Vocal Coach Reacts To Ryan Tedder – One Republic –  Counting Stars – Live At Pink Pop – Ken Tamplin

Hey guys welcome back again to Ken
Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing. I’ve got a lot of requests for this one and that’s none other than One Republic Ryan Tedder and we actually did a One Republic song with my student Gabriela Gabriela Guncikova. We did “When The Love Runs Out” or “Love Runs Out”. I think it’s all it is. I’ll put that in the description tag so you can
check that out but this one is One Republic this is “Counting Stars”. It was
around the same time like 2013 I think it was. I haven’t seen this yet it’s a
live version not even sure where it is. It’s pink pop it looks like it says so we’ll do it together. Alright let’s pop together. This guy’s a really good songwriter and he’s got a lot of integrity too so. This is Counting Stars. That’s true. I agree with it. Looks European…somewhere in Europe. This song got huge man. Look and see how many views this song has on YouTube. That’s a big pedal. Woa woa woa. Back this up. Hold on I got to take a look at this pedal board for a second as a guitar player.
Hold on you guitar players let’s check this out together. I’m gonna stop right there. Look at that sucker what’s he got like one two three four five
six seven eight nine 10 11 12 13. He’s got a lot of gadgets going on there. By the way again guitar player comments. I used to have a pedal board like that it was huge right and back when I had one
it was kind of tough because a lot of the adaptors were different, you had these big old clunky adapters and small ends infinite electro harmonix or you know
whoever Roland or whoever you know plug it in or whatever and they were hard to
like you had to make these pedal boards and they were really heavy and sometimes some..one piece doesn’t work in the chain or if one of them is you know battery-operated
or something you don’t have it plugged in you forget to unplug it it goes dead,
your whole system goes dead. I got to the point because there was a guy that used
to build racks, Bradshaw racks back in the eighties and I had a Bradshaw rack and it was cool but everything started to sound so processed and and I get it
using it for effects and stuff, that’s totally cool but a lot of people were
using like big mops and stuff for their distortion and man once I got a Mesa
Boogie and I know people disagree with this but I got I had a a MarkII B
Marshall that was modded by Jose Arredondo and I lived in LA and he was in
Pasadena. He’s the same guy that did Eddie Van Halen’s you know the first Van Halen, Van Halen one album and so I got my Marshall modded by him and it was
killer so I had one of those and then I got a Mesa Boogie MarkIIB and I came
out of the effects return on the backside and I know I’m gonna lose
everybody else there and so I’ll make it quick but it come out of the effects
return on the backside of the MarkIIB with a graphic and I’d go directly into
the effects return on a jcm800 Marshall through a 4-12 cabinet at 35 watt
vintage Celestine 4-12 cabinet and that thing killed and it was amazing and
then later Boogie came on and they they had you know the the dual rectifier and
then the other rectifiers. My favorite is the dual rectifier so I bought a dual
rectifier had it for years and one of my all-time favorite amps. Okay oh sorry if
you guys have I lost you but my guitar player friends will appreciate that. Good live stuff man. Good live singing. You it’s really cool I don’t know how he
gets away with it but he’s able to write these really great pop pop-sensible kind
of melodies and stuff and they’re really catchy poppy tunes in a time where
everything is kind of dark and everything had gone really dark and yet
his light can continue to shine and do some really poppy stuff. I know I think
he comes from a Christian background or he graduated from like Oral Roberts University or something so I know he comes from a good boy background but it’s also
permeated through his music you really get a lot of positive message out of him.
You get the spirit of something that’s a lot more wholesome and positive rather
rather than a lot of the darker stuff that’s gone on through from then
until now especially. Here we go. Alright went up the octave. I was waiting for him to do that. Everybody know all the lyrics man. Check it out. Amazing. True fans. Now again I gotta point this out. It’s obviously a festival right pink pop and they’re obviously not the only band on
the bill but doggone it there’s an awful lot of people that seem to know their
stuff. I played a lot of big festivals like this in my day and you have to kind
of win over an audience. It’s not like you know all of a sudden everyone shows
up, they’re usually showing up for the headliner, a couple of the headliners and
there’s some straggler you know fans that show up for some of the warm-up backs or whatever and maybe they were the headline act I again this is all new to
me. I’m seeing this for the first time but it’s pretty cool that they are that big
of fans and they seem to all know their lyrics it’s awesome. Good pitch. Nice job Ryan. Good energy. Look at those smiles. Don’t you love those smiles. When your fans are smiling man you’re doing your job. Remember me telling you guys about how hard it is to run around on the stage and continue fact I don’t know if I’m gonna do this maybe I should. Okay I’ll
have my associate Bob do this. I’m going to embarrass myself. Bob if you could
post in the description one of the old Shout concerts that I did that’s
floating around I think it’s Cornerstone, it’s a it’s a long concert post the
whole concert and I had blonde hair back then so you’re gonna go that’s not
Ken Tamplin. Yes it’s Ken Tamplin with blonde hair. Anyway but see how much I run around on the stage. Listen to how well I sing. Again live singing back then in the 80s 89 90 somewhere around there. I think it was 89 and that specific concert I’m in reference
to and and then playing guitar playing my butt off. There’s a really great guitar
solo by myself in it that’s a solo solo solo solo but anyway you can see how hard it is to run around on the stage and maintain you know good vocal progress and
presence and pitch and stamina and not you know getting out of breath and so
forth so. Some back American chicks singing the backgrounds for him. Fun, catchy tune. Now it’s kind of interesting, you guys
don’t know this because I’ve been doing a lot of vocal reactions over the next
couple of days and I just did Katy Perry a montage of her stuff and this stage is
the complete antithesis of the Katy Perry stage. Katy Perry was like Superbowl
magnificent everything just the production was out-of-this-world crazy
and this is just a raw broken down, connecting with your audience, catchy
tunes. Just a down-to-earth very you know grassrootsy kind of thing. I love that.
I love just good bands that could come out and throw down and just you know
communicate with their audience without so much with all the pomp. The pomp is
cool, I love the pump but actually this connects for me a little bit a little
bit more a lot a bit more actually I’m gonna say that. Anyway we’re almost done here. That guy looked a little bit like Ed
Sheeran didn’t he. You know why that guard was following him around because the stage was so big he couldn’t figure out how to get back. By the way I’ve had that happen where you’re in a green room backstage and the venue’s so big
you’re like like how do you get to the stage. It’s kind of like spinal tap and
you walk outside, no it’s not here you walk in the girls bathroom, ope it’s not the
girls bathroom or neutral gender bathroom these days but anyway I’m just being silly. Hey you guys if you liked what you heard please like and
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  1. My favorites were my BOSS foot pedals , Harmonic and also Heavy Metal 2 … True Battery dies it blows big baby chuncks !!! Lol. Like this live song , I see so do the chicks in the audience … Peace Out 😊🐼

