Wai Architects: Architecture as a tool for addressing social issues

so we are put Rican and French architects basic baking since 2009 so here we present him sort of like overview of our practices manifesto so we have a wall installation with collages of different of three different sort of spheres of our practice from pure theoretical research in the form of amines the form part of a publication of a manifesto and pure form in architecture to a narrative architecture projects are like praise they are not meant to be build but they're meant to be from of ideology critique in architecture and and also some some of the architectural projects that we have develop for competitions in Beijing and Moscow I think that a cadet should right now is really diverse and it has been enhanced by contemporary mediums of mass communication so I think we can get a number of you here even if if there's some sort of relationship between generation you can see the diversity of projects and approaches and issues that are kids are trying to address and I think that pretty much captures the essence of our our our contemporary epoch post-internet in a way which in a way i is still very anchoring history and also of course even we get a very like monolithic reading of architectural history because I always tried to be reduced to but it was always IPERS but probably today is even more diverse or it's not even there is more diverse let let me correct that is is that I think that now there's more visibility to two more parts of of the world and also of different types of architectural production and I think that's something also that you can see here to within a very broad spectrum of countries have been represented in a way and cities and organizations that are being represented and that shows the capacity or the or the condition of being really in a sort of global state of architecture so if the dream of modernism finally happened there's some some sort of discourses that can really travel around the world can be developed in sort of Universal platforms architecture of course can address issues but but again it's also it's also a tool that can help us to identify first sometimes being able to ask those questions will imply that architecture is not really needed to solve a problem so that that also could be an option so it's still there on the as an option so there's a key issue is a very complex discipline let's say and and it has many layers and many possibilities that can be developed depending on the circumstances and the challenges that have been presented what we seen with the development of neoliberalism is like a new form of architecture all the cooperation and desire is very new so that's not very embedded in the history of architecture say it's been loosing the focus of the architect that's a public intellectual the architect has a thinker the architects a producer they're architects as a as a theorist they're the architects are like a social agent they're architects a designer so in a way we try to be that type of marketing that can adapt and that can be inclusive of different of different strategies different different ways of thinking but also that has an agenda that is thinking about how can you deal with society how to move forward but also how to to rethink what what was the role of architecture was the role of being an architect part of great part of our project consists not only on on developing ideas but also developing the mediums that are used to represent those ideas and also understand that even if people say that the architecture cannot save the world but we know the architecture can make your life very miserable so we had to understand also that it has it has ego it can go both ways you

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