolish our constitution weaken our military eliminate the values that built this magnificent country at one point in his rally the president targeted Minnesota congresswoman Ilhan oma prompting chance of send her back from the crown Trump's combative appearance came on the same day the House voted to set aside on this by some Democrats to initiate impeachment proceedings against him but earlier in the week the house did take the unusual step of voting to condemn some of trumps attacks on the four lawmakers as racist all House Democrats supported the resolution including civil rights icon John Lewis of Georgia I know racism when I see it I know racism when I feel it and at the highest level of government there's no room for racism president Trump's victory in 2016 was spurred by strong support from white working-class voters but many Democrats believe the president is now making a dangerous bid for support based on racial resentments including Congressman Tom Malinowski these words are not just words they are like gasoline they are like a spark to the gasoline of disturbed Minds Trump denies he's a racist but he has slammed the fork Congress women as socialists and urged them to leave the country if they are unhappy some Republicans have complained about the attacks but many others including Senator John Kennedy support the president this is not China this is not North Korea this is America and if you hate our country you're free to leave anytime you want to the president's raw focus on racial and ideological strains is tearing at the fabric of the country warns Democratic congressman Dean Phillips and if racism ever becomes a partisan issue in this country we have done a woeful – service to our founders we have been a woeful disservice to our Constitution and they woeful disservice to every single person that calls America home the president's narrow victory in 2016 and his relatively low approval rating leaves him vulnerable for re-election analysts if his approval rating is under 45 you know then he's gonna need a significant share of people who don't approve of him to vote for him and that's when it becomes really difficult this week's rhetorical fireworks likely serve as a preview of what could be an ugly and volatile presidential campaign next year Jim Malone VOA news Washington

  1. The right will grown in its hate and the left will let them do it. The trump regime will be goose stepping their way across the country and the gun grabbing democrats will all cry because their supporters never took arms to fight back. This is the early stages of what Nazi Germany was. I don't care what you think. Crack a history book…..we are already there. So long and thanks for all the fishes!

  2. Awww heart warming. Hateful people pretending to be patriotic….and decent. They betray what the 🇺🇸 flag stands for

  3. His approval rating is higher than you said, and higher than Obama at this point in his presidency.

    ..as for "calling out" despicable behaviour of AOC and Illhan, why not?

    I have been very much in touch with the immigrant community. In large numbers, many are here for income or education or credentials in profession, and leave.

    They want to have more for their family at home. They love their own home country.

  4. And President Trump is absolutely correct. If you don't like it here, then leave.
    This racism bullsh*t is getting old.
    He never once mentioned race. Any time a white person stands up for themselves or speaks the truth, it's called racism.
    VOA is racist for pushing this leftist propaganda

  5. This buffoons mind only knows reverse antonyms…you criticize the military bashing a deceased vet, Kelly CON-way said she's tired of this country, DEFLECTION is a top trait among narcissists…whatever they do they say you are doing it…they gotta be paying people at these rallys b/c turmoil he has caused is unprecedented worldly & nationally HE CANT READ and I bet Melania disguises herself a SSvc agent

  6. I hope you all know he is "CLOWNING" the left.
    Haha! Playing their game.
    Remember what happened right before this? And passed? Your attention has been swayed.
    Fucking idiots. Trump is brilliant! Awesome!
    TRUMP 2020

  7. All you defenders, I hope you’re proud. If you don’t realize that your ancestors also were subjected to these same things you’re ignorant. Your ancestors would kill you for being traitors. If you think this is fake then you’re stupid and need to look into your own history. I’m sure most won’t because it will be painful to their egos and who they think they really are. Surprise we don’t get to select our ancestry. This won’t make any difference to you racists because you feel you were somehow selected to be great. You weren’t. Life is random. You need to accept that if you want to move on.

  8. So nobody is going to address the fact that Omar is actually disgracing Muslim and Siekh tradition, culture, and religion by her sending a confusing meesage of what she is wearing on her head on the day they showed her at that gathering? She knows that turbans and hijabs are not interchangeable and that you don't "rank up, from a hijab to a turban, to no covering at all.
    But I guess since the left believes that you could "identify" with whatever you want, just by dressing the part, on the day that you feel like it, that you want to be.
    She also knows that you don't wear hijab or turban as a fashion decorative piece.
    Insulting for the true hijab and turban wearers. She has worn both of them before. She is unstable. She is just trying to make yourself look "diverse and accepting to all." Pathetic!
    THAT is the problem!

  9. SMH… All of these people the left and right… Bringing up garbage….. How about the freaken homeless people….

  10. You all really do act like a bunch of children. Always whining when your fe fes get hurt. Sounds like y'all are afraid the American people are finally taking a stand.

  11. Forget Republican or Democrat… When has a President been so focused on his own agenda. Any voice against his is fake news or Dem communists, or go back (to their home states?!) I'm Republican but Trump is tweeting his boat roughly over Niagra Falls but Idiocracy is actualizing.

  12. I come from a once racist town. My great, great uncle was a Grand Wizard in the KKK. I heard "go back to your country" over and over from my extended family and kids at school. Luckily, I was blessed with parents who put a stop to that ignorance. I've voted in every Presidential election since 1992. I've been critical of all the Presidents since then, including the ones I voted for. Being critical of the President's policies doesn't equal hatred of our country. I'm very disappointed in Trump for starting this fiasco and riling up his base all over the country. I will be very surprised if Civil War 2.0 doesn't erupt under his leadership.

  13. I tried to like the comment that said "itd be less condescending if they call us crackers and niggers" and got an error… Ten times. Anyone else?

  14. Correction: The Marxist Mainstream Media is consumed by race and ideology. The American people once again are left on the outside of politics

  15. Ah yes. The man the myth the legend: John whatsisface the random Democrat who democrats say is important cuz skin color.

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