  2. I always loved this song when I first heard it it's about the only song I've heard by one republic I think but I loved he's a great singer as well and Ken i love your reactions to these singers you really get into it I can tell you love it he's pretty good live

  3. Even though the guitar lingo went over my head, I can respect that passion. I do the same thing with synths and keyboards. I lose many of my music friends when I start talking about the MiniMooG, Yamaha DX-7 and Roland Jupiter-8, hehe.

  4. In my honest opinion you are the most underrated rock singer of all time, on a purely technical stand point the best rock singer ever, love your videos on distortion and diagrammatic support just by analyzing your videos I've become an overall better singer . Huge respect to you sir! You inspire me to sing and be better. I will one day buy your singing course (it costs alot alike a 1 grand) but it is definitely worth it imo

  5. I know I've requested some singers for you to react are you a Jack wagner fan or not id love for you to react to him as well of some of the other ones I mentioned

  6. Have you seen the video from this, church with a big gator😱 This is a fav song. First heard it by Christina Grimmie which led me to One Republic!

  7. I actually found you by accident I never heard of you before I was just scrolling through YouTube I think I may have been listening to foreigner or some 80s singer and you popped up doing a cover of some song that I like by that singer and when I first heard you I was amazed I was like this guy is good and awesome especially on jukebox hero you nailed that one and then I found out you was with a rock band in the 80s shout but I first heard you singing livin for my Lord it was great man honestly

  8. Thanks Ken! I like these bands.And guitar is always a little lotions.By the way about when the artist goes beyond the stage,I had a case when I had to cut the feet of the artist light gun ine seeing what's under his feet he had to return.

  9. Happy Friday Ken… love Ryan Tedder…he's sooooo talented …frontman, songwriter, producer…have you seen him on Songland yet?

  10. Been using your tips on clear vowel sounds on some voice overs I do for my D&D group. Any other voice tips for someone doing more extensive voice over work?>

  11. Esta canción me da mucha energía positiva, 💃me gustan los one Repúblic, gracias Ken por tus vídeos reaction🎸👌

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  13. Pretty good, and I'll admit I would have never heard him except it was on here.
    Speaking of this being in Europe and then talking about guitar playing, two words came to my mind, Uclo Bed, the guitar player who has been with Candy Dulfer. LOL, I know, most of the viewers don't know who Candy Dulfer is either.
    You ever consider doing a little something on Uclo, I got a great live video of Nikki's Dream that not only has a great guitar solo and some smooth sax playing, it might be Roger Happel's best vocals, probably because it was short and emotional, he gets in trouble when he tries showing off that insane range he has.
    Anyways, here is the link if anyone is interested

  14. Thanks Ken! 🙄
    I just spent a hour watching Shout at the Cornerstone Festival and I just gotta say….

    Ahhhh, nostalgia! 😍

    …and also, the proof is in the strumming too! 🎸🎶

  15. Ken, I think I speak for everyone when I say., please do a vocal coach reaction to Rump Shaker by Wrex N Effect. I'm kidding. One Republic really had the joint jumping in this video. Thanks Ken, today's video was so much fun. Keep rocking!

  16. Two performances I would love to see you react to:

    Leona Lewis – Run (live on X-Factor)
    Jennifer Hudson – A Change Is Gonna Come

    Please put them on your list. I think there’s a lot of good vocal points to discuss from them. I love your videos!

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